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anti-DCEU tumblr one year ago: “Ugh…this ‘credible’ unnamed source says they worked on the set of WW and it’s a disaster. Like, there’s nothing about this other than the word ‘credible’ that suggests I should believe this. No actual concrete evidence or anything, but I have a gut feeling it’s true. WW is going to be terrible. They might as well give up competing against MCU.

anti-DCEU tumblr today: “Wow, WW was amazing! I want to see it again! The DCEU finally made a decent movie!”

DCEU fans: “Weren’t you guys on board with those rumors that it was going to be a disaster?”

anti-DCEU tumblr:

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*Joss Whedon’s trashy WW script gets leaked*

Concerned DCEU fandom: “Wow, this script is horrendous and sexist, and he made Steve Trevor into an asshole. I sure hope he doesn’t screw up Batgirl.”

anti-DCEU tumblr:

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“That script was made in 2004, he’s changed!”

“You’re all being too hard on him!”

“There’s no actual proof it’s the real script!”

“DCEU fans are bullies!”

                      so first, let’s all agree to ignore this super lame edit. 

a little over a year ago i decided to start watching this show. there were two seasons on netflix, and the third had already aired two episodes. i fell in love so quickly ??? i stayed up so late and ended up watching, i believe, the first six episodes. and, i’ve made it so clear before that i hated bellamy with a deep passion. i had my own personal blog and had followed so many t1OO blogs. i didn’t understand how so many people loved his character? he was selfish and didn’t actually care about any of those kids. he only wanted to save his own ass. but then, i watched ‘ my sister’s keeper ’ and was all like ; “okay. maybe he’s not so bad. he definitely cares about his bby sister and that’s pretty adorable.” but, what really did it in for me was that scene with fox in the mountain. i fell so hard. and, here we are !!!  

anyways, thank you all so much for following me and writing with me. it’s been my favorite thing. and to all of you who stuck with me when i disappeared for a few months, and then through the url change ( because that took a long ass time to figure out ) i just want you to know how much i appreciate you and how much i adore every single one of you. somehow, this has been one muse who has always stuck with me. even when i’ve lost my motivation or confidence, somehow i still wanted to be here.

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I had no idea when I made this blog just how invested I would become in this sassy, little old woman. I also had no clue how much I’d enjoy meeting you all and making all the new friends I’ve made. Even with me being slow as a turtle and hiatused more than I’m on, you guys have stuck with me and I have actually hit a milestone on Olenna that surprised me!

So, as a thank you, I just wanted to make a little list full of people I just really love. So, thank you for following and being sweet to me and my little old lady (and my gruff, bear lovin’ wildling, @tormundbearfucker).

First off, the reason I even thought about making Olenna, @multusxcastalides. She’s been my friend since late 2012 when we were in a Walking Dead RPG together. A pretty lengthy friendship, yep, and she encouraged me to make a lesser-used character for the fandom, and Olenna was born into my head. So, thanks for that! <3

My best friend and main partner everywhere else on this site, @shesboundtolose/ @semperardens / @beautifullybrokenbrass / @johnnysanamerican / @thegcddamnwcrds / @fullofvoices / @stillcannotfindpeace. We don’t do much here, but you are always there for me!

My fellow old folks, @gotwomennoonewants and @neitherknightnorlady. Love you both, a ton. Thank you guys for being amazing.

@liittlehound (and all your other blogs, I probably will list them on here and still not realize which ones are you or not) Shennen is a joy to play with and the mun is just the sweetest muffin ever! I love you!

In no particular order, and I am SO sorry if I miss people, but it is 5am and I am so tired, the rest of the people that I adore on this blog!

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170623 - WE LOVE LAY

Today’s bias is Lay!

because we still love him no matter what, whether he’s in the comeback or in China.

Lay: “Really?”

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Lay: “Oh, okay, hehehe…”

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You: “Because you’re a fantastic dancer.”

Lay: “I did almost ruin my body to learn how to dance well.”

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You: “And your lip bite is everything.”

Lay: “It is?”

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You: “One more, please.”

Lay: “Okay.”

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You: “Yeah, you’re incredibly good looking.”

Lay: “I am?  Not cute?”

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You: “You go back and forth.”

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You: “You look great in a suit, too.”

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You: “You look great all the time…”

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You: “You do so many things so well!!”

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Lay: “Did you watch Operation Love?”

You: “I’m working on it!”

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You: “But for now, you just need to rest.”

Lay: “Did you mean… write another song?”

You: “No, go to sleep.”

Lay: “Did you say dance practice?  Which song should I practice?”

You: “RELAX.”

Lay: “Okay, but I didn’t choreograph a dance for Relax.”

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You: “GO TO SLEEP!!!!”

Lay: “Okay, if that’s what you want…”

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