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Name: Kris
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi everybody, I’m a teenage boy from NorCal(hella sick) and I’ve already reached out to someone on this site and it’s been pretty chill so far. But the more the merrier right? I guess some things about me are that I’m into kpop and I’m trying to become either a dentist or general practitioner right now, I’m currently divided. I have a wide range of interests from video games to streetwear. I also am an avid supporter of the golden state warriors and fc Barcelona.

Preferences: I don’t have any real preferences, just as long as you’re not a bigot or avid supporter of trump.


Garret the clock-human has a dysfunction but luckily his good pal Orion the clock master helps him out 

Day6 Stans

((based on real scientific observation))

Jae: okay first of all every Jae stan I’ve ever met has been fucking hilarious but they never know it. they’re SO soft for him but won’t acknowledge it. roast him all the time but then feel bad about it. laugh too hard at his tweets. probably bias wrecked by Dowoon.

Sungjin: the sweetest kindest angels you will ever meet they are so nice omfg. generally very calm but don’t touch them whenever he sings they just need a moment. so much secondhand embarrassment from his power dancing but they love it. a little too attracted to his hands. lowkey Wonpil stans tbh.

Young K: have literally cried over his visuals at some point. stan Terry harder than they stan Brian. always ready to talk about how talented and accomplished he is but also the first to roast him. probably obsessed with Man in a Movie. can be found gasping for breath during any comeback.

Wonpil: the softest stans omg. really sweet and friendly but don’t underestimate them they will fight you. lowkey emotionally attached to the pink sweater. always shook by his falsetto. extremely loyal or so they say. their Got7 bias is probably Jinyoung.

Dowoon: thirsty lol. love animals and love that he loves animals. they talk about him like he’s their son but would date him in a heartbeat. patiently waiting for him to get lines. “drummers are so hot”. always the best at coming up with music video theories for some reason.



made by the wonderful birthday girl @nicotinc! thank you for putting her up for download, I’m in love. I also gave her a few more freckles, cause I love me some freckles. I can also finally change my icon that I’ve had since December oops

HI, EVERYONE‼ ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

It wasn’t that much from the last time I did something like this but I missed it, I’ve been somewhat lost from this place, changed urls twice (sawtsuki and shinvbu) in less than two months so I needed something to “call” those blogs I included a year ago. I can’t believe that this blog it turned two years old when before I didn’t even know about this place existed lol. And worst of all is that I completely forgot it and remember it in the most trivial way, so I apologize in advance for the lazy edit, I seriously did something fast but very significant ♥

I will be brief to thank everyone, I have just reached the 25k followers & two years this time since I run this blog, seriously, THANK YOU for continuing to follow me, especially for those who have noticed “changes” in my blog, above all.

Now, here you have a list with very recommended blogs that you should follow.
Faves/friends are bolded.  

@0kamii  @8ay  @a-sakuras  @ackersoul  @aeselyn  @aizawashoutta  @akaashixkeiji  @akirakurussu  @akutagawaas  @akutagawah  @allenswalkers  @amirn  @anime  @aristotesmendoza  @asparagusoup  @asuuna  @atsushisnakajima  @ayaarin  @ayumiko  @bakamura  @bohkutos  @choutarouootori  @cldstrifes  @d4c  @dabi  @daburupurei  @daiizume  @dazaiosamu-s  @de-k-u  @deaddleaves  @desu  @dicennio  @dirkgentlyx  @doumekism  @draqonveins  @erenyeager  @erenyegar  @escarletes  @fairytailwitch  @fortaine  @fujiiwara  @fujitastatara  @fuku-shuu  @fulllmetals  @gahrou  @geassgreen  @genosus  @genoza  @gihtoki  @guren  @hachikenz  @hallibel  @hanae-ichihara  @harukasenpais  @hikaritsu  @hogeky  @hontouni  @horimya  @hyodo  @ichimatsus  @ichise  @iwanari  @izumou  @jetzui  @jmihelic  @juminss  @jyoshikausei  @jyro  @k-isecchis  @kahgeyamas  @kaizoku-niiichan  @kamuisyato  @kanekin  @kanhekiz  @kaoris  @kasugano  @kawaiinohime  @kazuik  @kazune  @kazuye  @keikakus  @kenmacchis  @kidomarus  @kirschtein  @kishitan-iis  @kishou  @kissumi  @kisukke  @kitsukkis  @kiuroo  @kmuiyato  @kojiiro  @komaedas  @kotaros  @kourai  @kovuku  @kurooa  @kurorolucilfer  @kurosakikazui  @kurummi  @larimii  @lavi  @laynce  @littlebratciel  @macveth  @madeki  @makotozz  @mangastream  @mazusu  @meruis  @midforde  @miidoriyas  @mirayama  @misakarose  @miyukei  @mormikas  @munakatareishi  @nagihtos  @nagittos  @namiiswan  @nanzse  @naruzumake  @natsv  @natsvme  @nicorobin  @nicorobins  @nikifforovs  @nikiforv  @nikifurov  @nikiphorov  @nimylu  @noctiscxelum  @noearchivistes  @noxtics  @nozakis  @ochako  @ohreigen  @oicean  @oiivkawa  @oikawastooru  @oikawatoeru  @okita-senpai  @onodera-kosaki  @ootsukis  @oumakokichis  @pitayay  @plisetski  @plisetsking  @ponchizs  @pyon  @raeira  @reinerbraun  @reishikiz  @reizakis  @ri-cha1  @rikorin  @rinsuokah  @rirens  @riseken  @sailorauriga  @sairenji  @sajou-rihito  @sakataz  @sarapyon  @sassaki-s  @scarletail  @scarletkurapika  @schinji  @seieiryu  @seihanndas  @serviceace  @shgieo  @shhinah  @shinnyah  @shirayukii  @shizukku  @shizumar  @shotous  @shreya-chan  @solonin  @sougu  @souleater  @spectrux  @sshiroyasha  @sukerokus  @suzuyajuzoo  @tachibana–chan  @taikos  @tatsunaris  @tetzurou  @thekookiest  @timcanpy  @tobeiru  @tobioskageyama  @todorokih  @todorokii  @toshinorie  @tsugumi  @tsukii  @tsukiko-ciah  @ucitavanje  @ukiinas  @urushenna  @uzurume  @victornikiiforov  @vvictor  @vyctornikiforov  @wakata  @yamakenz  @yamazekis  @yaoyorozus  @ymirgasm  @yonkou  @youkas  @yukkie-s  @yushiyuki  @zakuras  @zechs 

I wish to each one of you have a good day ♥


anonymous asked:

Are Elly and H&L related? What is H&L? Is Koo part of H&L too? I'm confused...

Alright, so like… ima n00b with this shit but leggo

So like first there was this big biker gang run by the Sad Gay Dads

K that’s more like angry gay dads but anyway

They just wanted to be happy and gay together and they created Mugen, this Harley Davidson product placement of a gang

Not everyone was about that gang life tho so the Anamiya brothers showed up and caused some shit

And uh… A Big Fite happened… *furrows brow* Listen I don’t have my shit together rn because this series is a violent thirst trap… literally, so my grasp on timeline and why shit happened is skewed so ima prolly make shit up somewhat

So uh ass was kicked, Mugen broke up and became like the Three Kingdoms era but instead of the land being divided into three it was like five, which is totally against Confucian tenants btw because there’s only one king under heaven and… sry I’ll stay on target

So these groups are like… lit and kick ass for different reasons n shit:

These mthrfkrs are the Hoodlum Squad and I consider them to be forever at the epicentre of whatever drama happens… like I wanna punch Dan, pinch Tetsu’s cheeks, sit on Cobra’s face but anyway I digress

These guys are the White Rascals who own this techno night club and pretty much whoop the ass of any man who abuses a woman. I nut extra hard when Koo appears because he is the Ignis of this show and nobody can tell me otherwise. Also, a transwoman is in this group named Kizzy and ❤️❤️❤️ and Rocky is so GODDAMN EXTRA but that’s @gorou-chan ‘s man and I respect him even though he’s… a little… crazy… BUT ANYWAY (they have the third most lit theme song btw) I’d visit this club legit and not just to see if I could bone Koo.

These guys are the poor parkour orphan squad, aka Rude Boys, and their theme song is like AUTO HYPE FOR ME LIKE OHHHH SHIT SMOKEY BOUT TO LIGHT SOMEBODY UP once he’s done with his seizure SOMEONE GET THIS BOY SOME MILK A DOCTOR but my bff @foreverythingisnotlost had like this whole thing she told me about back when we were in high school and it’s basically this gang, so I told her about it and BOOM now she’s gonna watch it too and we have Yet Another Thing to get on the phone and yammer about excitedly for 5 hours

The Daruma are insane in that they just don’t give a shit bout nothing but indiscriminate ass whooping on anybody that looks at them funny. Like, they’re just here to get revenge and chew bubble gum and gum chewing is a gross habit so they’re just on straight ass kicking now, son. Hyuga is so pretty (in season 1 at least, I don’t feel the facial hair thing he got going on later) but kinda crazy but I guess it’s understandable all things considered. Also, second most lit theme song in this series, I think I actually may play it more than Run This Town sometimes on the way to work.

These Oya High dudes are reckless men who are nothing but delinquents that never graduated and kept getting held back but they kicked all the teachers/principle asses so ain’t nobody gonna tell them what to do, now. The leader, Murayama, is hot unstable because he had to survive 100 punches without passing out so I think that knocked some screws loose. Also has the biggest crush on Cobra from Hoodlum Squad but don’t say that too loud or he’ll drop kick you out of a window in a flash of tsundere fury

… Elly is rude and is in this series too, yes, but his hairstyle is stupid asf in the show and I hate his fucking face how dare he be so FUCKING PERFE- I mean RUDE

*stares at how fluidly he moves for way too long*

Anyway my gif Armiger has failed me in terms of a good H & L group shot, but he’s a part of the Mighty Warriors who think that listening to Wu Tang clan gives them special ass kicking powers or something, and I guess it did because these gangsta ass fuckers bought a casino with the money they stole from bad folks doing some human trafficking. I’m going to be eternally mad at Ice (Elly’s H&L persona) because I work in a casino so how dare?? Also, get the fuck out of my face being so hot

I’m angry again ugh Elly look what you did


Noctis: Sannoh (Hoodlum)

Gladio: Daruma Ikka

Ignis: White Rascals

Prompto: Rude Boys

Yes I already dreamed up some silly crossover shit, leave me alone, everything is @ka-za-ri fault, with her conspirators @gorou-chan and @mrsiwatatakanori , please direct any blog content complaints to them thx

Obviously I need to go to sleep now I’m sorry guys this post was all over the place… wait *squints at the clock* I GOTTA GET UP NOW FOR WORK OH FUCK GODDAAAMMNNIITTT it’s gonna be a long day


fffinally- this would’ve been done sooner but goddamn procrastination and my laptop is just not dealing me anymore c: (same buddy same) 

alright so the moment that @eddcolaboy upload this beauty, I instantly fell in love with it, it’s just so- aaaAAA A it’s per fect and honestly if I wasn’t so damn lazy I would do a doodle for every one of their videos

and also when this video I barely found out about this awesome blog @ask-tomandedd and I found it p funny that these both came into my life at almost the same time but yo if you like sweet angst with a side of gay, this blog is for you~

also give the mod some support, they got things goin on c:

now if you excuse me, it’s almost 5 in morning and I’m gonna sleep until 3 

f uc k m e, amir ite? ??


tsumugi kotobuki: *exists*
me: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
7/2–happy birthday  to the #1, moogs!!

I’M STILL ALIVE YOU GUYS I PROMISE it’s just life, school and work are really kicking my ass :’)))) all i had time to do was color my inu bb redesign which i’m still workin’ on btw

it’s legit really upsetting me that i don’t have much time to draw as much as i use to, but summer’s almost here and i’m gonna pipe it up with a shit load of art!!!

now, with this wooden bowl, i’m a perfect food blog 
k bye

yesterday dinner was arugula, cherry tomatoes, white beans and corn salad + sauteed veggies + hummus, seasoned with evo oil, salt, parsley, pepper and lemon juice, matched with brown rice cakes and followed by an apple

I’ve been meaning to make this post for last 4 months but now I finally have the chance to! Thank you so much for following me and always encouraging my writing. I apologize for my hella slow updates but you all have been so kind to me. Some of you have been asking me for fan fiction recommendations & I’m working on that side blog but for now, here are some of my favourite blogs for you to (consider) follow(ing). 

note: this is somewhat alphabetical lol

a to c

@blushoseoks, @celestialjoon, @awkward-kooks, @bangtanroyalty, @comeherejimin, @agustdia, @apgujeon, @btssmutgalore, @craft-rose, @arsejimin, @chimchimseyo, @bluejikook, @btslibrary, @baeseoul, @cmtae, @cosykims, @creamsicklesz, @cowjimin, @bang-tan, @an-exotic-writer, @cypherslut

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o to t

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Let me uncover the silver in your dark hair
The weight of your bones
I want to witness the beauty of your repair
The shape you’ve grown
For you are made of nebulas and novas and night sky
You’re made of memories you bury or live by

alright i finally have time to write this post, ive been so busy lately with living off in dorms and with this program that i didnt even realize that I hit another milestone! ALL I GOT TO SAY IS THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCHHHH!!!

I started off as a small blog with hardy making post and you k now trying really hard to go out and talk to people more <——idkkkk what im saying here xD but what i mean i don’t know, I guess all i want to say thank you, thank you to the people that have stuck with me since I began this blog, you guys are trully amamzing and wonderful people to have around (ignore my typos) i still have a long way to reach my goal but I know i will reach it someday, maybe not today or maybe not tomorrow but someday I will

Whenever im feeling down, I go on here and I express myself and you guys make my day soo muchh bettter so becuase of that i am writing this post for you guys


okay so i have these wonderful and awesome followers that I follow, most might or might not be following me but oh well I still wanted to include you on here 

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i don’t have the graphic skills to make a cool banner but i recently surpassed 1k followers on this blog! (closer to 1.1k now which is just nuts) i’ve put together a small follow forever of my fave blogs and some blogs i think deserve a shoutout. without further ado, a big thank you to everyone who does follow and if i miss someone out because you follow with a main blog, please let me know so i can add you in! i love and thnak you sm!

mutuals ~ my fave ppl: ♡ 

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If EXO had Tumblr accounts
  • MinnieCoffe: Awesome pics and re-blogs of aesthetic hipster pictures. Coffee all over his dashboard!
  • ByunBBFabolous: Trying to disguise himself to check what the fandom has to say. Probably would be trolling us all and maybe even have a fan account just for the lolz.
  • ImLayUnicornAndYou: Motivational quotes, probably posting something every five months
  • BlowitLikeAFlue: If there's someone who knows the dark side of this site, that's LuLu
  • DancingMAMAMAMAchine: Uploading videos of him dancing and looking at all the dancing trends
  • DoKyungsoo12: This tumblr has no posts. (He's just watching... watching us all...)
  • KrisWu88Galaxy: "This is my fanfan galaxy account. Please follow if you love galaxies and chicken just like I do"
  • Real_PCY: (Yes he would use that in every one of his accounts) Disclaimer: This is an only ChanBaek account, if you don't like it feel free to leave.
  • ChenChenHighnotes: This is the account you go to read at night and just smile because he replies to each and every one of the fandom's asks... always a sweetie.
  • MrOhSehun: Definitely have an aesthetics/grunge/alternative/travelling tumblr. Like... that's what tumblr is for right? xD
  • GucciIsSoTAO: Nothing like a fashion blog from the panda of the group. (More like a Gucci fan account blog)
  • ImtheirleaderSuho: "Dear Diary... today the boys finally listened to me and went to bed... It's so quiet right now it kinda feels they are not home.... oh.. wait... THESE CHILDREN!"