this bit is brilliant

I wanted to make a post dedicated to this little moment. It’s a brilliant bit of acting on Liz’s part. Jemma’s been so strong and firm in her conviction while confronting the LMD!Fitz up until this point, even while he’s trying to sow doubt that she might not be real, and this is the first moment when she truly breaks. It’s unclear whether she’s asking the LMD not to hurt her - or for real Fitz not to kill her if she is the LMD. That awareness of her own deep desire not to die is potent, even if she could be a machine programmed by Radcliffe to do his bidding. Then again, there could also be a bit of her that’s asking for LMD!Fitz not to hurt her on an emotional level - if he is an LMD, she desperately doesn’t want to have to hurt him, because hurting Fitz (even a version of him that isn’t truly him) pains her as deeply as being hurt herself. It’s truly a tour de force acting moment.

Yo. So I don’t usually participate in fandom or meta, but chapter 17 has me shook and I want to get some thoughts out and don’t expect this to be organized but I do hope it’ll be a little bit insightful. 

So, structurally, I think KS is pretty fucking brilliant. I love the disjointed panels. It’s entirely metal and fragmented and it can sometimes be hard to follow and since 90% of the story is through Bum’s perspective, it’s entirely appropriate and smart. Also, Koogi’s storyboards are damn near perfect. Sometimes I have to sit back and just stare at a frame to admire how much she shows with so very little. No detail is unimportant - doesn’t mean there aren’t many things there that aren’t meant to throw off the scent of the narrative, but it makes it fun to figure out what direction she wants to go with this story.

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Waitering lessons with Azusa Part 2
逆巻カナト(CV.梶 裕貴) & 無神アズサ(CV.岸尾だいすけ)
Waitering lessons with Azusa Part 2

Another favourite scene of mine from the tokuten drama cd that I got with the Sofmap bonus of Lunatic Parade. Kanato and Azusa are working as waiters and this scene follows exactly after where the first “Waitering lessons with Azusa” post I made left off, with Azusa continuing to teach an irritated Kanato how to be a waiter. So here’s more of Kanato being 1000% done with everything. I hope you enjoy! ꉂ(′ ॢꇴ ॢ‵๑))

Please do not repost this translation anywhere.

Azusa: Next, you carry the cake you received from the kitchen… to the customer’s table but…. before carrying the cake… it’s good… if you add this.

Kanato: Hey… Azusa… What…. are you doing…?

Azusa: A good luck charm to make it delicious… I’m sprinkling… shichimi togarashi onto it.

Kanato: No, that’s strange, isn’t it? Fresh cream and shichimi togarashi definitely don’t go together, do they not?!

Azusa: Eh? I wonder? But… *munching noises* Mmm… It’s delicious!

Kanato: Hey! Don’t just help yourself to the store’s products! Even though I’m holding myself back!

Azusa: Ah…. I couldn’t resist. Sorry…. Um…. Kanato-san, do you also want to try?

Kanato: I don’t need it! Spicy cake is definitely not tasty.

Azusa: You think? What a waste….

Kanato: That aside, you’re going to teach me various things aren’t you? Could you hurry up and let me finish this?

Azusa: Right… Then, in practice, try carrying…. this cake… to the table.

Kanato: Huh? That’s half-eaten you know.

Azusa: It’s fine. Right now… it’s practice.

Kanato: Ah, is that so.

Azusa: Place this cake… onto the tray…. and then… we need to add the warm coffee. You use a coffee mill… to grind…. the beans. Kanato-san, have a try.

Kanato: No. Since it’s practice, isn’t it fine to just pretend we’ve actually done it?

Azusa: You can’t do that. This… is quite difficult so…. Come on, try it out. Hey, hurry.

Kanato: Tch, I get it. I’ll do it already! Happy now?!

Kanato: Something like this is clearly simple. All you have to do is turn the handle. 

Kanato: Hey…. why does it stop?

Azusa: The coffee beans… might’ve been stuck. You need to turn it… more thoroughly.

Kanato: Tch…. Could you not complain about my actions? Ughhh geez, all of this is such a pain! Please move. Move! Uwaahh!! A-arghhh….

Azusa: A-are you alright?

Kanato: Hey… My apron…. is covered in shichimi togarashi coated cream….

Azusa: Eh? But…. That… was because Kanato-san…. was turning the handle too forcibly…

Kanato: Shut up! Are you saying that I’m the one at fault? It’s because you had to leave such a task to me!

Azusa: Ka-Kanato-san, calm down.

Kanato: Shut up! Shut up! I will not hang around with you any longer! I’m going home!

Azusa: No, you can’t…! Wait…!

On playing LGBT characters
  • Interviewer: tell us a bit about your character.
  • Actress: oh I play a brilliant lesbian surgeon who is just getting into a new relationship with a beautiful and strong woman.
  • Interviewer: ohhhhh, I'm so sorry for you.
  • Actress: pardon me?
  • Interviewer: I didn't realize you were going to die on the show
  • Actress: I didn't say that.
  • Interviewer: yeh, yeh you did.
  • Actress: No. I said I was playing a lesbian character
  • Interviewer: ...
  • Actress: .... oh

That mischievous little smile you give that tells people you are playing a little trick on them lights up your face when you are having your bit of fun. Your teases are absolutely brilliant, but it can be the cause of so many tiffs by serious sensitive people. I mean, you’re sensitive yourself but you love to enjoy life more than sulk. I mean, you have your moody moments but the right kind of words said by the right kind of person will get you out of it quicker than the witty things that come out of your mouth.

Sherlock Board Meeting
  • Steven: Okay, the fans have been very mad with our brilliant last episode. And I'm a bit worried about my safety. What can we do? We need an alternative episode.
  • Andrew: Just make Moriarty come back again.
  • Steven: What is he doing here? Andrew, you're dead! Mark, do you have something to do with this?
  • Mark: Well, it's always nice if Andrew is on screen. We could write another Sherlock drug trip with him, or explain why he in fact faked his death.
  • Steven: We can't repeat story ideas.
  • Mark: Hasn't stopped us before.
  • Rupert: What if we make a Mystrade scene?
  • Steven: Yeah Mark,you always wanted to snog him, didn't you?
  • Mark: *blushes*
  • Una: Why don't we go through with Johnlock.
  • Steven: No, they are just not written that way.
  • Martin: Hold on, I thought we did make Johnlock cannon in the last scene?
  • Ben: I thought that as well.
  • Steven: What do I tell you about fanfiction and Johnlock?
  • Ben and Martin: It's a lie.
  • Steven: Sherlock and John are just not written gay. What about a love triangle between Molly, Irene and Sherlock?
  • Mark: Isn't Irene gay?
  • Steven: Is she?
  • Mark: Yes.
  • Steven: I totally forgot about that.
  • Martin: And who is gonna take care of Rosie then?
  • Steven: Who's Rosie?
  • Martin: John's daughter.
  • Steven: Oh, I thought Rosie was the dog...Damn I should really start to use index cards for my plot. Or even just write it down.
  • Amanda: Mary could have faked her death, and comes back.
  • Steven: What are you doing her? You're dead as well.
  • Amanda: It's so unfair. Andrew can come back, but not me?
  • Steven: I didn't say he'll really come back.
  • Amanda: Is it because I'm a girl?
  • Steven: No, no. We have so many strong female characters already. Like...ahem...
  • Rupert: Where was Donavan this series?
  • Steven: I give up. Let's bring Andrew back on. We won't even explain what happened. He's just there, okay? Ah, I know he's the twin of James Moriarty.
  • Mark: It's never a twin.
  • Steven: It is when I say it is! And let's kill someone for the drama.
  • Mark: Again?
  • Steven: Molly, let's kill Molly. After Sherlock has fallen in love with her.
  • Ben: I don't think the viewers will like....
  • Steven: Great idea. Now we have until next Sunday.
  • Mark: What about Euros?
  • Steven: Who?
  • Mark: Nevermind. Oh, what about the dog. We need to bring in the dog.
  • Ben: There never was a dog...have you even read the script?
  • Steven: We are the showrunners. If there was dog then there is a dog. Even if he didn't exist prior he does exist now. The Game Is On.

hidden figures is easily one of the best films i’ve ever seen

I can totally rave to this,,,


okay, first off, WOW. this game was amazing. Between the art style, the dialogue, the plot, and the overall message of the game I was completely entranced. I watched Jacksepticeye play it all the way through, and bought the game myself because of it.

The game took on an age group many don’t take the time to look at (newly adulted adults), addressed major issues like depression, disassociation, anger management, the death of a small town, the weights of the past, the fear of becoming someone you’re not while still growing up, and the fear of the future all woven into a brilliant game that keeps the players attention and immerses you into the universe. Wow. Just… Wow.

I connect so much to these characters, I love them so much. Thank you for making this game. It’s a brilliant job. Just… if you have a bit, go play. Just go play.

Hello,” Sherlock slurs up to him with the most agonizingly exquisite smile, his voice lazy and beautifully thick as he miraculously achieves what the doctor has asked, “You were correct, John, Christmas has come early. It’s perfect—no. It’s not merely perfect, it’s abhorrently brilliant. I have a part of you. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Best one yet. I love this holiday.”

“You,” John says with a dismaying twist of his own lips as he carefully brushes his fingertips against the inside of Sherlock’s white wrist, as he almost had done so many times before, “are higher than bloody a kite right now.”

“You love me.”

“Right, yes, I wouldn’t really—I just. You remember, brilliant. Good deduction, that. Saves us a bit of an awkward conversation later, I suppose.”

“You love me and I have an internal organ of yours.” Sherlock says up to him as if it’s the most ground breaking deduction of his life, his eyes practically ablaze with very heavy pain killers, “It’s Christmas. It’s thirty four Christmases worth of gifts. I asked for a kidney, and I received your own. Oh, Father Christmas, you are brilliant, I never doubted your abilities, really, it was all just an act.

An Analysis of Fears

Episode 20: Where Is My Mind? was a brilliant bit of character development interspersed with plot and tension. When Angor Rot lets his pixie horde loss upon the school, it’s more than just a villainous tactic—or at least, it serves a great deal more to the characters. We don’t just get to root for them, anxiously awaiting their solution to the problem; we see their greatest fears.

Even the side characters like Mary and Steve provide us insight into their pysche. Mary’s nightmare manifests as her naked in front of her peers. this is a girl who thrives on her popularity and social relationships—particularly boys. In this episode, we see Mary is terrified of social humiliation, and maybe very insecure about her own body; which can explain her actually being forward and flirtatious as a means to mask this. Steve’s nightmare is that there are many of him. He’s lost his uniqueness—he’s no longer special. The real world is going to be a rude awakening for him.

So, let’s get to our main 3 favorite teens and what they’re most afraid of.

Claire is afraid of separation and loss. Her entire nightmare revolves around Enrique. At first, it may just seem that she fears for her baby brother’s well-being. Undoubtedly, she does. But in her pixie-fueled nightmare, Enrique is not being harmed. He’s quite healthy and well, babbling as he crawls away. That’s our first clue—he wants nothing to do with Claire, and she’s left to chase him. He’s crawling on the walls and the ceiling, completely oblivious to Claire’s presence. He’s detached; otherworldly. The climax of her nightmare is when she’s trapped in the locker, Enrique’s nowhere in sight, but she’s going to be sucked into this dark void in order to find him; to be with him; to retrieve him. Could this be a metaphor for grief? Sure it could. She fears losing Enrique; that he’ll always be out of her reach; that she’ll never get him back. Basically, she fears forever being apart from/losing Enrique. If it wasn’t her brother, it could have easily been Jim, or her parents. The way her nightmare manifested itself hints that her fear isn’t just the loss or separation from one particular person, but the terrifying nature of loss itself.

Toby is tormented by the threat of loneliness. His nightmare starts out alright; the school mascot seems into him…then the costume comes off and it’s his Nana! While this may seem like a comical sequence, the underlying fear it speaks to is actually quite sad. At this point, Toby has been rejected by every girl in school. He confessed to Aaarrrgghh later that his Nana tries his patience, but he puts up with her because of everything she did for him in the past, after he lost his parents. In his nightmare, he’s being relentlessly pursued by his Nana, blowing him kisses and trying to smother him with affection. No other girls, nor the mascot, reappear to call to/torment him. It is literally him trying to escape his Nana’s affection, and he can’t. In his nightmare, he’s terrified he can’t get away from his smothering grandmother. His crush morphs into her in the very beginning of the sequence, implying that the only woman who does/would show him any interest is his Nana. This is the nightmare of a very sad, lonely kid who fears for his future prospects for love and independence.

Wow. So Claire’s greatest fear might be separation and loss. Toby’s is loneliness. And Jim just up and takes off to the Darklands, leaving them both behind. I do think we will see the emotional toll of this decision. But, that leaves Jim. What is he most afraid of?

Jim is afraid of failure. His nightmare is probably the most straightforward. It looks like the world has been overtaken by the Darklands; by Gunmar. Everyone he cares about—everyone—is turned to stone. This is what Jim believes to be the end result should he fail as the Trollhunter. This is the very mental image that haunts him—that makes him care so much about getting it right.

the great thing about these fears is that we see them woven into the story in bits and pieces, before fully manifesting as metaphorical nightmare sequences. We see Claire grieve the potential loss of Enrique, though she fights on with a brave face. We see Toby project his loneliness and frustration at Claire when she first joins the team, and then as he confides in Aaarrrgghh. We see Jim’s fear of failure, of losing, every time he hesitates, doubts himself, or makes a morally gray decision, like trying to control Angor Rot’s soul out of shear desperation.

Dream sequences like these are often more than entertainment. They often serve as character insight and sometimes, exposition. It’s doubtful the nightmares envisioned by our heroes were arbitrarily assigned. There was careful planning and reflection involved, meant to deepen our understand of these characters and their emotional depths.

So, what about Strickler’s nightmare? Bular back from the dead? Well, Strickler would lose his power—his maneuvering to elevate changelings as a race and seat himself on top. His plans would be for naught. His attempt to harness Angor rot’s power for his own ends would be revealed to Gunmar, branding him a traitor. If nothing else, Strickler fears Gunmar. He fears subservience. He fears the repercussions of his actions.