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LOL I almost forgot about/missed pocky day so have some nerds I haven’t drawn in a while ahaha—

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Santa, Baby - Lawrence Sonntag x Reader

Name: Santa Baby

Pairing: Lawrence Sonntag x Reader

Word Count: 2025

Rating: T - Alcohol and Cursing

“Alright, Lawrence, this next question is for you. It comes from someone with the creative name of cuntpunter69. They said: ‘Larr, who is your best friend outside of FunHaus? Do you have any?’” Bruce read. The room collectively oohed and Lawrence rolled his eyes.

“Sick burn, man. He really got you, Lawrence.” James commented.

“I think Mr. CuntPunter69 is making a mistake in assuming I’m friends with any of you assholes.” Lawrence said, squinting slightly, “but yes, I have a best friend outside of funhaus.” Adam gasped and covered his heart, feigning injury. Bruce pouted. James grinned.

“Spill the tea.” Elyse insisted, “Tell us about her—uh—them.” Lawrence rolled his eyes. Funhaus all new full well who you were. He’d talked about you enough that they knew your whole life story, almost. He’d forced you to enough parties that they knew you personally. Elyse currently had a mission of convincing you to join the team. In her words, she and Joel needed more estrogen to balance out the office.

“Alright, Alright. Her name is [First Name] and she’s the biggest damn loser you’ll ever meet…” He kept his rant about you short. He spoke for two minutes straight, but no one stopped him. When he finished talking, he realized how much more he could say about you. He could always talk about the way your eyes lit up when he offered buying you your favorite candy, or the way you slurred your words when you got too tired, or the way you insisted on at least one piggy back ride every time you hung out, or the way you blushed when he teased you for saying something nerdy, or… Fuck. Fuck.

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