this blog is secretly a musical theatre appreciation blog

This past summer a musical about a lesbian and her complicated relationship with her queer father swept the Tony’s and performed a song about queer identity on live network television. 

 This coming summer the Tony’s will no doubt be utterly taken over by a hip hop musical staring people of color that talks about how this country was built by immigrants and poor people and best revival may very well go to a bilingual production performed in both English and ASL featuring numerous deaf and disabled performers. 

 It’s a pretty great time to be a theatre nerd is what I’m saying.

RENT Meta: or why all these posts about Benny secretly being the hero of the story are wrong.

Yeah, Benjamin Coffin III can pretty much suck a dick and here’s why:

I’ve seen a lot of people argue that Benny is largely misunderstood. After all, all he wants is for his tenants to pay the rent and to hang out with his old friends. His friends are just being slackers and jerks, right? Well…not exactly.

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