this boy i swear it's so adorable and has horrible jokes

Just Happy

Summary: Barry falls for you even though he knows it’s wrong.

Universe: The Flash

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

A/N: This was an anon request, the reader is Harrison’s (Earth 1, but maybe like not too evil?) daughter and Barry falls for her. It is mutual by the way!! There is an age gap (19 and 26) as asked, and I hope you all like it! To include the angst, they’re going to have already known each other for awhile.


“Barry, there’s a shortcut coming up on your right that you can take.” You speak into the microphone that you’ve pushed Cisco away from, who is currently glaring at you.

“Thanks Y/N.” You hear the 26 year old pant, the smile in his voice evident, making you grin as well.

You lean back in your chair, sucking on one of the lollipops you had taken from Cisco’s candy stash. Luckily, he liked you enough, either because you were a Wells or because you understood his love for movies, to not murder you for raiding it so often.

Within seconds, Barry is back in his normal clothes, a metahuman is in some cell, and the Flash suit is in its rightful place.

Barry beams and high fives the team, all of them celebrating another win.

Eventually, Caitlin and Cisco get involved into a thorough argument about movies, leaving you and Barry to talk.

“You know Y/N,” he begins, following you out of the cortex, “you’ve been such an amazing help out there. Don’t think I could do what I do without you.” He says with a smile, causing you to beam with happiness and pride.

You absolutely adore Barry, and not just because he’s gorgeous and a hero. He’s, well, Barry. A scientific geek who has too good of a heart and makes horrible jokes. Quite attractive, if you do say so yourself.

“I love helping you, Barr. You know that.” The atmosphere is comfortable and full of joy, and you can’t decide whether it’s because of the success or because you’re with Barry.

“I know, I know. You’re the best.”

“Obviously.” You grin, smacking his arm lightly, causing him to chuckle.

“How about we go out for ice cream or something?” He can’t necessarily decide if that sounds odd or not, so he decides to keep talking. “You know, to celebrate. I can grab Cisco and Caitlin and your dad and we can all go.”

You smile sweetly at the sputtering boy, “Let’s just go and pick up some for the rest, how bout it?”

He beams and grabs his jacket, opening his arms, which you embrace tightly, hoping desperately you wouldn’t catch fire this time.

“I swear if my clothes burn, you’re dead.” You mutter against his chest, and you can hear him laugh like the angel he is.

“No promises.” And just like that, you’re off, leaving the room empty, or so you had thought.

Your father sits there in his wheelchair, staring at the spot you two had just been.

He had a gift for not being noticed, and another for keeping his daughter safe.

That gift is racing through him, as he brings himself back to the cortex.


“I know what you’re doing Allen,” Harrison spits, wheeling over.

Barry looks up from the clear board he was writing on, feeling a pang of guilt enter his chest. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Dr. Wells.
Is something wrong?” He tries so hard to be casual, to be calm and be the usual Barry Allen but it’s become so difficult.

“She’s only 19.” He hisses, his anger radiating off him in waves.

Barry puts down his marker and leans on one of the tables, taking heavy breaths. “I didn’t mean for it to happen.” He says softly. He valued Harrison, and he didn’t like the way he was pretty much betraying him. “It just did.”

Ever since he woke up that day, he had to wonder why. Why he felt his heart race faster than the new normal rate when you smiled like that. Why he couldn’t seem to talk coherently when it was just you two. Why he stopped caring about Iris and Eddie. Why everything had to change.

“She’s too young for you. You know it’s wrong.” At this point, Harrison is running his hands across his face and through his hair, over and over again. Barry was a good guy, of course he was, but 7 years? No. Harrison didn’t care that you felt the same way about Barry, he wasn’t about to let any of this happen.

“Dr. Wells, you need to understand. I can’t just stop how I feel.”

“Yes, you can.” He seethes.

Barry is about to speak but stop, his eyes catching you leaning against the door, obviously having heard the whole conversation. The Wells family had a thing for being able to go unnoticed, but now that he’s seen you, it’s like all the oxygen leaves the speedster’s lungs, refusing to return.

“Y/N.” Harry begins sternly, realizing your presence, “You need to go.”

You just shake your head over and over, refusing to leave. “This isn’t your business, dad.” You breathe, your voice firm and steady despite how you feel inside.

Your father glares at you, his tone getting harsh. “This is entirely my business. You’re my daughter and I have to protect you.”

“You don’t get it Dad, you don’t. I’m not as childish as you think I am. I can take care of myself.”

“I can’t let you do this.” Harry says, hating how hard it was to get through to you.

You decide to ignore him, knowing that he’d never see your side. “Barr, can we talk?” He looks so caught off guard when you speak his name, taking a heavy breath and looking between you and Harry. “Please.”

He just nods, unable to speak. He is so worried, not knowing how you feel for sure and how wrong it must seem for someone 7 years older than you to have feelings for you.

He follows you out the door, sending Harry a very sorry look to which the man just glares and moves away.

Before he can do anything, you grab his hands and take a gasp. “Just let me talk, okay?” He nods frantically, looking at the emotions that he couldn’t pinpoint striking your face, coming off you and hitting him. “It’s going to be okay, Barr. I promise. I don’t know what we’re doing, or why I feel this way, but all I know is that the emotion is there. 7 years sounds bad now, but someday it won’t. It won’t even matter.” He looks at you with this kind of hope, this desperate longing and you are simply thankful that the feelings had gone both ways. You were so thankful for him. “And I don’t care what my dad thinks right now. He’ll be okay with it eventually.” You breathe.

The decision is rash, of course it is. A piece of you tells you to listen to your dad because to you, he knows everything about the world, but your heart can’t help how you feel when Barry smiles at you and kisses your forehead.

Instead of anything emotional and word vomit like, which was such a Barry thing, he just whispers, “Thank you.”

Those two words are all you two need. All you need for your lives to become infinitely better, not really together but not really apart.

Just happy.

Drowning Slowly Ch. 5/?

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This was possibly the most awkward experience Bellamy Blake had ever had.

Well, it was a close second to that one time in high school when he had gotten drunk at that one party… But ignoring that small incident, this was definitely a chart topper.

He and Clarke sat stiffly on opposite ends of the plush couch in the living room and stared vacantly at the television screen. It was playing reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but he was pretty sure that Clarke wasn’t paying the slightest of attention to it. He knew this because he wasn’t either. At all.

The air between them had been thick and awkward ever since Clarke had come downstairs from her shower. How could it not have been? They’d never gotten along before… so how the hell was Bellamy supposed to start a conversation? By saying “It’s really sunny out today”?  That was the most cliché conversation starter in existence.

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