this book really isn't as bad as it sounds

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I really like the way your art shows women (at least I interpret most of them as women, but even just people in general) being comfortable and at peace and enjoying themselves while alone - this might sound weird but I think I've found it comforting since my breakup because it reminds me of the pleasures of sitting with a book and some tea or food and being in your own space, and how being alone sometimes isn't all bad :)

DANG ANON THAT IS NOT WEIRD my heart is so warm and i m so happy i could cRY ;;; thank you so much!! am really glad my art has pulled you through a tough time and i’m really happy for you! i never thought my art would have that kind of impact with somebody, but now i know that it could and i’m really dang happy about that. 

(i’ve gone through almost the same stuff as you, and i used my art as an outlet for my feelings, thoughts and daydreams until i was able to let it go. am really glad that my art served purpose! ) thanks again, anon. keep smiling!