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Searching for OPH3 / VS. Vinyl!

heya! i’ve been approached by someone on instagram @victoriastojan who’s been looking for one of these babies for a while now! if you happen to have a spare one lying around that you don’t need anymore or would be willing to give yours away, i’m sure your vinyl would find a great home @victoriastojan’s !! 

If you have one, or know someone who’d be willing to giver their VS. Vinyl away or knows a place that still sells these, either let me know here on tumblr (replying to this post, ask or IM) or directly message the lovely on instagram !!

Thank you, xx

(it’d be great if you could reblog this even if you don’t have one, just so words gets out and maybe we can help this one out)

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Their sona... thing is male. But I'd just stick to they/them tbh. I agree, though. Misgendering is never cool even if you hate/dislike/LOATHE someone.

Man another GREAT EPISODE!!!

Akko literally got to walk a mile in Diana’s shoes. And sure she abused it a bit (but she’s Akko, so are we really that surprised?) but she didn’t do any real harm.

But best of all was that Diana didn’t get upset with her for that. Nor did she let others ridicule her for it. Sure, Diana snaps at her for being so rash and mopey when she doesn’t get her way, but it’s only the truth and Akko needed to hear it! Diana’s words only motivated her.

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Oh man! Where do I begin;;;;; How? I have no idea, anon. I’m just as curious as you are;;; First off, I’m still not over how amazing Ore is??? like WOAH I’m just mind blown at how natural we are with each other from the very beginning. I admit I did have a crush way back then (lol gemsona week consisted of me trying to be cool and not make it so obvious pfff) I get really embarrassed talking about it- Not in a bad way of course! 

…and I don’t want to give the impression that everything is absolutely perfect like some fairytale, but man;;;  there is some magical universe stuff going on I swear. I guess you can say I got lucky???;;;;; But I think it happens to everyone. If you just be patient with it and just relax and let this flow naturally you’ll be surprised because all of a sudden there’s this delicate laid out for you to walk down and enjoy the scenery.

The first moments spent with him in person and just chatting with each other- or something silly like interacting with posts about our self inserts PFF it felt so pure and genuine. It’s refreshing and it wonderful. I’m sorry;;; I’m awful at speaking esp. trying to describe feelings haha…. 

Victor Nikiforov is seriously so inspiring, holy shit. I love him so fucking much.

He’s a 27 year old that was set for life doing what he loved most, but hit a wall and is trying to find inspiration in something unknown.

He’s taking the hugest leap of faith with Yuuri to find himself again, or maybe a new version of himself or an old version.

He’s telling you it’s okay to make changes, to take risks, and chase after things you might think are scary.


Victor Nikiforov has made me feel so many things. But most importantly, he’s made me feel that’s it’s okay to not have my life together.

Victor has taught me that even if the whole world tells your you’re wrong, or expects something from you, it’s /your/ life, /your/ choice.

Let Victor Nikiforov be the inspiration to find yourself or a new you, chase your dreams, or even fall in love with the unknown.

Victor Nikiforov means so much to me, so much. I may have said all kinds of stuff right now, but there are seriously not enough words to say how much.