this big baby is actually a sweetheart

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favorite memory from any kin

oh man how can i choose a favroit…

mangle- my orignol body, springtrap booping me and touching my face just out of nowere. toy bonnie regularly visiting me and helping me by translating what i was trying to say. foxy WHITSELING at me. literally everything from my time as a nightmare. MY PADDLEBALL IN FNAF WORLD

funtime foxy- the demos and pracitces we did before the incident. seeing those kida laugh and smile! knowing how much they loved me and my friends, fufiling my poupose and being really good at it. bon bonbs jokes. getting touch ups to my paint. how glitery baby was!

dwarf- feasts and getting shitfaced with my brothers every ngiht! mining! inspecting the great tresures we found! pride for my race, pride in my strenth and beard and soul. that one rly big dwarf who kept intimidating that human.

princess peach- luigi and moario my bois!! bowser he was a huge sweetheart actually!! the toads my humble citizens!!

rykiel- the feeling of pure serentiy and trust i had while pucci had taken out my stand disk. the feeling of confidence he brought me that id never had before. my wonderful stand. the amazing fight with jolyne.

im gonna stop there bc otherwise ill be here all night typing and i have work in the morning lmao