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I'm not sure if you've been told yet, but a PokéTuber named Verlisify made a video promoting your art. I don't think the video is monetized (I've clicked it a few times and haven't gotten an ad yet) and your links are all down in the description and in the video. I just wanted to let you know a decently well known PokéTuber noticed your work!

Hey, thank you! Someone mentioned it on my deviantart page (which I’ve recently been trying to catch up to my tumblr) so I checked it out. It’s really fun to watch someone review my work, and very flattering to have been noticed in that way.

I wasn’t very familiar with Verlisify previously, but I enjoyed his review and appreciated that he properly credited me. Although I wish he read the FAQ on the front page of my deviantart first (he read the line above it, come on! >_<) so he knew what the concept was that he was reviewing, but he seemed to come to a similar conclusion after a bit. It was a fun video, I enjoyed it.

If you’d like to watch it, it’s here.

Edit: Thank you to the people who told me about Verlisify’s generally negative reputation. I don’t know much about the guy, and I don’t want to talk badly about someone on here, so I’m going to be putting the video behind me. Thanks again though for the heads up, I appreciate it.

Who you gonna call?

So we all know Dean was desperate and determined to get in contact with Cas first when they broke out.  I’ve seen some anti-destiel people argue ‘who else would he call?!’  

For the sake of argument let’s assume Dean had other numbers memorized, which he could–I mean, broken phones have to be commonplace for hunters.

So if Dean’s racing against the clock to get Sam to safety before he Officially Dies at midnight then his best bet would be to call Crowley (isn’t his number just 666?)  Dean would yell,  'We iced Lucifer as a team, you dick. You should have zapped us out of that motel room along with your mom.  You got your throne back with our help, so how about you don’t leave us stranded!?' The King of Hell could apparate right to them and get them both to safety in moments.

Of course, Crowley won’t do something for nothing (even after their summer of love) so if yelling didn’t work, Dean would agree to 'owe him one.’  A nice, no-strings attached favor to be cashed in at a future date, because Dean doesn’t care–he’s dying before the day is through. Crowley doesn’t have to know about it.

But he doesn’t call Crowley. He calls Cas. Repeatedly. 

He doesn’t leave a message and move on.

He doesn’t tell Cas to get the phone from his room and call other hunters who might be closer. 

(Also, Cas misses two of Dean’s calls and one of Mary’s–which came up as an unknown number???–and this angel doesn’t even have to go to the bathroom. So either he was standing in the door of Dean’s room feeling miserable and looking at his weapons on display or he was crying into his pillows–because he certainly wasn’t in the library.  He wasn’t in the bunker to research or he would’ve had some lights on.  He was just depressed and sad and so much of the episode focused on showing us this. I don’t even want to think about how irritated Cas sounded when he answered the phone, like he was mad about being interrupted, but I am concerned about his mental health and wondering what he was doing off screen. I mean this scene with the phone ringing in the dark and Cas off-screen had me terrified for a moment. 

I think we all can remember how in Hunter Heroici he blamed himself to the extent that he mentioned suicide and that was when he was hunting with Dean and Sam, not sitting alone for weeks in the dark and silence with the blame and guilt of failing his friends weighing on him. He even considered the deaths of his unsolved case to be his responsibility, my poor sweet Cas.)   

Anyway, Dean sees the map and knows the country well enough to understand that Cas is hours away (at least seven according to Google maps and it’s a looong stretch of highway that Dean asks him to find them on).  The whole ‘meet us’ thing is such a hail mary plan. If it was just about getting one of them to safety, then Dean would have been better off telling Sammy to head for the highway while he tried to mislead or slow up the men following them, especially once they got a gun.   

It wasn’t about a rescue mission. Sam and Dean have been on the run from law enforcement so many times. They’d have found a way to get a car when they got to the highway. 

No, it wasn’t about needing help in the form of wheels.  Dean said, “The sooner the better.  We’re kind of on the clock here,” when he was talking to Cas and he was specifically referencing the time he had left alive, hoping against the odds that he’d see Cas one last time.     

Fact-Checking Maki

Now that we know Maki’s primary motive in tri., it’s easy to lean one way or another as far as her trustworthiness. But why go off a gut reaction or what other characters are saying about either her or the statements she’s made to the Chosen? Let’s go back to movie 3 and do some fact-checking!

We’re going to focus on Confession because this is the first time she fully conveys information to the Chosen and their partners. Prior to that, the only ones she can potentially deceive are Daigo and the bureau (we don’t hear her conversations with Meiko). Those may become important, but she says so little in movie 1 and isn’t specific enough in movie 2 to warrant a deeper analysis. Yet.

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I leave before being left not because I don’t want to be with you, but because I have the natural reaction of self defense. I will sacrifice any momentary happiness you give me, to protect myself in the long run. I will not let the love you show for the day fool me into thinking it will continue to be there for me. I know better than that. I know that feelings can be extremely temporary and misleading, and I refuse to put myself through another heartache just because you “didn’t know what you were getting yourself into”. I don’t care how many times you swear to be different, or swear to care. I have learned to believe nothing that comes from the mouth of someone like you. You can call me overly sensitive, overly dramatic, or anything else in the book. Because at the end of the day, I’d rather be all of those things combined, than to ever be heartbroken again. 

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I'm asexual, but sometimes I want to present myself in a sexual manner. Not through actions, but a sort of, "you can look but you can't touch" thing. I don't do it to spite or tease people, it just makes me feel better about myself and my sexuality. Am I being mean or misleading?

Nope. Society places value on appearances it’s your right to show how you please

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Do you really think feminism is still necessary in the first world? I get that feminist say that feminism just means equality for everyone but the literal definition of it says it is a movement primarily advocating for women, when women have all if not more legal rights than a man does at the moment

In first world countries, I wouldn’t say it is as necessary as much as it is beneficial. Things have definitely improved vastly, but they aren’t as good as they could/should be (not speaking for women in third world countries because your question wasn’t about that). A lot of my feminism and support is directed at the women who don’t have it as well as we do in America because I am able to acknowledge that in this country, women (white especially) are privileged. Not completely so though. Definitely not more than men, and hardly on the same level.

While feminism in the past involved fighting for the right to vote and the right to divorce and much more serious (depending on your definition of serious) things than we’re fighting for now, I like to think we’re at the point where the details are finally getting read. Fine tuning is happening.

By this, I mean we’re fighting for what a lot of people fail to recognize is even a problem whether they have experienced it or simply don’t know the harshness behind it. Examples would include sexism (still incredibly common: on the streets, in my mother’s words, school dress codes), the wage gap, sexual harassment, domestic abuse, etc. Like I said, these issues many seem minuscule in comparison to what women fought for before us, but small things are important because they make up the big things and are still a wall in the way on the route to equality.

I would think that the definition says “the advocation of women’s rights” or however it was worded because back when the word feminism was created, it was directed to women being brought up and created equal to man since they didn’t have a lot of the rights we have today. I do think it can be misleading and would be better off with a different definition that states it is for equality.

I don’t agree that women have the same or more rights than man though. Again, details. Fine-tuning.

Do I believe first world countries need as much feministic support as third world countries? Absolutely not: third world countries need it more than we do (they have yet to attack and demolish the “big pictures”) But do I believe there can never be too much equality, even if that means attacking the small things that lots of people deem insignificant? Absolutely.

I hope this answered your question(s?) in a satisfactory way, and I hope I explained things decently. I’m sure I’ll read over this later and think of things I should’ve added in, but what can ya do? Also, sorry for all the parenthesis, haha. Have a good day! xx

Okay so I was totally right about the televised promo being a really poor decision on CN’s part and keeping the far better promo online.

The last bomb was had some really damn low views, with 2 of them being below 1 million and the other 3 barely scrapping past it (the lowest was 0.95 and the highest being 1.14).

The promo for the next bomb (???) is so much better but I really don’t understand why CN wanted to mislead the audience

my hobbies include trying to explain what cahokia is using my very limited japanese vocabulary

“Cahokia is a very old town. The English came to America after the people of Cahokia died. Nobody knows why people stopped living there. Nobody lives there now, but many people travel there. It is a very interesting place.”

unfortunately this gives the impression that it’s still, like, an actual town with buildings and not a collection of grassy hills, but guess who doesn’t know how to say “grass” or “hills”

I truly hope to see Sara having a serious relationship/love interest. It’s ok for her to have one or two flings but it seems that by trying to restablish her bisexuality they are having her having even more flings? We already knew she had one in the first episode, next would be in the crossover and most likely even Constantine and then we have Agent Sharpe. If the producers are not serious, they better not mislead people and create needless ships for Sara and you know what is going to happen. This is going to be a tall order for the producers and writers to get it right. I better not put too much hope in this.

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would u consider doing a prompt from me? Steve telling Tony they need to talk so Tony is really scared and nervous. Steve sits him down and starts his speech with "I met someone" and Tony completly freezes, panics and his world crashes down, he feels like he is going to throw up because of the anxiety, and he is sure Steve is leaving him. He doesn't even register anything he said after those 3 words. Clue: Steve wanted to say that he met someone who could rent them a beach house for vacation.

Welp, Anon, this got kinda out of hand- It’s almost 2k words, but I hope I managed to write what you imagined!

Thanks for the prompt and enjoy reading it<3

The thing is, Steve is too good for him.

It’s a fact Tony is well aware of and it amazes him that even after six months of dating, Steve still seems to actually want to be with him. Which is surprising enough, really, but Tony also shamelessly enjoys it. He has grown up with little warmth and affection directed towards him, and Steve gives it so willingly that he soaks it up like a sponge.

Every touch, every kiss is pure bliss for him. He savours the moments where he can curl up against Steve and stay close to him, relishing the proximity.

He especially loves when they go to bed together and Tony can put his head on Steve’s chest. To hear his lover’s strong, steady heartbeat is more soothing than anything else and it always gets him to fall asleep in seconds.

But as happy as Tony is, there’s also always underlying fear.

Steve stays with him, even tells him loves him, but it’s hard for Tony to believe him. Not that he doubts Steve’s feelings, God no! But generally people rarely stay with him, so the brunet can’t make the creeping fear disappear that one day, Steve will no longer want him, will no longer be willed to put up with all his flaws.

It’s enough sometimes to wake him up in the middle of the night. When it happens, Tony finds himself staring at Steve, sleeping so peacefully by his side, and he’s always amazed that Steve is still here, still with him.

While it’s reassuring to be able to lie back down and curl into Steve’s arms… Tony never can’t make the voice in his disappear that tells him it’s only a matter of time until Steve will find someone better than him.

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Omg I have to vent about how stupid antis are to you. They think you slow down gifs to manipulate your audience? So people aren’t capable of looking at the source of the gif themselves and instead only read your blog because they’re part of some cult, right? Anyone with a brain knows the gifs are slowed down and put into black and white because they look better that way. Not because you’re trying to mislead anyone or present a new version of reality. Omg omg omg so stupid

No, no, no I don’t want Chole as the Bee. No.

Mostly because the creators did a PRETTY GOOD JOB at making her a generally unlikable character. In my opinion, she didn’t have a lot of redeemable qualities, if at all, and I didn’t really see any major indications that lead me to believe she WAS redeemable enough to be worthy of a Miraculous.

I don’t know how they’re going to undo all the damage and akumatizations she’s caused, and her lack of empathy for them all. She has never shown any kind of regret for the problems she created.

Like seriously? What she did to Kim was absolutely humiliating. Nope. No fault. Sabrina in Antibug? Yeah, I understand that she accepted Sabrina back, but it was ACCEPTING her back, not asking for forgiveness. There was no indication that she even changed towards Sabrina after the reconciliation, or in any episodes following that (regardless of having no ‘real order,’ there IS a sense of direction in this season).

This better be misleading (as in this character looks painfully similar to Chole), or she must go through a very intense, a VERY believable redemption arc in season 2 for me to even BEGIN being okay with it.

But I won’t be for a while. It boils my blood to think about Chloe somehow earning such a huge, humanitarian responsibility with little redemption cues to fall back on. Season 1 gave me no reason to believe she deserves it.

Again, I hope it’s misleading, but the design elements have me on my toes. The similarities are ridiculously obvious.

it wouldve been SO much better if the twin had gone to habitat 7 with the rest of the team.

i mean. can u imagine how much more connected you would feel just by going through one mission with them side by side? even if they immediately fell into the coma right after habitat 7. conversations and banter, interacting with them, having little conversations like with cora and the other crew ppl, walking to the bridge, getting ready, the shuttle crash, all that. wouldve been 100x better with the twin.

mb they just didnt want to mislead us into thinking the twin would be a squadmate so they just decided to never have them be a squadmate at all? alright fine but they still didnt have to just be asleep from the start, we could still interact with them before shit goes down, talk with them over comm’s, anything. ffs it’s just such an awkward narrative choice for them to be asleep from the very beginning.

only other reason i can think bioware didnt want to go there was bc they wanted to make it extra clear that the almighty player is the one that alec intended to be pathfinder lol??? even tho its still p much an accident either way??

i guess it might also in a way maybe lessen the impact how bioware kindof plays it as a reveal that alec rlly does care about his family and the whole aspect of his sacrifice (which is lost anyway imo since we dont get enough interaction to properly establish that about him in the first place) bc if both the twins were on habitat 7 then for him to clearly sacrifice himself for one kid / give the pathfinder position to you, it would be taken as him choosing one over the other and i can see how that might mess with that thematically. and things could get awkward especially if the twin may even resent you for it i mean god forbid we have complicated questions and character building moments where ppl might express anything other than blind adoration for the player character. seriously do ppl really prefer everyone to lick ur boots or am i rlly the only one who finds it more rewarding to have characters who actually challenge or question you bc i dont think so