this book really makes you think; about e v e r y t h i n g

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i wanna hear all about the cursed child when you finish it haha i've only seen spoilers so far but oh boy lol


a) everything Scorpius Malfoy says and does will make you want to strap on armour and charge into battle for love of him, 

b) one of Scorpius’s first lines is ‘I’ve always regarded the Pepper Imp as the king of the confectionary bag’, which renders the whole Everyone Thinks Scorpius Is Voldemort’s Son subplot/mystery UTTERLY UNNECESSARY because OF COURSE THIS RIDICULOUS CHILD IS THE FRUIT OF DRACO MALFOY’S LOINS, 

c) Draco gets some weighty shit to say/is just Redemption Arc AF all the way through, so 


e) Draco gets to join The Gang for World-Saving Hijinks, which means 

f) some scenes are DRARRY AF AS FUCK, but mainly 

g) everything about this play will make you Team Malfoy Forever, holy shit, like, wtf, 

h) at one point Harry and Draco are duelling and Draco goes ‘Keep up, old man’ and Harry’s like ‘WE’RE THE SAME AGE, DRACO’ which made me laugh so hard I had to put the book down for a good five minutes, 

i) it also bears mentioning that RON AND HERMIONE ARE IN LOVE IN EVERY TIMELINE, god bless @whoever the hell wrote this thing, 

j) speaking of whoever wrote this thing, they took the whole ‘Harry couldn’t really hear the commentary during the first Triwizard Task very well from his position in the Champions’ Tent’ and handed us Ludo Bagman yelling DOG DIGGITY, CEDRIC DIGGORY, YOU ARE A DOGGY DYNAMO! which I will be forever thankful for, 

k) Albus and Scorpius make their great escape off the Hogwarts Express while it’s in motion and the trolley witch turns into a terrifying Immortal Guardian of the Train and hurls explosive pasties at them, while casually dropping into the admittedly weird conversation that Fred’n’George and the Marauders all tried to get off the train while it was moving, EMPHASIS ON ‘TRIED’, 

l) turns out my SCORP LAD WOT LAD “joke” was completely inaccurate as, world-ending and illegal shenanigans aside, Scorpius and Albus are BORING NERDS, but 

m) their entire relationship is a personification of the ‘I would follow you to the ends of the earth with only mild complaining’ text post, and 

n) I am 100% positive that by the time they turn 16 they will be Experimenting and Laughing It Off while also Staring Wistfully At Each Other While The Other One’s Not Paying Attention, because oh my god, they are completely smitten with each other, LITERALLY, 

o) when plot things happen and Harry won’t let them see each other anymore, there’s an ENTIRE MONTAGE of them being DESOLATE AND DISTRAUGHT, the word “heartbroken” is used about both of them, Draco bursts into Harry and Ginny’s house like ‘MY SON IS IN TEARS POTTER, WTF’, it’s all very Fraught and Forbidden Romance-y, and when they’re allowed to be friends again they’re like ‘you’re… the best person I know… you… make me stronger…’ ‘…!! … that’s so nice… I didn’t like my life without you in it… !!!’ and then Albus tells Scorpius he’s kind from the depths of his belly to the tips of his fingers which is the most ROMANTIC SHIT I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE, ALBUS POTTER GOT GAME SON, but anyway, they’re in love, fight me, WHAT ELSE? 

p) Harry does all the cooking, 

q) Draco gets excited about a farmer’s market, 

r) Ron is the fucking best person on planet earth, probably, 

s) Harry and Draco burst into Slytherin and try to get up to the dormitory to find Albus and Scorpius and this one kid is yelling at them like ‘PARENTS AREN’T ALLOWED IN THE HOUSE COMMON ROOMS WITHOUT THE EXPRESS PERMISSION OF-’ and McGonagall just appears and says ‘Please don’t be tiresome, Craig’ and honestly if I was Craig I’d never show my face again, 

t) I forgot to mention that in the weird Voldemort Day Blood Ball Scorpion King AU Scorpius gets to talk to Snape and blah blah blah plot Snape is giving him a pep talk like ‘Think about Albus. You’re giving up your kingdom for Albus, right? One person. All it takes is one person.’ which is just… indescribably romo, and 

u) in the Voldemort Day Blood Ball Scorpion King AU dark Draco Malfoy is still better at dadding than regular timeline Harry Potter, which I don’t think any of us saw coming, 

v) Harry asks Draco what he wanted to do as a grown-up when he was a kid and Draco says ‘Quidditch. But I wasn’t good enough. Mainly I wanted to be happy.’ which is honestly just fucking savage and I can’t believe I lived through it, ALSO I had to read the line ‘It is exceptionally lonely, being Draco Malfoy’ with my own eyes, so I’m taking tomorrow off work, 

w) this incredibly soul-baring and candid convo comes on the heels of HARRY COMING FOR DUMBLEDORE(’S PORTRAIT) ABOUT HOW DUMBLEDORE TREATED HARRY AND I HAVE LITERALLY NEVER FELT MORE ALIVE. he yells at Dumbledore until Dumbledore is LITERALLY WEEPING. I don’t even want to tell you what he says because you all need to experience that moment of cleansing rightness in your lives, 

x) despite all the batshit plot things, the play actually deals with all the characters’ traumas FAR BETTER than the series ever did. we get actual GINNY and TOM RIDDLE shit in this play guys! it gets talked about! how it affected Ginny gets talked about! Harry has nightmares! Harry vents his feelings! Draco tells Harry about how alone he felt and how that sent him to such a bad place! Draco, Ginny and Harry understand each other and bond over shared trauma! who the fuck expected this! not fucking me! 

y) I was emotional as hell throughout because I’m nothing if not dramatic but there’s a bit towards the very end involving HAGRID, THE BEST DUDE, that legit made me sob my little heart out from the agony of two decades’ worth of accumulated feelings about this series, 

 z) so yeah. Harry has to watch his parents die because Albus is a rebellious little emo gobshite who got a crush on a live-action DeviantArt OC from 2005 called Delphi who has silvery-blue hair and is secretly Voldemort and Bellatrix’s lovechild, BUT WHO CARES, I FUCKING LOVE HARRY POTTER AND I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE READING THIS OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED CRACKFIC, 10/10, WOULD EXPERIENCE PURE JOY AGAIN!!!!!

Bon’s Midnight Screechings: 3x06 ‘A Malcolm’ (3 of ?)


E V E R Y T H I N G 

  • I FREAKING LOVE CÉSAR. I honestly had no clue what to expect from him but he really DOES have that boyish innocence and sincerity that reminded me of Romann and I LOVE HIM AND WANT TO SQUISH HIS FACE

You’ve grown up into such a handsome young man! 

Aye…I have

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Oh my god i LOVED how Claire reacted to his wooden hand 

Firstly, can we just all back up (because this has been known for a while) and take a collective HALLELUJAH that the writers 86ed the whole hook-hand thing?


So for me the wooden hand is a MAGICALLY WONDERFUL adaptation


I just adore that moment where Claire acknowledges the hand, and then touches it, just like she would a real one, as if to say ‘hey, i’m here. This doesn’t scare me. I love you.” 

OH, and then Fergus’s moment after Claire’s talking about America, where he’s just staring and grinning again because it’s all too much and he’s so happy I just I JUST SIMPLY CANNA, YOU GUYS!!! I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU THOUGHT I COULD. I C A N N A 





  • I was so pleasantly surprised by Willoughby! He has such a sweetness and a friendliness that I didn’t really get from the audiobook reading. So wistful and wonderful!
  • HE LICKED MY ELBOW!!!!! I was HOWLING!!!!!! This is was so bloody hilarious. The hoor played this magnificently 
  • Claire Ran—MALCOLM. Bet ya thought he was gonna say Fraser
  • I’m a little nervous about Jamie’s sternness with Willoughby. Hear me, I know it’s true to the book, but yikes, I so much want show!Jamie and Claire to show a lot more cultural sensitivity and correctness in this regard. Claire calling him YI Tien Cho is a really nice touch in this regard, though, so hopefully Claire will be able to school her man a bit
  • Oh, I LOVE that the ‘first wife’ thing is said in Chinese. It always seemed to me in hindsight that it should have rung ALL the alarm bells for Claire, hearing that.  

Rollin’ up to the hoorhoose 

  • WOWZA there are literally people fucking in the background! FUN TIMES! 
  • Watching Jeanne’s reaction (BTW, this is my actual middle name, spelled right, too!), Claire is secretly thinking JESUS CHRIST, these French bitches always hanging all over my Gingernut muffin. Stick with your pain au chocolat. This spicy treat is SPOKEN FOR
  • Climbing the stairway to heaven, i like, i like 
  • The awkwardness over the brothel conversation. I love Sam’s delivery of that “Oh, nah!” 
  • I have burned for you so long, do you not know that? But I am no longer the man you once knew. […] No, I don’t want you to go.”  THIS DELIVERY. IS. SO . MUCH. BETTER. THAN. I. COULD. HAVE DREAMED. 
  • “Whoever you are James Fraser. YES. I do want you.”

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⇢ bts x hogwarts

part of the BTS x Hogwarts series.
for the other members:
seokjin | yoongi | namjoon | hoseok | jimin | taehyung | jungkook | all 
please excuse the drift of tenses in this post. it’s not painfully obvious (?) but it’s too much to go through and change it- i simply cannot be bothered.
double note:
I think i predicted black pink with this post because if people remember my old blog, i posted this before christmas last year and black pink were not out…yet i included a lisa and a jenny in this post…CALL ME RAVEN

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Ooh good luck on your new blog :) how about headcanons for the RFA+ (if you write the other characters?) with an MC that has trouble socializing alone because of her anxiety? Like if she has to go do something, order food, talk to someone she always has to bring them along too because going alone makes her panicky >_< thanks ♡

thank you my love! As of now I write for RFA, V and Saeran! I’ll also write for individual characters if requested! Here’s what you asked for~


•he’s very considerate of this

•will go everywhere with you happily

•at first it takes him a while to find things that make you feel better but he is


•”Siri how do you help with anxiety”

•finds some stress free games for you to try

•always makes sure you’re comfortable before leaving the house

or disassociating to play LOLOL

•just seeing him put in so much effort and genuinely caring is so endearing

•if you need to make an appointment or do anything over the phone he’ll gladly do it for you

•your comfort and happiness is very important to him

•he just wants u to be happy man


•knows a lot about self care so i think he’d be very effective in helping you with your anxiety

•if you’re having a bad day he’ll run you a warm bath and help you get into comfy clothes when you’re done

•will cook you anything you want at home so you don’t have to call for takeout

•doesn’t mind going places with you at all

•will protect you from paparazzi at any cost

•10/10 would knock down the first thing he sees to cause a distraction while yall book it•will sing you to sleep

•overall v understanding and caring 4 out of 5 doctors recommend



•she makes sure you know she will protect you from anything and everything

•she’ll bring you snacks and food from the coffee shop when you’re having a bad day

•braids and brushes your hair to soothe you

•”Is there anything I can do to help?”

•in the coffee shop, she’ll handle all the customers

•makes you a sleep playlist

•you two will often just stay in for the night and have wine together

and watch Zen DVDs

•she doesn’t really like going to many social events either so she has no problem staying home and just hanging out

•so nuturing


at first he’ll try to take the intellectual approach and suggest you make an appointment with a therapist, or go on medication

•if you’re opposed to that, however, he’ll do his best to find other ways

•he doesn’t want to make you do anything that you’re uncomfortable with

•this hoe knows everyone so he’ll call up a specialist and get ideas on how to make you feel a little better

•he’ll have his own little methods too though

•“Here, pet Elizabeth the 3rd. Petting animals helps with stress relief.”

•he’ll get you a scented humidifier to turn on at night

•if you’re having a bad day he’ll give you soooo much attention

•but he’ll also give you space if that’s what you need

•he just wants you to be comfortable


he is SO GOOD at getting your mind off things

•having grown up with Saeran, he’s pretty good at helping you out

•yall barely ever leave the house and that’s perfectly fine with both of you

•sometimes he worries that his career will make your anxiety worse and starts to slip into one of his moods™️ but then he remembers that won’t help you either

•if his shenanigans don’t work to get your mind off things, he’ll totally switch gears

•suddenly he’s at your beck and call, ready to do anything you ask of him

•he’ll wrap himself around you so you feel secure and safe

•he literally would die for you and makes sure you understand that

•ugh he cares so much about you


ugh this angel

•he will do E V E R Y T H I N G in his power to make sure you feel comfortable 24/7

•he’ll set up really nice dates with you at home since he knows you don’t really like going out often

•you’ll have picnics outside and super fun movie nights

•he won’t take pictures of you unless you’re okay with it

•his bright personality is very soothing to you

•always asks if you need anything

•he’ll massage your back if you’re tense

•his scenic pictures relax you a lot


oh bitch he’s been there

•he’s an expert on how to help you

•he’ll make you tea and trace little circles on your arms while you’re drinking it

•rubs your temples

•“How are you feeling, my love?”

•he’ll just sit and cuddle you while you vent

•you don’t really go out often because you both have problems with anxiety

•but when you do, you have each other to lean on for support

•its so helpful to have someone who understands what you’re going through so well

MBTI types as I know them

ENTP: my best friend; kinda high maintenance but fun; gets really fake around new people; lowkey wants to be friends with everyone; would probably murder someone; perfect grades but “I didn’t even study” shit; always wants to party; judgemental but usually won’t say anything to anyone but her closest friends; w h i t e l i e s; will tell you if you need to fix your makeup;

ENTJ: adventures!!!; would kill me if i died; “I don’t care if I fali” - cares; gets obsessed with a tv show and e v e r y o n e she knows has to watch it; has the most amazing stories; lowkey a bitch; wants a sugar daddy; has the most awesome friend group ever; knows everything about every celebrity ever; we love each other but we can’t go 5 (five) minutes withour having an argument




ESTJ: really popular; judges everyone even their closest friends; the Loud Kid™; thinks they’re better than everyone; painfully honest; seems intimidating at first but super nice when you get to know them; has 184838 closest friends; hella rude if they don’t like you; god complex; clean freak; has brilliant ideas; lowkey cares about their grades

ESFP: wants everyone to like her; dies if she doesn’t leave her house for a day; everyone wants to date her but she’s somehow always single; lowkey fake af; needs new pictures for instagram every day; emotional as fuck but doesn’t want people to know that; would do anything for you; kinda weird sometimes; has that Popular High School Girl™ look

ESFJ: Cares about everyone and everything; really into like 4 things and only ever talks about that; wouldn’t kill an ant; pure child; wants everyone to feel good about themselves but is the most insecure person ever; gets really upset over every minor inconvenience; charity work; wants to be a perfect child; really into melanie martinez’ music but without her ~aesthetic~

INTP: won’t talk unless someone asks them something - and when they start talking they don’t stop talking; knows hella lot of fun facts; honestly they’re my favorite <strike>possibly because I’m also an INTP and I really like it when people know shit I don’t; i looove new facts</strike>; always ready for an appocalypse; wants to be invited but doesn’t want to go; p r o c r a s t i n a t i n g; would kill a man for a cup of coffee; cold™

INTJ: really cute; wants everyone to appreciate their aesthetic; already has their entire life planned <strike>and also has a plan B; and a backup plan for plan B</strike>; all their friends are introvert; obsessed with making playlists; somehow always manages to look better than everyone else; reads one book for six months; spends 5 hours making a perfect studying plan but doesn’t study afterwards; complains a lot

INFP: takes her 5 minutes to finish a sentence because she constantly checks her phone; “What’s empathy? Never heard of it.” - big fat lie; has like 4 friends and kinda hates 2 of them; loves her job but also hates it; knows what’s best for her; really good at hiding emotions; would kill someone if that made the person she loves happy; everyone thinks she’s a bitch but really she’s the sweetest person ever; has her shit together (kinda?)






(I don’t know the others so i’ll update this when i meet them)

Kindergarten Teacher!Seventeen

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Request: seventeen as kindergarten teacher?

Apologies for taking so long! My exams wrapped up today so I’m finally free :^) Enjoy this cute memey bullet pointed request! -Admin Madi


  • Would feel as though he is the real father of all the children AKA loves them all dearly and would literally do anything for them
  • Teaches the kids important life lessons & to be very respectful so they grow up nicely! But also teaches them to have fun & enjoy everything they do!!
  • Tells them really bad dad jokes that make them really giggly and hyper but also makes them question their own dads bc “why can’t you be as funny as Mr.Choi?”
  • Is really keen on making sure they all eat enough and are dressed warm in winter bc his children must not get sick!!
  • The type of teacher to pat their heads as they leave the classroom and tell everyone about all the cute moments that happened that day


  • Tries really hard to be liked by all the kids and whines to his friends when they don’t show him enough affection
  • Is really nonchalant when they ask him mundane questions,, “Is it true that Santa isn’t real?” “Mhm.” lmfao he wouldn’t sugar coat anything bc he doesn’t want them to be hurt when they find things out later on in life
  • He’d also be that one teacher you can depend on like can’t get that juice box open? Mr.Yoon will open it for you dw he’s reliable my man
  • Has a super close bond with his students,,when they can tell he’s quieter than normal or having a bad day they’ll make him drawings that he hangs on his fridge and keeps till he’s 80
  • Loves to compliment the kids on e v e r y t h i n g like you colored inside the lines? They’re showered with praise and genuine admiration


  • Incorporates all of the kids favorite things into his lessons ex) gives them gummy bears when they answer a question right,,makes math problems about cartoon characters and covers the walls in colorful posters
  • Is the #1 kindergarten teacher when it comes to crying/upset children,, Literally so comforting y’all he’ll crouch down and wipe their tears away and cheer them up with some lame motivational speech that the kids think is legendary
  • Is super clumsy like he literally hits his legs off the desks and trips on the tiny chairs, but is somehow incredibly gentle with his actions and words
  • Is super supportive of everything the children do and what ideas they come up with,,You want to be an astronaut? He’ll offer to help build a rocketship for you
  • Is that one teacher that is oblivious to almost everything that is going on yet continues to be everyone’s favorite bc he lets them do whatever they want


  • Ok I feel like kindergarten teacher Jun would take his job hella seriously like this guy literally walks in on the first day with a suit and glasses, hair gelled up and crayons ready to be dispersed
  • But his cool image lowkey intimidates the kids and so they ask him to stop with the theatrics and he ends up wearing black jeans and striped shirts the whole year bc relatable
  • He’s one of the advocators for the quiet kids and probably favors that one little shy kid who never speaks but is the sweetest thing on earth
  • Everyday is show n tell like if you want to show the class a rock you found outside 10 minutes ago be my guest
  • Is overly dramatic 100% of the time, his pencil broke *cue the deep sigh*, he spilt spaghetti on his slacks? *has 911 on speed dial* and lets the kids out early for recess


  • Brings so much high energy and fun to the class that the kids literally never want to leave and won’t pry themselves off when their parents come for them
  • Wants to accommodate everyone’s learning needs and spends most of his nights thinking of little things he can implement to ensure they’re working to their full potential
  • Pulls a chair up next to the children at those hella low tables during snack break and whips out his own lunchbox that he packed himself (it’s loaded with gummies)
  • Promises that they’ll watch a movie or have playtime if they do well on their work but doesn’t care if they fail bc he wants to see the care bears just as badly as them
  • Creates a class cheer or some catchphrase that they all shout when grouped together like the squad they truly are

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20 Questions with Dr Ferox #8

My gosh, there’s just so much stuff you vetlings want to know, isn’t there? Well, knowledge is good, so here we go with yet another info dump as I try to answer a big slew of your questions in one hit.

Anonymous said: I sometimes get your patreon emails or an update on your blog while I’m studying/struggling in the wee-hours of the morning (vetmed). I’m in WA, so where-ever you are it’s also late/early. What are you doing up in the witching hours?

First of all, I am an AdultTM and as such I am permitted to set by own Bed Time. There are many reasons why you might receive notifications from me so ‘early’.

  • I have a blog post on queue every morning between 5am and 6am my time (so probably 3am and 4am your time). It goes up automatically, so I can see initial responses before I go to work.
  • I think Patreon sends its emails at the same time each day, regardless of when I post. I certainly don’t type there early in the morning.
  • Sometimes I’m on nightshift and can get kinda bored at 3am sometimes.
  • Sometimes I just can’t sleep, especially with the changing day/night cycles.

Most of the blog runs on queue, honestly. At least three posts a day do.

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✨grimoire ideas, tips and tricks to help you get started ✨

grimoire are like magickal journals, where you write down everything youve learned and practiced for reference later, or just to remember. you can write down general magick facts, spells, sigils, types of crystals, moon phases, candle types, constellations - basically anything you think is cool and important. 

grimoires are very personal and no two grimoires are alike. you can write them on handbound books, journals, on sheets of paper slotted into binders or even on a computer (although it may not be very traditional, its waaaayyyy easier and you dont have to worry about it getting lost, or wet, or stolen, or ripped up by your neighbours cat).

its a good idea to keep an index at the start of the book and keep updating it every time you write a new entry. this way you know where to find all of the topics in case you forget something mid-spell like i did one time yikes

you could just write (or type) the whole thing in plain, black ink, or you could jazz it up a little with coloured pens to associate with different moods and powers.

you dont have to write like e v e r y t h i n g about a subject, just the things you think are cool and important. make sure to add your own opinions about the topics so its not just a fuckload of facts (which in my personal opinion is kinda boring). and if youre writing about a spell you created (or found online), make sure to include your attempt so you can look back on it if you attempt it again or laugh at your past mistakes.

keep a list of subject ideas so you dont run out of topics too quickly and end up getting bored of the grimoire. its supposed to be fun! and if youve found a fact but youre not sure if its right or wrong, just google it or ask a clever blogger (NOT ME). its better to include a couple correct facts rather than loads of bullshit.

and make sure not to overwhelm yourself! dont start 100 topics at once and rush to finish them all. complete subjects takes time, which is perfectly normal. and if you learn more about a topic you wrote about a while ago, you can always make a part 2!

so here’s my list of tips and tricks for grimoires. as i said, im only a beginniner, and this was kinda more for myself rather than my nonexistence audience,

have fun :D

Story time! (+100 follower special) / Request: Anon

Oh this is a cool one! I think I make it to a little special because of the 102 followers I got x33 thank you for your request!

You looked with narrowed eyes at the person infront of you.
Well, at the person who was floating infront of you. His face showed a big, confident grin, while is one eye stared at you.
His arms were crossed behind his back.

This guy was creepy and weird. You didn’t even know if he was a “guy”.
What was he?
You looked above him, but you couldn’t see any strings which might have been bonded to him to make him fly. So this man was really floating. What the hell.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared of me already!“ he laughed and leaned forward to you, being near your face now. His left eye turned to yellow, while his other eye was hidden behind an eyepatch. He looked right into your eyes, what made you feel uncomfortable. You moved back a step to get some space between you again.

“I’m- I’m not scared. Just confused- who are you?” You were finally able to speak to…this “man”. Why did a stranger suddenly appear right infront of you just out of context? As you asked him confused, his grin got bigger.
It seemed to go from the one ear to the other.
Suddenly, he leaned back again and reached out his arms proudly, as if he wanted to show you something big.

“Name’s Bill Cipher! I’m the most powerful living creature you’ve ever seen. And the smartest too! Also the most handsome one~” he told you as he took a black cane out of nowhere.
Wow, this guy was really  narcissistic. Maybe he needed to love himself for two.

He narrowed his eye, but didn’t lose his grin. It even got a bit of dangerously.
“Wow wow wow~Why so rude? How mean~” he said, sounding offended as he flew a circle around, making you irritated and also nervous. He didn’t even looked away from you for just a moment.
What? Don’t say he can read…

“Of course I do, dummy! I told you that I was the most powerful and smartest, even the most handsome creature on this world! I see e v e r y t h i n g. And you’re lucky today~!”
He snapped with his fingers and let the cane disappear to put his right arm around your shoulder. You winced, looked from the corners of your eyes to him.

“Oh am I?” you asked, a bit unsure and skeptical.
You had everything but luck.
“Oh yes~ I’ve got a great deal for you!”
"A deal?… I don’t deal, sorry. I’m not drugs addicted-”
“Geez kid! Not a deal like that.”

His hand got near to your face…just to nip your cheek. Another person who looked alike him appeared on your other side.
“What do you humans even use your brain for?”
the twin of him asked as he tapped on your head.
Shocked and totally confused, you looked to the other ‘Bill’, or however this weirdo was named, before you closed your eyes because of the pain which ran through your cheek and head.
This was too much for one person to take. You swore to never ever sleep only five hours again. This must’ve been the result of the unhealthy amount of sleep you had last night.

Before you said anything to get him away from you, he already let go of you to get infront of you. His double swiped into him so that you only saw one psycho again.

“No, kid! I want to do a contract with you~”
“Like these magical girls in the animes…?”
“Even better!” he widened his eye and held up his hands.
“You can get everything you want!” he leaned back in the air and crossed his legs. It looked like he sat on something, but there was nothing to sit on.
With a suspicious look, you glared at him. Everything? For free?
“And…why would you offer a stranger such a deal?”

His eye scanned you from the bottom to your top. A satisfied and playful smile drew his face.

“Hey, you’re not as retarded as I thought~ But no way you’re a stranger. I know everything about you, kid!”

His calm voice sounded very sure as he told you this. But you didn’t believe him. You two never met before, gladly, so how could he know anything about you?
He was probably lying. Bet he didn’t even know your birthday!

“Bet I do! I even marked the [your birthday].[your birthmonth] in my calender!”

Again he grabbed into nowhere and held up a calender infront of you.
You couldn’t really see anything, because it was too near to your eyes to let them focus on it.
You narrowed your eyes to see better and you could see: he was right. There it says, The [your birthday].[your birthmonth] being marked with a red circle around it.
He let go of it and the calender immediately diasappeared.

“Geez, you [your zodiac sign] are so  braced!” He uncrossed his legs and put his hands on his hips.
“Listen kid, I’m a nice guy.” ,his hand rested on his chest, “And I don’t offer everyone such a nice thing. You’re sepcial, I’ve chosen you! Be honored~”

His cane appeared again as he grabbed after it just to point with the end at you.
You winced again and blinked at it, before he pulled it back and placed it in the air to put his hands at the top of it.
He then placed it head on the back of his hands and grinned at you mysteriously.
How the hell did he do that? Maybe you should wish from him to be able to do that as well.

“But of course, I don’t give some sweets for free~ I want you to do a favour for me. Just a little one. A little one for everything of the universe!”

Again he widened his eye, which now looked like the universe you only see in books or on pictures.
It seemed to be so irreal. What would this favour be? And why should you do this? You got nothing on mind. Right…?

“Oh my, you’re head will explode if you keep on thinking about such silly things! Just say yes, it’s only a win-win!”
The eye of his turned back to it normal form after he got up from his cane.

“And let’s be honest: You DO have a thing on mind, don’t you?”

A dangerous smile with a playful narrowed eye was seen on his face as he looked at you with raised head. Your forehead began to wrinkle by his words. What did he mean..?

“In fact you don’t have a wish for yourself, but isn’t there a person you want to give a present to?”

Your eyes widened. Your whole face got pale with a shocked expression.
“I told ya I know LOTS of T H I N G S~ So what do you say? Do we got a deal?”

A blue fame shined bright from his hand as he reached it out to you to seal off the deal with a handshaking.

You swallowed while you started to get nervous with every moment that flew. Everything seemed to be so wrong. He seemed to be so wrong. But if he could do that for them….should you really trust him? For their sake?

“You….can do such things…?”

“Of course! Everything you want~ I bring the dead ones back to life! I heal the sick people! You just need to shake my haaaaand~!”

With joy, he sang the last word and still reached out for you.
You breathed in. One deep breath. Two.

Finally, you decided what you were going to do.

Your eyes went from the flames on his hand to his face, where a big grin and a shining eye were watching your.

For…them…it’s just a little favour…for them! For their sake!

You realized that you’re hand were shaking as you carefully reached out for his hand. His grin got bigger and before you could change your mind, he already grabbed your hand very harsh and let the flames touch your skin.

A shiver ran through your whole body and made you want to pull your hand back, but he was still holding onto it.

Everything around you got from black and white to a bright blue and everything your heard was a maniac laugh, coming from his mouth.

Oh boy….what have you just done?

Hey guys!I just wanted to say a few things~ Thank you so much for all your sweet reviews and requests! I’m so happy you all enjoy the shit I write x33To say thank you for 102 FOLLOWERS (GUYS IM NOT THAT LONG HERE-HOW?! - FROM WHICH DIMENSION ARE YOU FROM) I wrote a little special for you!Thanks again to the anon who made this awesome request! I hope you’re fine with this-Thank you all again! I don’t know what else I should say TTATT <33I’m also sorry to be not always online- I’ve got some classtests to do and yeah- I hope you understand! I try to do every week a little thing!Again thank you so much! Stay awesome and I hope you also enjoy this little story~Bye bye! 8D

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can you list some j/a fics that you like? I've been looking for some good fics to read :)


I hope this keeps you busy for a while. And when you’re done with these, there are more stories in my community fic rec tag. Happy reading! :-)

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Can you give us the fluffiest GureShin headcanons that make your heart melt and give you the most feels? :3 (I think we need it after chapter 40 ;_;)

I WILL TRY but the spoilers broke me so don’t expect too much lmao

  • whenever Shinya feels down Guren makes sure to visit him. He can’t do it openly though so he always thinks of a really shitty and obviously fake excuse to come over several times a day… Guren knows that Shinya is feeling better once the teasing starts again
  • the first time Guren said “I love you” Shinya just stared. He couldn’t do anything else, he was just so happy that Guren finally said it. The silence afterward made Guren uncomfortable and he got ready to leave but then Shinya hugged him and everything was fine again
  • they are still playing video games with each other. And Guren wins every single time, no matter how much Shinya practiced beforehand. Shinya is furious and just can’t understand why and Guren will never tell him that he is not the only one that practices 
  • their first kiss got interrupted which had both of them on edge around each other for, like, a week - which resulted everyone they knew coming over and asking each of them separately whether they are okay and what happened. When both of them were confused about that, they got told by everyone that they were always around each other and seem so in tune which just wasn’t the case lately. (and now Shinya and Guren were both embarrassed to death lmao)
  • neither of them is very fond of presents. Shinya could get everything he wants simply because he is a Hiiragi and Guren doesn’t need them. So whenever it’s someones birthday they usually settle with the other one staying over for the night playing video games and hugging a lot
  • sometimes Shinya can convince Guren to relax a bit. Whenever that happens it’s usually Guren lying on the couch his head in Shinya’s lap and Shinya reading a book. They are comfortable around each other and trust that the other one will always have their back so they can even afford to fall asleep on each other in the middle of the day
i’m bored af in class rn so here are some marauders school headcanons


  • he’s the king of seeming like he’s not paying attention and still somehow knowing everything that’s happening in the lecture
  • like, his notes make pretty much no sense. he’s got whole scrolls filled with ugly little doodles, and seemingly nonsensical words scribbled in his terrible handwriting, but they all make sense to him. (sirius looks over remus’ datda notes and sees his name written next to the term ‘expelliarmus’ and he’s like “??? why did u write my name next to that spell?” and remus is like, “it’s a memory technique. ‘expelliarmus’ sounds like ‘expel,’ and expelled is what u will probably end up being when u inevitably set the slytherin common room on fire, and u’ll be thrown out of school, like a wand is thrown out of someone’s hand. get it?”) (sirius is pissed, but he also never forgets what the ‘expelliarmus’ spell does, and it’s suuuper annoying)
  • he never participates voluntarily, and stares off into space a lot, and during his first year his professors would call on him at random, until he managed to answer every question correctly and made them look stupid. now they just concede and let him sit there silently
  • he’s good at pretty much everything, but he’s best at things that require abstract thought. (he writes really convincing opinion essays in history of magic, and like, even binns is impressed, and takes him aside and is like, “i feel like you’re the only one who really understood the impact of the troll wars,” and remus doesn’t have the heart to tell him he only skimmed the reading, and is just super proficient at bullshitting)
  • while he doesn’t always do the assigned reading, he does often get side tracked. like, he’ll be reading about polyjuice potion, and somehow he’s ten books in on the historical uses of polyjuice potion in the wizarding world judicial system, it’s like the magic equivalent of getting lost in wikipedia
  • he never sleeps before tests, spending the whole night reviewing his notes, and then right before the test, he just sort of accepts his fate and a calm washes over him and he’s like, “this is the end, but who cares” (the other marauders don’t understand it; remus has never failed a test in his life)


  • he likes things that require a lot of memorization and following directions, so he’s rly good at potions magic factoids, but he suuuucks at application. like, somehow his knowledge gets lost in translation, and he can’t figure out how to get all these things he has memorized to work with his wand, and he gets so frustrated, you have no idea
  • like, he could tell you everything in the world about what it takes to become an animagus, but without james and sirius’ help, he never would have been able to do it
  • he has test anxiety, and it makes everything about 2000% more difficult, bc when he’s anxious he forgets everything he’s ever learned in his entire life. like, what’s the date? what’s his name?? he doesn’t know
  • his notes have everything the professors have ever said written in them. he writes down e v e r y t h i n g. he never wants to be caught off guard, so he reviews all the information, and it does him more harm than good bc honestly he only needs to know like, half the material 
  • he’s the kid in class who asks clarifying questions two minutes before class ends, when everyone else already understands the material. (sirius throws srunched up parchment at him every time he does it, and he doesn’t ever lose points for it, bc the teachers are secretly annoyed by the questions too)
  • he’s not stupid, but school is so stressful??? it’s terrible  


  • he’s the fucking worst bc he’s good at memorization and application, and with very minimal effort, and he knows it too. he does new spells with a very smug attitude, and a little side smirk, and remus rolls his eyes at him every single time
  • he loves divination, bc it’s so ridiculous, and he’s actually encouraged to be dramatic (like he needs more reason, jfc). he comes up with really elaborate and morose predictions, and he gets really creative with it. (he takes a divination NEWT for no reason other than he finds it rly rly funny)
  • he doesn’t write formal notes, though he sometimes makes little notations in his books. he’s an underliner. like, every reading for pleasure, he’ll underline shit. (remus sees one of his books one day, and is like, “wtf is the point of this if literally every line is underlined??” and sirius is just, “i don’t know, shut up, you’ve got melted chocolate on your jumper, let’s talk about that instead”)
  • sirius black has never worried about a test in his life. like, he’ll keep his friends company and humor them in the library before exams, but he pretty much never studies, and always passes. he’s one of those people. just accept it
  • his professors are so frustrated by him, bc he’s a class clown, and a smart ass, and is always fucking around, but he has pretty much perfect grades, and it is infuriating


  • lectures are his worst enemy. he doesn’t think he’s ever heard a word professor binns has said. he just. can’t. pay. attention. it’s not that he doesn’t find it interesting, it’s just that sitting in a chair and listening is not how he learns
  • he does way better with classes that require more action. he’s good at potion, and loves any class where they’re applying spells, rather than learning about them. he’s really good at the application part–he just doesn’t know any of the technical part of it
  • his notes are 100% doodles. james potter has never written down an actual note in his life (many of the doodles are just lily’s initials, lbr)
  • his assignments are always crumpled. always. even when he tries to keep them safe. they end up crumpled. the professors have learned to just accept it
  • there is one word that sums up how james does tests: cramming. he is a professional cram-er. he borrows notes, reads over passages he didn’t bother to read before, and stays up all night just stuffing his mind with all the information he didn’t bother to learn before. the day of the test, he is an intolerable ball of caffeinated energy, like, “ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR THIS TEST I’M SO READY FOR THIS TEST LET’S FUCKING KILL IT!” he always passes. remus is particularly stressed out by this
  • for OWLS and NEWTS, where cramming doesn’t work as well, sirius goes with him out to the quidditch field, and they do trivia back and forth, and every right answer means a goal point, and it really helps to make it a game, bc he learns kinetically
  • he’s charming, so even tho he’s a pain in the ass, the professors like him anyway, and give him a little more leeway than he deserves. he doesn’t complain
Silence is Golden -- Chapter 5


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SiG prompt: Belle knows Regina’s weekly meeting is her excuse to have sex with Graham who is really the Huntsman and not a willing participant. To distract herself Belle visits Mr. Gold’s shop.

anonymousnerdgirl said:

SiG prompt: Belle has a close up view of Rumplestiltskin and Regina’s encounter in The Thing You Love most. Belle suspect he remembers or is at least waking up and she is turned on by the apple toss.

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