this bit was so amazing

even as a child sowon was a visual queen… i am not worthy


Day 1 of Inspirits-only 12 days of Christmas Challenge : Favorite Infinite Moment

Diamond at M!Countdown 10th Anniversary Show


I’m actually speechless. This is beyond amazing.

drew my new child, alex fierro, because i recently caught up with rick riordans books (still havent read ToA so please no spoilers!!) and

oh my god

she is my new favorite character in all of riordan’s books, please give me more alex fierro, i beg of you




Alright! Here are the pictures from the photoshoot I did at ALA 2016. I can’t even explain how much I loved making this costume, not so much in putting over 90 feet of lighting thru it, but it did come out great. 

Thank you so much to Anthony aka Bits photography, for the amazing photos he does for me! Best photographer and friend! 

i feel like we all, as a fandom, don’t talk about japanese shinee releases enough

Shiro: Get your head in the game!


Art for Mazberrypie’s amazing fic, All is Calm, which is the best !Akuma! Marinette fic I have ever read. Her design is as chilling as the title, and her akumatized persona Silent Night (pictured above, obviously lol) is the tough cookie I would expect Marinette to be if this were to somehow happen. 

 The raw emotion and struggle Marinette goes through as she’s trying her hardest not to let Silent Night take control is written so well, and it’s all complimented by Chat’s own struggle to figure out how to help while ironically waiting for Ladybug to show up. Seriously, I can’t recommend this fic enough. Everyone should go read it right now. I don’t wanna spoil the rest of it  : )

Edit: click on the image to view it so it’s NOT blurry. Hate the way tumblr uploads stuff.

  • leaving a comment on a stranger's fic on AO3: I enjoyed this so much! The bit where you did [X] was amazing! [quote from the fic] this section was lovely and I liked how you wrote it! <3
  • leaving a comment on your friend's fic: fuck u this is illegal how dare u
  • replying to strangers' comments on AO3: thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! <3
  • replying to your friend's comment on AO3: whatever pal u love me