this bird was the best

how bill, stan, eddie, and richie met headcanons

bill & stan:
they were sitting beside each other in class when bill noticed stan doodling pictures of birds in his notebook. being who he is, bill thought his best icebreaker would be pointing out the rooster he had drawn and stuttering out that it was “a nice cock” in an attempt to say ‘a nice cock-a-doodle-doo’. a wide eyed stan just giggled and bill didn’t quite understand what he’d said until later when stan explained it was a rooster.

bill & eddie:
after eddie’s father died at a very young age, he was left feeling alone and scared of the world because of his mother. he was left out of the games in school and gym/recess because thats what his mother wanted. so while sitting on the sidelines while everyone played, bill saw eddie all alone and sat beside him. they started talking and eddie didn’t even mind bill’s stutter.

bill & richie:
one of the first days of kindergarten, bill and richie were doing warmups in the gym, which consists of a few jumping jacks and running one lap around the room. some kids ran clockwise and others ran counter-clockwise. of course, the two boys collided and were knocked down onto the floor. instead of crying, they just started to giggle. 

stan & eddie:
they were in the same group for science class and really didn’t talk too much until their teacher pulled out a ginormous syringe and eddie had mistaken it as needle for shots. he panicked and stan leaned over to ask if he was okay. he talked with eddie quietly until he calmed down.

stan & richie:
the first day of preschool, richie met stan and decided it would be a good idea to bite his finger. he then proceeded to tell the teacher that it was actually stan who bit his finger. stan was sent to time out and missed almost all of recess. the next day, stan proceeded to bite richie’s finger and told the teacher that now richie had bit his finger. he received the same punishment. eye for an eye.

eddie & richie:
were sitting in separate desks when richie decided to shoot a spitball at the teacher. at first, eddie thought it was disgusting and didn’t want to tolerate it but then he did it again and eddie couldn’t help but giggle. richie noticed eddie giggling at him and did it again so he could hear the other boy laugh again. that time he ended up getting caught and the teacher believed both of them had done it. they argued with each other in time out. eddie still hasn’t gotten over it.

Spirit times are the best times
  • ROMANA: Um...uh... uh, a bird flew into the window, Hallan.
  • LEELA: And took the chair away in its beak!
  • Okay two things, 1st) THIS IS SUCH A KINDERGARTEN EXCUSE WHAT /WHAT/, and 2nd) there MUST be a Gallifreyan law against being this adorable. Gallifrey has MOUNTAINS of laws, that MUST be one. Thank Rassilon they were off-world at the time or this would be a much shorter series.

Do you see any difference between these two gifs, other than the colors and the pixels ? Well, one is made with Flipnote Studio on my Nintendo DSi, and the other one is made with TVPaint.

 I just wanted to post the same animation but with two different programs, to show you guys that an idea can be expressed and understandable through many mediums ! I could draw this in traditional too if I wanted. But why am I posting this ?

 A few days ago, I received a message from a professional animator, telling me that I was wasting my time animating on “that sh*tty program” and that I will “never find a job or earn money” if I continued working like this. It was brutal, and awfully judgemental, especially coming from someone who shares (or is supposed to, at least) the same passion for animation as me. 

 He also told me that he will never follow me or like any of my animations because of the program I use. So, well … I just replied that his behavior was beyond childish, and absolutely unprofessional. I said, “You don’t see the potential of the animations I share there with many people, I put all of my love on them, I work hard and I enjoy making them. Yeah I’m not gaining any money from that hard work, so what? Do you think everybody on the internet shares their work only for profit?”

 I took some time to think about it. It hurt me a little but then I remembered that so many of you follow me, give me great feedback, and heartwarming comments, even if I don’t draw on the BEST programs ever! I mean, just because someone draws on Paint Tool SAI instead of Photoshop, it doesn’t mean that their art sucks!  

 I learned a lot with Flipnote Studio and thats why I still use it to animate, and you can see that I can animate with many colors too (I wanted to show you later as a surprise but well, now you know) and I will be able to teach you things about TVPaint if you want now. Remember, my friends: an artist is someone who has the capacity to share emotions and messages through the art they are creating; no matter what medium or program you use for it, if it’s understandable you’re doing it right! 

 I hope this will help some of you who are working on less well-known programs and had some jerk telling them that it was bad. I’m glad to see that young animators, artists & people who are not creators at all saw the hard work in my animations, and pushed me up ! I love you all, and I will continue to work hard for you, to share my huge passion of animation with you and make you smile as always ! Merci tout le monde !