this bias interaction

                                          wow, this happened quickly.

honestly, i’ve been sitting on 100+ since day two, but seriously, that was really quick. i never thought that i’d be doing this so soon, especially since i’ve been really slow on……… everything actually. but thank you all for rejoining me on my adventure to grow and be a better roleplayer in this fantastic community where i just happened to fit in completely and make awesome friends along the way!

this is about to get really sappy with plenty of adoration and happiness, but to spare you all, i’ll put it under a read more. though, i will send this lil message out to mutuals: y’all are so special to me. you’ve endured my serious oocness on this blog (already), you’ve handled the angsty stuff on my old blog, and now you’re here again. for that, i thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

now, to spare you all from my sappiness.

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I just wanted to take the time to post a bias list thanking all of the blogs that have followed me when I moved blogs. It means so much that you have followed me here with interest to continue our current threads and start new ones. When I first started roleplaying over two years ago, I never imagined I would still be here portraying a character I have loved since the pilot episode of Once Upon a Time. It’s because of all of you that I have stayed. I wish I could do more than make a simple bias list.

I Can’t Lose My Family 

All of you have been with me from the beginning or have become family in the past few months. I wouldn’t have stayed with this character for as long as I have if it weren’t for people like you building a friendship with me. I love that we can go days without speaking and pick up where we left off. I love that when we don’t have the muse to reply to threads, we still make time to talk and see how the other is doing. Whether you have listened to me opening up about things I’ve struggled with or you have confided in me about something that has been bothering you, please know that not only are you guys some of my best friends here but you’re also family. I love you all so much. <33

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Emma’s Deputies 

For those who have just followed me, people I’ve briefly talk with, haven’t talked to yet, or have very few interactions with, I just want to thank you for following me. Thank you for your interest in interacting with me. Now that I’ve decided to take myself off hiatus early, I’m going to make a vow to talk to you guys more and start threads with you. All of you are amazing at your portrayals and the chance to plot more threads or start them is such a great honor when you have followed me for as long as you have. <33

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So, Black Widow 9 is here and it is EVERYTHING.

First off, it took me, like, 5 minutes to calm down and actually read the thing through because I was so damn excited, but when I finally did, oh boy it was worth it.

This was seriously my favourite issue yet (psh, no bias or anything): the interactions between Natasha and Bucky, the EXPRESSIONS of the characters (Samnee is SO GOOD at those), the colours, the movement - especially the fight scenes, the dialogue, some of the larger stills… urgh. And let’s not forget about that end! THAT END!

I will say nothing more, but seriously, if ANYONE wants to message me and just scream with me about this, I am totally down for that.

Warning: six large images under the cut (my very favourite BuckyNat moments of the issue). Spoilers, obvs.

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  1. How and when did you get into Topp Dogg?
  2. Has Topp Dogg  influenced your life in any other way?
  3. Top 10 Songs?
  4. Favorite album?
  5. Favorite lyrics?
  6. Which MV theme do you like best?
  7. Your favorite solo/soundcloud track?
  8. Your favorite cover of Topp Dogg?
  9. Is there any Topp Dogg  song that has a special meaning for you?
  10. Your bias?
  11. Your favorite ships/interactions?
  12. Favorite fansite(s)?
  13. What is your favorite hair color for each member?
  14. Whose fashion style do you like the most?
  15. Which member matches with your personality the most?
  16. Who do you think would be your best friend in Topp Dogg?
  17. Which member caught your attention the first time?
  18. What do you like the most about each member?
  19. Your favorite photo of each member?
  20. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of B-joo?
  21. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Hojoon?
  22. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Hansol?
  23. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Sangdo?
  24. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Xero?
  25. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Nakta?
  26. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Yano?
  27. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of A-tom?
  28. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of P-goon?
  29. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Topp Dogg?
  30. Rank the dance line in terms of favorite dancing style!
  31. Rank the vocal line in terms of favorite singing style!
  32. Your favourite live performance?
  33. Rank the rap line in terms of favorite rap style!
  34. Did you make new friends thanks to Topp Dogg?
  35. What is your favourite show of  Topp Dogg?
  36. What variety show do you want Topp Dogg to be featured in?
  37. What accessory would you bring for a fansign and for which member?
  38. Have you ever been to a fansign or concert of Topp Dogg?
  39. Have you ever sent a fan letter?
  40. Did you ever join a fansite’s birthday project?
  41. Are you a member of the fancafe?
  42. Do you talk openly about Topp Dogg in front of friends and family?
  43. If you were given the chance to say one sentence to all of them, what would you tell them?
  44. If money, distance and the like weren’t a problem, what kind of gift would you give them to their birthday?
  45. What subunit would you look the most forward to?
  46. Do you watch their appearances on shows live or do you wait for subs?
  47. If they were all puppies, which one would you adopt?
  48. Which member would you take on a date?
  49. Which one would like like to have as a best buddy?
  50. What kind of concept would you like to see in the future?

// Based on the BTS ASKS//

Send me in ASK and I will answer <3

[exit tunes presents actors: duets 1/?] blackjack – ichijoudani rei and kiyosu takato (cv. midorikawa hikaru and toriumi kosuke)

“we’ve been seeing each other a long time now. i know his hacks.”

someone help, tae is moving up my bias list at the speed of light aND I CAN’T STOP IT

Meeting your bias

When u interact with ur bias Ur too shy to make eye contact

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