this book just had an awful lot of heart

crave you

summary: highschool au//popular boy jefferson is pining over studious alex super hard and alex doesn’t notice him (yet) (mention of past jeffmads)

words: 1,140

warnings: none! super fluffy

this is totally incomplete but we can change that ;-)

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Friendly Reminder:

Chris describe Steve as Rogue-ish, Cynical Realist who has seen awful brutish nature of modern civilization.

He is realist. He know what he had to do but he just can’t let million people died and then stole the fucking book and almost get himself killed in the process. He let his heart ruled out his realist side.

In no man’s land his cynical realist shown, I am sure he had seen this a lot in awful years of war that’s why he focused on the mission because that can help to actually stop war.

When Diana step in to the land, he stared for awhile and there is no longer hesitation in his eyes and help Diana in the way they can.

What make my heart truly broken that more than few time Steve want to say something about mankind that maybe it’s not really Ares that yeah Mankind is not always good but he didn’t. Maybe part of him just didn’t want to see Diana’s belief in mankind goodness ruined. His realist side know this but he didn’t say anything until the party when he finally said his doubt about Ares.

He stopped Diana not because he didn’t know what she capable, she rampage there only will make thing complicated and yeah honestly I think if he got killed before they find the gas there will be more people dead.

The tragic thing that happened in veld is so sad. From his face he knew it was his fault and when the chief give signal he immediately tell Diana to follow it because it will led him to Lunderdolff .

Then, the heartbroken part when he pratically begging Diana to help him to save mankind while pretty much yes he agree that they don’t deserve her but also he just can’t do nothing and let thing happen but Diana stand still and he didn’t force her anymore.

This fucking cynical realist who can just think that it just not worth the pain still choose to save mankind and that maybe because the hope and love he saw in Diana made him believe that mankind still worth to be saved.

He has good heart and always been and Diana give him the hope he need and show that aspect of his even more.

anonymous asked:

How the bmpp princes/butlers would comfort you during your period? (Rip Joshua researching menstruation)

Let’s do the princes this time :) I’m giving the butlers too much love with these requests haha :) I did think about giving up on this one purely because the princes are so similar for this scenario, so I hope I’ve made them different enough for yous!


He’d bury you with hugs and cuddles under blankets and hot water bottles. He didn’t really care if it was the middle of summer, he’d put the air conditioning on and then snuggle you all you wanted. He wouldn’t exactly say much, but he knew that him just being there was enough to comfort you through the next few days.


The Rose Prince made sure you had everything you needed right by you, he even got Louis to buy you a mini fridge for your room so you could keep all your treats you craved nice and cool. Of course, he’d keep his personal phone on at all times in case you needed anything extra, which in included hugs and kisses. He was ready for anything.


After doing a ridiculous amount of research on periods, Joshua would try his upmost best to try and help, including painkillers and chocolate. But Jan had to always explain to him that each woman was different and he had to ask what you needed. He’d brush it aside, he knew you…at least he thought he did. When it came to buying the tampons you needed, he didn’t have a clue and ended up slouching up to you, head hanging ready to put his pride aside and ask you what you needed.


He kept his distance. He didn’t like to, but, genuinely, he was quite scared of you when you started your period. Luke was the one who told him and the both of them stayed well away. But, Keith wasn’t heartless, he made sure two or three maids were at your beck and call, if you wanted chocolate, the’d fetch some. All the while he’d be constant updates, and deep down he knew if you asked him for a hug, he’d be there in an instant.


This was the only time the playful prince was serious. He took your needs to heart every time you asked for something, even if it was just a drink of water, he’d be the one to get it. Despite Alberto suggesting he take over, Roberto ignored him.You were his top priority, he’d look after you, not some controlling butler.


Even though he was young, he knew an awful lot about how these things worked. He even had a whole box of stuff you enjoyed doing while you were going trhough your worser days. It was like a period emergency box, full of treats, books, blankets, tampons, and such. Anything you needed, this box had it, and Glenn would be the one to bring it in.


He always demanded that Sergei bring you the things you needed, without him leaving your side. No, literally, he never left your side. You woke up, he was there, you went to sleep, he was there. It did get a little creepy, but at the end of the day, he just wanted to make sure you were ok. He’d never experienced the pains you went through, nor could he ever, the only thing he could do as your boyfriend was make sure you were safe and comfortable, and boy did he do that. Even if it was running Sergei raggered.


Still in shock that this dork (@bientist) and I actually met dan and Phil. Tldr: it was a really freaking fantastic day. 

 Sooo so so I go to college in Pittsburgh, but I’m from NYC and I heard about this event weeks ago after someone on tumblr stealth found it on the b+n events page. I frantically checked all of my schedules to see if it was possible, bought 2 overnight bus tickets within barely 24 hours of each other, and DID THE THING (because turns out I’m a little crazy). I got to the line around 7 AM, having underestimated how many people would already be there. It was around the block, and I was fucking freezing, but I made some line friends to dork about d+p with and pass the time. Waited in line for like 2.5 hours, really worried i wouldn’t get a wristband after all, but I was finally able to buy one for me and @bientist and it felt like a rare and valuable treasure. 

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