this boy deserves to be treated with respect

I’m sorry if some of you didn’t want to see this but this DISGUSTS me! Please don’t ever mob any idols like this. This is the only video I’ve seen and Doyoung gets pushed in it and I heard Yuta got hit during the mob :( How can you yell, “Doyoung I love you!” and physically hurt him? If you loved the boys you would give them space and be respectful. Even the other day Taeyeon got hit by a fan’s camera and looked visibly uncomfortable; the boys have been mobbed before in other countries too. This breaks my heart I hope some of you learn from this and get some manners (I know that sounds harsh but this treatment was harsh towards the boys don’t you think?) I’m just so done with rude fans who try to grab at their idols like they’re an object instead of human beings with actual feelings who deserve to be treated with respect and basic human decency 

My dear lgbt+ kids. 

You’re allowed to be annoyed at certain kinds of “supporters”. 

You don’t have to be grateful for “support” that makes you uncomfortable. 

This applies to: 

- the overly curious “supporters”. The ones who constantly ask you about things that are not their business. (”You’re bi? How many boys did you fuck? How many girls? Ever had a threesome? I bet you had a threesome, tell me all about it!”). You deserve better than to be reduced to your sexual history.

- the super straight “allies”. The ones who constantly need to remind you they’re straight. (”You’re gay? As a straight person, i’m cool with that. I’m a straight gay supporter. But don’t think i’m gay, i just support you, but like as a straight friend, so don’t hit on me, okay? I’m not gay myself, so i don’t want to date you, okay? I’m just a straight supporter.”) You deserve better than to be treated as a predator who hits on everyone. 

- the “allies” in theory. The ones who totally support you…. in theory.. ( “I totally support the lgbt+ community!… What, she uses he/him now? That’s ridiculous. And why would she want to go into the mens bathroom, that’s just creepy.”) You deserve better than empty words.  

- the “straight best friend”. Typically straight girls who see gay boys as a cool fashion accessory. (”You’re gay? Soooo cute! I have a gay best friend now! Hey, everyone, look at my gay best friend, isn’t he cute?”) You deserve better than to be to be collected and shown off like a exotic pet. 

- the tokenizer. The ones who use you as proof of how inclusive they are or act as if they’re special for treating you with a basic level of respect. (”I’m not transphobic, one of my friends is trans!”, “I even called you “she” in front of others today, i mean, who would do that? You’re lucky you have a friend like me.”) You deserve better than to be used to make someone else look like a good person. 

You’re not a “snowflake” for not wanting to be treated as a second-class human being. 

You’re not “greedy” for demanding genuine support respect. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Y'all but

Evak being in a healthy committed relationship supporting eachother through hard times and assuring the other that they will always be there for them and they are never alone.

Jonas and Eva breaking up so they can both be independent and develop their own opinions and have fun and make friends but still being able to ultimately come back together and fall back in love again but this time around they are both more mature and ready for a relationship.

Sana and Yousef dating despite the fact Sana is religious and Yousef is not, that even though the other one has different opinions on those things they still are happy with themselves and their own beliefs and can still care deeply for the other person and respect one another’s beliefs.

Vilde being able to feel loved and safe with Magnus. Vilde actually finding a boy to treat her with respect she deserves and being able to talk to about her home life issues with him.

Men, boys, guys, males…

You are worthy of respect and love. You are not worth any less than women. You are not born sexist, or abusive, or as rapists. You are not responsible for the actions of your entire sex and you shouldn’t be held accountable for those actions. You are not “all men”, and the actions of one man do not define the other man.

You deserve to be treated like a prince, not a servant or a scapegoat.

Anyway i never see posts for us so shout out to my fellow psychotic lgbt+ boys and boys with personality disorders, who don’t get taken seriously by others and doubt their identity because of their mental illness.

This goes especially for trans boys, you shouldnt have to go through all the gatekeeping neurotypical professionals put us through.

Regardless of what people might tell you, you know best who you are and deserve to be treated with respect.

time and time again 1D (especially louis) are surrounded by people who treat them like crap and doesn’t respect them. what do these boys have to fucking do to please your awful asses??? they are literally the most successful boyband in the world and the achieved that through their own talent, hard work, dedication and song writing. they have not stopped working for 5 years straight and still have to be constantly treated like this?? all of them deserve better. get the fuck out of here with your bitterness and jealousy

I wanted to say, that after watching True Geordie’s podcast with Will & Freezy, i have absolutely no respect for Cal, especially after what he said about Gee having Chip on a ‘6 month probation’. For one, how DARE he even talk about it, it isn’t his business to share, and 2 you can make your partner wait as long as you see fit, until YOU are comfortable enough. Cal, comfortably said on this broadcast he would not wait for his significant other, he literally said, if a girl gave him a 2 month waiting time until he could have sex with her, he would set an alarm for 2 months time, leave and then come back and expect to have sex with this girl after him not seeing her or having anything to do with for 2 months and thinks he’s entitled to it. This type of mannerism is pig ignorant, disgusting and quite frankly unattractive. But what bothers me the most is the young impressionable audience that will’ve watched that, heard what he said and dwelled upon it, and will think that they don’t have to make someone wait for them, until they’re ready, or until the other person has proved them self that they are worthy of you, that having sex with someone is the only way to get and keep their attention. It’s absolutely disgusting that he thinks he’s entitled to someone straight away just because they’ve shown a slight interest in him. He’s disrespectful, he’s ignorant, he’s disgusting and he’s thinking with the wrong head.
Like who the fuck does he think he is? Has he never heard of proving his worth? Actually proving to the girl he’s trying to date that he’ll treat her well & he deserves to be with her? He’s stupid, any girl that will sleep with a guy straight away is the kind’ve girl that’ll sleep with all his mates. And this is a man with a sister, a man with a female audience, someone who should have respect for girls, someone who should be trying to teach girls their worth. I bet he’s turned around to his own sister at some point and has said “you’re not allowed a boyfriend, don’t go near any boys” yet thinks every girl that’s interested in him or likes him he thinks they owe him something, contradictory behaviour. He’s a joke, he’s disgusted me and I don’t respect him at all. That is all.

Title: Daggers

Image: Dark and Anti fighting on who can spend time with you.

You watched the two men in front of you, questioning if they really should be called men considering they were both acting like children. And why was this? Because the two decided to argue over who’s day it was to spend time with you. Of course you didn’t get a say in this matter so you watched the two boys argue and you were slightly becoming impatient, you only wanted to go to the movies.

“It’s my day! You had the human yesterday!” Anti hissed at Dark, glitching violently. They never even bothered to use your name unless it was to you and half the time it seemed like a chore to them. Dark was a little more polite and did use your name more, Anti however, not so much. When you asked him about it, he simply shrugged, saying that ‘The human’ was a nickname, but you knew that was a lie.

 "The human has a name, isn’t that right, (Y/N)?“ Dark addressed you as you sat on the bed in your room, you didn’t answer, knowing Anti was glaring holes into your head. Dark whipped his head to Anti, glaring at him, "It’s rude to glare at others, Anti.”

“Hypocrite!” Anti said, now glaring at Dark. 

You had had enough, “Guys-” But were quickly cut off by Dark, 

“Not now (Y/N).” He stated, his hand raised as he continued to glare at Anti, “I’m gonna shove a knife down this kid’s throat." 

Anti became more angrier the more time passed, "Not if I cut your head off first old man.” The pair had taken a step towards each other and it started to worry you. You never liked these fights, cause for one, your room would become a mess in the space of two seconds. The boys always fought messily and it annoyed you.

 "It’s my day, I deserve it, I did the job for you last night so why can’t I go??!“ Anti asked Dark, nothing but venom in his voice.


"Shut up before I make you shut up.” Anti spat at you, your eyes going slightly wide. 

You didn’t like it when he was angry at you. You were only going to ask what the job was from last night but that was out of the question…“I don’t care what you deserve, it is my turn, I treat people with respect unlike you.” Dark had hit a nerve, causing Anti to stand finger length away from Dark, glitching with fury, his claws beginning to show. 


“NOT NOW (Y/N)!!” They both shouted at you, causing you to become angry, you were on your last nerve. You mumbled to yourself, getting up and working on a plan to make them stop. The pair hadn’t even noticed that you had disappeared to receive the pairs daggers. 

The daggers always helped when they were like this or just when you wanted peace and time with your real friends, this was one of they times. You knew they would be super pissed with you when they found a way back but that was something you could always handle. You pulled out Anti’s dagger, shoving it directly into his back from behind, he shouted in pain before glitching away. Dark began to smirk, giving you the opportunity to pull his dagger out, stabbing him straight in the chest, he hissed in pain before disappearing in a puff of black smoke.

 You threw the clean daggers onto your bed, grabbing your jacket before making your way out of the now peaceful room.

Batman headcanon that while typing in a group text format, Jason accidently misspells ‘Bruce’ and types 'Bryce’ as in “I’m meeting up with Bryce later”. Bruce, being the doornail that he occasionally is, asks who Jason’s friend Bryce is. And Jason, being the shit that he is, just goes with it and thus the completely fictional family friend Bryce is born. He is pulled out whenever the kids need an excuse or are trying to get out of doing something. No matter how much the siblings fight, they will always, always, confirm with Bruce or Alfred that Bryce is real and said sibling is really with them.

Of course it gets to the point where Bryce becomes not only more developed but also becomes a projection of all the things the kids wish Bruce would do with them.

“Sorry B, Bryce and I are going out for coffee, we’re going to be discussing our emotions and airing out all of the troubles we’ve had over the years and reconcile once and for all and assure the other that we love and care for them”

“Don’t wait up Bruce, my friend Bryce is helping me with the technology on my computers because unlike some people he values my tech expertize and leadership as more than a disability and doesn’t treat me like a secretary.”

“Ya I’m meeting up with Bryce cause he actually gives a damn about me and he’s gonna murder the Joker for me and then stop replacing me with 10 year olds :)”

“Bryce and I are going to hug, for like, an obscenely long time. I will probably cry big ugly tears that I deserve after all the shit I have been through. It’s ok though because Bryce is emotionally available and let’s me express weakness without the fear rejection.”

“Bryce is teaching me to read, because you won’t.”

“Nah, I can't patrol tonight Bats. Bryce is taking the time to train me himself, not as a replacement or a novelty, but to actually give me some goddamn support and respect and treat me like all the other boys you took in.”

“Bryce is buying me 12 dogs because he loves me.”

Bruce, of course, doesn’t quite get the exceedingly obvious, passive-aggressive hints and just asks Alfred why he’s never met this Bryce character. Alfred just rolls his eyes and tries to think of a way to convey the children’s legitimate complaints in a way that even the oft obvious batman can understand.

If he doesn’t respond to your texts. But decides to text you at 10pm telling you how gorgeous you are, Do not respond.

If he tells you he misses you, and he still loves you even though he’s only hurt you time and time again, nod and walk away.

If he says he likes you a lot, but won’t commit, cut him off and move on.
If he made you cry, yet again. Don’t let him do it another time.

Don’t waste your time on boys who only use you when it’s convenient for them. Do not give them that convenience. You are not 7/11, you’re a human who truly deserves to be valued and respected. Know when to cut him off, and move forward, and focus your time onto something beneficial for you. You really deserve that. Know your worth, add taxes and don’t give any discounts. If he wants you, he’ll sweep you up without a second thought, and treat you the way you deserve.

—  You’re worth a lot more than he gives you credit for. 

How can you hate an entire group of people just for being fat??

And don’t give me that crap about us “not taking care of ourselves” in the past few months I’ve taken tremendous care of myself and I’m very proud of that fact. Does that mean I’m gonna start dropping weight? Nope, I’ve got illnesses that make it super hard to lose weight.

But that doesn’t even matter.

Even if you are the unhealthiest person in the world, I’m still going to treat you with respect. Why? Because you’re a living, breathing, thinking, feeling human being who deserves it whether you’re a size 0 or a size 6x and higher.

So honestly fuck anyone who thinks I don’t deserve kindness because I’m fat.

fairytale-bunny  asked:

ohhhh... im pretty shy to ask, but can i request you to draw kii-bo positivity, please? 💖 I really love this boy and I love you and your art, so I will be really happy!! And you are beautiful and really cute, I hope, that you are loved and valid, because you really deserve it! (Sorry for bad English ;;)

May the world treat you with kindness and respect!!

A trans man died last night.

I’ve never met him. He was the son of someone who worked in the hospital with my mom and her boyfriend, who got called in last night when he overdosed on drugs. At this point I thought he was a girl, as thats all my mom and her friend were telling me. “She has a drug problem” “she is messed up, its a mess” “her whole family is a mess” until she finally threw in the fact that he was “a girl transitioning into a boy” while continuing to use she/her pronouns before and after that revelation. And they just didn’t seem to think, even for a moment, as to how that could have been affecting him. That it could have factored into his struggle at all. And I thought if they were treating him this way and they knew his mother, maybe she was treating him this way as well. Maybe he was denied the respect he deserved. Maybe he was never acknowledged as a son or a man. I have no idea. My heart is breaking for him and I’ve never even met him. I don’t even know what his name is.

He died last night and I don’t know if he’ll be buried as a man or not. I don’t know if people will be crying his name or his deadname. But even if nobody in his life acknowledged him as a man before or after his death, I will. And I hope anyone reading this will too. I know it’s too late to mean anything for him but…I don’t know. Maybe it can mean something. I wish we could have met.

Rest in peace.

Bts are going to be in America soon, and even though I am extremely excited to see the boys and are so happy they’re back in my country again, I can’t help but feel anxious and nervous as well. I know how ‘passionate’ fans here can get, to where it borders on stalking and aggression, to just plain rude. I’m not singling anyone out, I just know what I’ve seen first hand at the various concerts of other groups and people I’ve attended. Fans are so dedicated to getting the best view, or making sure their favorite artist sees them, that all rationality goes out the window.

Please, please, treat Bangtan with the respect they deserve while in America. Give them their space and just enjoy the concert if you’re attending. They’ve worked so hard and don’t deserve to be hassled at airports or stalked and yelled at by a bunch of immature fans. Let us all be respectable and show them that we are actually capable of not being the crazed fans most of the world thinks we already are.

Dark Protector

YAY! Another Darkiplier fic! 

Fic request: 
“Can I have another Darkiplier Fic? Some fluff. Where like, reader is being bullied and Dark kind of sees it happens and threatens them maybe. It’s okay if you don’t wanna do it. <3”

I wrote this so the reader was a high-schooler and Dark is a friend. Hope thats ok! 

Hope you enjoy!

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You rarely lied to him. He hated liars, and you were one of the few that refused him the truth. 
But something has been wearing you down. Tearing at the sides of your mind and turning your smile into a soft line. 
When he asked you to tell him what it was that was hurting you, you had simply replied with, 
“It’s nothing, Dark. I’m just tired.” 
That simple lie turned his uncertainty into anger.
There was defiantly something wrong. 
And Dark took it upon himself to find out what. It was lucky he did, because on the day he trailed your daily schedule to school, he witnessed something that made his blood boil. 
“Hey, look there’s the weirdo!” A group chuckled as you approached. Their eyes sneering. “What? Not going to say hello?”
You shouldered your bag and continued inside. As you passed them, one flicked out their foot, catching your shoe and making you trip. You caught yourself before stumbling to the dirt, but Dark could see the frustration flash in your eyes. 
For a moment, he thought you were going to say something. But the group turned to you, sensing the same thing. 
You shook your head, defeated, you stormed away with your shoulders slouched and the group laughed, hooting and scoffing. 
Dark retreated back as more students filed into the school. He kept near the school, watching from within the shadows as your day unfolded. 
The group harassed you whenever you crossed their path. Dark noticed how you rounded corners quickly, taking the long paths to your classes just to avoid them. 

Dark barely contained his anger when the group forced you into the “out of order” bathrooms and locked you inside. They had followed you from the school, cutting through the park you walk through to surround you.
They took your bag and fled as soon as you started banging on the doors. Sniggering, mocking your pleas of release.
Dark waited till the little pests disappeared before stepping into the rest-room. 
He sneered at the place, finding the smell disgusting and the cleanliness unsightly. A type of slime covered the floor, spilling from a clogged toilet with another “out of order” sign.
Dark approached the stall you were stuck in and tore the wooden door off it’s hinges. 
You jumped back in shock. Tears stained your eyes and you hastily wiped them away. 
“Dark? What are you doing here?” You asked. 
“Getting you out of this ungodly place,” Dark replied, throwing the broken door down in disgust. “Come on, I’m taking you home.” 
“Dark, did you follow me-” Dark cut you off by walking out of the rest-room.
He dusted off his suit as if he was riding the stench from the shiny fabric. His lips curled and he smoothed down the jacket as you exited the bathrooms. 
“They took my bag,” You said quietly. Too ashamed, hurt, to speak. 
Dark allowed his eyes to soften for a moment, but they were fueled by his anger as you wiped away a stray tear. 
“How long have they been harassing you?” Dark asked, “And don’t lie to me, (Y/N). I’ve had enough of your lies.” 
You fidgeted with your shirt, unable to look Dark in the eye. “A few months. This…This isn’t the first time they’ve locked me in something. Last time it was a locker.” 
Dark’s head twitched, but he breathed deeply, halting the movement before it escalated. 
“Do you know where they went?” Dark asked, his fingers curling. 
“They usually hang out by the bridge,” You told him. “Wait! Dark don’t hurt them!” 

Dark had already disappeared. 
He reappeared by a river, a stone bridge crossing it’s width. And leaning against the stone railing was the group of bullies. 
Dark approached them, setting a kind smile on his face. The first to notice him found nothing friendly about his smile. It was angry, predatory. 
“Which one of you took (Y/N)’s bag?” Dark asked when he was close enough. 
The leader stood forward, producing your bag in his hand. 
“I did, what of it?” He asked with a challenging grin. 
“I want it back,” Dark said. He lifted his hand, palm up and waited for the imbecile to give it to him. 
The boy scoffed and, with a flick of his arm, threw the bag over the side of the bridge and into the water. 
“Go get it, weirdo,” The boy laughed. 
Dark sighed and he moved in a blur. His hand took the front of the kid’s shirt and he lifted him into the air. 
Now, the bully dangled over the side of bridge, his feet kicking wildly as he screamed. 
“How about, you help me out and get it yourself.” Dark snarled. His fist opened and the boy plummeted into the water. 
Dark turned to the rest of the group, his eyes completely black and his head jerking. 
“As for the rest of you,” His voice crackled, a rumble that split mid-word. “You ever treat (Y/N) with anything less than the respect they deserve, I will personally see to your education!” 
The bridge trembled under their feet and Dark’s teeth flashed in a feral snarl. The group cowered before him. Paled and terrified. Dark stepped forward and in that space of a stride, the group sprinted away. Yelling apologizes and pleaing. 

You rounded the corner, just coming into view of the bridge as the group fled from Dark.
They were unharmed, but by the look on their faces, Dark might as well harmed them.
In the river, you saw the last bully climb the river-bed with your soaking bag in hand.
His whole body trembled as he approached Dark with your bag outstretched towards him.
“P-Please don’t hurt me,” The bully begged. Dark took your bag and his mouth twisted in a wicked smile.
“How fast can you run?” He asked, the air around him becoming heavy with pressure.
The boy whirled, stumbling over his own shoes in his haste to get away. Dark didn’t move until the bully had disappeared and you had stepped onto the path towards him. 
“Thank you,” You said, taking the bag. 
“Next time, my dear,” Dark purred. “Tell me when you’re being shoved around. I’ll be sure to put those insects in their place.”

(Sorry it’s so long)

Don't Mess With Pan's Lost Girl P. 5

Warning: swearing, smut (for real this time), and it’s pretty long

Word count: 2524

A/N: Sorry, sorry, sorry for being gone for 500 years. Writers block that’s my excuse but yeah. So this story just keeps getting added to as I go on, so yeah not really a Pan fic yet, but it will be. I just want to tease him a bit first.

Part 4:


He stays with his face so close to mine and I can’t help but look into his eyes, his stare is to intense to look away from. “And I will get you.” He finally says and I push him away from me. “You’re a feisty one aren’t you.” He says with a smirk as he stumbled back. “You’ll be staying here until I set up a tent for you. It should be done by tomorrow night.” He says making his way to the bed and sitting down, he glances up at me then pats the spot on the opposite side. “Come here.” He orders and I carefully make my way over but don’t sit down and cross my arms. “I don’t bite love, unless you’re into that” he says with a smirk and I roll my eyes but sit down with my back facing him. I feel him move but I don’t turn to face him then I feel a warm hand run up my back and twirl a piece of my hair around his finger. I keep my arms folded over my chest and try not to allow him to have an effect on me. “Lay with me love. I promise no funny business.” He says, I take a deep breath and turn to find him on his back giving me a lazy smile with his eyes hooded. This simple sight makes me forget about my dislike for him and my heart melts when I lay next to him and feel his body warmth instantly take me over. I close my eyes and I feel his fingers brushing hair behind my ear, soothing me. “Have a restful sleep love.” He whispers with his lips pressed to the top of my head and it’s the last thing I hear before I slip under.

I jolt awake the next morning and find myself in an unfamiliar room. I look around and it takes me a moment to remember that I’m in Pan’s treehouse. “Morning.” He says and I look up to find him in a chair facing the bed. “Your place looks different in the light.” I say looking around and admiring the beauty of it. “You like it?” He questions and stands walking towards the bed. I nod and he sits next to me as I sit up, “I’m sorry if I frightened you last night.” He says and looks down. I look up at him but he keeps his eyes from mine, “I’m not exactly sure why I… came on as strong as I did. I guess living for an eternity with only guys… I don’t know… I got kind of carried away. A girl is better than twenty boys after all. And you deserve to be treated with respect, I’ll make sure of that.” He says and finally meets my gaze. After a moment I open my mouth to say something but he shakes his head and gets up walking to the door, “Get up and ready, if you are to stay here you must be properly introduced. You start target practice today.” He says and walks out the door. “Wait!” I call out jumping from bed and running to the door. I run out the door and skid to a stop almost falling to the forest floor. I look down and see Pan already jogging to the camp. I jump from the tree and run after him, when I catch up I pull him back by his shoulder. “Why are you letting me stay? I’m the reason most of your troops are dying.” I say slightly out of breath and worry clear in my voice. “You’re clearly strong, and as you said many of my boys are dying. I need someone who can help protect them while they recover.” He says and starts again towards the camp. I stare after him then shake my head and catch up with him. “Then once they recover you’re going to kill me?” I ask raising an eyebrow at him. “Don’t be ridiculous.” He scoffs and I make a face at him. “As long as you can prove loyalty I’ll let you live here forever.” He says. “Who says I want to live here?” I ask stopping right at the edge of the camp and he looks at me from the corner of his eye. “Well I’m sure you’ll learn to love it, this island has its perks.” He says with a wink and greets the boys.

I think this over in my head for a second, live here forever, I couldn’t possibly. But then I look up and find Felix seated at the table smirking at me. I look at my feet, biting my lip and blush, slightly embarrassed of my actions last night. When I look up again his smirk turns into a full blown grin and I can’t help but smile. I walk towards the table, receiving a few stares, with as much confidence as I have and sit next to Felix. At first there is an awkward silence between us as everyone else laughs and jokes until we look at each other. “Sorry.” I blurt out and he chuckles, “about last night I just wanted to get out of that cage it really was boring. I understand if you feel weird around me, I was just hoping we could get past it.” I say as he bites his lip, holding back a smile. “No need to be sorry. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it.” He said hitting his shoulder against mine. “So we’re…good?” I ask. “Better than good.” He says then leans in, his lips pressed against my ear. “Meet me by the lake about a mile outside the camp after breakfast.” He whispers sending shivers through my body. I look at him and smile then look across the table to find Pan glaring at us but he turns away quickly when he realizes I’ve noticed. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion but don’t get much time to think it over before Felix wraps an arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. I smile up at him when Pan stands abruptly from his seat catching everyone’s attention. “Boys I’d like to introduce a new member to our little group!” He announces and looks over at me. Everyone looks over and I slouch down behind Felix. “Her name is Mariana and she is going to help protect the others while they recover! There will be no funny business with her! She is not here to take care of your personal needs, but to provide protection!” He shouts and I feel Felix tense up next to me. “If I find out any of you have been even thinking about our little lost girl, you’ll have me to deal with! Do I make myself clear?!” He asks and everyone immediately take their eyes away from me, and Pan sits again smirking. I frown and Felix pulls his arm away from me, I look up at him and he looks over at Pan. When he sees that Pan is no longer looking at us he leans close to my face and whispers, “Looks like we’re going to have to break a few rules.” He smiles and I bite my lip letting out a small laugh. “So the lake is still the plan?” I ask and he nods. “Oh yeah it’s one of my favorite places on this whole island. I definitely what you to see it.”

“Alright boys let’s head out!” Pan says after handing me a bow for target practice. I start to walk with the rest of the group but am soon pulled by the arm in the opposite direction. “Trying to skip out on our plans?” Felix asks as he moves to lace his fingers with mine. He pulls me through the camp and I set my bow and arrows on the table. “The water probably feels great it’s been warmer recently.” He says and I stop walking. “Wait we’re going swimming? Mind if we stop at Pan’s treehouse for a second?” I ask and he shrugs. When we get there I climb up quickly as he waits for me. I run to the other side of the room and frantically dig through my bag to find my bra. I pull my tank top from my corset and struggle to loosen the ties in the back. When I finally get them undone I throw on my bra and top and run back outside. I jump down to the forest floor and that’s when I remember that my tank top is cropped because I ripped it. “Damn it.” I say looking down at my self and hearing Felix chuckle. “Not a bad outfit. You have a nice body.” He says his eyes raking up and down my body making me self-consciously wrap my arms around my exposed stomach. He shook his head at me and reached for my hand again leading me to the lake.

Once we reached the lake I was sweating from the walking and hot sun beating down, I could feel my hair stinking to the back of my neck. I looked at my wrist and found a hair tie, thank goodness, I thought tying my hair up into a high ponytail. “Well here we are.” Felix said reaching up and pulling his shirt over his head. I couldn’t help but stare at his long lean body, he then reached down zipping open his pants and bending over to pull them down. I watched in awe as his back muscles moved while he folded his clothes and put them on a rock. He walked back a bit then ran, jumping into the lake. He resurfaced with a shout of relief, “Whoo! I haven’t been here in so long. Come on it feels nice!” He shouts up to me and I just look down at him shaking my head. “You’re crazy!” I shouted back zipping open my jeans and pulling them down I then reached up and pulled my top over my head. I folded my clothes and set them next to his on the rock and followed his example of backing up to get a running start. I can do this it’s just water it’s not that bad, I thought with closed eyes. When I opened them I felt my feet carry me to the edge of the lake and my body fly over, down into the water. I was engulfed by the refreshing water and soon resurfaced to find Felix floating on his back. I follow his example and push my arms through the water so I move next to him. We laying quietly and peacefully and I close my eyes allowing my mind to clear, forgetting about how bad this whole situation is.

Just as I am fully relaxed I feel hands under my back and I’m soon back under water with no warning. I quickly swim back up to the surface taking in a gasp of breath before charging towards Felix. I use all my strength to try and push his head under water but he doesn’t budge, and only laughs and I laugh too while struggling. He grabs hold of both my hands in one of his, then pulls me through the water bringing me face to face with him. We stare at each other for a moment just enjoying being in each other’s presence, when he leans in slowly and connects our lips. I immediately kiss back and I feel him gently place his hands on my hips. The kiss is soft as if he’s afraid we’ll get caught, so I push my fingers through his hair trying to relax him. He moans against my mouth and I feel his grip on my hips tighten, he deepens the kiss and his fingers are digging into my hip bone. I let out a low groan as he moves his lips from mine and attach them to the base of my neck. I wrap my legs around his and feel his hands move to my thighs pulling them up to his waist. Without thinking about it my hips start to grind against him while he leaves sloppy kisses up and down my neck. My fingers tangle deeper into his hair and he moans then connects our lips once again.

“Felix.” I moan against his mouth causing him to wrap his arms around and under my thighs supporting my butt. He carries us out of the water and lays me on my back in the grass. He spreads my legs with his knee and lays between them holding his body weight with his elbows on either side of my head. He connects our lips again and grinds down on me and I can feel him against my pantie covered core. He pulls away breathing heavy and looks me in the eyes. “Are we going to do this?” He asks and I look up at him also panting. “Why not” I say and he smirk pulling off my underwear in one swift motion. He crawls down and I feel his hot breath on my exposed skin. He looks up at me one more time before pressing his warm tongue flat against my center. My hands instantly went to his hair and he moans causing a pleasant vibration against me as he licks a quick swipe. My back arches off of the ground and his lips attach to my clit sucking softly. Pleasure washes over my entire body and my head is swimming in pure bliss. Then he stopes all movement and pulls away from me quickly, before I can protest I hear footsteps approaching and I get up frustrated and reach for my clothes. I managed to get my jeans on when Pan emerges from the trees. When his eyes fall on us and our state his jaw tightens and he glares at Felix. “Back to the camp.” he growls through clenched teeth. Felix and I exchange a quick glance before walking towards the woods with our heads low. “Not you.” Pan says wrapping his hand around my arm, his fingers slightly digging into my skin but I don’t protest. Felix looks back at me with worry before Pan shoots him a death stare.

“My rules were very clear. I forbid you to befriend any of the other lost boys.” He commands in a stern voice. “What!?” I shout yanking my arm from his grasp. “And! You are not to converse with Felix unless otherwise told by me. You are to train with me, eat every meal with me, you will not leave my side. You will be staying in my tree house and will sleep in my bed.” He says taking hold of both of my arms and pulling me close to him. “Is that understood?” He says his breath fanning over my face his piercing green eyes staring into mine. “Yes Pan.” I say my voice shaking. He let’s go of one of my arms and drags me back to the camp by the other, “It’s Peter to you.”

An open letter to Julie Andem

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating Skam and all the characters that I so quickly fell in love with. Thank you for making me feel included, appreciated and loved. Thank you for proving that mentally ill people also deserve love and respect, and showing people that our feelings are as valid as everybody else’s feelings. Thank you for reminding us about how our bodies need food, and that we deserve the best. Thank you for showing us that we shouldn’t accept sexual abuse or assault, and that there’s always someone who will listen and give advice at our darkest times. Thank you for decorating Noora’s wall with the quote “everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. be kind. always.” and showing people that true kindness is the most important thing of all. 

Thank you for proving that islam isn’t a bad religion, thank you for representing muslims as regular human beings, and making others treat muslim boys and girls with the respect they fucking deserve. Thank you for showing us the beautiful relationships between a muslim girl and a gay boy, and the acceptance, love and respect between the two of them. Thank you for showing us the beautiful friendship between Noora, Chris, Sana, Eva and Vilde. Thank you for showing that no matter how alone you feel, there’s always someone out there willing to help and be your friend.

Thank you for including the gay community and showing us that being gay in fact is okay, no matter if you like boys, girls or both. Thank you for letting us get to know Even and Isak, and for a whole season of the two of them trying to figure out their own sexualities, and how to deal with them. Thank you for showing that mental illness doesn’t need to change anything in a relationship, and that love conquers all. Thank you for introducing us to Eskild, our guru, who’s so confident about himself and his sexuality. No matter what gender you identify as, or what gender you love, you deserve love and respect. Don’t let anyone bring you down, alt er love.

Thank you for introducing us to Linn, who always made us smile, and who probably everyone related to in some extent. Thank you for showing us the love between Elias and Sana Bakkoush, and letting us witness one of the most important scenes of the whole fourth season, where Elias says he’s always got her back no matter what happens. Thank you for showing us the importance of a loving family, and for showing how including and kind they were for their friends and family. Thank you for the scene where Sana prays for everyone, and for showing us that muslims want the best for their family, their friends and everyone around. Thank you for introducing us to Jamilla, and for showing us that former friends can work things out, no matter how much they’ve hated each other in the past. Thank you for Yousef, and for showing us that you don’t need to be religious in order to be a kindhearted person, and vice versa. Thank you for giving Even the support that he deserves, and for fixing the relationship between him and his old friends. Thank you for making them so understanding, and showing that there’s always two sides of the story. Even though somebody doesn’t call or text you, it doesn’t mean they don’t think about you, and it doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

Thank you for absolutely everything, it’s been a pleasure. Skam will always have a place in my heart, no matter how cliché that sounds. Thank you Julie Andem, thank you for making these couple of years better for all of us. It really helped me through. Being bipolar I always doubted myself, I always thought there was something wrong with me in some way. I thought I was unlovable because I did stupid things, and because I had depressive and manic episodes. You, through the eyes of Even, made me realize I was wrong. Thank you for making me realize I am not alone. You made me realize that I’m just as good as everyone else. You made me realize that I deserve love and kindness, no matter how I’m feeling. I am forever grateful for everything you gave us in these couple of years. Words can’t really describe how much I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me, and for us as Skam fans. And even though there’s been some sad parts, even if it’s been alot of drama, it always works out in the end. And you have given us the most important thing of all, hope and happiness.

Thank you, Julie Andem.

Hello! Can i request that the Boys are yanderes to their s/o? ;u;

Sure thing! Enjoy!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • you probably should have noticed that there was something a little off about him.
  • he always did seem strange.
  • but you love him, so of course you’d look right past it.
  • you first noticed when a co-worker stopped coming to work.
  • one who worked beside you, it was a little strange, they had given no warning, just…vanished.
  • you had mentioned it to him, but he had nothing much to say on the matter. just that maybe he would turn up soon, maybe he was on vacation, maybe it was a family emergency.
  • you couldn’t have known what your boyfriend had done.
  • your next flag was when a male friend started cutting off all contact with you.
  • no messages, no visits, nothing. if he knew you were going to be somewhere, he wouldn’t go.
  • you had mentioned this too, and again, he had nothing much to say.
  • maybe he had a controlling girlfriend. maybe it was a personal issue. maybe he had gone insane.
  • but then there was the giveaway.
  • you came home in the middle of one of his…efforts.
  • blood was everywhere.
  • there was a body. a body of a close, close friend, mutilated.
  • and there he was, standing over it, knife in hand.
  • “Ah? I thought you wouldn’t be home until a little later, did you get off work early?”
  • you’re screaming, demanding to know what’s happening, demanding he explain, terrified.
  • “Do you love me?”
  • you’re paralyzed with fear. he’s getting closer.
  • “Do you love me, or are you going to tell?”
  • he’s staring at you.
  • “That’s…a shame. We can’t let you do that, now can we?”
  • before you knew it, he was dragging you away, locking you up, hiding you from the world.
  • he would never, ever let anybody take you away from him.

Amami Rantarou

  • when you met him for the first time, you remember, you thought he was so nice, so genuine, so fun and honest and loving.
  • you could never have known what he was capable of when you first saw that endearing smile.
  • but then, things started happening. strange things, abnormal things.
  • he started getting more and more possessive, more and more controlling, more and more nervous about what you were doing.
  • “Hey, are you sure you want to go out today, maybe we can just stay in.”
  • “Who’s that? A friend? Does he know you’re taken?”
  • “Hold my hand when we go out, alright? I want to make sure nobody tries to hit on you or anything.”
  • and it only got worse from there.
  • “What? No, you can’t go outside, what if people stare at you, what if people want you? You’re mine, right? You love me?”
  • “Don’t talk to him. He’s trying to steal you away from me, I can tell.”
  • it got to the point where you weren’t even leaving the house anymore.
  • you were scared of everybody. what if they were trying to steal you? everybody was trying to steal you, right?
  • just stay with him, he would never let that happen to you, not ever.
  • he strokes your hair, holding you close and assuring you that he’s all you need.
  • every kiss feels toxic.
  • he has you. you’re his.
  • and he will never, ever let you go.
  • but why would you want to leave anyway when you have him?
  • why would you want to leave anyway when you have him?
  • are you thinking about somebody else?
  • he’ll handle that.

Ouma Kokichi

  • ouma kokichi is the kind of person who knows what he wants, and he wants you.
  • so if you think he’s going to take anything less, you’re wrong.
  • but he can’t exactly drive you away before he even gets to know you.
  • you didn’t notice when it started, because you weren’t looking out for him. you didn’t know him.
  • it started with sneaking pictures. pictures at school, pictures in public, pictures at home.
  • developing them, putting them on his wall, putting them everywhere.
  • you, everywhere. it was beautiful to him, his masterpiece, his work.
  • you should be his reward for all this hard work.
  • he would follow you, always lurking just out of sight, always so close and yet you never noticed.
  • he saw what you did, every day.
  • he saw who you talked with, every day.
  • he saw where you went, every day.
  • and then, people started disappearing. bodies started being found.
  • friends of yours, classmates, anybody who could possibly pose a threat to his love for you. you would be his, he loved you, he earned you.
  • you remember it vividly.
  • he had asked you to meet him behind the gymnasium. an anonymous note.
  • when you got there, he was already waiting, stained in blood, dragging along the limp body of the very last friend you had.
  • the very last one.
  • dead.
  • you start screaming, you can’t help it, he’s a psychopath.
  • he just smiles and pulls you into a kiss, digging his knife into your stomach and he kissed you sweetly.
  • he was the last thing you felt as the life left your body.
  • this would be a great addition to his collection.
  • you were so, so beautiful.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • when he first saw you, his heart practically exploded out of his chest.
  • he had never felt this strongly before, his face was heating up, he was completely struck by you, completely in love.
  • he knew he had to have you, he knew he had to be with you, you were stunning, flawless, perfect.
  • but you had a boyfriend.
  • it was physically painful for him, his heart aching when he saw you two together, wanting nothing more than to be that man.
  • to be yours.
  • and then, he started thinking dark thoughts.
  • there was a way to get what he wanted.
  • he had solved enough murder cases to know what to do.
  • he was confident he could get away with this.
  • his hands were shaking when he stood over your boyfriend’s bed, staring at his sleeping form.
  • his entire body was shaking when he brought his axe down on your boyfriend’s neck.
  • you were single now, it seems.
  • he wanted nothing more than to be exactly the man you deisred.
  • so, forgive him if he thought it necessary to be drastic.
  • he took an article of clothing, just one, just a belt, one you had mentioned looked nice on your boyfriend, a new one.
  • maybe that would be enough to catch your attention…?
  • it wasn’t. for weeks, you didn’t notice him.
  • and then, you got another boyfriend.
  • boyfriend after boyfriend, with saihara putting an end to every single one, and keeping an article.
  • anything to catch your attention.
  • he’ll just have to keep going until he’s all that’s left.
  • you have to notice him eventually…right?
  • or will he have to come get you himself?

Kaito Momota

  • he had always seemed really normal, actually.
  • he was fun, he was exciting, he was social, your friends liked him, he was honestly shaping up to be the perfect boyfriend.
  • and then, you found his box.
  • a box in his closet, just completely filled with pictures of you that you never knew he took.
  • pieces of your hair.
  • one of your bras.
  • an old bandaid of yours.
  • he had kept all of it hidden here.
  • “So you found it.”
  • you dropped that box faster than you’d ever dropped anything before, you turned to run, to leave, every piece of you was screaming at you to get out.
  • he was dangerous.
  • but you knew he was faster than you. he was stronger than you. he was in love with you, and you were never getting away.
  • you were kicking and screaming and crying and begging when he dragged you down into the basement, away from the world.
  • you knew if you went down there, you were never coming back up.
  • he was apologizing, tears running down his face, he knew you were scared, but this is how things had to be.
  • he couldn’t risk you running away.
  • he couldn’t risk losing you.
  • you had to stay with him, forever.
  • he loved you.


  • he didn’t understand these feelings at all.
  • why was he feeling so strongly for you? why did he feel like he needed you all to himself, like nobody else deserved to have you?
  • it scared him. he shouldn’t be feeling like this.
  • but he did. strongly. every time he saw you.
  • every boy he saw you with made him angry, and he didn’t like that, but it was a fact.
  • so they started going missing.
  • he couldn’t kill them, he couldn’t possibly, he wouldn’t let himself, just the thought made him sick.
  • but he could let them die.
  • he could lock them away in his cellar and wait for them to starve.
  • they deserved it for thinking they were worth your time.
  • he remembers talking to you, he remembers you telling him how nervous it made you that people kept disappearing and never getting found.
  • you wanted them to be found…?
  • then they would be.
  • bodies started turning up.
  • starved bodies.
  • but that didn’t make you happy either…so maybe he should go back to just leaving them in the basement.
  • he just wants you to be treated with as much love and respect as possibe! none of these boys are right for you, why can’t you see that?!
  • he just wants you to be happy.
  • please smile for him, please stop being sad.
  • this isn’t what he wanted.

Gonta Gokuhara


Ryouma Hoshi

  • he was always a little possessive, but not anything really out of the ordinary.
  • but it started growing.
  • he was getting clingy, he was always talking about how he could never be without you, how just KNOWING you changed his life forever, it was just…weird.
  • eventually you decided to break things off.
  • and god, he went berserk.
  • he always knew you would leave him, he always knew.
  • he knew nobody could ever really care about him.
  • so why should he have expected you to?
  • he wants to hurt you, because he loves you so much.
  • he wants to hurt everybody around you, because he loves you so much.
  • but he would never.
  • not to you.
  • not when he saw this coming.