this book is made with lust and love

Our love is a dangerous one.

We feel pain.
We feel deeply.
We feel nothing.

And yet we feel everything.

—  dearestmemory
If this feeling flows both ways, was sorta hoping that you’d stay.
Baby we both know, that the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day.
—  Do I Wanna Know
At this age, we’re all trying to find ourselves. And yet the truth is, I’ve lived just long enough to know that people have so many more layers than what books and movies make it seem like. We can’t just be defined by adjectives like nice or friendly. We’re made up of feelings; We’re lust and passions and screaming at 2:00 am. Don’t limit yourself to simply a character. Rather think of yourself as a piece of music. A song with piano and drums and even the triangle. A song with violins and saxophones and trumpets. Tubas and clarinets and flutes. The banjo at moments and sometimes even the piccolo.
—  You are so much more than just English class adjectives
I thought I loved you. I thought I knew what that felt like. Love. You proved me wrong. I didn’t feel love. I felt wanted. That is all I’ve ever wanted to feel and I never did. Until you came around and made me feel like the most wanted women in the world. After a few months “love” and “joy” and “lust” you left. You left me. Along and Unloved and Unwanted.
—  T.B.// I was wrong…
Maybe we were never supposed to make it. Maybe, we were brought to one another as a lesson, not a blessing. But instead of being just a lesson we learned that maybe the one we truly love, we don’t always get to be with… Maybe this was the beginning of the end. And maybe one day we’ll look back, a thousand miles from one another, and say “what if”. What if we had made it? What if we fought a little harder? Maybe things would be different. But they might also be worse. Maybe we don’t always get to be with the ones we love. But then again, I’ll fight until my last breath to prove that theory wrong.
—  Myself

He was my first.
Not lost my virginity type of way first but he was the start; every relationship after him failed - every time. And the thing is what happened between us lasted all about five minutes, it was utterly nothing but it was something that he did, there was just something so different that made me burn everything else I touched. But he was my first, he was the start of it all, the start of my crash.

He never cared about the book you’re reading or the characters in it. He doesn’t care about the movie you watched that made you cry your eyes out. He doesn’t care about how tired you are because you stayed up late studying for your exam. He doesn’t care about your favorite song and how the words speak what you can’t say. He doesn’t get butterflies when your fingers accidentally brush over his. He doesn’t see a home in your beautiful brown eyes. He only cares about the outline of your body. He only cares about getting what he wants from you. He only cares about what you’re wearing tonight. He only talks to you to know if you’re alone. He only talks to you when its after dark. He doesn’t know what love is, silly girl. All he knows is lust.
—  expert from a book ill never write

You build yourself a home from the ground up with the bones of past lovers. you are safe in a house made of a heart that beats just for you. you are the sun and I am just a planet revolving around you and you are the center of my goddamned universe and that is how you love
recklessly because even if you break me you know I’ll still come crying back to you begging you to set my broken bones right.

my skin isn’t armor for you to wear so you can feel invincible. one day I’m going to stop missing you and you’ll find yourself longing for the feeling of being needed.

i am not here to prove to you that you are lovable
i am here because I love you
i am here because I don’t know how to leave yet.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write– Lily Rain

“she was beautiful. but not the kind of beautiful that you lusted over. it was the kind that made waking up in the morning worth it; the kind that was brighter than the stars would ever be. she was the kind of beautiful that made you fall in love and never let go.”
-r.l.m. 6.21.16. 17:26