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i knew in the 2nd grade that standardized testing was bullshit. harry potter book 4 had just come out and i was at a good part. harry had just found out someone put his name into the goblet of fire.

during the standardized test, we were allowed to keep a post-test book on our desk. i diligently got started on part 1: english. at the time, all of the answers went on the same sheet, but all of the questions were in different booklets. so i finish all my english questions, read in my extra time, and then it’s part 2: math.

i realize i have answered all of my english questions on the math portion of the answer sheet. at first, annoyed but undeterred, i’m like. okay great i gotta erase every bubble. but i get bored around question 5 of doing this because… like… harry potter is sitting on my desk and i could just give them the wrong answers. so i answer maybe 10 whole questions in the math portion, copy the english answers over to where they actually belong, and then crack open the book and call it a day.

i obviously failed. this is the real life, not a movie. my parents were called in. i had scored in the lowest percentile. i was bad at math. i was concerningly bad at math. i could have done better just guessing than how i did with the english answers. 

if this was just a funny story, someone would ask me “why did you do so badly when you usually get fairly average grades” and i would have said “i wanted to read harry potter, not take this stupid test.” but it’s the real life, and nobody asked. instead, i was branded stupid and bad at math. i got placed in a lower math than i needed to be in; got bored, stopped paying attention. knew i was in the “worst at math” group, started saying “i’m bad at math” and 100% stopped trying because the further i fell behind, the worse i got. through the rest of my academic career - until senior year in high school, i never got above a c on a math test, because i was “just bad” at math.

i had undiagnosed adhd. the only reason i know now i have adhd is because at 22 years old, i finally went to a therapist, who effectively said, “are you kidding me you have the most obvious case of attention deficit i’ve ever seen.”

but nobody had been looking. my one test grade had given teachers permission to not look, because, obviously, i was bad at math. the one time i got 100% on a math test - that one time in senior year - i remember my math teacher looking at it and saying “it’s clear that if you just focused, you could do the work.”

in college i’d take a math class and i actually “just focused” for the first time in my life - meaning i treated math as a challenge, but one i could overcome with the skills i’d learned all on my own, through constant work and practice. i got the highest grade in my class. i still think i’m bad at math. 

which makes me wonder: how many people got fucked over because of something stupid like “i was too preoccupied with harry potter”. who had nobody looking out for them. who slipped under the radar because - come on, aren’t some people just bad at things?

Frog and Toad were probably more than just friends. Author Arnold Lobel told his family he was gay 4 years after publishing his first Frog and Toad book, and, according to his daughter, the pair are ‘of the same sex, and they love each other.’ Though he never publicly linked them with his sexuality, she thinks ‘Frog and Toad was really the beginning of his coming out.’ Source

With their powers combined, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and Imgur users found ‘Professor Snape’ working at a 'muggle airport’ in New York City. The photos of Snape’s look-alike quickly went viral, so American Airlines played along with the joke, took a photo of him 'in character’, and posted it to promote 'Flight 9¾’. Source Source 2 Source 3

Please open your bags and proceed to terminal nine hundred and thirty fouurrrr… 


But now, things are different. I’ll never be the same. Here I am, sitting on my windowsill, thinking. Thinking, that it’s crazy how much shit I let you put me through all because I love you. Knowing, that I’m not nearly as important to you as I had thought. Understanding, that I could never hate you for everything you’ve done to me; I still love you and I always will. Realizing, that you take this love for granted. You’ll never be worthy.
—  i guess this is goodbye

stardew valley gothic

• the time passes so quickly yet so slowly. it’s been a week, it’s been months, it’s been years. you do not age. nobody ages. the children don’t grow up. you start forgetting everything about your life before. you live here. you’ve always lived here.

• when it rains, you hear strange faraway howls and screams that fill you with primal terror. you never stay outside for long on rainy days.

• your crops grow within days. you plant seeds in the ground. ten days later, the fields are overgrown with corn.

• you find things when you dig in the dirt. roots, clay, stone. books. skulls that don’t look like they belong to any animal you know.

• there are only two channels on tv. the weather and the fortune teller. it doesn’t matter when you turn it on, the weather program is only just starting. “it will be sunny tomorrow” the weatherman says with empty eyes and a too-wide smile. you flip to the fortune teller’s channel. “the spirits are in a bad mood today” she says, “be careful”. you shiver, and decide not to go to the mines today.

• have you always been so strong? you can chop down a tree in minutes and you can carry hundreds of stones in your backpack.

• you wake up at exactly 6 every morning. you can’t wake up earlier, or later.

• sometimes your scarecrows are not planted where they were yesterday.

• you hear whispers in the old community center. you can almost see something indiscernable out of the corner of your eye. you bring offerings, hoping to appease the spirits. • today it’s winter. you swear two days ago it was summer.

• the berries you found in the woods have a strange metallic taste. their juices stain your mouth red. you keep eating them anyway.

• nobody ages. nobody ages. nobody ages. what year is it?

• you keep bringing offerings in the old community center. honey, milk, wine, peaches, dead animals. there are never enough offerings.

• the fruit bats that live in the small cave near your house leave fruit for you. they bring you out of season fruit, exotic fruit, fruit that comes from halfway across the world, fruit that you’ve never seen before.

• the wizard granted you the power to understand the spirits that live in the old community center. now you wish he hadn’t.

• every night when you get home, you lock the door and close the windows. every morning when you wake up, your cat is somehow inside the house.

• the train passes through stardew valley sometimes, but never stops. you can hear howls coming from it.

• you try talking to the people in the village, but they always seem to be repeating the same things. “do you have any blueberries?”, asks lewis for the 14th time this month.

• there are things in the mines. don’t go into the mines.

• “we’re insulated from the rest of the world here” says demetrius. now that you think of it, you have never received a letter or a phone call from the outside world. is there even an outside world?

• there is a bath house, north of the town. there is never anyone there, but the electricity works and the water runs. when you enter the locker room, there is a bathing suit just your size waiting for you. the water in the big bath is milky. you can’t see the bottom. you enter it anyway. when you exit, you feel happy and energised. you have nothing to worry about. come back soon!

• the bus to calico desert is out of service. the road to calico desert is out of service. do not go to calico desert. do not ask about calico desert. do no think about calico desert. there is no calico desert.

• you are out late at night, gathering berries. at exactly two am, something knocks you out. you wake up in your bed the following morning. don’t think about it. go to sleep.

• you try staying up past two am the following night, only to be knocked out again. go to sleep. go to sleep. go to sleep.

• you have been here for a couple of weeks, or maybe for decades. nothing changes. you can’t die. you can’t die. you can’t die.

A visit to the in laws

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were on our way to his parents house for a visit with his family. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was looking forward to the visit. On the way we stopped at my friends house to pick up some books she had borrowed that belonged to my mother in law so we could return them.

Hubby pulled into the driveway and I went inside. Amy was out but her hubby was there with the books. (Amy and Riley were the couple from the theatre story) I don’t remember exactly what Riley said but something about how good I looked and too bad I had to get going and couldn’t come in and stay for awhile. Of course being the naughty slut that I am I told him if he could be quick I’d let him fuck me while my husband waited in the car out front.

He liked that idea. He led me to the kitchen where he started to kiss me and grope my tits. I dropped to my knees and pulled out his cock. Sucking it just long enough to get him hard before standing up turning around and pulling my pants down over my ass. Riley pushed his nice hard cock into me and I let out a moan as he grabbed my hair and started pounding into me. He told me how good my pussy felt and I told him how wet he was making me. I could feel I was getting close to cumming and kept begging him to give it to me.

He was assaulting my cheating cunt hard when my phone started ringing, it was my hubby. I answered it saying I was cumming which was 100% true. “I’ll be right out babe.” I manage to say. He said not to worry that he just called because he wanted me to ask Riley if he wanted to join him and some of the other guys Monday night for some beers and to catch the football game. I said I would ask. So while Riley fucked me I asked him if he wanted to hang out with my hubby Monday, he said he was definitely interested. So as I continued to cheat on my loving hubby I told him yes and hung up the phone. Riley was now really giving it to me hard. his hands were tight on my hips as he slammed into me making my eyes roll back in my head and causing me to moan. I told him I was about to cum again and he was ready to cum as well so I told him to cum in me while my hubby was outside waiting, which he gladly did. After he pulled out I pulled my pants up, fixed my hair, grabbed the books thanked Riley for the fuck and the lovely load and left.

The whole time I was with my hubby and his family I could feel Riley’s load leaking out of me. It made me incredibly wet and horny and I couldn’t keep my hands off my hubby. I kept teasing him and touching him knowing that as soon as we got home he was going to give me another good pounding.

I love my naughty life.

Accurate representation of me in literally ANY place that sells books.

Artwork belongs to @delusioninabox 👏👏👏


✨ Gemanimate  ✨ 
Leticia Curi | dokirosi

This is my contribution to the second Gemanimate project (2017). 
We were free to reanimate a shot of Steven Universe, from the episode “the answer”.

I used Paint tool Sai and Photoshop in my animation process and decided to make the background based on the book “The answer” from the same franchise.

Original shot and audio belong to Cartoon Network.

you can check more of this amazing project here:

S/o to trauma survivors forced to start a new life in order to truly escape their abusive situations- the ones who fled their home towns, abandoned friendships without a word, packed a single bag of belongings and booked it. Your sacrifices were worth the newfound freedom. I promise. You did what you had to do in order to survive. Please don’t regret making the difficult decision to leave