this blog is supposed to be silly

Why am I still seeing so many people use phrases like “hurr durr” or “herp derp” to indicate some level of silliness or stupidity?

These are ableist terms that essentially originated on 4chan to insult, mock, and harass developmentally disabled people, particularly autistics and folks with Downs Syndrome and similar.

The entire “joke” is ableist in its content. The “joke” is that the speaker is making sounds that are supposed to sound silly and unintelligent. The fact that the speaker sees these sounds as signs of stupidity is ableist because many disabled people make those sounds, regardless of individual intelligence level. (If you can even agree on what to measure as signs of “intelligence” but I digress.)

Please stop writing posts with these terms. Please stop reblogging posts with those terms without criticism. I’m getting so tired of seeing supposed activists put these phrases on their blogs. It’s painful every time I see it.


I… may have jumped the gun when @achryathesecond mentioned an atlantis au in a post… but I had two perfectly good background studies laying around from the last time I did an atlantis au. So… I reused them.


I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to do for the au… so both….

👋🏼 Hi, new followers!

This blog seems to be getting a lot of you lately, so I thought I would fluff up the Welcome mat.

I’m Haven.  I kind of like Tom Hiddleston. I mean, he’s okay.  I suppose.  *grumblegrumble*   I edit.  I scribble.  I like to talk to nice people and have fun and be silly.  I have lots of love for other things like Zootopia and 19th c. lit and baseball and kitties and potatoes and coloring and tumblr archive diving.  Pull up a chair and stay a while.  

P.S. SAF has whiskers right now and he’s on his way to the Golden Globes which means Whiskers Tuxedo Tom, so be prepared for boundless enthusiasm and uncontrollable excitement over the next few days.  Just FYI.

anonymous asked:

Like you said, it's based off of interpretations. These are headcanons and such, if the Nonny don't like or agree, they can just move along. Indulgent blogs aren't supposed to be taken seriously as canon or whatever. You're doing fine.

Pretty much.
Were this official novelisation work, it’d be a different thing. I do take getting characters right seriously… but as has been said: indulgent.
This is a sandbox. I’m here to write silly headcanons and bits of smut for folks who want those things. I can’t please everyone.

so uh

Technically I have a sideblog that I’m supposed to shunt all my silly reblogs off to, as this blog was originally meant to be A Pristine Temple of Just My Original Content. Buuuut I don’t really feel like doing that anymore, so there’s going to be a slight increase in the amount of miscellaneous-nonsense-I’m-interested-in-but-someone-else-done-posted-it-first around here. (And I do mean “slight”; I don’t actually reblog things all that often, because even after ~six years I am still fundamentally missing the point of this website.)

Since there will be more posts that are not just fakemon art or me kicking myself about being a crappy writer, might as well take the time to mention that if you’d like me to tag for something, give me a holler and let me know.

please enjoy the incoming cat gifs and critical role fanart, thank you

I want to join an age regression community that isn’t anti (except for anti ddl[g/b, k]nk, nsf))w) but everyone hates each other and has rules. We do this to relax and here we are at each other’s throats and dictating content and throwing and banishing people from communities that should be fun and relaxing. This is why people delete and feel shame and guilty and can’t regress happily. I know this isn’t gonna change anything but it’s just so frustrating to not belong and to lose friends and posts and blogs because of a title. It all boils down to age regression. And I don’t understand source tailing either. If I follow a blog that is k/nk and nsf/w free then why does it matter if I reblog from them???? It’s so tiring and honestly takes the fun out of regressing. It’s supposed to be cute and silly not detective work and discourse. For example, I was recently removed from the k/dheart community because I’m also in the cg////lre community. I don’t hold any grudges and I really don’t care because I got the feeling it would happen anyway, but you know what? The rules in both are the same. Non-k/nk and no nsfw content.


I promise I started drawing this on valentines, but hey,
anytime is a good time for chocolate, right? ` v ´ )
(Silly Seb, that was supposed to be a secret gift for you… )
Art blog: questionartbox

Apologies & Promises

Hey lovelies, 

Firstly, I’d like to apologize. 

I know I haven’t updated in a very, very long time. Sure, there are countless excuses I can throw your way (school’s been hectic, work’s been overwhelming, mental health’s been fluctuating, etc), but that’d be disingenuous. 

To be completely honest, I had actually forgotten why I was doing this in the first place. 

Somewhere along the way, I started seeing this blog as a chore – just another thing to get done (which of course in turn became just another thing to put off). But in reality, I wanted to carve out a little safe space for lady & non-binary queerios. This blog was supposed to be somewhere we could share our stories, vent our frustrations, laugh at silliness, and most importantly be ourselves. 

Judging from recent events, it’s clear that our allies won’t always treat us with the respect we deserve. I’m not getting into it right now, but I’m sure many of you know what I’m referring to. All I will say is that my heart aches, crumbling under the weight of our unnecessarily heavy stories. Unfortunately, I think everyone can relate to this sentiment even without the specifics. And so, it’s ultimately up to us to support our own community. 

I promise to be better about running this blog. At the very least, I’ll provide what little support I can from this limited platform. It (and I) won’t be perfect by any means… but I will definitely make all you lovelies the top priority you deserve to be.

Thank you for reading. 
Thank you for for staying. 
And thank you, thank you, thank you for existing.

- SC


Dinner for 3!

Sam left for sleep early tonight because hes been So amazing and kind enough to stay up for me while I was not feeling well. but because I am supposed to be on bed rest I made us a simple sub while sitting on a bar stool ^-^ but it was really lovely to be downstairs with the girls for a few hours instead of the bedroom or bathroom where i’ve been since my DRs apt two weeks ago. enjoy some silly bun bun selfies while I take my two love bugs to rest hope everyones Tuesday was/is fabulous!

Early Birds vs. Night Owls

“There’s somethin REEEAALLY fishy ‘bout this splatfest.”

“What is it?”

“All the Early Birds are asleep!!! How’re we supposed’ta fight if no one’s up at the same time?!?”

“Maybe if the Night Owls stayed up so late, it’ll be early morning and the Early Birds will be up?”


 Here’s the 2nd photo to be added unto this almost dead blog. I suppose the first rewarding thing i could do is be appreciative and give thanks for a few things.

here’s a snapshot taken on my way to work. work is all i ever do now. that and sleep. the cost of living and possibly some other minor silly choices have led me here, to this spot. standing on a train platform somewhere north of the Los Angeles river, past the mountains of Griffith, somewhere closer to a strange city called Burbank. just recently i saw old footage shot on 16mm (could have been 35mm) depicting the town of Burbank in its mid stages.  i read it was filmed by a government recorder of some type, possibly somewhere in the early 30’s-40’s. i’ll tell you… there weren’t many things. mostly acres of lands, few houses. much much industrial wherehousing. the industrial machinery of a wherehouse still sitting here, well, lets just say… i know where its been. a long travel across from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 

now to add in appreciation of all things, but this time of people, I was given the pleasure of spending an evening with two wonderful individuals before the year had ended. Two people whom i know appreciate such same things about this silly funny place called California.

both very charming and talented folks pixandum and carmenalt and I spent a lovely evening at what is a local cafe to Sam and I, chatting it up around cups of coffee, taking in Carmen’s take as well as us all sharing stories of a first hand Los Angeles experience, i couldn’t ask for more. Sam and Carmen, you’re both magnificent people.

This photo is for you both.

Thank You.


HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR from the French Squid

Hello friends, followers, tumblr people!

2015 is over! YAY! Time to welcome the new year full of good resolutions and projects! For myself I decided to draw more, for this blog of course but also go back to do other stuff.

On the 31th I went to my art store buy a new sketch book that I’m going to take everywhere with me like I used to do when I was in college/high school, the idea is to finish it during the year and make it full of observation sketches or random stuff that tell what I did / where I went during 2016. This should get me back to draw architecture, food, plants, animals and objects.

About Splatoon and this blog, I still have gift art to do for my friends that was supposed to be their Christmas… ha ha ha… My next project here is to finaly make Jill’s background! Some silly stuff with my other squids and introduce new characters! I also planned to make one miiverse drawing everyweek and why not organize some “play with followers” sessions! That would be fun to splats meet new people thru the game.

Now some special thanks, to friends I’ve met thanks to Splatoon and Tumblr.
@tamarinfrog / @searching-for-bananaflies Because it’s been ages I’m watching you on deviantart and I just can’t tell how happy I am since you “noticed” me and became my friend. You’re REALLY responsible about my presence in this fandom, and you can’t imagine the amount of motivation I’m taking from you. Stay the fresh Squid Hell Queen. ♥
@missdiancie You should listen more to your fans and friends because they are right. Your drawings are amazing and pleasant to look. On top of that we just have so much in common. Please be more confident this year and your life will be much better hun!
@honey-squid I’m happy I met you, you’re a really chill person and you became my “face expressions” senpai :’D. I love your sketches, thanks to you I’m not the only one around to do a lot of traditional art *brofist*.
@wasabi-beats Your squids and octos are just so good that you make me feel like shit… I will make you pay. I love you!

@blazinpineapple and @legendwaker you guys styles are my faves ♥ Give me more art orgasms this year please. @mixiv-14 for destroying my ass with her charger.


Have a fabulous picture of the mun in bonus.

A Chance Encounter

Finally he came bursting out of the school, chattering rapidly with three other kids – taller than him, red headed, looked like they were siblings.

Brian caught her eye and waved, saying a cheerful goodbye to his new friends and rushing over.

He started chattering almost before he was close enough for her to hear him, and she rolled her eyes as they started walking toward her car (it was a piece of crap but it was the best she could afford on her part time job) but despite her disinterest she caught a few words – ‘Pines’, 'triplets’, and 'Uncle’.

She glanced back in time to see the kids lay a piece of paper down on the ground and chant something while standing around it, and she froze as black smoke billowed out of the paper.

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It appears that my silly blog already has 50 followers. For me, it’s a HUGE success, and even bigger surprise, since this whole thing was just supposed to be an inside joke, and I didn’t expect to actually get any attention. I am very thankful for all the kind words, and every like and reblog I got, and I hope to keep entertaining you in the future.

Oh, and Mira says “Thanks, guys! You are the best!“

This isn’t a follow forever (which is coming soon and it includes a texture pack!), but rather an appreciation post for all my lovely followers and mutuals who are dear to my heart. Thank you for sticking with me and saying kind words to me and supporting my graphics! I never expected this side blog to gain so much followers??? THIS WAS JUST SUPPOSED TO BE A PLACE TO LET OUT MY LOVE FOR 13 TALENTED BOYS BUT I SLIPPED AND FELL TOO HARD.

So thank you, thank you for following me and being my friend. I adore each and every one of you. LOL i look silly but whatever also dont joshua and i look good in the same shot???