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BTS receiving hate for BBMA win has me like???

I’ve heard a LOT about people complaining/bitching that BTS were 

  1. Nominated for a Billboard Music Award (BBMA) for Top Social Artist
  2. Attended the BBMA Awards
  3. WON said award

Firstly, What do you all think the Billboard Awards are?? Something given to promote/congratulate only North American (NA) Artists?


The Billboard Awards are “an honor given by Billboard, a publication and music popularity chart covering the music business. “

Billboard does NOT only exist to honor NA artists. It is true that NA artists tend to top the charts/garner the most attention, but… Whether this is due to English being one of the most popular spoken languages or simply the fact they are in America, an entertainment capital, it DOES NOT MATTER. Billboard is there to award/discuss THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, and that includes ALL facets of it. 

Whether a group/artist is from NA, speaks English, or operates in NA does not matter. The point of these awards is to congratulate artists succeeding in their fields, wherever they are from. If a group/artist is from China, Korea, Brazil, Russia, ANYWHERE: If they make it onto the Billboard Charts, they DESERVE their award.

The fact that BTS, a Kpop group, managed to break through the English language barrier should be celebrated, not hated!

BTS is one of the most hardworking, talented, and real groups in Kpop. They write their own music, which isn’t common at all in Kpop, and they don’t hide themselves behind their management companies like some groups do. BTS shows their fans who they really are, and they deserve this award.

I understand why people who had never heard of BTS before might have been upset, especially if one of their favorite artists lost the award to them. I would have been upset in that case as well, but there is a difference between BEING UPSET and ACTIVELY HATING ON A GROUP just because you don’t understand their success/are jealous they beat someone you wanted to win.

Top Social Artist was a fan voted award, and as MUCH as it upsets you to believe/accept, MORE people voted for them, that is the truth. What does that mean? It means that BTS beat the other competitors by a LOT. (I don’t have the exact numbers right now, but I know BTS had about 3 MILLION VOTES total!) So I’m sorry that Justin Bieber lost, but being sorry isn’t a reason to deny a hardworking, deserving group/artist of their award.

Maybe a lot of people will read this and not care, maybe a lot of people will read this and get angry, and maybe a lot of people will ready this and understand; Either way, I’ve said what I needed to, and I hope you are one of those that understand where we are coming from; Not only Army, but also everyone who wants to see someone they love succeed, whether it’s English or not. 

Music is about connecting with the world, sharing our feelings and communicating with others. There is no language barrier on this.

“ Haha sometimes I’m an ESFJ, sometimes I’m an ISTP. It really changes depending on the day, you know?”

“ Umm… How is he an F in any way? He’s so smart!”

“ ISTJs are soooo boring amirite”

“ Sensors are so dumb, but I guess we do need people to work in boring office jobs and stuff like that lol”

Straight White Boy Problem #996

my friend has been dealing with some mental shit for the past couple months. Like bad stuff. One of his friends passed away. He had a bad breakup with his gf. Its hard for me bc i sit there and listen to his problems even if I don’t want to. But I know I have to. Because if I dont, who will? I’m happy I can be there for him. Mental health is so stigmatized among men and I know there are so many other guys that don’t have the support they need. I know. Bc I was there

so let me get this straight

6x11 - wishworld killian is relegated to “pathetic fat drunk” and real killian’s only appearance back in storeybrooke coincides with a “no more rum” joke about his wishworld self.

6x12 - killian drinks with the fam to celebrate, but from his own flask.

6x13 - killian is seen downing rum by the glassful at like 10 in the morning to deal with his terror and regret. later, he’s apparently done about 6 shots before he goes to talk with emma. (the only one who comments seriously on any of this is archie.) emma just makes a joke about smelling rum on his breath. he’s obviously drunk during the proposal scene.

6x14 - killian drinks alone on the docks to deal with his fear.

we see him as a legitimate alcoholic/alcohol abuser in “brothers jones,” kicking the habit in “good form,” but going right back to drinking and doing shots with milah by the time he first meets her in “devil’s due,” getting blackout drunk to the point of forgetting wench emma in “snow drifts,” drinking himself to sleep in “the apprentice,” getting good and fucked up with regina and then killing his dad while obviously drunk in “swan song,” apparently keeping literal barrels of rum stored on the jolly roger, as jokingly mentioned in “a bitter draught,” and consistently carrying a hip flask even in moments when alcohol isn’t expected (on the docks with emma)

oh, and if there’s drinking happening, you know hook’s there with a tankard or flask or shotglass

so like

does emma even know that her fiancé has a legitimate alcohol problem

and does ANYONE know that he’s used alcohol as a coping mechanism for a long time and that it needs to stop being a joke

dating Taehyung [realistically]

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• he wouldn’t really always be all happy and romantic as fanfictions and imagines make him out to be

• as far as I know (assume) he doesn’t have that much experience with relationships/girls so I think sometimes he wouldn’t always be able to know how to handle fights and difficulties in the relationship

• because he’s not really experienced I can imagine that he would try his best to be the perfect boyfriend that appears in dramas and books

• if he’s really in love with you he would always want to show and tell you how much you mean to him and give you everything you need but he’s only human

• pda wouldn’t really be a thing, he doesn’t seem like the type of man who would be making out with you in public or even kissing you in front of the members. I can see him holding your hand or keeping an arm around you while you’re walking

• also he seems like a really decent guy who wouldn’t have problems to wait for a while until he’s sure you’re the one before he decides to get really close to you physically

• also don’t see him making out with you a lot but a lot of forehead kisses and the dramatic fun kisses he loves to give (you know the thing he does with the camera)

• your first kiss being a meaningful and sweet experience

• I can even imagine him waiting for sex til he gets to marry you because you both don’t necessarily need it right away

• if you want to get closer to him you had to tell him. I feel like he is the type of guy who doesn’t understand girls too well but would notice that something is going on

• if there were times you wanted to kiss him (because he just didn’t make a move) you just had to tell him and he would be okay with it

• i don’t know but i just feel like he would be unsure at first to touch you because he didn’t know if you wanted it

• but as soon as you told him he would constantly hug you, kiss you, and love you the way he wants

• It would get more and more the longer you are together like he would get so touchy and cute from then on

• once he’s sure and comfortable around you, he would literally do anything with you

• the sex wouldn’t be as great as fanfictions make it out to be though

• sometimes he would fall asleep right after because he’s just too tired

• but you love each other so it wouldn’t matter a bit

• him always talking to you about your future together and how many kids he wants to have with you

• he would love to hug you and squish your cheeks

• his hands are really big and he is aware of that (the focus he always sets on them in front of the camera jesus he knows) so I think you and he would love comparing your hands together

• he would love that yours are smaller than his

• he would love the feeling of protecting you and calling you his wifey (even if you’re not married yet)

• If you both have bad fights, there would be times he would walk off and wouldn’t talk to you for a while

• If you both don’t talk to each other anymore he would go to the other boys to tell them about it. He would either do it to get advise or to get it out of his chest, but you’d still be uncomfortable with it because you don’t want them to know about your relationship problems

• He wouldn’t always be so happy and in kissing mood when he wakes up in the morning because he’s a heavy sleeper who has a hard time standing up in the morning

• but as soon as he sees you there would be a lot of times where he would wrap his arms around you and just lay there for a while

• If you both have free days together you would go out to a cafe or an adventure park and just have a good time

• you would also have great museum visits

• taehyung seems like someone who is a great listener, so if you both have time alone together you would also have great thoughtful conversations with a lot of eye contact

• he wouldn’t always tell you everything, but you would turn out to be the person he would trust the most out of all people

• he would love when you play with his hair and just touch him in general

• he would also love to touch you and make you feel secure

• from what I saw, taehyung likes to give people (expensive) gifts, so he would also be willing to buy you lots of presents whenever he feels like it

• sometimes you would get a little mad at him for that because people would think you use him

• but even if the rumors and the drama would be hard to handle, if you both were meant to be, you would go through ever difficulty together

• he would always want to participate more in the music making process, so if he made a new tune/melody for the next song or wrote some lyrics, he would love to show you them and ask for your honest opinion

• because you both would always be honest to each other

• the relationship making you both feel down at times because he’s barely there due his schedule and you not being able to visit him on tour often because of your own work

• him being so cheesy and sweet to you especially when you’re sad and feeling down because he loves to make you feel loved after all

• him being the one to call you mostly in the beginning of the relationship

• silly facetimes, usually once a day but sometimes he would be too tired or jetlegged so he would forget to call

• he’s actually really funny and has a good sense of humor, but sometimes he’ll use them as a tactic to avoid conversations he doesn’t want to have

• he can be really naive at times which could make you frustrated

• he can get really distant at times for no reason

• you being super close to each other’s families

• your parents loving him and seeing him as their son-in-law

• taehyung would love to introduce you to his family and would be super happy to see you getting along with his siblings and cousins

• you being totally in love with his dog soonshim and spending most of the time with her when you visit his house

• him admiring you completely during the process and always telling you how much the dog loves you

• his parents being happy to see that he found someone who makes him feel so alive
• at first i can imagine, the bts members would be concerned if taehyung isn’t getting to serious with you but after they realize that you have good intentions and a good heart, they will treat you so good

• especially little jungkook would always come to you when he has to tell someone other than the boys about his problems and other stuff (you know some girl advice)

• you’d be his inspiration at writing at times. he would write stuff about you. It might not be good and fully written but he would like to write them but never show them to you.

• overall, you two would have a sweet happy yet hard relationship that you both would be fighting for. and if you keep on respecting and loving each other it would possibly hold on for a life time.

Late Night Talks

Anon Requested:  91+96+100 with V, please!

I loved writing this one! Thank you so much for requesting and I hope you liked this…maybe JUST MAYBE, I am potentially thinking about making this into a series.

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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1676

Warnings: No warnings

“It’s okay to cry.”

“What happened to us?”

“This is only going to lead to a fight.”

You like your sleep, you like to sleep, you like to nap and you like to rest. What you don’t like is to be woken up, especially in the middle of the night. If anyone knew better it was Jungkook, so why was he calling you at one in the morning?

You groaned once you heard the obnoxiously loud ring of your phone go off by your head, your phone was tucked under your pillow and the ring shot straight through your ear, you quickly grabbed it and without looking at the caller I.D you answered it in a hasty “Hello?”

“Noona?” Jungkook’s voice came through the other end of the line, your eyes snapped open and frustration instantly filled you up as Jungkook was the reason your slumber was disturbed.

“Jungkook I swear to-”

“It’s Taehyung.” Jungkook immediately interrupted, you heard him sigh on the other end. “Can you come over?” You nod even though you know he can’t see you. “I’m on my way.” You end the call and get out of bed as quickly as you can. You strip from your pajamas and throw on a pair of jeans, sports bra and sweatshirt then slipping on your slides, grabbing your car keys and leaving your apartment.

Before you knew it you were texting Jungkook to come open the front door. The door opened seconds after you sent the text and you were walking inside the dorm. “You know you could’ve knocked right?” Jungkook says turning towards you after closing the door. “I didn’t want to wake anybody by knocking too loudly.” You say before talking again. “So what’s wrong? Did something happen?” Jungkook sighed before motioning for you to sit on the couch, he joined you then turned to you. “You remember Hyunmi right?” You thought for a second before nodding.

Hyunmi was Taehyung’s current girlfriend. They had been dating for a little over six months now and you were happy that Taehyung was so happy, he had the biggest smile on his face whenever he was with her and always seemed like he was enjoying her presence. She was a sweet girl after all, never cursed, was never disrespectful and loved animals. She seemed like Tae’s ideal type in your head, she was different than you in so many ways which made you happy. She was a bit taller than you, maybe an inch or two, she had very dark brown hair which looked black in certain lighting and had a glorious tan, her eyes were blue as yours are brown. Overall you thought she was perfect.

“Well she broke up with Tae, it was out of nowhere noona she called an hour ago and ended things with him over the phone.” Jungkook spoke, you could feel your jaw drop and lips part as you gasped when hearing that. “Are you kidding me? Did she give him a reason? Is he okay? Why’d you call me over why aren’t you up there with him?” Questions spilled out of your mouth by the second, your mind was racing with a billion reasons as to why she could’ve broken up with Taehyung but only one made sense. She didn’t feel for him as he did for her.

It’s not a secret that Tae falls hard and falls fast, you knew that all the boys knew that but it has never been a problem because girls feel just as hard for him, you thought Hyunmi did too from all of her smiles and small giggles she gave him when they were together. Guess things aren’t what they seem and she obviously was good at hiding her true feelings.

Jungkook shook his head first answering your initial question. “She didn’t give him a real explanation, all he told me was she said ‘It’s not you, trust me it’s not you but I can’t do this anymore Taehyung.’ Then she ended the call without giving him a second to speak. He just waved me off when he wouldn’t answer any of my questions.” Jungkook sighed looking at you, you quirked your head to the side in confusion. “Then why’d you call me over here?” Jungkook didn’t need to say it for you to understand, he just gave you a look and you knew.


“You know him best noona, he’ll talk to you, you know he’ll talk to you.” You sighed and nodded, you stood up and started walking down the hallway and towards Taehyung and Jungkook’s shared bedroom.

Ex-boyfriend was something you never imagined Taehyung to be let alone be okay with it. The word alone wanted to make you gag and choke, you actually felt your heart shrink in size when you had to come to the realization that you two had to end the relationship. Back then you had dreams of getting married and having babies, but in a flash you two ended things with broken hearts. You didn’t want to be okay with it, you didn’t want to move on, but you did. You moved on and six months ago Tae did too, you just wished you would’ve known about Hyunmi’s ending intention because you surely would’ve butt in and voiced your opinion even though it wouldn’t be your place. You still cared for Taehyung, he was a big part of your life for a little more than a year and you didn’t want to see him hurt. You knew love doesn’t just evaporate, you knew that a little part of you still loved him as he still loved you too.

You stood in front of his door, hand hovering the dark wood before you knocked, you waited a couple seconds before deciding to answer. Walking in the room is dark, the only shred of light came from the desk lamp in the corner of the room giving little to no light where Taehyung laid sprawled out on his back on the bed. You shut the door quietly then turning towards him again. “Tae?” You say in a somewhat hushed voice but loud enough so that he could hear you. He didn’t budge so you decided to walk over and sit on his bed, you crossed your legs and sat beside him. From where you were you could see him staring emotionlessly up at the ceiling, you were close enough so that you knew he could see you and he just huffed a deep sigh. “It’s okay to cry.” You whisper but Taehyung just shakes his head, you can’t help but frown seeing him like this and it makes you wonder how he was when you two had broken up. You two fell for each other hard and fast and it was like you were living in a nightmare when you two had decided to end things.

In an instant Tae sat upright his body twisting to face you and his eyes stared down at you. “What happened to us?” His eyes were pleading, he wore a frown on his face and his hair was partially covering his eyes. You found yourself speechless to his question, you stayed still to his words and his gaze, you felt bad for him, his heart was just broken and you knew the memories of you two came flooding in his head at his situation. You sighed and shook your head only then realizing how close you two were as you felt his breath hit you when he blew his bangs out of his eyes, he shook his head parting his hair to look at you again.

“Tae…this is only going to lead to a fight.” You sigh but you can’t help but wonder and think back to what did happen to the two of you. You thought back to the fights, the words thrown around, all the time you both didn’t have for each other which only made the other more upset. The relationship wasn’t toxic, it was full of love but there were distractions and you both were preoccupied, Tae with his album and you with school and work, you both just didn’t have the time for a relationship and it ended when you two were fighting.

“You think about it too, how and why it ended so abruptly.” Taehyung spoke, his frown had disappeared but his pleading eyes were still staring at you. “We were fighting Tae, you were busy and so was I.”

“But we’re not anymore.” Taehyung said right after, his hand quickly grabbed yours and pulls you towards him, your hands drop themselves to his chest halting his motions of pulling you on his lap. “Tae…you’re sad and you just got out of a relationship.” You say sighing, you look at the look in his eyes, the pleading look was now gone and you were too lost in trying to figure out what he was thinking to notice his hands wrap around your waist, only then did you notice when he pulled you on his lap fully. “I don’t want to be your rebound, we should-”

“You’re not the rebound,” Taehyung interrupted. “If anything, she was.”

That’s all he said before pulling you down to his lips, you hesitated for a moment not kissing back. Your eyes were open and mouth was still, you knew he was upset about Hyunmi no matter what he says, you should push him away but something inside you tells you otherwise. “Please.” Taehyung breathes pulling back to look at you. You let your hands slide from his chest to the sides of his face, you took a look at him, the look came back to his eyes, it was something other than pleading, he wasn’t pleading but he was trying to reason with you. “Please (Y/N)…” You let out a small breath of air and felt Taehyung’s hand rise up on your back pulling you close again until his lips met yours. This time you kissed back and closed your eyes feeling the familiar touch of him.

You missed this.

You missed him.

You just knew you were going to regret this in the morning.

The biggest problem with this boy
is that he doesn’t seem to believe
that he’s beautiful.
This is a problem, of course,
because he knocks the wind out of you
every time he so much as looks at you
and you can’t help but think
that if he understood his own radiance
he would never touch you

@leonygunawan said: HI ITS ME AGAIN!!! i have a lot of ideas so i apologize if you constantly see my user pops up. tonight i present you my idea of a jeff atkins y/n have a job at a daycare in the toddlers section and one day jeff surprised y/n at work and he ended up playing with a lot of the kids, he would carry them above his head since he’s buff as fck (can i cuss?) and the little girls would ask him to be their bf lol okay yeah. this is a very long ask so i will bid you a doo au revoir and gracias 💖💖💖💖

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Having a summer job at a private Daycare is both a blessing and a curse. For one the paycheck every two weeks along with the children’s laughter really brightens your day, but on the other hand, waking up at the butt crack of dawn and dealing with tantrum throwing toddlers is really nerve grating.

But in the end, you wouldn’t have any other job.

“Hey, Y/N, I’m gonna go ahead and take my lunch break. You good to keep an eye on the babies for me, too?” Your co-worker asks. You glance up at Makenzie, energy already dwindling for the day while she still looks bright-eyed, but smile and nod nonetheless. “Thanks! I’ll bring you back something sweet.”

Fortunately for you, the wall separating the infants from the toddlers is about chest high and you can easily see into both rooms at the same time. The toddlers are currently down for their naps, but the two infants that the Daycare takes care of are set to wake up any moment now.

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In Response to the Claim ‘Lapis Has No Personality’

We’ve seen Lapis in general have a personality: we see her be sarcastic, hostile, fun loving, and shrewd. Like all, to most, SU characters she has personality out the wazoo- it is a character driven show after all.

However, we can also just look at her gem placement to see her characteristics: on her back. All SU characters gem placement is connected to their personal traits. 

Garnet has them on her hands since she is marked by being capable and ‘hands-on,’ using action to solve problems

Peridot and Pearl have them on their heads since they are intellectual and use their heads more than anything to solve problems.

Amethyst has it on her chest as a sign of ‘puff your chest out’- confidence however faux it might be, she solves problems by her instinct and using her heart

Steven uses his emotions, or ‘gut feelings’ to solve issues and is a very feelings kind of young boy, he solves problems through empathy

Finally, we have Lapis who has it on her back:

This is definitely a stand in for ‘back-bone’ as in she has a lot of ‘back-bone’ that’s why we see her sarcasm and hostility, she doesn’t back down and is a very blunt person. 

Moreover, she solves problems through determination and not backing down, she has moments of self-doubt but that isn’t who she is. That’s why we see her go through so much, imprisonment and trauma, and then she just keeps going. Her personality is to have grit and continue when things are rough, backbone.

Lapis is not blank, she is anything but blank.

I got lectured by a stranger today because I put a red flower in my male dog’s hair. Not even kidding. This was our (paraphrased) conversation:

Lady: Is that a Dalmatian-doodle?

Me: Nope. He’s just a plain old poodle-poodle.

Lady: It’s a boy? But he’s got a flower in his hair.

Me: Yeah, I thought he looked cute.

Lady: But he’s already a poodle. Why do you want people to think he’s a girl? Why didn’t you just get a girl? He’s a BOY. You shouldn’t put flowers in his hair, he doesn’t like it.

Me: Lady, the world has bigger problems than my boy dog and his flower. Now I’m going home to paint his nails. Good day to you.

Naturally, that last sentence was only in my head. Because nonconfrontational mess.


“Are those gloryspren?”

“No, bridgeboy,” Adolin said, once more wearing that obnoxious grin. “They’re fashionspren.”

Kaladin is Kaladone. He has a blond boy problem.

Based on this: “A tidbit on Adolin. Hm… In Book Three, he will finally get to wear an outfit other than a boring Kholin uniform.Knowing you all, you’re going to read WAY more into that than I intend. But there you go.” (Source: WoB.)

It was either this or a havah, I’ve got a feeling Dalinar would disapprove of both.

Straight White Boy Problem #785

*in class*

Bro: Ha haha dude look at this
Me: *looks at my bro*
Bro: *is making the ‘ball gazer’ gesture by his crotch *   haha you gay now!!
Me: *trying to divert my gaze quickly*    no I’m not!!!    *deals with humiliation for 2 minutes*