this bond between them gives me feels

Easy ways to bring magic into your life

Just few things I like to do in everyday life (well almost every day) 

  • Talking to your plants (if you have any). It’s good way to strengthen the bond between you and make your plants grow stronger
  • Making little charms for myself and for others to give as gifts. You can charge them with intent or scribble a sigil on them
  • Drawing sigils
  • Sending positive energy to people close to me
  • Drawing how you’re feeling (this will bring the energy you’re feeling onto the paper/screen)
  • Wishing people good luck or just generally being here for others (I believe magic is mostly about energies so just by supporting someone you’re sharing your energy)
  • Picking up neat rocks/plants/leafs you find to use later

Feel free to add more stuff :3

-Imagine Monstrous/Inhuman/Ugly Characters forming close bonds with a human and starting to understand friendship and companionship or differences between their species/worlds as the human learns from them.

-Imagine the Monstrous/Inhuman/Ugly Character over time realizing that they start to feel more for their human companion but refuse to say anything, secretly holding a one sided relationship in fear of loosing them.

-Imagine the Monstrous/Inhuman/Ugly Character being told or finding out that their human companion has been in love with them too or realizes that they love the monster back.


okay voltron, please give me stronger bonds between the paladins, not all romantic of course, but good familial, platonic bonds. bring them together as a team. Let Pidge grow and Hunk be a kid with them. Let lance be lance and discover himself with the universe. Let Keith express himself. Let Shiro heal and Allura to expand her knowledge and feelings and humanity and Coran be a good space uncle.

then give me Klance

How Long Would It Take for The Diaboys to Have Their First Time With Their S/O?

Kiki: an anon asked and I am more than happy to answer ^ v ^


I’d give it about a month. You might think this is weird, but let me tell you why I think so. Shu will push the relationship ahead in the first month to create a strong bond between him and his s/o. Progressing the relationship like this makes sure that even if he doesn’t do anything for/with his lover often (since he’s always lazing around), the strong bond they formed early on doesn’t make them seperate. He will, of course, consider his lover’s feelings before actually doing anything first.

Like soooo long, it’s almost infuriating. He considers the act of love making to be a very special and intimate moment, so he won’t do it until he’s fully confident and happy about their relationship status, which can take years. He also takes into account that there needs to be an “appropriate” atmosphere for the act and seeing as his brothers are always  up to something, Reiji will always have to postpone it. His s/o would be very lucky if it took less than a year to have their first time.

Hard to say really. If he just ADORES his s/o (like he should) their first time will be in the period of at least two months after they get together. This can vary considering how close him and his lover get in that period of time… it may take only one month or even a week if his s/o is everything he imagines in a girl.

Less than three weeks (tops) into the relationship… and this is him holding himself back! He’s very worried about having their first time so soon of the fear that she might hate him for it, but he can’t help himself if he loves his girl, can he? Eventually though, his self-control will waver and he’ll just want nothing but his lover’s body. Sooo yes, I give it three weeks, before he comes after his lover

Contrary to what some might think, it will take at least a month and a half… AT LEAST. Now, I know some of you thought it will take a lot less time, but listen. If Laito truly loves his s/o, he will care soooo much for her feelings and will definitely hesitate to engage in anything more intimate after they get together. He will fear that she might get hurt if he progresses too quickly, so he’ll especially hold himself back on the matter until she’s okay with it. If it takes too long for this to happen however, he will let himself loose (ewe)

A month… I give it a month (ewe). Again, surprising isn’t it, considering how shy Subaru actually is? But if his feelings for his s/o are big enough, he will start craving for her day and night. The vampire will try his best to hold himself back, because (like the previous two brothers) he’s afraid of hurting her. Eventually though, he will get VERY frustrated with having to do this and will, when he’s at his limit, confront his lover, asking if it’s okay to do it (he’ll be very up front about it too)


Hmmm… I’d say a year. He’s finicky about it. Sex wouldn’t be on his mind the first few months, because to him this is a time meant for developing a strong bond with his lover. Only until they’re close enough will he start to consider moving things forward and even then it will take him time to be fully convinced he’s ready to take that step with his s/o. (Sounds like I’m talking about marriage, doesn’t it?) He definitely wants to take time to make sure the conditions are good, so yeah, it will take at least a year.

Two months at most, I think. Again, it depends on how close him and his s/o get. But you know, now that I think about it, I think it will only take one month! Being an idol and all, Kou is often away for work and this creates some difficulties for him and his lover to be together (unless his lover doesn’t mind), so, just like Shu, he will try to create a strong bond early on so that when he’s away, he won’t have to worry about her growing to hate him.

I’m giving him four weeks to hold back XD At first he won’t even consider having sex, but seeing as his feeling are bound to grow for his lover, the thought will slowly creep up on him until that’s all he can think of. Restrained by the thought of his s/o ending the relationship if he moves too fast, will make him hesitate a lot. Soon after he will get so sexually frustrated that he will take that risk.

Now in THIS case, when him and his s/o have their first time is completely up to her! He’s okay to do it whenever! After all he loves her and wants to please her (in more ways than one (ewe) ) Although if it doesn’t happen in a long time, Azusa will start to gently and subtly present the idea to his partner.


It will take as long as it has to. Carla has a lot of other concerns (one of them IS his lover of course), which he has to concentrate his attention on. In fact, sex won’t even come to his mind, but if his s/o implies the idea to him, Carla will definitely consider it. Only when he truly starts to become sexually frustrated will he put ANYTHING aside to sate his craving for his lover.

Hell, he’ll do it the first week into their relationship! This is because he’ll want to claim her as his posession and sex is definitely the first thing that will come to mind. If his lover doesn’t agree to this, he’ll postpone it, but she can be sure when the time eventually comes he will not hold himself back.

I can't wait for Adrien to realize Marinette likes him.

Like can you even imagine it? Granted at first he’ll be a little uneasy because he wouldn’t really know how to handle it. But as the show gradually gets darker and the bond between them gets stronger he’ll start to notice the little things:
He’ll notice the dimples in her smile.
The way her eyes twinkle when she’s happy.
The somber darkening of her eyes when she’s troubled.
The slight blush when he brushes against her.
Her soft expression when he looks at her.
The way her voice rings when she laughs.
The warmth and tenderness she gives off when she hugs him.
The genuine comfort and love he feels in her presence.

And like her offering him all this comfort and happiness would make me so happy.