this book is fantastic btw read it


February 24, 2016 // 3:09pm

School was cancelled today due to inclement weather, so today gives me extra time to really grind down on 5 chapters for the ap bio quiz (that was supposed to be today) tomorrow. Also, my books from Thriftbooks arrived today! I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things of Little Women and Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. (Btw, I have a huge obsession with classics). 🌿

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Hi, I’d like to talk about this book for a moment. So stop scrolling and I’m going to convince you to read it.

This book is called Openly Straight, it’s about a boy named Rafe that’s gay and is open in his hometown. The town is really accepting and basically don’t give a single shit. But he eventually gets labelled as “that gay kid” and when he goes to an all boys boarding school, he’s decided to not be open at the school. 

THIS BOOK IS FANTASTIC! As you can see, I’ve bookmarked some parts (which I never do), the parts I could find and/or remembered. I legitimately have never thought so much about a book after reading it. I’m still thinking about it a whole week later. 

The character’s are amazing. The side characters; including his best friend Claire Olivia, his roommate Alfie, and Alfie’s friend Toby (btw, Toby is someone I want to be best friends with) are fantastic. 

And let’s get onto the love interest. I won’t reveal his name since it’s better to read without knowing, but he and Rafe had one of the best not only romances, but friendships I have seen in not only books. The characters are amazingly complex, they have very real conversations and it’s hard not to love the love interest. I have literally, lied on my floor after rereading passages because of how much I love it. 

It’s also hilarious at many points, where I actually stopped reading so I could laugh.

It also deals with other elements like labels, and even mental illness. And even points out and dismisses gay stereotypes, acknowledges the existence and problem with heteronormativity, and even problems gay athletes face. 

I’m doing this because there don’t seem to be many people that have read it. All I’m saying is read this book!It is more than worth the time and money. 

You can thank me later.

guys, as kings rising is almost out, i think we should agree on using the same spoiler tag. we have been waiting for this, for years. i know some of us decided to leave tumblr while they’re reading the book (which is a fantastic idea btw), but even if you have finished it, keep using the spoiler tag for at least a month - the ideal would be more, so everyone could catch up without getting spoiled. i personally would be really disappointed (even though i’m convinced of so many things now that there would be only a few big surprises), if i accidentally read a spoiler. don’t ruin the fun, use warnings!

what do we think of the simple ‘kings rising spoilers’ tag? 

nottooldforthisship  asked:

Heya ! I saw you reblogged some post about the other books of Santino Hassell and i need some advices : which one for a good start ? (I'm @westillhavevermont btw, hello from my main blog)

Hey! My first thing is read them all because they’re all fantastic :)

It’s depends of what you want to read at the moment if you want something more cute and you want to laugh start with the Cyberlove series (Strong Signal is really cute, Gamer and military man. Fast Connection is my boy Costigan, i love him so much + Silver fox). and i like the format and the social media inclusion.

If you want something more angsty (its not icos level like far away from that) start with five borough (all 3 books are amazing. the second one is my favorite because Raymond Rodriguez). I feel that five boroughs touch heavy subject really well. The characters are really well written and feel real.

When i finished icos, i read Fast Connection at first and i read it in one sitting. I couldn’t let go of that book. (thinking about it, the same thing happen when i read all Santino’s others books)

I feel like i’m not really helping except crying that I like all the books but start with one or the other and i’m sure you’re not gonna be disappointed.