this blog is weird enough as it is

Why meeting someone online isn’t weird at all:
  • Our generation grew up with technology and the internet 
  • Since we all grew up with technology, we know all about internet safety.
  • If you’re going to meet in person, you’re going to sure as hell confirm their identity before you do so because you’re not an idiot
  • We aren’t naive enough to believe out of billions of people on the planet, our soulmate or even best friend is going to live next door. 
  • Joining blogging communities involves socialization 
  • Gaming online with thousands of people? You’re bound to click with someone
  • Everyone is connected through the interwebs 
  • It’s easier to find someone you relate to online compared to in person 
  • Not everyone is trying to catfish or abduct you

ive always loved @fanartcity‘s oc asshat jones (and super m! what a goofball), but this character development as of late has me feeling many Emotions. anyway ive had a memo on my desk for a couple weeks now saying “draw asshat” in all caps but its never come up til now. hope im not being weird

isabaelle-lightwood  asked:

So something weird happened yesterday. I binge-read through this entire blog (but that's not the weird part, just something that contributed). Where I live, we don't have crows, but there was a small bird, one of those that is everywhere but no one knows what they are actually called. So, it was just kind of hopping around, right near me, and I thought, "Hey, why not, lets recite one of my trashy poems that I wrote for english and see what happens, right? It's not a crow, but close enough." 1/2

2/2 It flew away after, and I just went around my day as I normally do. Then, when I got home, I found this really weird rusty quarter just sitting in the driveway? No clue how it got there, but I’ve decided to keep it close. For reasons. Basically, do other birds appreciate poetry as much as crows?    

Nothing appreciates poetry as much as the crows. But small drab indescribable everywherebirds appreciate it a substantial amount, nonetheless.

Bit weirded out

I have one client, who’s semi-regular and comes into the clinic with his dog about three times a year.

He seems like a nice enough guy, liked a chat, but it’s getting a little weird.

The last few times I’ve seen him we’ve had good long chats, because he had lots of questions, about topics that I just happened to cover on this blog in the previous few months.

This is advantageous because I’m freshly read up on the topic and well prepared, so I sound super smart and educated.

But I have to keep wondering if this is a coincidence, or of the 23 million people on this continent I just happen to be the real life vet for one of my blog readers?

Every time I’ve explained reasons I don’t like Steven Universe the way I used to I get a sprinkling of responses along the lines of “don’t like it? Don’t watch it.”

Well, you’ll be happy to know that I don’t!

….Until I see people talking about a new episode of what was one of my favorite shows not too long ago and I’m still curious to see if it’s getting any better or has any little moments I might have found interesting before or if it’s just declining further, and if I feel strongly enough about my findings, maybe make a post to my own blog about my own feelings on a piece of media that I generally keep out of the main tags.

So I guess what they’re saying is they wish I strictly was not allowed to do that thing in my own space with my own time. Weird!! That seems kinda almost silly!

I draw Okuyasu pretty much every day and rn I’m kinda thinking, maybe I should just make an ask blog for him or a daily okuyasu blog. Then most of my Okuyasu art could go on that blog and my art blog could have more different stuff


YELL S HOW TF DID I GET 300+?? HOW DID I EVEN GET 100+??? I remember being pumped when my blog finally got past 50, and I’m so grateful that this many of you like my weird-ass muses & my constant OOC posts enough to have clicked follow. I know I’ve been terribly inactive recently, but my appreciation for all of you is still absolutely there, and I hope I’ll be able to interact more with you in the future!


@singmetoyourside: You already know why you’re on here - the most fun I’ve ever had storybuilding was talking about original universes with you, but aside from that, you’re also the best friend I’ve ever had, and I can’t imagine my life without you.

@silentserenade: I love you and I can’t thank you enough for your constant support & for always letting me infodump, even at the worst possible times oops. I hope you know what an incredible person you are & how glad I am to have you in my life.


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YOU, THE PERSON READING THIS - I might have forgotten to add you, but you’re valued and appreciated, and you write your muse(s) in a way no one else can!! Keep being your awesome self, and thank you so much for following me!


took a study break to draw some more of my Kanas bc I haven’t done that in a while

[if ur curious about the other kana stuff, it is here]

good morning romantically shipping real people is disgusting have a nice day

anonymous asked:

Any tips for smoking for the first time ??

1. You actually have to inhale the smoke, not just suck it into your mouth
2. Don’t let anyone pressure you into smoking/ smoking more if you aren’t ready or you feel like you’re at your limit (I get dizzy and barf when I overdo it, so I take no shit, also good stoner friends won’t try to push you further than your limit or pull the whole “don’t be a little bitch” thing)
3. Have water and your fav snacks around
4. Cottonmouth feels real weird the first few times around, it can even make you feel like your mouth/teeth are chalky
5. If you happen to live with your parents still (assuming you’re 18+ cause that’s the rules for my blog), and they Arent cool with it, don’t be dumb and get stoned in the afternoon/evening knowing you’re gonna have to go home right after. Arrange to stay with your friend or do it early enough in the day to where you can collect yourself before going home cause your first few times, eye drops, breath mints, and perfume won’t save you - you’re gonna look like you’re baked as shit regardless
6. If you feel dizzy, SIT DOWN and have a glass of water or some food. I personally can’t close my eyes or I spin, but whatever works for you - but it helps to ground yourself in a comfy chair
7. It’s okay to cough, or to not be able to take the biggest hit - it’s all about what works for you cause it’s different for everyone.
8. You may or may not feel it the very first time - it’s different for everyone.
9. If you find yourself psyching yourself out or getting paranoid, let your safety friend know (for gods sakes don’t call your mom, even if it’s tempting) and allow them to talk you down/ help you mellow out
I0. Cigarettes can mellow out a good high or intensify a bad one (for me at least) so if you smoke, get to know yourself and how the combo works for you I.e which you should smoke first, whether you should burn a whole cig after a sesh, whether the buzz will make you feel good or bad in combination with the ganj —– also blunts/rillos cause they contain tobacco and can have the same heavy buzz effect on top of the high, which is why I can’t smoke them much anymore. Same general idea for alcohol and crossfading, it can go either way.

That’s the best I got, hopefully none of this scared you off I just think there’s a lot I wasn’t warned about that’s easier to handle if you’re aware of it all ahead of time. Happy smokin anon!!!

anonymous asked:

Do you think any of the boys sleep talk or sleep walk? What would they do if candy did? (p.s. I love your blog! ♡♡♡ Keep up your lovely work! ♡)

Thank you! <3

Nathaniel will mumble here and there in his sleep but it’s never clear enough to tell what he’s saying.

Occasionally though he’ll say some really weird things that don’t even make sense. It makes you wonder what he’s dreaming of, but when you bring it up to him he has no idea what you’re talking about.

He stays pretty still when he’s sleeping. He can only sleep in lie, two positions. He’s also an extremely light sleeper so there’s no way he’s be able to move around and not wake up.

If candy did he’d be a little confused as to what to do. He knows he shouldn’t wake you up so he just kind of follows you around to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. He usually makes sure you can’t open the bedroom door (if you were actually conscious you could of course) so that way you aren’t just roaming around. If you talk he just stares at you like “what…?” but he gets used to it after a while.

Castiel is a very heavy sleeper. He’s like a log. He’s also a blanket hog so good luck getting it back if he steals it from you.

He doesn’t talk in his sleep but if he wakes up and is still half asleep he can’t talk right. He’ll try to say something to you but it comes out reallllyyyy slow or incoherent sentences.

He doesn’t sleep walk either, he actually doesn’t move much in his sleep. He’s always sleeping with something in his grip.

If you did he’d be super freaked out at first because he wouldn’t know what to do, and you being so unresponsive is just gonna freak him even more. He also just follows you around to make sure you don’t do anything dumb. Looks up ways to stop or help you. Teases you if you talk in your sleep.

Lysander talks in his sleep. He has very strange dreams though, sometimes he can control them and sometimes he can’t. He speaks very quietly though so you have to really listen to understand what he says.

He used to sleepwalk when he was a kid. He’s a super heavy sleeper, so he recalls none of this when he wakes up. He does remember his dreams in vivid detail though, which is ironic considering his memory sucks. If you talk he’s confused at first but just tunes you out to go back to sleep.

It takes him a while to actually wake up. Like, he’s awake but he’s not fully responding to anything until an hour later.

Since he used to sleep walk when he was younger he knows how to handle it and will just take precautions to make sure you won’t be in danger, lie locking windows, doors, putting away knives, anything you could hurt yourself or someone else with.

Armin talks in his sleep all the time, and if you’re anything like me you’d probably have multiple video recordings of him talking.

He doesn’t sleep walk but he does move around a lot which can be really annoying because he’s sometimes accidentally kick you off the bed.

He has a tendency to wake up and get snacks and then go back to sleep after eating but he doesn’t know what you’re talking about in the morning. He’s confused as to why there’s empty chip bags everywhere.

If you sleepwalk/talk he thinks it’s really funny and will probably record you but he’s smart enough to know he should make sure you’re safe by also taking precautions.

Kentin only talks in his sleep when he’s having a pretty crazy dream, like a nightmare or something. He’s aware that he’s talking too, so he usually wakes up when he does this.

Doesn’t sleep walk or move much. He sleeps wrapped up in his blanket, and he usually has his arm wrapped around you or a pillow if you aren’t there.

He always rolls off the bed and scares himself awake from the loud thud.

If you sleep walk he’s overly worried and will try to wake you up, but gently so that you don’t freak out. Which is still stupid but he doesn’t know what to do. If you talk he thinks it’s adorable and will listen to what you’re saying, while laughing.

erika-bb  asked:

This is so random but I had a dream that my spayed cat kept getting pregnant and I was really confused, so I came to your blog and sent in an ask asking for help lmao. It was so weird!! But I love your blog enough that it's showing up in my dreams! Keep it up!

So the important question is: what advice did dream WADTT give you? Because that’d be an interesting one… 

* Oh. Uh…

* H-Hello. 

* I, uh. Decided to start up one of these blogs t-to document some of the uh…

* Weird… 

* Things occurring around me. 

* Y-You can send asks or… Something if you’d like. 



Noel and Richard’s honeymoon trip to Copenhagen 

i just thought back to the time i was stalked by taylor swift on tumblr dot com lmaooo


[I tried to make a fancy graphic but I wasn’t happy with any of it so here I go and write. 

First of all:


Life has been pretty terrible as of late again. I am living off 100 euros a month and only by careful planning can I make it work but I don’t have money for anything unless I have a coupon or something else that gives me a huge discount. I won’t get paid until August at the earliest so that’s really tough. I’d feel terrible asking for money though.

This blog means the world to me and being able to share it with this many people is fantastic!!!

I’m actually going to try and tag some people and write something nice about them. It is stressing me out as I want to thank a lot of people but I can’t thank over 600 people so aaaah here it goes:

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