this book is so cute i just bye

there’s no denying that Hearth is a cutie🌸

this is so cute omg ;^;

i just wanna read a book without hyperventilating but it seems it’s not happening

Right now my mom is cleaning out her closet and she read this book that said to get rid of something you have to thank it kindly for its service, otherwise see if it gives you joy to keep, so I am just listening to her in her room looking through her shoes go,

“Joy. Joy. Keep, joy. Joy.” And then suddenly, “Oh, now you gave me heel problems, so thank you for your service good bye.”

It’s so cute and I love my mom so much.

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eventually, i will! maybe a little fic or one with multiple parts. 

until then here’s some headcanons bc why not

  • eliza + alex met first
  • alex introduces john to eliza
    • “eliza, meet john! john, this is eliza!” 
    • eliza’s really nice to john. she’s also very cute
    • eliza feels a little threatened (”am i not enough?? does he still love me?”) 
    • she tries to get over it
    • alex notices that she’s a little bugged by it so they talk
    • he reassures her that he doesn’t love her any less.
    • she can’t be mad for long because john is really cute and nice and she just wants alex to be happy
  • eliza starts to have feelings for john when he makes efforts to get to know her
    • “i went to get alex a coffee and i got you one too…he said that this was your favorite?”
    • “alex mentioned you were reading this book so i bought you the sequel too it…it’s, ah, no big deal, i dunno”
      • eliza blushes really hard
      • john’s just really sweet and really thoughtful
  • eliza asks john out after mustering up some courage
    • alex is so excited 
    • he’s like “bye you two~~”
    • eliza is a nervous, stammering mess but john is too
    • they laugh about it and it feels a little easier once they both express their nerves and confusion
      • “when alex told me about you, i freaked out! i-i didn’t want to be a home wrecker or something!”
      • “pfffttt–when he told me about you, i was jealous” 
      • “jealous? really? but you and alex are so cute and i felt so out of place” 
      • “are you kidding? you and alex are so cute”
    • they hit it off and that’s when john starts to fall in love with eliza
  • eliza is a bit of a mom friend even as they’re dating
    • she does little things like cleans alexander’s glasses or charges john’s phone when he forgets to
    • the boys love her a ton and smother her with kisses
  • john’s naturally very protective of the two
    • eliza can be too trusting at times…john tries to keep an eye on her.
    • alex can be a bit of a hothead so whenever alex is talking smack– john is there to either drag him out before he gets hurt or hurt the other person 
    • eliza freaks out when john gets into fights
      • he feels bad but better him than alex
  • alex is hopelessly in love with the two of them and the fact that they’re in love too makes him so happy
    • when they officially become a three, he takes john and eliza out on a date to celebrate!
      • they all hold hands at the same time for the first time and he melts
      • he’s so excited he has two of his most favorite people with him

bonus random headcanons:

  • eliza can carry john and alex
    • easily,,,
    • alex and eliza give each other piggy back rides if the other asks
    • john doesn’t understand it but it’s really cute
  • john can fall asleep anywhere
    • he naps a lot 
    • usually he’ll force alex to nap with him
    • if alex is too busy, eliza is always ready to cuddle with john
  • the first gift alex and eliza got john was a set of pjs so he could match with them
    • john cries
    • and then they all cry because they love each other so much
  • alex reads to eliza and john–usually just before bed
    • once they fall asleep, he reads one more paragraph/page/chapter of whatever book he’s reading and falls asleep with them
Roommate AU - Min Yoongi

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  • OkAY but just imagine him just in his own little corner working on music and like your really worried about him bc like??? He is sleeping all day after words????  
  • Like u will find him sleeping legit anywhere
  • like “Yoongi, please don’t sleep on the coffee table” 
  • he’s basically a cat
  • You are always looking after him and when he falls asleep while working you put a blanket around his shoulders ^3^
  • u don’t even know that his songs are about yOU
  • You look after him but sometimes you’ll have a rough day at work and you are really pISSY bc everyone gets like that and he will legit sTOP EVERYTHING HE IS DOING AND GIVE YOU A HUG 
  • so like he looks after you too 
  • he is actually really salty when you leave the house
  • just bc he misses u 
  • and is actually really worried but he doesn’t want you to know that
  • when you come home he always greets you 
  • like all cooly like he didn’t even care you were gone “Hey, what’s up?” 
  • (but he reaLLY REALLY missed u bc you always gave him inspiration and treat him so nicely and how caring you are towards him)
  • he honestly barely leaves the house 
  • BUT when he does, he always thinks about u alone at the house 
  • and he starts getting really anxious 
  • he texts u every 10 minutes
  • “[y/n] watcha doin”
  • “are you okay? u need anything?” 
  • “ansWER ME” 
  • “Yonngi, I’m fine. I’m watching T.V.” 
  • “oh. kay.”
  • he would buy you things and when he gets back he’s really nonchalant about it
  • aLSO you are pretty much the chef of the house 
  • he really appreciates it
  • and you are really good at it too. 
  • LiKE  when you turn your back to chop some ingredients he’s always staring at the way you cut them
  • he wants to learn from you so he can cook for you sometime 
  • once tried to borrow one of your cookbooks to make you some food 
  • when you were looking for your cookbook, he tries to hide it so he could surprise you the next day with your favorite dish
  • so he tries to cook your favorite food and doesn’t really do well 
  • super nervous when he gives you the dish but you eat it anyway without complaint and give him a big smile to show you love it
  • but you also want to learn from him too
  • not cooking, but music 
  • you always listen in when he’s in his room playing an instrument
  • he knows you listen in/does it on purpose where he always leaves his door open
  • and one time he caught you one time playing [insert instrument here] but didn’t do anything to stop you 
  • he would just smile and listen in 
  • whenever you compliment him on his music he always acts nonchalant yet cocky
  • he likes to touch your hair but tries to make it casual like ruffling it
  • whenever he does that you pout and try to fix it but you actually enjoy it
  • you like to run your fingers through his hair as well, and you secretly do it when he’s supposedly asleep
  • he’s always waking up with messy hair from you running your fingers through it
  • and you always smile when he gives you a gummy grin with his messy hair and sleepy expression
  • Yoongi has a habit of falling asleep, but he sometimes sees you asleep on your desk in the middle of the night
  • you were probably studying hard for that exam you were talking about with him earlier 
  • is really protective and salty when you bring a guy over
  • usually watches the guy carefully so they dont make a single move on you
  • looks away when you see him glaring at the guy
  • after the guy leaves he always sits closer to you/tries to do a bunch of stuff for you so he cant lose you to the guy
  • he always fakes complains about living with you
  • “you always snore when you sleep and you keep waking me. And i AM ACROSS FROM YOUR ROOM.”
  • “stop taking up so much space. I mean, how much books do you need???”
  • and you always would reply with the retort “if you don’t like it, leave.”
  • and he would always sort of get hurt by it but tries to play it off cooly
  • so basically living with yoongi would include doting on each other but denying having any feelings…
  • although obviously you guys do!!

LGBT+ YA books being cute and simple is not a bad thing. As long as it’s interesting and well-done, a simple queer story is perfect because you need to understand something: we are lacking in queer books in general so any simple fluffy books with queer main characters will mean a lot to some queer kid who has seen those stories told all of their lives but only with straight characters. It’s all about that representation! Give me all the goddamn cute fluffy books about queer people falling in love or simple coming out stories because we still need em. 

bob characters as texts i have recieved
  • nixon: ( ͡ʖ ͡°)
  • welsh: steal my homework and i will stab you with a fork i stole
  • speirs: *shoves hands in jar of honey* ive got sticky fingers
  • webster: i have a papercut i cant come over u will have to do the whole project on ur own
  • perconte: im not little fucKING FIGHT ME WAit no dont pls im smol dont kill me
  • liebgott: LETS FUCKIN DO THIS *cracks knuckles* *pops neck* *stretches* COMIC BOOK TIME
  • toye: i swear to god girl i will fight you i will fight your mom and your dad and anyone who gets in the way of my fists because i have no control please send help
  • guarnere: *singing* text me one more time i will fuck you up-up-up-up, gonna murder, gonna murder, gonna murder, dddddDEATH
  • lipton: i gotta go ignore you now bye
  • heffron: just imagine how cute a penguin couple would be, like would they hold flippers? imagine the snowball fights omg its so cute, i want a penguin girlfriend
  • blithe: what do you think dragons dream about?
  • luz: i just spent my life savings on 97 bags of jolly ranchers
  • roe: shoutout to me for only losing my chill once. thirteen people died. never again.
  • sobel: stop
  • dike: ¿¿¿¿???؟؟؟؟؟؟﹖﹖﹖¿¿¿¿
All I can think of after watching tst

I just watched the scorch trials.



They are all sex gods.


Newt’s voice cracks.

Fry pan checking out Teresa omggg :’)
Winston :(



Tbs is so cute and so hot, he makes me want to die omg bye.


Stupid Greenberg

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Warnings: I don’t know, kinda fluffy and cute
Writer: micoools
Summary/Request: Anon Requested: Can I have one where the reader is best friends with stiles and Scott and stiles has had a huge crush on her for years. There’s this dance coming up and stiles was about to ask her but finds out Greenberg had beat him to it. For the rest of the day stiles nods along to coaches insults towards Greenberg and sends Scott to find out more info about them. But then they get to the dance and stiles and the reader dance and it’s really fluffy. Thanks it’d mean the world to me:)

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the cute tokyo boy clerk

so after my cute cashier guy who obviously stole my heart, some tokyo dude was running second lmao this was Day 06 in Japan

I went to Mandarake to buy figures hoping to find cheaper stuff. I was scanning and only found girl figures and tbh I’m a bit disappointed. I continued looking around cases and found one of the artbooks I was looking for–all displayed fancy and stuff. I went to look for a clerk, I found a woman and asked for her to take it out of the glass case for me. She said to wait because she will get someone else to entertain me

I was just minding my own business looking for the Free! Starting Days OST when someone tapped me. It was the woman and I smiled, she moved aside to reveal THIS FREAKIN PALE TO DEATH BOY WITH ROSY CHEEKS WTF i dunno how I reacted but I was pretty sure my eyes were wide because WTH YOU DONT SURPRISE ME WITH SUCH A PRETTY BOY????

The woman just left me with him and GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT I tried so hard to look at his NAME TAG because I was trying to correct my mistakes with cashier boy from osaka but tokyo boy keeps moving in a way I can’t stare at his tag OTL

He waved at me “Hello” and I was so dumb I waved with both of my hands and smiled so wide “Heeyyyyy” so I asked him to get the book. So he did and he slowly handed the thing to me as if it was like made of gold or summat. I was just planning on checking it out first and probably decide later if I will buy it or not but he kept on beaming at me for some reason he asked me “Are you going to buy?” 

I just stared and stammered “W-what?” He pointed to the cashier “You going to buy?” and he pointed at the book I was holding and I couldn’t process what was happening because his face was distracting me HE HAD SUCH NICE CHEEKS TAT


Idk What the hell happened to “deciding later” AHAHHAHA So he accompanied me and some old man was my cashier and cute tokyo guy idk the name of was bagging my book. “Where are you from?” “Uh, what?” 

THE OLD MAN SNORTED at our exchange and the guy just side eyed him and then I paid for my book. I was about to leave and idk what came over me but I looked back and the guy waved at me “Bye! Come again!” and I’m like SHIT SHIT SHIT and I waved shyly and ran towards my sister She saw my bag and was all “You already bought stuff?” O_o

I just threw my hands up in the air and said “SOME CUTE GUY MADE ME BUY THE THING I COULDN’T DO ANYTHING I WAS WEAK” and my sis just snorted “unbelievable. i’m pretty sure you didnt get to see his name either”

So I want to share my experience of meeting Chris Colfer at the Red Balloon Bookstore in St Paul Minneapolis. 

It literally just happened, since I went with my sister Olivia (she likes to be called Oriah). So… we went up kind of shyly since we were nervous. My sister has special needs so my mom was there to push her in the wheel chair, but I said hi to him… and looked over at my sister who was hiding her face in her arm… But I told her to say hi, and she did and moved her arm down to wave… and then she went to hide her face in arm again…

But Chris held out his hand to shake it, and she peeked and grabbed his hand. He asked for her name, and she was so quiet I said it again for her. “It’s Oriah. She’s a really big fan of yours." 

He said, "Oh you really like the books?" 

"Yeah.” she said and then he signed our copies of the Land Of Stories, and said “bye sweetie” and I just walked out with tears in my eyes… because he was just so sweet to her. And I loved that she shook his hand even though she was so shy that she was covering her face… And my sister who is usually really outgoing got shy and it was all just a super cute moment. 

I forgot to mention to him that this whole thing was a surprise for my sister. But she knew who he was and she said afterwards that she was happy to meet him and ahh it was just a great experience.

Also I’m thinking of doing a give away for one of the books we got, because both my sister and I each got a copy, and I only need one to read to her. So look out for that if you’re interested.


Ok so I’m sitting here in Einstein’s Bagels on campus in one of our buildings right

just minding my own business, grabbing coffee and lunch, making the lady behind the counter refill the half & half cuz I’m a weenie who hates black coffee

and this girl I’ve never seen before comes up to my table and says COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE “hi! I really like your hair.”

srsly so sweet right like w o w compliments from strangers heck yea
she then proceeds to hold out her bag of Haribo gummy bears (the best kind) and asks if I want one.

do I want one. fuk. yes.

At this point I’m literally convinced that this is all some sort of fever dream, and it seems rude not to introduce myself to this wondrous hallucination so I tell her my name and she says hers is Sophie and then I FREAK OUT A LITTLE BIT BECAUSE HEY! THATS MY SISTERS NAME AND ALSO THE NAME OF MY BEST FRIEND WOW

So I grab a white gummy bear and I’m like “WOW you are so nice!! You are an angel from above I’m taking a white one cuz they’re my fave flavor and you are so so sweet wow” and she replies, “oh, I don’t like the white ones! Here, I’ll give all of them to you.”


(all of them)

(this is defs a fever dream)

And then we had a short chat about how it’s cool that she has the same name as my sister cuz she’s always wanted a sister but grew up with all brothers and then I thanked her for being so nice and she was like “thanks for being so cute that I came over here” and said see ya later and now I’m just

bye world I cannot deal with your serendipity I’m booking a flight to Mars and I’m taking these white Haribo gummy bears with me