this big baby is actually a sweetheart


3. lmao theo the next spider-man??
6. cody christian is gorgeous & theo is just a fucking sweetheart
9. BRETT!! “incredibly hot brett with the eight-pack abs” -mason
10. mason is such a cutie omg pls protec
11. lydia and parrish giving me those !! vibes again and idk how to feel
12. *malia trying to guess a password* “gun… lots of guns…”
13. badass *flashing my hellhound eyes at you* parrish i’m living for it
14. IM NOT OKAY pt. 2
16. brett as a brunette !!
19. “i had a guy on the inside, you’re standing on him.” -chris talking to scott & malia about backup
24. put that fucking gun down and aim it at my heart instead nOT PARRISH
26. lydia is being triggered so harshly
27. malia & scott pls relationship together
29. fucking hell
30. who the fresh hell asked for Gerard to be back

Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester - Chapter 4

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 4,592

Warnings: Angst

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3

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“Yes sweetie?” you asked, swallowing the lump in your throat as you got up and walked towards her. For a moment you held your breath as you knelt in front of her.

She opened her mouth to say something but obviously decided against it and instead asked-

“Who is that?” and there it was, there was the question you found just as hard to answer. Obviously the only thing Dean did was keep her occupied upstairs as you imagined.

“He- uhm” you cleared your throat, glancing at Dean for a second and then at Sam “He’s… family, sweetheart. He is family. Really close one actually-” you said and a big smile spread on her face. One thing Dean had taught her amongsteverything else was: Family is always important. And he had made sure she understood that family wasn’t only blood relation.

“Family?” she asked with a small tilt of her head and you looked at Dean behind her who seemed to be holding his breath.

“Yeah baby.” he breathed out, his voice more hoarse than you’d heard it before. No wonder he was struggling with keeping his emotions under control in such a situation.

“He’s actually… real close family.” of course he couldn’t say it because having her call Sam her uncle would be worse than hearing her call Dean her father.

Before you could realize it and before you could stop her yourself she was running from your hands to Sam who seemed to be getting stiff as she aproached him. For a moment both you and Dean were quiet surprised with how open she suddenly was but then again even if she didn’t know it… Sam was her father.

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A prompt for the voltron family au, Keith playing with shiro's fringe while cuddling in bed and the kids slowly joining them I'm bed one by one...💞💞💞💖💖💖💖💖

[The Voltron Family] It was a holiday on a Wednesday, so the whole family was at home. The teens were in the living room playing video games after lunch, while Keith and Shiro were in bed for some Daddy Time which was basically cuddling in their dictionary.

Shiro was lying on Keith’s chest with his arms wrapped around his husband. Keith, on the other hand, was playing with Shiro’s fringe, running his fingers through it so gently because it calmed down Shiro.

Shiro: *softly* We should probably change our curtains sometime. 
Keith: *hums* You think so? Is our current gold one too fancy for you?
Shiro: *shakes his head* S’not. I just thought maybe a change would be nice. We haven’t gone curtain shopping in a year.
Keith: Obviously. We have five sets already, Takashi. *looks pointedly at Shiro* For the whole damn house. Three floors. Every damn room.
Shiro: *smirks* Do we really? 
Keith: Why are you so obsessed with curtains? They don’t come cheap, you know. Plus, the people at the mall always roll their eyes when we do curtain shopping cause they never have enough supplies for us.
Shiro: *chuckles* Oh my god. They really do. They hate us, don’t they?
Keith: *deep voice* There’s that married couple again. How many curtains do they even need for that house of theirs?! Why can’t they choose different ones for each room?
Shiro: *copies Keith’s voice* We have a motif. A motif!!! 
Keith: *frowns* I don’t sound like that. *stops playing with Shiro’s fringe*

Shiro just giggled and was about to lean up to give Keith a kiss when suddenly someone knocked on their door to get their attention. There stood Pidge, who just entered the room giving no care if she was disturbing her daddies. Before the husbands could ask what she wanted, she took off her slippers and just climbed the bed, separated their bodies and positioned herself in the middle, sandwiching between her daddies. She grabbed both of their arms hugged them in front of her. 

Pidge: *beams* Don’t mind me. Carry on with whatever you were talking about. *gets herself comfy while cuddling both her dads*
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* Not that I’m complaining with the cuddling but—
Pidge: Hunk and Lance are having a one-on-one playing Need for Speed at the moment, and I can’t join.
Shiro: But it’s multiplayer, sweetheart and—- *sees Pidge pouting* *melts* and who honestly cares, right? When we can just stay in bed? *smooshes his cheek with Pidge*
Pidge: *smiles* Yeah. So anyways, what were you guys talking about?
Keith: Curtains actually. Your Daddy Shiro wanted new curtains. *snorts*
Pidge: *turns to Shiro in disbelief* AGAIN?

After a few minutes, Hunk appeared at the door.

Hunk: Oh, so you’re here, Pidge. I was just looking for you and—
Pidge: Join us, Hunk! *waves at him to come*
Hunk: *nervous* Aren’t we too big to be sleeping with—
Keith: Oh c’mon, baby. There’s enough room for you here. Or are you too old to be sleeping in the master bedroom?
Hunk: *smiles wide* Okay.

Hunked joined and they continued talking about curtains because Shiro needed to have that discussion with Keith. After 10 minutes they heard someone gasp.

Pidge: *rolls her eyes* You were too busy playing, loser.
Lance: I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. OF ALL PEOPLE, I SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO KNOW. *storms into the room and positions himself beside his Daddy Shiro* I love cuddling. *frowns*
Shiro: *laughs* *pulls Lance closer* I know, buddy. We didn’t want to disturb your gaming. 
Lance: You know I’d rather cuddle than play games.
Keith, Hunk and Shiro: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Pidge: DISGUSTING. *makes vomiting noises*
Lance: We should kick Pidge out. *slaps Pidge playfully* We don’t have much space. Get rid of the little gremlin so we can fit more.
Keith: *looks at Shiro pointedly* *clears his throat* Anyways, what do you think about doing curtain shopping with us later? And maybe choose one for your rooms? 
Hunk: Oh my god. Can I have a yellow and green one for my room?
Pidge: Green and orange for me. I’ve always wanted that.
Lance: Blue and black would look so great in mine.

Later that day, they all went to the mall and the people in the curtain section hated them. They were not aware the couple had three noisy teenage kids who couldn’t make up their minds. They were worse than their daddies.

DEH x Reader at the Zoo HCs

-Really likes birds at the zoo. Not like, the ostriches or peacocks, but he could literally sit on a bench watching the pidgeons for an hour or so

-He’s actually hella scared of ostriches. He won’t admit it, though.

-Evan LOVES elephants. If he gets to see baby ones, he’ll smile the rest of the day.


-Reluctantly agrees to look at snakes, but holds your hand really tight the entire time

-He can’t keep his eyes off of the tigers. He finds them calming


-Sad because animals in captivity

-“[Name], sweetheart, can you take a picture of me with this stuffed koala?”

-Ends up buying you said koala because he feels bad for using the merchandise if he didn’t buy it

-Demands that you see the monkeys as soon as you arrived.

-Like, literally, “C'mon. Monkeyssssss.” And Jared whines like an incapable five year-old until you agreed.

-When you finally get to the monkeys, he looks for maybe seven seconds before getting bored.

-“I’m not scared of bats, that’s dumb!” So he storms into the bat house and you find him in the corner shifting uncomfortably between his two feet.

-Tries to feed himself to the giraffes.

-Really likes the naked mole rat and groundhogs for some reason.

-“Do you think they’d let me ride a rhino?”

-Spends more time in the gift shop than with the actual animals.

-He doesn’t buy anything related to the zoo, but instead $55 dollars worth of candy, fidget spinners and shirts with dumb animal puns.

-“Babe, can we pleaseeeee go back tommorow? That was like, the most fun I’ve ever had.”

-Enjoys the reptile house, which is expected.

-He really likes the otters, which is less expected, and it makes you giggle.

-“If you tell anyone that I just went to the kid’s petting zoo and enjoyed it, I’m not kissing you for a month.”

-Talks/yells back at the parrots when they squawk.

-Lowkey tried to kidnap an aardvark and take it home because he loved it so much.

-Eats way more than you find healthy

-You take like a million photos of him in the butterfly pavillion and you can see the exact photo where he realizes you’re documenting the experience
and is less than amused.

-“I am taking over the world with an army of polar bears. Fuck yeah.”

-Tries to make out with you in the bat house, which you don’t exactly find romantic

-Managed to only do like two illegal things


-Takes a thousand photos, some of animals and most of you being cute as hell.

-Really wants to hug a panda

-Tries to pull a Harry Potter with the boa in the reptile house

-Talks a lot about the owls, because she apparently went through a hardcore owl loving phase

-“Aw, look, the lizards are hugging!” “Zoe, that’s not hugging”

-Has you take a bunch of photos of her making faces at llamas

-Offers to give you a piggyback ride through the Bear County when you get tired.

-Reads the names of all the animals and mentally catalogues them.

-Buys you both “She’s mine” tee shirts, and smirks at the cashier when he gives you two a weird look.


-Knows more things about the animals than the employees

-Mapped out the entire trip beforehand

-Liked anything endangered, colorful, or fluffy

-Even the animals she didn’t necessarily like, she still appreciated

-“We should start a campaign for endangered animals!”

-Kindly told children who were knocking on the dispay glass to stop

-Found flowers and put them in your hair as you walked, grinning the entire time

-Fell in love with the badgers. You have to pull her away, and eventually convince her that you have to stick to her schedule

-Used multiple bird calls that she knew

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I asked lumi but she sent me here so how bout some fluffy wilford hc?

here are a few for you! 💖

  • he’s a late sleeper who sleeps with one too many pillows. that being said, he loves creating pillow forts to watch netflix in. (he’s a binge-watcher)
  • loves holding hands, whether it be his s/o or the other egos (some of them don’t take too fond of it). 
  • whenever he gets deep into thought, he always pouts his lips out and wiggles his mustache back and forth. 
  • own dozens of bowties, each a varying shade of pink with different designs. he takes pride in them and his fashion sense.
  • he knows that his mustache tickles so he uses that to his advantage and enjoys listening to his s/o giggle whenever he peppers kisses all over their face. 
  • loves cats, especially the ones with long fur that he can brush.
  • is actually a pretty decent cook. nowhere as near as fancy as dark, but he can manage to make a few simple things. just enough to sustain himself.
  • has got a big sweet tooth. his pockets are probably full of sweets, which is why he constantly smells like a candy store.
  • his scripts are written in pink crayon.
  • uses pet names like sweetheart, sugar, baby, dearest, lovely.
  • is a disney movie fanatic. i wouldn’t be surprised if he knows all the words to all the songs. alice in wonderland, beauty and the beast, and emperor’s new groove are his favorites.
  • has a lifetime supply of bubbles probably.
  • loves getting his hair played with. it soothes him in the matter of minutes.
  • when he’s not all dressed up, he likes wearing big tshirts and boxers.

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:0 can you do one where it's like the MC came from america and they all tease her but then (drumroll) SHES ALSO SOUTHERN and has SUCH a drawl and ofc the classic weird southern phrases or pet names and country music n lame stuff like that (pls help my poor georgia born heart) (my accent has killed so many ppl) love u long time

I’m not very Southern tbh but I was born and raised in FL. It’s such an… interesting place to live… The food here is hella good though, for the most part. My blood is practically sweet tea.

-He noticed your accent instantly. I mean who wouldn’t?
-Once he was being gullible to Seven’s pranks and all you said was “Yoosung… bless your heart.”
-He thought it was a compliment.
-Oh Yoosung you have so much to learn
-You should teach him some southern recipes. Please. He is so interested in what southern food tastes like.
-When he finally does try it, it’s so different from what he usually eats, but it’s a pleasant different.
-He finds himself wanting more afterwards.
-You both tend to enjoy making southern dinner together now.
-He finds it entertaining.
-as long as you don’t play country music while you cook

-Even with a southern drawl, he loves your voice. You know why? Because it’s the voice of the love of his life, so of course it’s gorgeous~
-Music to his ears~
-Speaking of music…
-He hates to be judgmental, especially when it involves you… but he doesn’t like country music.
-He can appreciate some aspects of it because it’s music and music is an art, but he can’t get over how it sounds.
-Also, he’s interested in how life in the south is.
-Please tell him stories about the south. He’d love it so much. He just wants to everything about you, and this is obviously a big part of you.
-Anyone that picks on you will be fought.

-She actually finds the way you talk incredibly adorable.
-Besides, you’re presence alone is calming to Jaehee, so she’d love your voice no matter what it sounded like.
-On occasion, you’ll play a song she actually finds herself enjoying.
-It’s typically country songs that are borderline pop songs but oh well.
-When you call her “sweet pea” she feels blessed.
-But you also call everyone you talk to “sweetie” or “baby” or “sweetheart”
-Umm??? I thought I was your baby????
-You explain that where you come from, it’s normal for people to call each other that, especially women.
-She’ll get over it.

-He’s always known the stereotype of American Southerners™ but you’re obviously not uneducated and uncivilized like the stereotypes make you out to be.
-He doesn’t like country music. He much prefers classical music over the stuff you listen to that doesn’t make any sense to him whatsoever.
-But, if it’s what you like, he’s going to deal with it and listen to it to make you happy.
-The only time he’ll willingly listen to country is if you’re the one performing.
-Unless it’s you, he doesn’t care for it.
-One day you suggest cooking dinner for him so he can try how you lived back in the south.
-He tries it and calls it commoner food appreciates your hard work. It was obviously made with more love than his usual food.
-Doesn’t mean he wants to eat it again though it’s too much for him

-You are the target of so many jokes.
-Bless your heart.
-He puts on a fake accent all the time to mimic you.
-His impression is spot on, you hate to admit.
-He’s the kind of person to get offended when you call PhD Pepper “Coke”.
-It is not “Coke”, it is the nectar of the Gods, _____.
-stfu Saeyoung
-He quotes country songs out of context at inappropriate times too.
-If anyone other than him makes fun of you though he gets super defensive.
-Only he is allowed to talk like a redneck and sing Florida Georgia Line in front of you.
-He calls you southern nicknames, in English too. He thinks it’s teasing, but you actually love when he calls you that.

-He thinks your accent is cute and endearing, especially when you talk in English.
-Country isn’t his kind of thing, but if you want to listen to it, of course he’ll allow it.
-He might not like the songs you play, but he can’t bring himself to hate something you like so much.
-He can tolerate it since it makes you happy.
-V enjoys when you teach him more about what it was like growing up in the south, the good and the bad stories.
-It helps him understand you on another level, which is all he really wants in life.
-He’s not a fan of southern food, but he is willing to try it if you wanted him to.
-Literally so open to anything you bring up.

-Your accent had no affect on him.
-Like he obviously noticed it but he didn’t really notice it.
-“_____ has such a thick southern accent.”
-“They do?”
-“…Oh. I guess they do.”
-He doesn’t like country music and he isn’t afraid to express that.
-Sometimes, though, he’ll tolerate it to make you happy. He’ll just be pouting the whole time.
-He of course knows nothing about the south but he’s okay with learning.
-I mean, if it’s about you, he’s willing to listen.
-He wants to know you better anyway.
-From your stories, it’s much different where you’re from compared to Korea. It does capture his attention.
-You can tell he’s listening because he even asks questions for you to elaborate on.
-He probably won’t admit it, but he enjoys learning more about you.

P.S. I hope you read this post in a southern accent because I was thinking in a southern accent while I wrote this.

Well I got it done.
Derek Morgan headcanons.
I hope you guys enjoy these.
Sorry if they aren’t the best of the best. I’ve got some writers block, so once inspiration hits I’ll edit these to where I see fit.


Derek Morgan headcanons:

-This man. THIS MAN, he’s certainly the death of you.

-Treats you like you’re made of glass. You’re his princess and he loves you so much.

-You both probably work in the same department, hence where you met.

-Before you two started dating, he was super flirty towards you. 6 months later, he’s still super flirty towards you.

-Penelope loves seeing how close you two are, she always gets so excited seeing how happy you make Derek.

-He loves seeing you get excited, laugh, blush, it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

-Takes in every feature because he knows how dangerous his job is, and knows that the next mission could be his last.

-Wouldn’t trade you for the world. You’re his everything.

-He has a heart of gold.

-May seem like a big tough man, but is actually a huge sweetheart. In any situation he would give the shirt off his back if it meant the person would be safe.

-He still calls Penelope baby girl, so don’t get jealous over it. If you’re uncomfortable with it, I’m pretty sure they’d stop if you brought that insecurity up.

-Gives you cute nicknames like “babydoll” “baby girl” “sweets” “sugar” and “honey”

-Loves coming home after a long and hard day at work to your home cooked meals.

-If it comes down to it, he’d take a bullet for you. He’s not willing to risk your safety, he’d rather risk his if it meant you were safe.

-Speaking of which, it sometimes gets a little out of hand.

-Like the time the Unsub was states away and he didn’t want you shopping past 7 pm.

-But part of you knew it’s because he cared, and you shouldn’t get mad at him.

-Not innocent. Like have you seen the way he flirts?? Totally knows how to pull some strings and make a simple night heated, real quick.

-His dates are somewhat extravagant but simple in the end. Like a really nice dinner date and a movie, or taking you shopping to a place you like.

-Very hands on relationship. He’s either got his hands on the small of your back, or his one of his arms touching yours.

-PDA is a big thing for him, and he’s not afraid to show it, like holding hands in public, hugging, kissing. He’s all in.

-When and of you ever have a fight, it’s always short. You’ve raised you’re voice to him, which he hates, but he never raises his.

-If he ever makes you cry, he dies a bit inside, like he’s the one that caused you pain and that’s what he’s always tried to keep you from.

-Waits for when you’re ready to talk. I’m sorrys are extremely genuine from him. Like he feels like shit for causing you any pain.

-If there’s recent murders and some of the women have similar features like yours, he so scared. It tears him apart that you’re now at risk.

-When this happens he has such sleepless nights, his head is always running with ideas on what he could do to keep you out of harms way, not to mention he’s always listening to make sure everything is fine.

-If you’re actually kidnapped, he’s so torn, he can’t even look at your picture without almost crying.

-He feels like he’s failed you, that there could’ve been something to prevent it.

-Tbh he can’t sleep, he’s so determined that he’s going to catch this person, and when he does, they better be ready.

-When he finds you, the water works start. You’re so battered and bruised, it feels like he’s dead inside, he feels shallow, that every bruise could’ve been prevented.

-When it’s all over and done with, a huge weight is lifted off his shoulders.

-If he’s the one to try to pry information out of the suspect, he’s extremely brutal and cold. Every time he sees the man rage builds inside him. This man hurt you, and he’s going to make sure to grab every little detail from him, even if it means beating it out of him.

-After the events, he takes leave to stay home with you for a bit, treats you like glass to make sure everything is okay, and you have everything you need.

-Stays up late with you, telling you everything’s going to be alright.

-In the end, you’re safe and he’ll make sure NOTHING like this ever happens again.

Lucky With Three (Return Of Superman Series: Gong Yoo)

Type: Fluff

Prompt: Return of Superman series: Kind of like the ones I’ve already done. 5 dads and their story with their kids separately and then the last one would be them doing an ‘episode’ together.

~I used the word ‘you’ to describe the mother in each scenario so its kinda like you’re married to 5….oh well its how I normally write 😂~

Other dad’s for the series: Key, Lee Joongi, Baro, Yuta

There was many shoes lining the shoe rack by the front door, many small pairs of shoes as well. You would walk into the home more and realize it was a big apartment that could handle your ever-so-large family. You guys were planning on having one little baby to carry on your family but it didn’t work out that way. You two actually struggled to reach that goal, which led to in vitro. Your first go was all it took. And now nearly three years later, you guys had not 1, not 2, but 3 healthy 2 year old boys graced your home. Eldest sweetheart Boseon, your trouble maker middle Dohun, and your charming boy Hyojun rounded up the bunch.

You picked up Boseon as he was the first one to wake up today. His eyes were still heavy as he laid on you. “Are you hungry” you asked him as he nodded. “Alright let’s get something to eat” you say as you sat him in his highchair. You always did a parfait like thing for them. Granola, vanilla yogurt, fruit, toast and jelly. And just for your loving husband Jichul you left a sample meal plan for a day in hopes to help him.


In the bedroom Hyojun sat up smiling as he noticed his father was still sleeping. Soon Jichul had pressure on him causing him to groan, he opened his eyes as his son smiled down at him. Jichul puckered his lips and his son placed a kiss onto them and soon Dohun was up as well.

You were cutting up a banana for Dohun because they were his favorite. Boseon liked strawberries the best, and Hyojun enjoys blueberries. You were willing to do it for your babies. You soon heard Dohun’s voice as Jichul sat them at the table. You picked up the trays on the other highchair spots. “Are you ready to film?“ you asked Jichul who sat down at the table half asleep. “Yeah” he said as you headed back to the kitchen and soon you came back with oatmeal with blueberries and toast for him as well. “Thank you” he said. “The list of what I want you to do for the next two days” you tell him as he nodded. “Please kept them fed and entertained” you tell him as he nodded again. “I have to go get ready” you tell him as you walked away from him.

After getting ready you were sad to leave. It was basically the first time you were going to be away from your babies for more than a few hours. Your husband didn’t know very much on how to raise them, he was still a busy man but he truly loved your boys. So asking him to be on the show was rather easy. Today he was officially going to join the show with them.


“My wife” Jichul starts “almost all her friends are single still. She just turned 29 this year so she settled down early” he explained “her and I only dated a few months before I asked her to marry me. I was that sure” he chuckled. “I am Gong Yoo. I’m a father of fraternal triplets” he told. “My wife and I didn’t mix well for having babies. We had a miscarriage before the triplets” he spoke sadly. “She wanted to have children so we had in vitro done and 3 of the 4 stuck and now we have babies” he finished as he got up quickly and brought his sons over. “This is my eldest Boseon” “then middle man Dohun” “and lastly Hyojun” he says as he stood beside them “bow” he spoke as all of them bowed together.


“She wants me to do the Monday laundry?” he asked himself as his trio played with their toys. He quickly made his way towards the laundry room where he quickly smiled as you had placed color coded stickers on the ones he needed along with instructions for what he needed to do. “She makes my life rather easy” he tells himself as he grabs the basket of clothing and picks up the instructions left by you.

“Daddy!” he hears “yes!” he calls back as he didn’t get an answer “yes!” he yells again as he sighs and gets up. He quickly headed out “what did you need?” he asked as he got no answer from them. They were much too busy ‘reading’ a book. “Okay then” he says clapping his hands.


“Your mom loved eating here basically the whole pregnancy” he tells them. They had been filming for 4 months now. He noticed it became easer on all parts when you had to leave. Jichul proved he was more than capable of handling his sons. Every step seemed confusing at first but soon enough he got it. His heart and mind were always working together now. “The way to our family’s heart is through our stomachs” he continues as he pats his still toned stomach.

All three of them soon copied as he nearly melted “I’ll hurry and get food” he calls as he rushes off to prepare trays. He sat them way at first so he could run and get a third one ready before he came back. “Alright dad has got this” he told them as he put the meals in front of them before he grabbed the little cups and poured water for them. He sat there for a moment watching as his little ones ate peacefully. “Is daddy doing good with you guys?” he asked as Boseon nodded “aw thank you” he cooed as he smiled at them. “How about we call mommy?” he asked as they looked up at the mention of their mother.

Soon the video chat popped up and it only took seconds for you to appear. “Mommy” Dohun called as you smiled. Jichul smiled at the way your sons lit up at the sight of you.


“My boys have a heavy favoritism to their mother. I understand I’m not there as often as she is. I sleep late and she’s been up usually 3 hours with at least one of them” he says as he sat down in front of the screen. “She was meant to be a mom. Children naturally flock to her. She’s a pediatrician and she makes everything so much easier for kids who hate going to the doctors” he continues. “I’m hoping one day my children will be closer to me” he sighs “but at least now we have a better bond and I hope it grows more in the future” he finished.


“What are we doing?” Boseon asked “we’re gonna decorate the Christmas tree to surprise mommy” he explained as he sat a box down in front of the triplets “these you guys get to put on the tree. And this box is mine” he made clear as they nodded. Incoherent words came out of the triplets as they would point to the tree and receive a smile from Jichul who was making sure the tree was decorated well in the areas he was doing. “I wanna put the star up” Dohun told his father patting his chest “no I wanna” Hyojun spoke up. “I’ll put the star up” Jichul told them as they both pouted “nope” he said smiling putting a star on top that had a family picture in it. “Let’s test the lights” he then said as they rushed over to him as he held the button.

“3,2,1” he spoke as the tree lit up in different colored lights as the triplets stared at the tree amazed. “Santa and mommy will love it right?” he asked them as they had started climbing all over him as they stared at the tree.

New part will be posted next Wednesday

domestic!alfie snippets

thinemineours wanted more domestic!alfie

from a range of verses including references to ‘mo mhadra’ and ‘fáilte abhaile’

“We should get a dog”

“We have a dog”

“We should get another dog”

You kept your eyes on your book but you weren’t paying attention to the words.


“He needs a friend”

You looked up at this, your face amused. Alfie was sat on the sofa, with your legs over his lap, running his hands over your shins.

“He needs a friend?”

“Yeah. We’re at the office a lot, he’s gotta be lonely”

“We have a house full of servants for him to play with”

“Not dog friends though”

Your lips quirked.


“I want another dog”

“Yeah. I thought this might be more about you”

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Mother's Day - Pack mom

It was a chilly sunday morning. I rolled over in bed groaning in disappointment when I couldn’t feel my boyfriend, Derek’s werewolf warmth beside me. I looked at the alarm clock that sat on the bedside table and it read 10:24am.
“Der?” I called out groggily. I listened for a few seconds and heard no answer. I decided to get up anyway since my boys would be wanting breakfast soon so I quickly freshened up before heading downstairs in my nightdress and slippers before I shoved my hair into a messy bun.

As I walked downstairs the sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee and steaming hot buttermilk waffles hit my nostrils. I walked into the kitchen to find Derek in his white tank top and pajama pants standing by the counter plating up rest of waffles. Liam saw me walk into the kitchen and chimed “surprise!” with a big smile on his face.

“What’s going on, guys?”, I asked quite baffled by the sweet scene before me raking through my mind to pin point what occasion it was. It wasn’t often that Derek would wake up early and make fresh buttermilk waffles from scratch for me.

“Morning beautiful”, smiled Derek turning around and leaned forward to kiss me, the taste of coffee lingering on his lips as I melted into the sweet kiss.

Liam was smiling down at the large pink envelope he has clutched in his hands as he stood by the kitchen counter where I had later noticed that there was a beautifully arranged bouquet of bright pink, orange and yellow flowers in a glass vase, a steaming pile of waffles covered in fresh bananas and strawberries drizzled with melted chocolate…my favourite, a small shiny pink gift bag and large cream and raspberry cake standing neatly together.
“Am I missing something?” I asked still very confused.
“You’ll have to wait and see” replied Derek who entwined his fingers with mine and led me into the living room which grew nice and toasty because of the open fire roaring from the fireplace beside the tv that was showing reruns of friends episodes…also my favourite. Derek kissed my temple and disappeared back to the kitchen where he came back moments later carrying a tray of the breakfast he had prepared earlier along with a nervous little Liam trailing behind him. They both sat in the living room with me as Derek dished out the wonderful smelling breakfast that had my stomach growling.
“Guys, this is really sweet but I don’t understand? My birthday isn’t until next month?” I stated as he took his seat next to me wrapping an arm around my waist.
“I know but it was actually Liam who put all this together for you, I think you’ll be surprised. Go ahead Liam”, Derek encouraged the shy little beta who also came to sit next to me.
“I already am, what is going on, sweetie?”, but before I could ask another question Liam hands me
the bright pink envelope he was holding earlier.
“Open this” he says handing me the envelope. He eyes me slowly and carefully waiting for my expression as he sat nervously twiddling his thumbs.
“What’s this?” I asked fumbling it open curious to see what was inside.
I opened it to reveal a beautiful floral glittery card that read “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom ever”. I look at Liam who’s nervously playing with the hem of his t-shirt.
“I…I know this is weird for you. It’s just that, it’s Mother’s Day and I know you’re not my real mom even though I think of you as my real mom, I really wanted to show you how much you mean to me because you’ve helped through everything from the start of becoming a werewolf and I…”, he stops and looks down at the floor.
I couldn’t help but find myself to be absolutely speechless at such a sweet gesture.
“I knew this was a bad idea”, Liam mumbles and starts backing away. I realised that I hadn’t said anything for a while which probably scared him.
“No no, sweetie. Of course not. I’m sorry, I’m just so speechless. No ones ever done something so wonderful like this for me”, I told him and he lifts his head up to see me smiling down at the card in my hands. I opened it up and read the sweet little message he wrote inside knowing it was written truly from the heart and couldn’t help but smile down at it letting an “aww” escape from my lips.

“You ok?” asks Derek who put his hand on my cheek wiping away the tears. I nodded and smiled holding the card to my heart. I looked at Liam and smiled up at him and held my arms out for him. I embrace him in the biggest mama bear hug and kiss the side of his temple. We disconnect from our warm embrace and Liam sees tears rolling down my cheek.
“I hope those are tears of happiness” he hopes before wiping them away. I nod and pull him back into my arms and onto my lap.
“I…I know that you’re not my real mom but…” he rambles again but I stop him and hush him before replying “this is unbelievably sweet of you. I wasn’t expecting any of it and you definitely didn’t need to get me anything. You already show me how much you love me, sweetheart and that’s enough for me”. I gently cup his cheeks and look into his beautiful big baby blue eyes before saying “I may not be your biological mom but from the moment I saw you and the first time I helped you with your shifts and with every moment after that especially holding you in my arms I knew you’d be my baby forever. I might not be your biological mom but no matter what anyone says I am your mom and you are my baby and I love you so so much”. I kiss his forehead and wrap my arms around him holding him close to my chest.
“I love you too, mom” he replies sighing in relief and leans in and hugging me back.

Derek watches the sweet moment between his mate, the chosen mother of the pack and the beta despite his I.E.D is actually a really big sweetheart.
Derek clears his throat pulling both Liam and I out of our little world and asks him “aren’t you forgetting something, pup?” He smiles raising an eyebrow at him.
“Oh yeah, you need to open your presents! I’ll be right back!” He remembers jumping off my lap and excitedly scurrying off to the kitchen.
“You were in on this from the start?” I asked Derek surprised at how much effort they had both gone for me. He smiles and nods handing me a hot mug of coffee from the tray sitting in front of us and cosying up next to me.
“Afraid so. Liam came to me and asked if I could help him put together a little gesture for you”. He spills.
“Little? This is unbelievable. I’m still so speechless but still it was really sweet of you. Thank you”, I smile and lean in to place a kiss on his lips lingering on longer until we hear Liam clear his throat looking away slightly blushing. He sits down in front of me and hands me the pink shiny gift bag that stood on the kitchen counter earlier.
“You got me gifts too, baby?” I ask surprised. Liam nods looking at me eagerly waiting for me to reveal what’s hidden inside the bag.
I reach in and pulled out a small box opening it up to reveal a beautiful pair of stud earrings.
“Oh my gosh, Liam?!” I gasped.
“Do you like them?!” He asked his beautiful crystalline baby blue eyes gleaming with happiness.
“They’re beautiful, sweetie but I can’t accept this. It must have been expensive.” I loved my boys to the end of the Earth but I couldn’t help feel guilty that they would spend so much on me. I knew this was Derek’s doing with all the extravagant ideas that continued throughout the morning.
“No i want you to have it, I saved up 3 weeks of my allowance to get them just for you, mom”. He looks down into his lap playing with his thumbs and I could see his cheeks turn a light shade of rose. I leaned down and kissed his forehead.
“I love them, thank you so much baby”.
I took out the last gift box that was slightly smaller and couldn’t help but know what this was. I opened it to find that my guess was right. I glare over at Derek not believing he actually did it. The small black velvet box in my hand revealed a beautifully crafted diamond ring. The exact diamond ring that had caught my eye at a jewellery store the last time Derek and I had gone shopping focusing on getting furniture for purely for the loft.
“Derek Hale, I know this is your doing. I can’t believe you”, I gasp.
“What? You don’t like it?”, he questions.
“Like it? Derek, this ring is absolutely gorgeous but you know I hate it when you spend so much on me”, still in shock that I was holding it in my hands.
“What? You spent 20 minutes admiring it. I figured you liked so Liam wanted to get you a gift so I thought I’d throw one in there as well”. He replies defensively. He gently takes hold of my chin raising it so I could look into his eyes, him knowing very well that they make me melt.
“Please tell me you’ll accept it?” he asks inching closer to my lips.
“Please mom? You don’t even know the best thing about it”, Liam chimes in. He takes the ring out of the box and I see that it has all of our initials engraved into it. It was no doubt that the ring was beautiful. I sighed and nodded in disbelief that it was actually mine.

“Do I have to put it on myself?” I ask. Liam passes the ring to Derek who slips it onto my finger.
“I love absolutely everything you’ve both done for me today. Even though it’s a little much, I really appreciate it”, I smile, I couldn’t be happier. I lean to the side pressing my lips to Derek’s. I pull away and turn to Liam who jumps back into my lap and I cuddle him close peppering lots of kisses to his face. “I love you so much, my baby”. My heart so full of love and happiness that I’m sure it’s about to burst at any moment.
“I love you more, mom” Liam mumbles into my shoulder and reaches up to kiss my cheek. I hold him gently rocking him in my arms and I settle back onto the couch and lean in to Derek’s warmth as we all snuggle together watching the remaining part of the episode playing on tv.

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Captain America Head Cannons????

Lmao I’ve noticed a pattern every time I do a fic with a new character ya’ll ask for head cannons like the next day ya’ll ain’t slick I see your game - haha, but yea, I’d be happy to share my thoughts on my red, white, and blue eyed friend! 💖

Originally posted by hridi

Steve Rogers Head Cannons!

  • This blue eyed sweetie pie absolutely loves listening to Audio books while he works out
  • Listening to literature or reading it just relaxes him, as a child he was a bookworm. He loved to read about the brave but still kind-hearted It characters in books, hoping one day he too could make a difference like they did
  • Hums/showers when he’s in the shower
  • Loves jazz music
  • Taps his foot when a song has a good beat
  • If he ever decided to get a dog he would go to the pound and be like, “Which dog has been here the longest?” And adopt that one because IT IS THE UNDERDOG AND DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE
  • Tbh he really wants a dog but he doesn’t think it would be fair to doggo because he’s not home very much and lives in a tiny apartment
  • “A dog deserves a stable home with a yard, ya know?”
  • Will literally STOP WALKING and cross the street to pet your dog
  • Like, he’d be eating in a sandwich shop and see some kid ask his parents for a quarter for the bubble gum machine, and they didn’t have a quarter to give him, so the kid was really sad - Steve would reach in his pocket and give the kid like 3 quarters
  • He will pick up trash on the sidewalk and throw it in the trash because he hates littering
  • Idk probably is really dense and jokes will fly over his head
  • Not like he’s stupid, NO THIS MAN IS SUPER FUCKING SMART, but like puns and sarcasm will go over his head
  • You’d be trying to figure out where to get lunch and Steve would be like, “Where do you wanna eat?”  You’d say something like, “I dunno, that trashcan probably has half a hot dog in there if I dig deep enough.” OBVIOUSLY SARCASM, but Steve would look at you in ABSOLUTE HORROR LIKE HE WAS Genuinely WORRIED AND CONCERNED
  • Despite this he makes a lot of senior citizen jokes about himself
  • Ya’ll are gonna go get lunch and he says something silly like, “I wonder if I can get the senior discount this time”
  • Sleeps on his back with his hands on his sides like a weirdo
  • Is very minimal, only has two pillows a nice white sheet set and a light blue comforter
  • When he wakes up in the morning he gets in the shower, brushes his teeth, eats breakfast, goes for a jog and takes ANOTHER shower because why the fuck not
  • Loves the simple things in life like reading the newspaper, comfortable shoes, and a sunny day
  • “Yes ma’am” “No sir”
  • Never complains.. about literally anything but maybe the Government??
  • He is actually a very bad dancer (Poor baby has two left feet) but loves to dance because it’s fun and brings him back to simpler times
  • Baby boy blushes really easily
  • He could be out shopping and buying a button up shirt and the cashier would be like, “This color compliments your eyes!” And he’d blush redder than an strawberry
  • is the best friend you could ever have
  • Likes to eats out a lot and try new foods - So, if you wanna hang out with him expect to be eating out at some mom and pop place lol
  • Constantly is given free food when he goes out to eat but always leaves a $20 bill on the table or something because he feels bad


  • Ummm, he could like you for years and you will NEVER know
  • baby boy is so nervous and he’s so scared he’s going to offend you or embarrass himself that he dare not make a move!
  • Idk, he would EVENTUALLY do it (It wouldn’t be until Sam got fed up with Steve asking him dating/romance advice and Sam finally cracked and was like, “I swear if you don’t tell then I am going to ask them on a date FOR you!”)
  • So when he does tell you about his feelings, it would be very intimate and private
  • He’s still hella old fashioned so it may be in a bit cliche way
  • Maybe he’d decorate your apartment with a bunch of flowers and make you dinner, he’s actually not the best cook (As you know) but he tries to make your FAVORITE meal because he’s so sweet
  • And you get home and see your living room filled with BEAUTIFUL flowers and you smell your favorite food cooking and you’re just wowed when Steve walks in from the kitchen with a nervous smile on that precious face of his
  • Yea, sorry about breaking in… I promise I wasn’t doing this to, eh, invade your privacy or anything.” He’d stroll over and smile sweetly, standing inches he’d shrug his shoulders awkwardly. “I thought you’d make an exception for an old fool just trying to woo you..”
  • Then he’d babble, complimenting the things he likes about you ”Y-Your heart really is special.. I have a real sense about people, ya know.. You’re a good person and y-you’re so beautiful” Just babbling away all nervously bless his heart
  • He’d kiss you, very hesitantly and softly
  • Kissing Steve???? PASSIONATE AND CUTE is what it is
  • He’s very respectful and will never force you into anything you don’t want to do, and he knows how strong he is so he puts forth an obvious effort to be the gentle man you deserve
  • His hands are strong, big, and warm and he will always rub his thumb against the side of your wrist
  • When you are walking in a crowded street or building he likes to put his arm around your waste so you don’t get separated
  • He will say funny shit like, “You’re dating a senior citizen, you’re gonna have to explain this lingo.”
  • Pet names galore!
  • “Baby girl”
  • “Sweetheart”
  • “Honey”
  • The way his eyes light up and he perks up a little, his lips smiling ever so lightly and he sweetly calls your name, he loves you so much!
  • You will probably never open a door again, he will literally run in front of you so he can open the door for you
  • He is totally the man to take home to your parents
  • Get ready for the sweetest pillow talk, laying snuggled up in the bed together late at night and just talking about everything; your likes and dislikes, your hopes and dreams, and even the small stuff
  • He smiles when you talk about your interest, he listens and makes you feel important
  • Mentally supportive and loving and you couldn’t ask for more tbh

And the NSFW stuff?

  • Um okay well, as ya’ll know Steve is SUPER fuckin’ vanilla
  • Just… Don’t get into this relationship expecting dirty nasty sex - You are not looking in the tight place
  • With Steve you will be blown away by the stamina and passion he possesses honestly
  • The first time he see’s you naked he will just stare with blushing cheeks and be amazed at how beautiful you are
  • He likes to let his hands roam your body, learning every inch of it, every inch and every curve
  • For real, ya’ll, I cannot express the passion enough having sex with Steve 9/10 percent of the time is MAKING LOVE
  • He leads you to a dimly lit room (Probably candle and rose petals because he’s a hopeless romantic) and with soft jazz music playing in the back ground - He’ll kiss you softly, undress you, and constantly whisper how much he loves you while he lips venture across your soft skin
  • Loves to kiss your neck
  • Very good with his hands
  • Can make you cum like 4 times in 6 minutes and his right hand
  • Likes you to say, “Yes sir,” to him in the bedroom
  • “You like that, huh, honey?” “Yes sir!”
  • Like seriously, he will take a firm grip of your hips and ram you, all while looking deep into your soul with those baby blues of his
  • the other 1/9 percent of the time will be an absolute animalistic like need to cum
  • Now, he’s respectful but Ol’ Captain here is VERY capable of jealousy and, seriously, when he’s jealous he turns into a handsy fucker
  • Like, let’s you guys are out in public (Maybe grabbing drinks with Sam at some bar) and you run into your ex, who Steve knows ALL ABOUT, and ya’ll talk for a few minutes just to catch up, you hug him and say bye, end of story.
  • Steve doesn’t feel threatened, he trust you and knowth ere is nothing to worry about, but he still just feels the need to remind you “Hey, I know how to ROCK YOUR WORLD” so the moment you guys go back to his apartment and he closes the door he throws you over his shooulder and carries your ass to the bedroom to give you the fuck of a life time
  • Tearing off your clothes he grunts things like, “You know I make you feel real good, right baby girl?” Maybe even bites your collar bone and slaps you around a bit (Not in an abusive way, but in a rough way, he’s still respectable so if you told him to stop he would in a heartbeat but he’s a hungry beat who needs to prove that you don’t need anyone else to be satisfied)
  • Okay, and I can see him maybe having a bit of an impregnation kink? NO, I DON’T MEAN HE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH PREGNANT WOMEN
  • What I mean by ‘Impregnation kink’ is that the idea of him getting you pregnant is a turn on???? No, he wouldn’t get someone pregnant without permission I just…
  • He grew up back in a very family centered society where it was like, “Get married, have babies” and the idea that he WILL get you pregnant one day is really hot for him??? (I’m sorry I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I really see it for Steve lmao)
  • Will make you feel like royalty after sex
  • Will hold you and snuggle you, lots of sweet kisses on the lip and forehead
  • “Was it good for you?”
  • “Can I get you anything?”
  • “I love you so much.. You’re so great, sweetheart..”
  • ughhh he’s just perfect okay ya’ll
Too Hot To Handle: Chapter Fourteen

So I kinda wrote a different kind of fanfiction. It’s nothing as in depth as my other fics so I am going to post it here. ENJOY!!

 ***Actor, Real Person Fanfiction, Walking Dead RPF***

Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan X Original Female Character, Norman Reedus and others.. (FYI this is total fiction, as in I know nothing about JDMs life or that of his real SO and son etc. Because of this, for this work of fiction, they don’t exist. Jeffrey’s been a typical actor playboy dating fellow stars etc. This is written for sick daydreaming pleasure.)

Aria St. James is a busy woman with a thriving restaurant. She thought she had everything she needed until a few famous faces visit her dining room. A tall, dark and handsome actor decides Aria’s just what he’s been looking for.

Rating: Mature : NSFW

Pulling into the parking lot of her restaurant,  Aria found a couple men lounging around the front door. Pursing her lips, she hesitated a moment wondering why anyone would be hanging out when they didn’t open until afternoon. 

Keeping her phone in hand, she gathered her laptop bag and purse. Pushing her sunglass up to hold her bangs out of her face, she approached with narrowed eyes.
As they saw her approaching, one pulled out a camera while the other grabbed a small notebook from his pocket.
“Aria St. James?” The shorter of the two asked, his red face and rumpled clothes giving her the impression that he had just rolled out of bed after a bender.
“Yes…” She replied flinching as the man’s camera went. “Can I ask why you’re taking my picture and standing on my doorstep?”
“We’re from and we wanted to ask you a few questions about your relationship with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.”
Cocking an eyebrow Aria replied, “How exactly did you hear about this supposed relationship?”
“We have a lot of sources ma'am.”
“Alright. Well that’s kinda private don’t you think?”
“Mr. Morgan’s a public figure.”
“So? the public deserves to know.”
“They deserve to know his private affairs? I doubt it. Look guys. I’m not sure what kind of story you want but I know Jeff, we’re close. He’s a wonderful man and I’m a busy woman. So unless you want to help set tables or peel potatoes I’ve got to be on my way.”
After a few pictures of Aria opening and locking the door, the two men walked away. Aria scowled at the big windows and pulled her phone out. Texting Jeffrey a quick message telling him their relationship was outed and she probably pissed the inter-webs by not giving them inner details of their sex life. Her phone rang instantly. 

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guys…. it’s about 1:30 am and i’m here re-watching oso-san, i’m on ep 2 as u can see!! i’m glad i’m watching this scene again because it goes quick so it’s hard to really catch what’s happening frame by frame, which is a lot!!! 

firstly kara looks so scared like ichi did not hesitate to pounce on and intimidate him?? like karamatsu is shook!! his sunglasses flew off & he actually started tearing up AGAIN???cause you know this isn’t the first time where ichimatsu grabbed kara like that and made him tear up !!! idk i find this to be hilarious 

remember the ichimatsu incident??? 

The Mad Princess

Title: The Mad Princess

Pairing: Ryan x Reader

Word Count: 1,691

(Y/N) = your name  (Y/B/N) = your baby’s name

A/N: Hello Everyone! WOWZA well this is my first reader insert I’m actually posting and I cant wait to post more! I’m completely open to all requests of any achievement hunter characters or prompts! Anyways this is a little fluffy pregnancy fic with none other than Ryan Haywood because I’m Ryan trash (: Hope you enjoy!


You nibbled on your lip, nerves wracking through your entire body. You weren’t sure if Ryan was ready to have a baby yet. To be fair you’d talked about it. Well joked, spit back and forth a couple names any time your period was a day late but that was the end of it.

There was a person growing inside of you. At that thought your breath got caught in your throat.

You made a person. A piece of you and him created to form this magical little… well grain of sand most likely as you were no more than 3 weeks along.

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Hiya. Could I get some fluffy uf sans (he deserves so much happiness. I just... feeeels) reacting to his SO confessing that they're pregnant and that they were kinda scared about how he'd react. Like... his SO gets so nervous about it that they just start going on and on. (If you could... you're gr8 with a capital 8 btw)

Red my babbbyyyyyyyy!!! ALSO I LOVE YOU OMG (this is also kinda like this ask if you wanna check it out xxxxx


Sans (Red)

You found out that the test was positive almost an hour ago. You were six weeks pregnant. After two weeks of throwing up and random emotional waves, you decided it was time to check. You weren’t expecting it to come out as positive though! 

Since then, you’ve walked the entire length of the house twice and sat at the kitchen table, bouncing your leg anxiously. How are you gonna tell Sans about this?! You could always be upfront and hand him the test but part of you wants to make it a surprise. 

But how would he even react to having a kid with you? Does he want to have a family with you? You pace around the kitchen again, the test feeling heavy in your pocket. You hear the front door open and you stop pacing, feeling more anxiety bubble up in your chest. You lean against the kitchen bench, trying to look as casual as possible. Sans walks into the kitchen, takes one look at you and sighs. He’s always been able to read you like a book. 

“what’s up sweetheart?” he asks, walking over to you and pressing his body against yours. He kisses you softly but doesn’t pull his body away. You wrap your arms around him, trying to build up the courage to tell him. He rubs your back gently, resting his head on top of yours. 

“is someone threatening you? was it that shit head at the coffee stand again? cause he’s on his way to havin’ a great time,” he asks, his voice slightly growling towards the end of the sentence. You shake your head and gather up all the courage you have in your body. You reach into your pocket and pull out the test. You step away from Sans’s embrace and hand him the plastic stick. He takes it and looks over it, looking confused. 

“what’s this suppose ta mean? are you sick? are you dying!?” his eye lights widen as he flickers from the stick and back to you. 

“No no no… um… it means that we’re….” you pause and take a deep breath, watching his face carefully for his reaction, “…having a baby.” 

His body goes still as he processes the information. You bite down on your lip, watching his eyes dim, then brighten then dim again. You’re both quiet for a moment before the word vomit starts. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t know it could happen! I don’t even know if you wanted a baby or one with me in that case! Sans, honestly I took the test just to check and I didn’t expect it to come out as positive! I mean -” your words are cut off by Sans pulling you closer to his body, his arms wrapping around you. 

“sweetheart, y/n, oh my stars,” he breathes out. You press your face into his ribs, wrapping your arms around him tightly. 

“love, i’m not mad! just, fuck, really? are we actually having a baby bones?” he asks softly. You don’t trust your voice so you just nod, looking up at him. You notice his eye lights have taken on the shape of little hearts, something that doesn’t happen often. You let out a small giggle at the sight of your big and gruff skele-bae with literal heart eyes. 

He lets out a laugh with you, his smile wide and genuine. He lifts you up off the ground, setting you onto the counter and slotting himself between your legs. He kisses you passionately, his hands on your waist but slowly brushing over your stomach. 

You can’t even remember why you were nervous in the first place. 

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I love the collection of "Shit my wife says to Miss Kitty"!!! Most are oddly similar to what I say to my two puppies... A big thank you to you for sharing, for your wife for being hilarious, and of course to Miss Kitty for all the smiles. Your posts just brighten up my day/night whenever I see them on my dash!!!!

Thank you so much!!! This was such a sweet ask <3 :D <3 I’m happy you like and relate to the cat posts! Baby keeps worrying that people won’t understand that she actually adores these cats, and I’m like “Sweetheart, everyone with a pet understands.” XD

<3 Anyway thank you again for brightening our days! I hope the blog continues to do the same for you! <3


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,070

A/N: Here is my entry for Melissa’s Birthday/1000K Followers Challenge! Love ya, @deansdirtyduchess! My prompt was “at a concert.” For the sake of this fic, the reader has been with the brothers basically since the start of the series. Also, I wrote this in Google Docs and had the lyrics italicized and my prompt up here bolded, but I don’t know if there’s a way to do that here on Tumblr. If anyone can give me advice on how to post, I’d really appreciate it!!

Warnings: So much fluff, you’ll need a dentist after reading it!


You heard the roar of the Impala’s engine as she sped down the highway, her seats vibrating underneath you. The windows were down, blowing your hair around. No music was on, but it wasn’t needed. It was a beautiful evening… from what you could tell, at least.

“Dean, come on, is the blindfold really necessary?” you whined.

You heard your boyfriend chuckle next to you. “Y/N, I promise, we’ll be there in 10 minutes and then you can take it off. Just trust me, please?”

You grumbled half-heartedly. You weren’t really annoyed. When Dean came to you earlier and said he had a surprise for you tonight, he was so adorable. Slightly unsure of himself, he told you to dress nice but comfortable, and be ready to go in an hour. Deciding on a pair of jeans and a sparkly one-shoulder top with a pair of sandals, you tousled your auburn colored hair, applied some mascara and lip gloss, and were ready to go. The two of you stopped at a diner for some dinner before continuing on to your “surprise” destination, which Dean was determined to keep secret.

A few minutes later, the car slowed to a stop. You could hear other people outside and from what you could tell, it sounded like a large crowd. Dean told you to hang on a sec as he got out of the car and came around to your door and helped you out. You felt him come up behind you and move to untie the blindfold. Once it was off, you opened your eyes, completely shocked as to where you were.

You spun around to face him, “Oh my god, Dean! An Ed Sheeran concert?! Are you serious right now???”

He laughed at your exuberance and nodded. “Yupp. Happy early birthday, sweetheart.”

You jumped up, launching yourself at him as he caught you. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

“Anything for you, baby,” he replied, causing you to press a big kiss to his mouth.

The two of you made your way into the crowd to find a spot to stand in the General Admission area. As the concert started, you still couldn’t believe that your flannel-wearing, Classic Rock-loving boyfriend was actually at an Ed Sheeran concert with you. You knew he’d claim he only did this for you, but once you heard him humming along to some of the songs, you knew he was enjoying it, too.

About halfway through the concert, you heard the opening chords to one of your favorite songs. As Ed started to sing, you leaned back into Dean’s arms and closed your eyes, just content to be close to him as you listened to the music.

{I found a love for me
Darling, just dive right in
Follow my lead
Well, I found a girl
Beautiful and sweet
Well, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
Darling, just kiss me slow
Your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
When you said you looked a mess,
I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it
Darling, you look perfect tonight}

You swayed along to the music with Dean, thinking about how a lot of the lyrics in this song applied to the two of you. It’s probably why it’s one of your favorites. All the things you guys had been through– losing your parents, Hell, Purgatory, the Darkness, Lucifer’s kid, and everything else in between– none of it mattered as long as you two had each other. Sure it was hard, but here you were, still together despite everything that tried to pull you apart, including yourselves a time or two.

{I found a woman
Stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams
I hope that someday I’ll share her home
I found a love
To carry more than just my secrets
To carry love, to carry children of our own

We are still kids but we’re so in love
Fighting against all odds
I know we’ll be all right this time
Darling, just hold my hand
Be my girl, I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in that dress
Looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this
Darling, you look perfect tonight}

You felt Dean pull away from you and when he didn’t say anything, you opened your eyes and turned around to look for him. What you saw though, made your heart stop.

Dean was down on one knee, holding out a beautiful ring towards you. Your hands flew up to your mouth as you felt your eyes tear up. He cleared his throat as he looked up at you.

“Y/N, you know I’m not good with words. That’s why I figured I’d let Ed here do the talking for me. So I’ll get right to it. I love you, Y/N, and I should have asked you this a long time ago. Will you finally marry me, sweetheart?”

You let out a sort of half-laugh, half-sob as you launched yourself at him for a second time that night, hugging him close as you whispered in his ear, “Yes, baby. Of course I will.”

He pulled back to look into your hazel eyes before breaking out into the biggest smile you’ve ever seen from him. Oblivious to the congratulatory cheers around you, you cupped his face and pulled his lips to yours, pouring all your love for him into that kiss.

{Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
I have faith in what I see
Now I know I have met an angel in person
And she looks perfect}

When air became necessary, Dean leaned his forehead against yours as he grabbed your hand and slipped the ring on your finger. You smiled up at him as a tear rolled down your cheek.

“I love you, Dean.”

“Love you too, sweetheart.”

{I don’t deserve this
You look perfect tonight}

Why I think the grumps are great

in the vein of my grumpversary, I wanted to talk about why I think the grumps are awesome people and the reasons why I love them so much.

Arin: Always there for his friends. Like holy shit he almost almost helped NSP  get out of debt. Buys really nice equipment, for the crew. He built a company for himself and his friends. He sacrifices his free time to make sure the company is staying afloat. Always supports artists, animators, and musicians like nobody’s business. Struggles with focusing on things but has enough discipline to really create amazing things. Grew up broke but made a career for himself. Taught himself how to animate. Loves the heck out of Suzy and supports her channels! Really fucking sweet and funny.

This Tweet: 

Dan: Really nice and open. Always answers things very genuinely. Tries to stay positive, even when going through bad times. Loves everyone super hard. Really thoughtful and apologizes when he makes mistakes. Once surprised Arin with his favorite soda. Can form complex harmonies even though he can’t read music. Struggled with depression and OCD but fought through it. Was broke for a very long time but managed to become successful doing what he loved. Works really fucking hard like damn Dan please take a break! Is growing his hair out to donate! Big goofball and super funny. Is a sexy widdle baby Always makes sure everyone is okay and happy during stressful games! 

This video: (x)

Ross, Barry, Suzy, and Brian under the cut :D

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au where the boys have to help out in a kindergarten

kindergarten!au can you imagine??? it’d be too cute! thanks for requesting and have a great day/night! And remember y’all I’m still looking for co-admins so fill out this form here is ur interested! And to the 2 who submitted the waiter & Disney princess au please please message me which you did because like in my previous post i forgot the most important questions of your url! I need to know who you are!

- admin em


  • is a kindergartener himself
  • helps the little kids when opening their snacks at break
  • popular with the girls cause he lets them put paint on his face
  • “we’re gonna make you look like a princess!”
  • because he’s kinda small, the kids aren’t as scared of him (not as much as the others)
  • he’s just so gentle and sweet to everyone
  • he has his stern side will tell off a kid if they had done something wrong
  • “you need to say sorry to your friend”
  • at nap time he cleans up the room as quietly as he can so he doesn’t wake any of the sleeping kids
  • helps colour in the picture and instead creates a masterpiece from two crayons
  • all the kids are so sad at the end of the day, to them he’d just like a second mother
  • one time the kids all jumped him and hugged him and he nearly died
  • tru stori leik if u crie all teh teim :,(
  • bosses everyone else around when the kids are asleep to clean up
  • “bobby! wake up you’re an adult for god sake! nap time is for the kids not you!


  • also everyone favourite
  • is just too nice and a little bit of a pushover
  • yes, if it was snack time and he was giving everyone milk cartons
  • there would be one kid who finished first and they’d be like
  • “please, may i have another one??” big eyes and everything
  • yunhyeong taken back but cuteness would give that kid 41
  • if you’re cute then he’d be like putty in your hand
  • and because most kids are, he’s powerless
  • “gimmie a piggy back!” or “can i give you a makeover” he’ll do it
  • by the end of the day, he would be tired and spent and be lying on the floor
  • but it’s because he just loves helping out and making everyone happy
  • cuts out little animal shaped sandwiches and sometimes brings biscuits for the kids
  • the girls whenever they are playing princesses, he is the prince along with junhoe
  • also actual dad material (not that daddy material, or is he?)


  • why is this guy working here? he is a kid himself
  • okay, because he can be super childish he fits right in with the kids
  • they all like to play games with him like hide and seek
  • he’d be the one hiding but purposely hide really badly
  • like behind the curtains with his butt sticking out or something
  • all the kids know he is hiding there and attack it 
  • “gwhaaa! how did you guys find me??”
  • also, the boys think he’s absolutely cool and wanna be like him in the future
  • “bobby hyung, do you get a lot of kisses from girls??”
  • “hehe of course,”
  • “oooooooohhhh~”
  • hanbin would scold him later for being inappropriate
  • likes to lift the girls up on his arms and just carry them along all day
  • everyone be like “why do you have two small girls on each arm”
  • “idk man, idk”
  • he’d probably draw a man in his arm and flex it to look like the little man was talking
  • takes naps with the kids even though he is not supposed to


  • prolly be really strict and stuff
  • like “no timmy that is not a toy!” or “DO NOT EAT THAT YOUNG MAN”
  • okay so he’d actually be kinda shy towards the kids at first
  • he walked in that room and saw little kids all looking at him with big beaming smiles
  • he panicked and waited till the others arrived (he was the first to arrive)
  • but then they all tackled him and ;,) that’s how it all began
  • he’d try to do fun activities like finger painting and story telling
  • but then the kids would probably tackle him like they always do
  • they always like to jump on this guy poking him and jabbing him
  • not that he doesn’t mind, he like a little punching bag and always had to pretend to be really hurt for the kids enjoyment 
  • “oh no! that special move! no man has ever lived to tell of its story! you fiend! NOOO” /fake collapses
  • because his little sister also attends the kindergarten,the little girls like to ask him questions like, “is it true you’re scared of bugs”
  • and he’ll be like “no, who said that” :))) 
  • actual sweetheart  who loves kids and yeah  achy breaky hearteu </3


  • the one in charge of reading the story books before nap time
  • “and then the princess was saved from the scary dragon”
  • the one in charge of all the ‘learning’
  • whilst the others might be playing games, he is the one teaching them numbers and their abc’s
  • “if i was to eat 1 apple from a bag of 5, how many would be left?”
  • it’d be simple stuff but knowing him he’ll prolly start teaching the kids quantum psychics or string theory
  • once tried to make miniature rocket out of pasta shells
  • the kids wanted to help so they all contributed with their pasta shells and glue to make their rocket set to fly to the moon
  • it didn’t turn out very well
  • but, he was so proud of the kids
  • “you guys, future architects and engineers, i am so proud!”
  • sometimes sings his nap time stories and the kids all drift off sleeping on top of him
  • but because he doesn’t want to wake them, he’s stuck there
  • “please help, i can’t feel my feet”
  • when he first came, the girls liked to play with his earring on his ear


  • at first, all the kids were so scared of this guy
  • you have this tall mean looking guy 
  • so at first many would just peep on him and kept their distance
  • but soon found out that he himself was pretty shy with kids and was only persuaded to join because jinhwan made him
  • wants so please everyone so even i snack time was not till another hour, he’d sneak a few biscuits to give to the kids
  • when the children cry or get angry he had no idea what to do with them
  • example, a boy is crying because his pencil broke
  • junhoe just looked at him in confusion and panic not knowing what to do
  • he talks to the kids like adults sometimes
  • “you jerry, you need to get your life sorted because it ain’t going to sort out itself!”
  • uses big words that confuse or makes the kids awe at him
  • the boys like to climb on him and his nickname is mt. googoo
  • the girls make him the prince when they play princess


  • an actual baby get aWAY
  • volunteering because he loves kids and that he also attends because he is a kid
  • he is just a big sweetheart and loves to pamper them kids
  • brings candy to the kindergarten secretly because the children are only allowed eat ‘healthy snacks’
  • gets scolded with junhoe about their inappropriate behaviour with food
  • he is known as mt. jungjung when the boys use him like a mountain
  • for some reason also they girls dress him up when they play princesses
  • it’s either junhoe or yunhyeong save his ass from a bean bag dragon
  • bring his phone and plays games with the kids like fruit ninja of temple run
  • when he first pulled out his phone all the kids were like” you got any games on ur phone”
  • takes with the kids and the other guys and sends then to him mom 
  • “just another day mom!”
  • cries when the princess is saved when donghyuk reads the kids their nap time story
  • “this prince is such a romaNTIC” :,,(((
  • just a big fluffy baby with smaller fluffy babies
BTS reaction to you bruising easily

Anon asked:  Hey hun~ :D I really loved the cleaning reaction you did, so I was just wondering if you could do a BTS reaction to you bruising hella easily (coz I do /:) and they find a bunch on your arms/legs/tummy/face and them being freaked because ‘ummMMM WHO HURT YOU?!’ but your just like, 'Uh what? Where? Oh. I dunno dude…“ Thank youuuuu~!! Love your reactions too they are so amazing :P


He’d be quite surprised, eyeing the mark on knee as the two of you got into bed. Hoseok would immediately ask you about, apologising even though he knew it wasn’t his fault. 

“Jagi, what happened here?”
“I slipped and fell over this morning, don’t you remember?”
“But it shouldn’t be that bad, right?”
“I’m fine, Hobi. Trust me”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon

He’d be the amazing loving boyfriend he is and do everything to make you feel better. He didn’t care how bad the bruise was, he just didn’t want you to be hurt. He wouldn’t overreact too much though, it was just a bruise.

“Whether it’s just because you’re sensitive or you’re actually hurt, I’m gonna be here. Okay babe?”

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He would be quite sympathetic. anyone in the mood for affectionate!yoongi? He’d leave a few feather light kisses over your injury, in the future being more careful with you and a little protective so you didn’t get hurt.

“Oh sweetheart, that looks really bad, I’m sorry”

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He’d feel the need to baby you. Even though you said that you didn’t physically hurt that much and it was just a little bruise, he’d still think it was a big deal. After a better explanation he’d understand, but be very gentle with you in the future, even when he didn’t need to be.

“And you’re sure you’re okay, princess?” i make jin call the reader princess too much, dont i?

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As soon as he noticed, he’d start a mini interrogation, who hurt you? When did this happen? Are you in pain? Do you need anything? The caring maknae would be worried for you and do anything to make you feel better.

“What on earth happened here, babe?”

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Like the rest of the guys, Jimin would be worried about you. When he noticed the purplish red mark just around your collar bone, he’d immediately feel bad for you. He’d rush over to you and put his arms around your waist as he looked closer at the mark. You’d be able to see the sorrow through his facial expressions.  

“Oh jagiya, what happened?!”
“Babe? Really? It’s just a hickey calm down. You were the one who caused it anyway”
“Yeah but… but I didn’t think I was being that rough”

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The second he noticed he’d shower you with kisses, being super gentle around the place where your bruise was
“Tae, what are you doing?”
“Making sure no one ever hurts my poor jaigya again”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re hurt, muffin”
“Because I missed a step and fell one fucking stair, it’s not a big deal. It just looks bad, I promise”
“Whatever you say”

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