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Eight Forms of Creating Potions

Yes, this is from a Hogwarts text, however, the information contained therein is accurate and relevant and certainly worth sharing on this blog, if only to fully expand upon the type of material I hope to cover here.


An infusion is a form of water based potion, similar to a tea, and best suited for immediate ingestion of delicate ingredients such leaves or petals. To make a magical infusion: pour boiling water over your ingredients in goblet and leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes, stirring frequently. Strain before drinking if necessary. The leaves in an infusion need to steep longer than your average herbal tea, to allow enough time to release their phytochemicals, which are the active ingredients of the potion.


A decoction is another water based potion designed for immediate ingestion. However, it is a more concentrated brew than an infusion and is usually reserved for tougher ingredients such as roots or bark – where prolonged stewing is needed to release the phytochemicals.  A decoction can also be reduced, which is to say, it can be made more concentrated by prolonged simmering which evaporates the water. To make a decoction: simmer your ingredients in water in a cauldron over low heat for 10-30 minutes; then strain. Reduce if necessary with further simmering over a low heat.


A tincture is an alcohol based potion. It fulfills the same function as an infusion or decoction but with the added advantage that it will keep for up to a year. A tincture is suitable for both delicate leaves and tougher materials such as bark as the alcohol releases the chemicals very effectively and in a similar way to the prolonged simmering of a decoction. To make a tincture: steep your ingredients in vodka or another spirit for a week. This allows time for the alcohol to release the active elements in your plant materials. After a week, strain off the liquid into a vial and store for up to a year. Administer sparingly, a tablespoon at a time.


A vinegar fulfils the same purpose as a tincture except that vinegar is used instead of alcohol. Prepare your vinegar in the same manner as a tincture and store for up to a year. A vinegar is useful in the case of alcohol intolerance or where the herb used is particularly bitter as the vinegar will mask it to a great extent.


A syrup is the most palatable form of potion. Here magical ingredients are preserved in a sugar solution. A syrup is another potion that will keep for up to a year. It is best suited for occasional use at it is very sweet and could cause tooth decay if taken regularly. A syrup can be taken by the spoonful or alternatively diluter in water in a similar manner to a fruit squash. To make a syrup: first make an infusion or decoction of your ingredients and reduce if necessary. Strain and add sugar to the potion, stirring frequently, until the brew won’t dissolve any more sugar and resembles a syrup. Store in an airtight bottle in a cool, dark place.


A poultice is a wad of chopped plant material that is held in place directly over a wound by a bandage. To prepare a poultice: chop your fresh herb and apply directly to a wound or infection. Hold in place over the wound with a bandage. If using chopped dried herbs rehydrate them with some water first. If the herb is tough and hard to handle, try adding some vinegar diluter in water to your poultice.


Fomentations or compresses are cloths that have been dipped in an herbal solution – such as an infusion, decoction, or a tincture – and then are applied to a wound. To prepare a fomentation: first create the required infusion, decoction, or tincture. Then dip your cloth into the liquid, quite liberally, and apply. It is important to use a very clean cloth to prevent the spread of infection.


A salve is very similar to a lotion or a cream. Magical ingredients are mixed in base of oils or fats for external application to the skin.

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Timeline of the Awkward: 2015

The purpose of this timeline differs from that of the original Timeline of the Awkward

In its original conception, the Timeline was to document and analyze the evidence of interpersonal contact seen between Subjects A and B from the end of the series (2002) to the present day (Jan 2012), with a particular focus on the years between the series and the second movie (2008).

However, as time went on, it became a kind of catch-all for any events involving our subjects deemed relevant to the field of research.

While updating the timeline in April 2015, I found myself listing every significant data point, regardless of its relevance to the question of interpersonal contact. Recognizing the potential flood of new data likely to overwhelm the field through the rest of this year, and the usefulness of a much more general timeline (given that the blog is no longer purely an archive and that navigation can be difficult), I decided to make this instead:


  • Jan 11 - David attends the Golden Globes; Gillian does not; they attend separate after parties in the same building, five floors apart, and are not photographed together.
  • Jan 12 - In a Nerdist podcast that aired on this day and was likely recorded the week before, Gillian first drops hints that XF may return as a miniseries. She also refers with approval to the way Subject A still looks in jeans. Finally, she asserts that they have spoken “privately and publicly” about their rocky years.
  • Jan 13-14 - Gillian tweets in response to a picture David tweeted of himself with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Katherine Heigl. On the following day, David ‘favorites’ Gillian’s tweet but does not offer further comment. On Jan 16, David follows Kumail on Twitter (possibly indicating he found out about Kumail and his podcast through someone - Gillian?).
  • Jan 17 - FOX announces they are in talks for an XF miniseries event.
  • Jan 22 - David likes more Instagram pictures of XF. Probably will not continue to log this activity.
  • Jan 30 - In an article published on this day, David says he and Gillian “just had breakfast a few days ago.” Here and on Feb 12, he claims to have been unaware that she had written a book. (analysis)
  • Feb 1 - Gillian tweets about David’s book, referring to him as her “BFF.” Heads around the world explode and are not put back together again.
  • Feb 8 - Gillian talks fairly frankly about the difficult years in their relationship in an interview.
  • Feb 9 - David reveals that he has seen ‘The Fall,’ and asserts he and Gillian see each other “once or twice a year.”
  • Feb 19 - A couple of Twitter sightings suggest Gillian is in LA; David is also there promoting his book.
  • Feb 22 - Apparently while attending Elton John’s AIDS Foundation party, Gillian congratulates David on Twitter for his book’s success.
  • Feb 27 - While on a Comic Relief telethon, Gillian is asked to text or call her “erstwhile costar” (a term already beloved of this blog) on live television, resulting in The Selfie Procurement Incident, in which David responds to her text within minutes, and follows up with a selfie of himself and his son while eating dinner. Several followers of this blog are hospitalized.
  • March 24 - The XF miniseries is confirmed, and our subjects tweet each other utilizing in-character nicknamification. Further interactions ensue.
  • March 27 - Subject A’s repeat confirmation of “once or twice a year” encounters and an “email relationship” begins to sound like a scripted response and not necessarily one reflecting most recent data.
  • April 3 - Male subject seems determined to continue joking about living with female subject.
  • April 12 - In an interview at Comic Con Dubai, Gillian affirms that she and David had been discussing the possibility of a miniseries (with Chris) for some time previous, and that it had been in talks for some time by her Nerdist interview in January.

Note that my links and tags are not comprehensive at this point. It is hoped that this timeline will mainly serve as a reminder and allow you to browse the archives more easily.