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Ivanka Trump Misgendered Me

So I work at a movie theater in NJ that the Trump family, having a house and several businesses in the area, have patronized in the past. Several of my co-workers have met the current POTUS himself before he became the president. The Trump family has been coming for years to our theater.

Today, Ivanka Trump came in to see Wonder Woman with her husband and a body guard. I was working at the box office when she came in and bought her tickets. At first I didn’t recognize her until I saw Jared Kushner’s name on the credit card and then it clicked. Trying to act natural so as to preserve my present employment, despite shot of adrenaline the realization gave me, I hand her the tickets and said what I always say: “Enjoy the show.” To which she replied:

“Thank you sir.”

It wouldn’t have bothered me as deeply if I wasn’t wearing RAINBOW FUCKING EYESHADOW FOR PRIDE MONTH!


So like. 

“dirkjake is bad and unhealthy”

That’s sure a statement. It really bothers me deeply. The level to which its dismissive and coldhearted really just.

Dirk and Jake were two teenagers who were struggling with their emerging sexualities. They were two people who lived alone for the vast majority of their lives. Their entry into the game was their first significant interactions with people, for Jake in most of his life, for Dirk in his entire life.

And they were bad at it. Holy shit, what a novel concept. A massive, stressful part of your life happens, and you don’t handle it with calm. You’re in a game out to kill you with monsters and traps, and you don’t nail it at every turn. You fumble through your new life, overloaded with new situations you could never hope to prepare for, and it doesn’t go well.

“bad and unhealthy.”

What really… fucks with me. What gets me hard, is that I’ve been in Dirk Strider’s shoes. I have done things that I’ll never be fully forgiven for, some real and some made up by my brain, but like Dirk, I want to be better. I think at my core there is a toxicity that I might never be able to pull out from the roots, but I’m fucking trying.

And I know so many people who resonate hard with Jake’s character, who have walked his path and made his mistakes, who are honestly sometimes so fucking relieved to see themselves reflected with such fidelity.

When people take these complicated characters who made mistakes, and they just write off their futures like that, they say “these two people cannot be together because there was a time when it was bad,”

the little voice in the back of my head, the one that thinks I can’t be redeemed no matter how much I try, gets louder.

I need there to be hope for the people who make mistakes. I need there to be forgiveness in the world. I need there to be the understanding that, dude, the person you were when you were 13 is not who you are at 16 or at even fucking 18.

And maybe that forgiveness is not going to come from you in particular, but the fact you put out these broad stroke statements out to the people who will extend that hopefulness like they should be ashamed of themselves, that’s sick.

This entire culture of “this person did something I think is bad, so they get written off,” that’s damaging. Especially with characters like Dirk and Jake because, y’all, people relate to these characters. They have lived similar traumas and hurts. They have hurt people in similar ways. 

And they’re just… hopeless, right? They’re bad. They’re unhealthy, huh? And the book closes and that is the end. Nothing happens next.

That’s fucked up. And frankly, the people who do that, who the hell are you to arbitrate that? And in your life, when you fuck up in a big way, when you hurt people, do you also become damaged goods that can never be better?

What the hell does that say about us all?

You know who else is unhealthy and bad? Terezi. Karkat. Dave. Jane. Roxy. Vriska. Rose.

If you are going to say the past missteps in a relationship make it and the people involved irredeemable, then there are very few people not sullied by that broad stroke.

Please for the love of god, stop shaming people for a ship, especially to this particular hopeless, unsympathetic tune. Because man. Think about how much you’ve changed in the time between when you made a mistake and now. Think of every person who gave you that chance and who cared about you since then. Were they wrong?

I don’t think so.

Full disclosure I AM drunk but tell me that you, too, are stressed about the fact that in the past, Peter Parker naturally produced spider webbing but in this series it’s just a chemical mixture and without his little bracelet thingys, he wouldn’t be able to shoot webbing. 

The Problem with BBC Sherlock – of Terrible Themes, Abuse, and Tragic Gays

Here’s my first essay on my thoughts on S4.

I’ve been digesting the shock and sense of “wrongness” after THE FINAL PROBLEM, and I’ve come up with some ideas on why it bothers me so deeply. It has to do with themes. Every good story has a theme. It might be “love conquers all” or “the bad guys always lose” or “truth always comes out”. The themes of the show after S4 are truly repellent.

1.       The THEMES after S4:

a.       No matter what you do or sacrifice, it’s never good enough and you won’t win your heart’s desire in the end.

b.      It’s okay to abuse to your loved ones, it’s completely forgiveable, and, in fact, the most abusive people win.

c.       Lying and killing people is okay and you can still be a good person.


2.       SHERLOCK sacrifices himself over and over for very little reward and a lot of abuse.

a.       First, Reichenbach Falls. He jumps in order to save John, Lestrade, and Mrs. Hudson from snipers.  He goes off to dismantle Moriarty’s network, in part to keep them safe. Yes, he hurts John terribly. And yes, it was a mistake. But ultimately, Sherlock still did it for his friends. This is never explicitly discussed or acknowledged in the show between John and Sherlock after Sherlock returns. John never learns what Sherlock went through or says thank you. In fact, the “bomb” scene in S3.E1, Sherlock tricks John into forgiving him only to make a joke out of the whole thing. This is too serious a situation to joke about, yet a real resolution of this conflict is never shown. By S4.E2, it’s clear John still harbors anger over it. Never resolved.

b.      Sherlock plans John’s wedding and is his best man. If you read that Sherlock is gay and in unrequited love with John, this is a tremendous self-sacrifice. Even if you don’t, it’s still a sacrifice—Sherlock is not a party type. He hates social gatherings. Yet he does this for John. John never appears grateful. At the end of the wedding, we have Sherlock walking away alone and (probably) heartbroken.

c.       Sherlock is shot by Mary—and then forgives her, for John. This is almost incomprehensible, but nevertheless,  Sherlock catches John’s wife, Mary, in a lie, offers to help her, and she shoots him in the chest. He dies on the operating table. He comes back through superhuman effort. Mary threatens him again, twice. Yet he forgives her and tries to patch things up between her and John. Why? Because that’s what self-sacrificing friends do? Is this Stockholm Syndrome? Self-loathing? Never explained.

d.      Sherlock kills Magnussen to protect Mary. This was basically an act of suicide. But he did it – for his friends. Neither John nor Mary ever acknowledge this. In fact, in S4.E2, John tells Greg they should have known Sherlock was psycho because “he shot a man in the face” (yes, John, to save you. asshole)

e.      Sherlock again tries to help Mary when her past comes after her (S4.E1), and in the end, Mary throws herself in front of a bullet for him. Ok. Weird but OK. Afterwards, John blames Sherlock for it and casts Sherlock out of his life in a hateful way (again, breaking Sherlock’s heart when Sherlock did nothing wrong).

f.        Sherlock goes back on drugs and nearly dies confronting serial killer Culverton in S4.E2. At the end we find out it was all done to “save John Watson” from his grief. So once again, Sherlock nearly dies for John. And during E2 John treats Sherlock horribly, even going so far as to beat and kick him in a brutal attack.

g.       S4.E3 – Sherlock  battles with Euros to save John. There’s really no appreciation or recognition of this in the end.

SO – what does Sherlock ever get for his repeated sacrifice and pain? For getting shot, tortured, and beaten? For having his heart ripped out and watching the man he loves choose someone else?  He gets a John Watson who seems oblivious to what Sherlock does for him, is in love with his wife and cheating with another woman, is furious with Sherlock and treats him like shit after his assassin wife dies, and beats Sherlock. John finally does come back to Sherlock, but only in the capacity of a friend. More on this below.

3.       MARY – the lying assassin gets all the rewards and a Mary Sue make-over

a.       She pretends to be a nurse at a clinic, befriends John Watson at his lowest point after Sherlock’s death, and he marries her.  Given what he know about her past, surely she didn’t’ just coincidentally end up in John Watson’s path, yet it’s never explained by what deceit and plotting she found him.

b.      She has a secret past as a freelance assassin. Though it’s played up that her past was “very naughty” (Magnussen S3.E3), later in the show she’s whitewashed as being part of a mercenary team that did things like extract hostages. She lied to John about who she was and used a fake name.

c.       She shoots and murders Sherlock – and gets away with it completely. Both John and Sherlock  forgive her! She faces no prosecution and no penalty even from Mycroft or Lestrade, two of Sherlock’s protectes. This is never explained. She never even  says “I’m sorry” or justifies the shooting, not until long after she’s been forgiven and everything’s been swell for her.

d.      Sherlock remains “bffs” with her after this, calling her “his family” and trying to help her when her past comes back to haunt her.

e.      Even in her best moments, she’s manipulative and selfish. For example, she insults John’s value to Sherlock and refuses to let her husband have any say in naming the baby. In fact, she names the baby after herself and announces the name to a room full of friends without discussing it with her husband first. There are a lot of instances like this.

f.        She has an extremely implausible redemption arc when she throws herself into a bullet for Sherlock. Not only does it defy all logic and physics, it’s just dumb and corny.

g.       John is grief stricken for a whole episode. Mary constantly appears as a sort of “Yoda” ghost, uttering words of wisdom and continuing to be whitewashed as some sort of wise woman who retains the role of arbitrator over John and Sherlock’s relationship, as if it’s up to her to validate it. 

h.      SHE NEVER PAYS FOR HER ASSASSIN PAST, LYING TO JOHN, OR KILLING SHERLOCK. The audience is expected to continue to welcome the cloying presence of this killer. And so much about her remains unexplained.


a.       Despite the promising claims that “he’s smarter than he looks” in TAB, John Watson in S4 continues to be clueless. He keeps refusing to see how good Sherlock is and how much Sherlock is trying to help him and Mary. 

b.      John’s wife shoots Sherlock in S3 and John forgives her? How is this possible for a “strong moral principle” man who shot a stranger to save Sherlock in S1.E1? Who punched a police chief who insulted Sherlock in S2.E3?  He’s a doctor, he knew Sherlock’s wound from Mary was basically fatal! On top of this, we have a man who goes to a therapist for “trust issues” who forgives his wife for lying to him from day 1, and he’s okay with not ever knowing her real name? Honestly?

c.       John is bored but seems complacent in his marriage to Mary in S4.E1. But it’s not clear. Does he not notice the way she manipulates him, such as with the baby’s name?  He certainly seems grief-stricken after her death. If he’s really not happy in his marriage, why not make that explicit? Or vice versa? He never says “I love you” to Mary and yet, there’s no reason to withhold it since he never ends up saying it to Sherlock either. It’s just super confusing what he feels for her or for Sherlock. Basically, he seems grief-stricken. Mostly.

d.      Trashcan John. The first time another woman flirts with him, he begins a sexting affair, despite having a wife and infant at home. This is John who is “unfailingly loyal?” If it would have been a plot point, such as him being miserable with Mary, it would have been more justified. But he did it and then he’s also grief-stricken when Mary dies. Inconsistent.

e.      After Mary dies, John treats Sherlock abysmally, shuts him out, insults him, calls him a monster, accuses him of tricks, etc. to the point of physically beating Sherlock when Sherlock is drugged up and ill. This is the man who has repeatedly sacrificed himself for John. And Sherlock did nothing to deserve this abuse since he was not responsible for Mary’s death.

f.        In S4. E3, The Final Problem, John is used as more of a set piece than anything real. He helps solve the “puzzles” at the fortress, but on an emotional level there doesn’t seem to be much there.

g.       A real arc for this story would be that John finally sees/ acknowledges all that Sherlock had done for him, and/or sacrifices himself in return (like a 3 Garridebs moment). But this never happens. There is no satisfying resolution to this relationship plotline. Yes, at the end of S4.E2 John and Sherlock finally talk, John seems to forgive Sherlock, and there’s a hug. But that’s pretty minor stuff compared to all that Sherlock has done for John and feels for John and all John and Mary did to hurt Sherlock. 

h.      Even though John is technically “back at Baker Street” at the end of S4, it’s only in the capacity of a friend. In addition, John basically “defaults back” to Sherlock because he no longer has Mary.  There is no moment where John has to actively “choose” Sherlock, over Mary or even at all. THIS IS LAZY WRITING, NOT A SATISFYING RESOLUTION.


a.       This is one of the biggest crimes of the show. What we get in the end of S4 is a gay Sherlock in unrequited (desperately unspoken) love with John, a love that will seemingly never be returned. Is this 1998? Why do we have a tragic anti-gay ending like this in 2017?? It’s nearly as bad as just killing off all the gays. (Or making them all villains, which the show has also done – Irene, Moriarty, Magnussen in the hospital, and Euros).

b.      It could be argued that Sherlock is not gay, that he’s asexual, or even in love with Irene. Yet the show planted many, many clues that Sherlock is gay and in love with John.

                                                               i.      In ASiB, Sherlock repeatedly ignores or pushes off Irenes heavy advances. When he ‘wakes up’ at one point when she’s sitting across from him, his first words are “Where’s John?”

                                                             ii.      Janine says several times “I know what kind of man you are”. Even in “faking” a relationship with her, Sherlock never had sex with her (he jokes “I was waiting until we were married.”)

                                                            iii.      Sherlock’s horribly pained look at John after the wedding , and then he leaves the wedding early.

                                                           iv.      TAB, in which Sherlock confronts very gay-acting mind-palace Moriarty, facing his own homosexuality.

                                                             v.      See Sherlock’s many sacrifices for John. If that isn’t love, nothing is.

                                                           vi.      Sherlock spirals into despair and drugs whenever John abandons him.

                                                          vii.      Mary says on the DVD in S4.E2 that John is “the man we both love”.

                                                        viii.      Many, many other instances.  

c.       John is ambiguously bisexual earlier in the show then becomes strictly hetero. He flirts with Sherlock in ASiP, is horribly jealous of Irene and Janine in ASiB and HLV. Irene, whose specialty is “knowing what people like” tells John he and Sherlock are a couple. John has an implied intimate relationship with his former male commander, Sholto. In a deleted scene, he flirts with a soldier at Baskerville. There’s some drunken knee-groping during the bachelor party in TSoS. However, during all of S4, any sign of this flirty and possibly-bi John has been removed and his heterosexuality is “doubled down”. Why? To avoid any hint that he might get together with Sherlock at the end? 

d.      Sherlock never even admits outloud that he’s gay, not even obliquely. Why? Is it something to be ashamed about? Do we not deserve a gay hero? If they really intended to leave it open-ended what Sherlock was, why did they plant so much of the above evidence that he was gay? If he is gay, why not have him admit it!

 e. This all amounts to a huge queerbaiting exercise, given how many subtextural and textural clues we were given in S1-S3 that this was ulimately a romance. 

These are my thoughts on the story so far. I’ll try to update this with some pics later.


cresentmoonprincess  asked:

This one I use to hate Sakura but when Sakura try save Naruto use cpr. I was so proud of Sakura doing that I become a fond of her ever since than try understand her character I find she most human of all the characters in Naruto no special clan or nothing loved Sakura even more my true confession of Sakura I said this before on my post long time again but I'm saying again

Thank you for saying this again! I truly do love that scene. Not only was it one of my most favorite narusaku moment!! But it also shed a beautiful light on Sakura’s character. Many anti’s claim that Sakura never cared for Naruto, abused him and was only a burden. And that bothered me soo much!!

Cause clearly Sakura cares deeply for naruto!

Admiring him since part 1:

Supported him:

worried about him:

saved  him:

Hell Sakura has done so much for Naruto!!! And the CPR was just one of them!!

(Sorry for the rant! I got triggered lol)

Hero? No Need.

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Requested by anonymous:

“Do you think you would ever write for Reggie Mantle?? I know he is no Jughead, but Ja'dore 😍. If you did do you think that you could do one where the reader and Cheryl are Bffs and they grew up hanging out with Reg. But since high school things are different. Maybe he stands up to Chuck? I don’t know, but I would appreciate it. You really have a talent and I love you 😘😘”

Warnings: Fluff, swearing 

Notes: This gif makes me laugh lmao but yes I love Reggie!!! I’m so sad Ross isn’t playing him in season 2 and that we haven’t gotten to see his character develop :( x

“Are you here yet?” 

“I’m walking in to school now.”

“Would you hurry your virgin ass up?” Cheryl huffed which caused *yn* to roll her eyes but still smile slightly at her all too predictable best friend.

“Would you relax your tyrannical ass Cher? I’ll be two minutes tops.” *yn* teased, hanging up before Cheryl could get another snarky remark in. 

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What things could be fixed in Steven Universe to make me want to watch it anymore? (My opinion)

1. Stop demonizing characters who did nothing awful and stop making us symphaze characters who fucked up really bad (and didn’t even apologize for it) - The show tends to put characters like Amethyst, Sugilite, and other characters in a bad spotlight a lot. While Peridot, the Diamonds, Lapis, and fucking Pearl can get away the horrible shit they’ve done. Amethyst, Sugilite, Bismuth, and other characters get shit and put in a negative spotlight for doing something not as bad. Sugilite got put a negative spotlight because she took out her anger on Pearl, and wanted to stay together because she didn’t want to be alone anymore. Amethyst always get shit and gets in trouble for basically fucking being herself. 

2. LESS PEARL EPISODES - Stop giving Pearl so many episodes of her sob story. They spent two seasons covering her arc. Stop. I admit it’s toned down, but still. Give Pearl less spotlight. Give Bismuth spotlight. Give Garnet spotlight. Give Amethyst spotlight. Give Jasper spotlight. NOT FUCKING PEARL.

3. Stop shoving Lapis and Peridot off to the barn - So an issue since the beginning of Season 3 for me was Peridot and Lapis being shoved off to the barn. And that barn RUINED Lapis’ character for me. She feels bland now. And they keep going back and forth on her personality. If they could give Lapis more screen time, continue her arc, and portray her character like they did in Room for Ruby, then I’ll be happy.

4. Make Pearl’s character more likable - I don’t like Pearl. If you follow my blog, it’s obvious then I don’t like her. The reason why is because of the shit she has done ; bullied Amethyst and Greg, obsessed over Rose unhealthily, manipulate and lie to Garnet, made a child protect Steven (Rose) and not caring if she killed herself, almost killed Steven twice. And I don’t think she felt sorry about any of it. She’s hurt her family so many times. While it has gotten better recently, I still don’t like her. I can never forgive her the awful stuff she’s done. If they can make her character less cringe, then I might like her a little.

5. Contuine the Amethyst and Peridot romance - Yes, I ship Ame*dot. And I do think Amethyst and Peridot like each other a lot romantically. It was fairly obvious. Every time they interact, there is a hint in there that they like each other. And recently, they’ve just put the ship aside for Lapi*dot… Like stop.. Stop forcing two characters into a relationship when one of those characters liked another character in a romantic way. Amethyst and Peridot’s relationship has so much potential. So give Amethyst and Peridot’s relationship more screen time and give them more episodes.

6. Fix the fucking art style - Something that bothers me deeply about the show is that the art style has gotten lazy. It isn’t them expressing themselves. It may be a little, but it’s just them getting lazy. The only two who try anymore is Zuke and Hillary. In Season 1 and 2, we couldn’t tell who was story boarding the episode, and that was a good thing. So please just go back to Season 1 and 2′s art style and stop being lazy. 

7. Stop making the color palette lighter and neon hell - SU stans be like ; It’s always been this palette. Then explain the fuck this ; 

All I’m going to say is, go back to the original palette. The color palette are now neon hell for me and they’re honestly fucking burning my eyes.’

8. Stop making episodes boring - So recent episodes like Rocknaldo, Lion 4, The Zoo, and Tiger Philanthropist feel bland and boring. Those episodes (except for the Zoo) had so much potential. Stop title-baiting us and making episodes interesting.

9. Give Amethyst, Bismuth, Jasper, and Garnet screen time/plots - Another big issue I have is that they don’t reeally focus on those characters anymore. They shove big plot lines and big characters off to the side for a really long time, and I don’t like it. Give them more screen time and stop shoving things off to the side.

Well those are my 9 main ideas on what could fix Steven Universe for me. Also, feel free to reblog and add on.

Insecurities of Mine -Sherlock Holmes-

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Requested by Anon

Prompt: Could you maybe write a Sherlock x reader where there reader is really short (5"2) and she feels self conscious about it due to people making fun. However Sherlock reassures her that he likes her height? In need of some fluff to get me through exams! (P.s. I love you’re writing!)


How do you gain a man like that with your height?

You’ll never be good enough for Sherlock Holmes.

It was late in the day after a particularly grueling case, and Sherlock had immediately retreated to his bedroom to slide on his dressing gown and collapse on the sofa. You’d been sitting there most of the day waiting for him to come home, desperate to distract yourself in the novel on the side table. Needless to say, it had failed. 

You weren’t normally a person who dwelt on her thoughts, but the constant jokes and ridicule over your height had been getting much worse as of late. It had come from Lestrade and Mycroft, of all people, but you’d done a fair job of now showing that it bothered you. 

Until Sherlock rested his head in your lap. “You’re being abnormally quiet. Tell me what’s bothering you.” You exhaled deeply and ran your fingers through his raven black curls, your fingernails lightly scraping his scalp. “Y/n, you’re crying.” 

Sure enough, you slowly lifted one hand to your cheek and cursed as it came away damp. “You’re so observant.” You said quietly, laughing under your breath as Sherlock sat up and turned towards you, pulling you into his arms. Your breathing hitched as you rested your head against his chest, his pulsing heartbeat a calming sound to your ears. “This is going to sound so stupid, Sherlock.” 

  “Nothing coming from you is stupid. Everything I said on the phone at Sherrinford was true.” He whispered softly. “I do love you, sweetheart. But I can’t help you unless you talk to me.” 

  “Your brother and Detective Inspector Lestrade have been making fun of my height for months. Normally I don’t care, but it gets old after a while. I just..” His breathing hitched as you tucked your head underneath of his jaw and sighed deeply. “Wonder how you can love someone like me.” 

  “Your height has never bothered me, y/n. Why would it now? Besides, like I’ve told you countless times, my brother doesn’t understand love and Greg is a world class moron.” You snickered quietly and pressed your hand against his cheek, kissing the underside of his jaw. “Your height is endearing because it means I can do things like this-” You gasped as Sherlock jumped to his feet, his arms now connected under your legs in a bridal style. “More easily.” 

  “You’re such a romantic dork, Sherlock Holmes.” He entered the bedroom that the two of you shared and tossed you on the bed, grinning as you bounced on the mattress and landed flat on your back. You propped yourself up on your elbows and met his penetrating gaze as he crawled onto the bed and straddled you on all fours. “Thank you.” 

  “Always my love.” He replied, chuckling as he peppered your face with sweet kisses before he went limp at your side. “Now, what else can I do to-” Sherlock froze as you took his arm and wrapped it around your waist, entwining your legs together as you curled into his body. “Is this what you-” 

  “This is cuddling, and I’m the little spoon. Now shut up and go to sleep.” 

John Watson had never thought in a million years that he would walk into the flat to find Sherlock Holmes cuddling with the only woman insane enough to love him. 

He’s got lots of pictures to prove it. 

honestly idk why but i hate ribombee. something about it just bothers me deeply.  i feel like i’d find it standing outside of nordstrom’s, a hot caramel macchiato in hand, and it would point at my cracked phone screen and ask me why i don’t just buy a new one

Yoongi Scenario: Heartstrings.

Request: Hello! I want to request a Yoongi angst scenario in which you are a couple, but you feel neglected because he’s always working so you have a really big fight? You want to be together but Yoongi thinks he’s not enough. Thank you <3

Genre: Angst / Drama.

Part 2

You entered your apartment feeling how your eyes were threatening to cry, you were wearing a beautiful maxi dress, your hair was soft and styled in beautiful loose curls, your makeup was perfection, but your hard work on looking pretty had gone to waste. You’ve waited at the moroccan restaurant for more than two hours. Because you knew you had to be patient, because you were gentle as that. A nice, sweet girlfriend willing to wait for his boyfriend who you hadn’t seen for four months now. Four months without seeing each other, and he had let you know he couldn’t go to your date after two hours of delay.

You felt ridiculous, you knew being in a relationship with an idol would be hard, that meeting and dates would sometimes be scarce, but you didn’t know it would come to a point were you’d feel so alone.
You read the message Yoongi had sent you for the umpteenth time.

I’m sorry Y/N, I can’t make it to the restaurant, something came up at the studio and I have to be there,  I’ll go to your place when I’m done, wait for me?

You didn’t answer him when you first got it, the anger and frustration in you were too high for you to not say something you’d regret. You thought it’ll pass like it usually did, you’d cool down and then just wait for him, but at this point you still felt angry, you had been waiting to see him for four months, longing his company, his touch, Yoongi’s silly jokes and intense gaze. But instead you only got a text message. Once again you had to wait for him, brushing your hair with your fingers not caring anymore if the curls stayed in place or not you wondered until when would you be waiting.

You honestly didn’t want to keep waiting for him, you knew already how these sudden meetings at the studio went, most of the times they ended at dawn and by that time Yoongi had to go back to the dorm to catch some sleep before the next schedule. So you really didn’t want to get your hopes up and expect him to come and then just end up disappointed.

Nevertheless you found yourself not being able to fall asleep, not even able to stop checking your phone just in case he said something. The possibility of him coming made you anxious, you wanted to see him but you didn’t want him to see you in your current state, needing him. God, who would have thought you would end up like this? Needing a man to ease your never wrecking state.

Yoongi arrived at your place, making you jump out of your bed where you had been watching a rerun of “What Not To Wear”. He was outside waiting for you to call the elevator for him, you knew you had to be quick so no one could see him but you went to put yourself together first, you had so much time without seeing each other and although you wouldn’t be putting on the maxi dress again you didn’t want to stay in your pajamas, so you threw on black leggings and a big pink sweater to look cute.

He was smiling tiredly when you saw him, you gave him a tiny smile back wanting to forget about earlier now that he was there, but you knew it wasn’t possible. Yoongi took your hand, looking at your eyes maybe expecting to find the excitement of being reunited, but even if a part of you was incredibly happy of having him there, the other was screaming at you to let him know what was really going on.

Yoongi started talking about the company and the boys, how were they doing and all the plans they had been making recently, but you couldn’t get yourself to say anything more than a few “that’s great” or “happy for you”, you didn’t know what to do with the increasing feeling of loneliness, even if he was right in front of you.

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Draco Malfoy: the boy who made choices

One of the reasons the “Draco was the boy who had no choice” thing bothers me so much, aside from how deeply it undercuts his both his agency and personal responsibility, is that the the choices Draco did make were so important.

He chose to lower his wand on the tower. He chose not to kill Dumbledore. He made a choice as to the kind of person he wanted to be. 

He chose not to identify Harry in the Manor. Lucius was right, if the Malfoy’s had been the ones to capture Harry Potter they’d have been showered in glory by Voldemort. And yet, Draco still didn’t make it happen. 

He also chose to break Harry’s nose on the train and to cast an Unforgivable at him. Those choices are also important aspects of his character. You can’t understand Draco if you reduce him to a mindless pawn.

Stop taking his choices away from away from him.

Prompt Batch #21

Theme: Miscellaneous

1. “Ow–what?! You said you wanted my honest opinion!”

2. “Nothing ever really goes how we expect it to, but that’s just how amazing moments are born.”

3. “Your crazy ass is going to get us all killed.”

4. “Nobody is ever happy twenty-four seven. It’s just unrealistic.”

5. “Be stupid while you still can. Growing up sucks, trust me.”

6. “Of course you’re not perfect. No one expects you to be.”

7. “Would you guys mind trying to keep it down? I get that you’re happy to see each other after all this time but some of us actually want to sleep tonight.”

8. “Your future self is only going to regret all of the fun you missed out on.”

9. “You don’t have to figure everything out all at once. Take your time; enjoy your life.”

10. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, don’t you understand that? How could you possibly think you don’t matter to me?”

11. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for this moment? To finally have the upper hand over you?”

12. “Your fears are going to eat you alive if you don’t start facing them.”

13. “Dude, why are you texting me? We’re literally sitting on the same couch.”

14. “Stop caring about what other people think. Your opinion of yourself should be the only one that matters.”

15. “Sometimes I forget how beautiful you are and when I turn to look I get momentarily stunned.”

16. “You’re such a gigantic dork. It’s adorable.”

17. “Wait … this isn’t a joke?”

18. “I just can’t understand how you could want someone like me.”

19. “You just take it day by day; that’s all any of us can do. We’re all trapped in the same boat, here.”

20. “You bother me. Deeply.”

[SPOILER] Chasing Ardyn’s car (1st time)

English localization vs German localization translated into English


Ardyn: “Just to be clear, this isn’t a race, it is a chase. You’re not to pass me. Lose sight of me, and you’ll lose your way. And no tailgating. An accident would spoil the trip.”
Noctis: “Alright, alright. Let’s hit the road already.”
Ardyn: “As you wish. Drive safely, now.”

Prompto: “First Galdin, and then Lestallum.. what a coincidence, huh?”
Gladiolus: “Way too convenient to be a coincidence. I reckon he’s following us around.”
Ignis: “But to what end? That question bothers me deeply, as does his origin.”
Prompto: “It’s hard for me to picture that guy in the empire.”
Gladiolus: “But it’s even harder to imagine him as a Lucian.”
Ignis: “I’d sooner not rely on him.”
Prompto: “But he may be our only way into the Disc of Cauthess.”
Gladiolus: “What’s His Highness’s opinion of this ‘Ardyn’?”
Noctis: “Don’t realy have one.. he’s nothing more than a creepy old dude to me.”
Prompto: “You hit the nail on the head right there.”
Gladiolus: “That’s why we came up with a plan.”
Noctis: “Gotta 'watch our backs’ the whole way.”


Ardyn: “Just to be clear, this isn’t a race. Follow me politely. Yet if you lose sight of me the game is over. And don’t you dare to tailgate and scruff my beloved car!”
Noctis: “Alright, alright. Let’s hit the road already.”
Ardyn: “Great. Don’t forgett to put your seatbelts on, kids!”

Prompto: “He was in Galdin as well. I wonder if he’s on a journey?”
Gladiolus: “If you ask me this is way more than a coincidence. I reckon he’s following us around.”
Ignis: “I think so as well. And it bothers me deeply. As does his origin.”
Prompto: “He does not act like someone from Niflheim, does he?”
Gladiolus: “It’s even harder to imagine him as a Lucian.”
Ignis: “I hope this is our last meeting.”
Prompto: “Yes, but without him we won’t be able to reach the center of the Disc of Cauthess.”
Gladiolus: “Noct, what’s your opinion of this guy?”
Noctis: “I dunno. Maybe he has a midlife crisis and thus tries to connect to young people.”
Prompto: “Hmm, true. That could be the case.”
Gladiolus: “Anyway, we’ll stick to our plan for now.”
Noctis: “Yeah, if it’s getting dangerous we’ll bail out of it.”

it bothers me so deeply that we could be having serious discussions about the kinds of problems aromantics face – the intersection of aromanticism and mental illness, the struggles of trying to get by in a world designed for couples and nuclear families when you will ultimately belong to neither – but instead are having discussions about whether or not they have problems at all. people need to realize that that kind of discourse has a real and negative impact

anonymous asked:

Which of your socio-political views would be generally considered as the most liberal and conservative?

I think most liberal is just a general feeling that poverty is really, really not okay, and if that means giving UBI or free food/housing/health care to every poor person, then that’s what we’ve got to do.

And most conservative is - well, I’m reluctant to say this openly, but I guess you asked - kind of the mirror image of that. Poverty is really, really not okay, and it bothers me to see deeply ill abusive drug-addicted parents have five or ten kids who there’s no way are ever going to be anything but poor and miserable, and then best case scenario we’re morally obligated to give them UBI and free food/housing/health care, and worse case scenario we don’t do that, and they’re miserable their whole life and the cycle repeats itself forever. So I think my most conservative view is something like being in favor of , although obviously this isn’t “conservative” in the “I bet Paul Ryan approves of this” sort of way.

Anders, Mental Illness and Abuse (from an Abuse Survivor's Perspective)

TW: discussion of suicide, sexual abuse

The whole “magic is an allegory for mental illness” interpretation has always bothered me (as a mentally-ill abuse survivor) deeply, but it bothers me most of all when it comes up in relation to Anders—specifically, excusing or justifying Anders’s actions in Dragon Age II.

Like, let’s just start with the most obvious thing first, shall we? Anders can be interpreted as mentally ill-coded. But…somehow he’s the only mentally ill coded character who gets a free pass to be awful? Like, in DA2 alone, you’ve got Merrill (coded as autistic), Fenris (has CPTSD/PTSD), Isabela (implied PTSD), and Sebastian Vael (coded as bipolar)…that’s just off the top of my head, in DA2 alone, I’m probably missing at least one that I’ll think of later and kick myself for forgetting. In the other games, let’s seeeee. Oghren is an alcoholic who’s implied to struggle with depression. Zevran Arainai has PTSD. Cullen Rutherford has PTSD and struggles with addiction. Sera has a learning disability. Iron Bull is one of the most well-written characters with CPTSD I’ve seen in…any media, really. Josephine Monteliyet is coded as having an anxiety disorder. Blackwall seems to struggle with depression, even after his “identity crisis” is resolved. Why is it that Anders gets a free pass to be a racist, misogynistic, abusive terrorist, while Sebastian (for example) is TEH WORST for having a justified reaction of rage and horror to violently and suddenly losing his entire family, again? Why is Anders’s supposed “mental illness” a valid excuse for a literal act of terrorism but Sebastian, Merrill, Fenris, they can all just go fuck themselves, they’ve gotta accept RESPONSIBILITY for their own problems?

And then let’s get to the bigger thing for me, where it gets really personal: I’m an abuse survivor, and my abuser struggled with mental illness. He had severe depression and psychotic episodes, and neurological damage from a failed suicide attempt. He always told me that I was the only thing that kept him going, that he wouldn’t be able to live without me…the whole nine yards. The fact that he was in pain, and that every day was a massive struggle for him…that was real. He never lied about that. 

It took me so fucking long to accept and acknowledge that my abuser’s pain didn’t justify him beating me, raping me, stealing from me, lying to me, forcing me to lie to my family, emotionally manipulating me…that my pain was real, too, and that I deserved better. I played DA2 for the first time just a couple of months after escaping my abuser, and it was a big part (for me) of learning to live with myself and accept what I’d been through. I went in with a little bit of knowledge of the fanon interpretation of Anders (but no knowledge of the plot of the game), and fully expected to like Anders. I romanced Anders in my first playthrough, in fact. I wound up abandoning it, though, because…Anders reminded me so much of my abuser, in those first few months, before he hit me for the first time—when he was training me to obey him, to feel guilty all the time, to need him, to hold myself responsible for his pain. It was like reliving those months, and I couldn’t fucking handle it. I walked away before Act III even really started.

My second attempt I romanced Fenris, who reminded me a lot of myself. And…holy shit, it was actually a really cathartic and healing thing for me, to be playing as a character who was helping someone who was so much like me learn to live with himself and what he’d been through. But I saw Anders in a completely different light. Act III rolled around and…when he fed Hawke that line about “if you ever cared about me” I had to walk away from the game for a little while, again. I was listening to my abuser all over again. “If you really love me, you’ll stay.” I heard that exact line the first night my abuser raped me. I felt…wrong about the whole thing.

I executed Anders at the end of the game. I make no apologies for that. None. Whatsoever. 

And…you know what? If anything, I think the fact that Anders elicited such a strong emotional response from me, that he felt so real and so close-to-home to me that I had to walk away from the game multiple times to remind myself that he wasn't real, is a sign of a very strongly-written character. People who claim that Anders is some pure little kitten who can do no wrong, in my opinion, have no actual understanding of or appreciation for his character. He’s got a righteous cause, and yeah, in the beginning he’s even fairly likable and sympathetic. But he’s an absolutely immoral person. He’s racist, misogynistic, profoundly narcissistic, manipulative, and…just all around a terrible person hiding behind a mask of justice. 

And that is good. He’s a well-written, compelling and tragic villain, if not a sympathetic one. But…he is a villain, and to be quite honest…when I see Anders stans defending his emotional abuse of Hawke and the other companions, insisting that he’s not a villain, he’s just a misunderstood good guy…I feel frustrated, yeah, but I feel scared, too. If they’re willing to go this far in defending a fictional abuser’s actions, would they recognize a real-life abuser? Would they defend my abuser, tell me that I’m a terrible person for running away from him when he’d told me that he’d kill himself if I left him (another lie of his)? Would they recognize the emotional blackmail if somebody pulled the same shit Anders pulls on Hawke, on them in real life? Or would they fall into that same thought-trap of “it’s not abuse if they’re hurting, too”? 

Just…if you’ve read this far, my only message to you: if anyone ever talks to you the way Anders talks to Hawke and the other companions…just get out of there. Run like the fucking wind. It’s not romantic. It’s emotionally abusive and it’s not okay, and it will escalate if you don’t run. For your own safety, run. 

Atsula & Nunyunnini: But People Are Greater

For the most part, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the series of American Gods. I try to resist comparing it too strictly to the novel; adaptations are their own creatures, after all, and I sincerely believe in letting them stretch their wings. I often enjoy when they do so. However, I have to say that episode 1.05′s Coming to America prologue — the story of Atsula and Nunyunnini — is the first sequence in the show to deeply disappoint me. Deeply bother me, in fact, not only because it bears little resemblance to the novel, but because the ways in which Atsula’s story was changed have muddled the message of the anecdote and seriously undermined the power of Atsula and her death.

Specifically, the show:

1. Omitted or reversed pretty much every identifying characteristic of Atsula, her people, and their culture — and, in doing so…

2. Undermined its own message about people being greater than gods by failing to present any real conflict between the two.

This is necessarily going to involve comparison to the novel, so I’m putting this under a cut for anyone who wants to experience the novel in their own time. 

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