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I'm not sure if you've been told yet, but a PokéTuber named Verlisify made a video promoting your art. I don't think the video is monetized (I've clicked it a few times and haven't gotten an ad yet) and your links are all down in the description and in the video. I just wanted to let you know a decently well known PokéTuber noticed your work!

Hey, thank you! Someone mentioned it on my deviantart page (which I’ve recently been trying to catch up to my tumblr) so I checked it out. It’s really fun to watch someone review my work, and very flattering to have been noticed in that way.

I wasn’t very familiar with Verlisify previously, but I enjoyed his reviews and appreciated that he properly credited me. Although I wish he read the FAQ on the front page of my deviantart first (he read the line above it, come on! >_<) so he knew what the concept was that he was reviewing, but he seemed to come to a similar conclusion after a bit. It was a fun video, I enjoyed it.

If you’d like to watch it, it’s here.

False Protagonists

Anonymous said:

How do you create a convincing and effective false/decoy protagonist? I’ve hardly found any information on the subject beyond textbook definitions, and a few examples from various media. But I’m really looking for tips & tricks, do’s & don'ts, and I just can’t find that. Is it just a really underused character trope? Or am I falling into a “there ain’t no rules here” area of writing?

In the world of literary fiction, false protagonists are like dark magic. It’s something that exists but it rarely discussed. Most people stay well away from it, and those who use it are either reckless fools or highly-skilled and using it as a last resort. That’s probably why you’re not finding much in the way of advice.

Another reason information is lacking is because false protagonists are more common on screen than on the page. They do exist in literary fiction, they’re just more often the result of wild writing rather than well-crafted intention. Which is not to say they are never used with intention in literary fiction. There just aren’t a lot of reasons for intentionally using one.

So, what are some reasons for intentionally using a false protagonist?

1) To mislead your reader for the sake of drama.

It’s okay to misdirect your reader. In other words, to turn their attention from something you don’t want them to notice right away. This is a little like saying, “What’s that over there?” and stealing a fry off your friend’s plate when they look to see what you pointed at.

It isn’t okay to mislead your reader. “Misleading” is when you actually take them in the wrong direction for a period of time, then at some point you stop and say, “Haha! You were supposed to go north but you went south, and now you’ve gone seventy miles in the wrong direction!” Nobody wants to hear that. Ever. Least of all your reader.

False protagonists mislead your reader, and since readers have limited patience, do you really want to do this for the sake of drama? Surely there’s a better option for implementing drama in your story? On the other hand, if you have another–better-reason for misleading your reader, do it. Always do what’s best for your story.

2) To illustrate the true evil or danger of the antagonist/antagonistic force.

If you start out with Fred as the protagonist and then he’s the first to go down when the zombies attack, that will certainly illustrate just how bad the danger truly is. It sets up the “anyone can be killed” mentality. Your reader can never assume any character is safe due to their importance. This can be surprisingly effective, but some find it to be a bit lazy. You shouldn’t have to rely on parlor tricks to illustrate how dangerous your antagonist is. So, here again, you really want to make sure this is the best option for your story. If it is, do it, and make sure you illustrate the true danger in other ways, too.

3) As a foil to contrast with the real protagonist.

Some stories merit the use of a false protagonist as a foil. Let’s say your story is about a bunch of war refugees being led through dangerous territory by a valiant, smart, benevolent hero who ends up dying to save a crusty, apathetic misanthrope. If said misanthrope is then forced to step into the leadership role, that would certainly have a lot more weight than if the story started out with this character as the leader. 

And, if you can give an additional purpose to the false protagonist’s departure (as above), that will go a long way in soothing the transition for the reader.

So, I guess, my main advice to you is to just think about why you want to do this, see if you have a good reason for doing it, and then make sure you do it effectively. Introduce the true protagonist as early as possible so that you’re not asking your reader to start fresh well into the story. Make sure the switch is made in the first half of the story or earlier. After that is going to be too late. Also, just as a side note: your false protagonist doesn’t have to die. That’s just one way they might depart the story. Sometimes they simply leave, other times they just step back into a secondary role.

I hope that helps!

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

Who you gonna call?

So we all know Dean was desperate and determined to get in contact with Cas first when they broke out.  I’ve seen some anti-destiel people argue ‘who else would he call?!’  

For the sake of argument let’s assume Dean had other numbers memorized, which he could–I mean, broken phones have to be commonplace for hunters.

So if Dean’s racing against the clock to get Sam to safety before he Officially Dies at midnight then his best bet would be to call Crowley (isn’t his number just 666?)  Dean would yell,  'We iced Lucifer as a team, you dick. You should have zapped us out of that motel room along with your mom.  You got your throne back with our help, so how about you don’t leave us stranded!?' The King of Hell could apparate right to them and get them both to safety in moments.

Of course, Crowley won’t do something for nothing (even after their summer of love) so if yelling didn’t work, Dean would agree to 'owe him one.’  A nice, no-strings attached favor to be cashed in at a future date, because Dean doesn’t care–he’s dying before the day is through. Crowley doesn’t have to know about it.

But he doesn’t call Crowley. He calls Cas. Repeatedly. 

He doesn’t leave a message and move on.

He doesn’t tell Cas to get the phone from his room and call other hunters who might be closer. 

(Also, Cas misses two of Dean’s calls and one of Mary’s–which came up as an unknown number???–and this angel doesn’t even have to go to the bathroom. So either he was standing in the door of Dean’s room feeling miserable and looking at his weapons on display or he was crying into his pillows–because he certainly wasn’t in the library.  He wasn’t in the bunker to research or he would’ve had some lights on.  He was just depressed and sad and so much of the episode focused on showing us this. I don’t even want to think about how irritated Cas sounded when he answered the phone, like he was mad about being interrupted, but I am concerned about his mental health and wondering what he was doing off screen. I mean this scene with the phone ringing in the dark and Cas off-screen had me terrified for a moment. 

I think we all can remember how in Hunter Heroici he blamed himself to the extent that he mentioned suicide and that was when he was hunting with Dean and Sam, not sitting alone for weeks in the dark and silence with the blame and guilt of failing his friends weighing on him. He even considered the deaths of his unsolved case to be his responsibility, my poor sweet Cas.)   

Anyway, Dean sees the map and knows the country well enough to understand that Cas is hours away (at least seven according to Google maps and it’s a looong stretch of highway that Dean asks him to find them on).  The whole ‘meet us’ thing is such a hail mary plan. If it was just about getting one of them to safety, then Dean would have been better off telling Sammy to head for the highway while he tried to mislead or slow up the men following them, especially once they got a gun.   

It wasn’t about a rescue mission. Sam and Dean have been on the run from law enforcement so many times. They’d have found a way to get a car when they got to the highway. 

No, it wasn’t about needing help in the form of wheels.  Dean said, “The sooner the better.  We’re kind of on the clock here,” when he was talking to Cas and he was specifically referencing the time he had left alive, hoping against the odds that he’d see Cas one last time.     

Fact-Checking Maki

Now that we know Maki’s primary motive in tri., it’s easy to lean one way or another as far as her trustworthiness. But why go off a gut reaction or what other characters are saying about either her or the statements she’s made to the Chosen? Let’s go back to movie 3 and do some fact-checking!

We’re going to focus on Confession because this is the first time she fully conveys information to the Chosen and their partners. Prior to that, the only ones she can potentially deceive are Daigo and the bureau (we don’t hear her conversations with Meiko). Those may become important, but she says so little in movie 1 and isn’t specific enough in movie 2 to warrant a deeper analysis. Yet.

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Okay so I was totally right about the televised promo being a really poor decision on CN’s part and keeping the far better promo online.

The last bomb was had some really damn low views, with 2 of them being below 1 million and the other 3 barely scrapping past it (the lowest was 0.95 and the highest being 1.14).

The promo for the next bomb (???) is so much better but I really don’t understand why CN wanted to mislead the audience

I leave before being left not because I don’t want to be with you, but because I have the natural reaction of self defense. I will sacrifice any momentary happiness you give me, to protect myself in the long run. I will not let the love you show for the day fool me into thinking it will continue to be there for me. I know better than that. I know that feelings can be extremely temporary and misleading, and I refuse to put myself through another heartache just because you “didn’t know what you were getting yourself into”. I don’t care how many times you swear to be different, or swear to care. I have learned to believe nothing that comes from the mouth of someone like you. You can call me overly sensitive, overly dramatic, or anything else in the book. Because at the end of the day, I’d rather be all of those things combined, than to ever be heartbroken again. 

No, no, no I don’t want Chole as the Bee. No.

Mostly because the creators did a PRETTY GOOD JOB at making her a generally unlikable character. In my opinion, she didn’t have a lot of redeemable qualities, if at all, and I didn’t really see any major indications that lead me to believe she WAS redeemable enough to be worthy of a Miraculous.

I don’t know how they’re going to undo all the damage and akumatizations she’s caused, and her lack of empathy for them all. She has never shown any kind of regret for the problems she created.

Like seriously? What she did to Kim was absolutely humiliating. Nope. No fault. Sabrina in Antibug? Yeah, I understand that she accepted Sabrina back, but it was ACCEPTING her back, not asking for forgiveness. There was no indication that she even changed towards Sabrina after the reconciliation, or in any episodes following that (regardless of having no ‘real order,’ there IS a sense of direction in this season).

This better be misleading (as in this character looks painfully similar to Chole), or she must go through a very intense, a VERY believable redemption arc in season 2 for me to even BEGIN being okay with it.

But I won’t be for a while. It boils my blood to think about Chloe somehow earning such a huge, humanitarian responsibility with little redemption cues to fall back on. Season 1 gave me no reason to believe she deserves it.

Again, I hope it’s misleading, but the design elements have me on my toes. The similarities are ridiculously obvious.

it wouldve been SO much better if the twin had gone to habitat 7 with the rest of the team.

i mean. can u imagine how much more connected you would feel just by going through one mission with them side by side? even if they immediately fell into the coma right after habitat 7. conversations and banter, interacting with them, having little conversations like with cora and the other crew ppl, walking to the bridge, getting ready, the shuttle crash, all that. wouldve been 100x better with the twin.

mb they just didnt want to mislead us into thinking the twin would be a squadmate so they just decided to never have them be a squadmate at all? alright fine but they still didnt have to just be asleep from the start, we could still interact with them before shit goes down, talk with them over comm’s, anything. ffs it’s just such an awkward narrative choice for them to be asleep from the very beginning.

only other reason i can think bioware didnt want to go there was bc they wanted to make it extra clear that the almighty player is the one that alec intended to be pathfinder lol??? even tho its still p much an accident either way??

i guess it might also in a way maybe lessen the impact how bioware kindof plays it as a reveal that alec rlly does care about his family and the whole aspect of his sacrifice (which is lost anyway imo since we dont get enough interaction to properly establish that about him in the first place) bc if both the twins were on habitat 7 then for him to clearly sacrifice himself for one kid / give the pathfinder position to you, it would be taken as him choosing one over the other and i can see how that might mess with that thematically. and things could get awkward especially if the twin may even resent you for it i mean god forbid we have complicated questions and character building moments where ppl might express anything other than blind adoration for the player character. seriously do ppl really prefer everyone to lick ur boots or am i rlly the only one who finds it more rewarding to have characters who actually challenge or question you bc i dont think so

Closed Captions

So more and more people start pointing out that closed captions on YouTube have a big problem. I’m gonna be one of those people too.

Recently I’ve tried watching some videos with CC turned on just out of curiosity. I was very disappointed, to say the least. People don’t understand that CC were created to actually help people watch videos, not to bring the humorous element into them. Closed captions allow deaf or hard of hearing people enjoy the content of creators and unnecessary coments make it much harder. I noticed this problem particularly on @markiplier ‘s videos. So here I compiled a little picture full of examples.

That’s not how you supposed to make closed captions. 

When I was watching Mark’s “Fire and Ice Challenge” I was just mad. It is such a special video, both for Mark and his subscribers and yet it was, I dare say, ruined by “funny” captions. It was quite unpleasant for me to watch it with CC.  I also went to @therealjacksepticeye ​‘s videos and I didn’t notice anything like that there. CC were a huge pleasure to read.

I personally don’t have any problems with my hearing. But this problem touches me deeply because of another reason: I’m not a native English speaker. YouTube videos helped me improve my language skills a lot, but I started watching them when I already was somewhat decent at English. But what about the beginners? They need CC too, they are so helpful for understanding speech better. And unnecessary comments might mislead and confuse those people, they probably wouldn’t even be able to understand the “jokes”. 

Also if you are translating English CC into another language, be sure to translate CORRECTLY. Just don’t do it if you don’t have enough experience or if your level of language isn’t high enough.

Sorry for any mistakes that I might’ve done or if I sounded rude. I really don’t intend to offend anyone, I just want to make closed captions better because they mean so much to so many people. I’m very passionate about this problem and I’ll try to do my best to help people with it.

TL;DR: Closed captions on some videos are a big mess because people don’t take them as seriously as they should. CC means a lot to the deaf or hard of hearing people and also to people, who learn the language. This problem really needs to be solved.

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So you think that our expectations for next episode will be satisfied at the end? We know that Amelia will be there for Owen and I can't wait for that 😍 but sometimes synopsis are misleading

I think we will be happy but also craving for more. Kind the same that happened on episode 13x21, but even better :) The synopsis are often misleading but Omelia have had so much angst and drama this season, it is time for some hurt-comfort to get on the path of healing and mending their relationship! :) 

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I agree, i dislike Riley much more than Milo. Riley is a fucking adult, and to me Milo is kind of adorable. Misinformed, yes, but adorable

I find milo super cringy, but I think that she at least believes the shit she says. Riley is old enough to know better. She clearly knows that she’s lying and misleading people and does it anyway just to solidify the audience she has, and push whatever she thinks will get her more attention. That’s much worse than an uninformed teenager who wants to be special in my opinion.

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Rose to be honest, them being honest about the fact that you screamed at them caused to be hurt isn't necessarily a guilt trip, it depends on how it was done, sometimes it's necessary to hear you handled something hurtfully even if your frustration was valid (sorry lack of better word).


On Ashley (Stick with me, This might get interesting)

(yooooo. I’m already seeing a bunch of Ashley hate in the tags on the director commentary post. I feel like my summary may have been misleading so I figured I’d better post the verbatim transcript of the whole ashley/chris conversation before I unintentionally fuel a war with shoddy info.)

Why does ashley tell you to shoot her but then locks you out anyway? Did she panic or was that just a mistake in development that got overlooked? 

Tom: Definitely not a mistake in development, it was very deliberate… definitely planned. Ashley had been through a lot that night, had a gun pointed at her, and fired at her, seen a friend murdered,she’s in a very stressful state. she had a very hard time, and she is unpredictable, its gotta be said..

I’m confused, so did Ashley mean it or did she not?

Jez: or did the player mean it? 

Tom: Well I don’t know if the player meant it. I think ashley.. that was quite deliberate by Ashley, not letting Chris in. yes I think thats definitely the case. 

Jez: Because of what had gone on before. 

Tom: Very upset. Maybe an over reaction? I don’t know. its difficult to judge isnt it, I mean whos been in that situation? I know I havent

Basically the developers confirmed that Ash deliberately killed Chris, but they’re clearly sympathetic to her as well- which we should acknowledge too. The take away shouldn’t be that Ash is a heartless bitch, more like hey, look at what traumatic stress can do to the human psyche. That specific death scene is one of the most obvious examples of inaction causing a character’s death, but this is actually an omnipresent theme in the game. Almost all the characters do it- Matt can choose not to help Em and let her fall to her (presumed) death, Sam complains but doesn’t actually do anything to stop the prank, She can also choose not to save Mike, No one but Beth went running out after Hannah, christ, even Chris does it in the scene immediately after Ash could have done it to him. He sits back and does nothing when Mike shoots Em. Different scenarios, different motives, but does that make any of those deaths more acceptable? Are we in any position to pass that judgement? Josh’s subconscious addresses this theme specifically:

“I don’t know which is worse, actively triggering events that lead to someone’s death, or passively allowing tragedy to occur.”

Man, think about that, not from the perspective of the characters, but as players. We forgive and ignore these other characters’ examples of inaction leading to death because they aren’t as obvious, or we like the character, or we find a way to justify it, but we look at Ashley’s choices and see no redemption? We demonize her for playing god while we are simultaneously playing god ourselves. This is so fucking meta and cool to think about guys. Yes, it’s confirmed that Ash deliberately kills Chris if he chose to kill her earlier, but to only take that info and use it to dismiss the door opening scene with a “Fuck Ashley” is to really miss out on what makes her character, and all these characters interesting and human. The idea that no one is innocent, including the player, and how that doesn’t mean they aren’t still worth saving… it’s really cool.

We’re the players though- We are omnipresent. We have the potential to know and control things the characters can’t, and we do it all from the comfort of our homes. We have the tools to make better choices than these characters ever could in these scenarios. How can we know we wouldn’t react the same way in that situation? I mean, do you really know what you would do? Isn’t it sort of scary to think about? Sorry, I’m getting super off track. Ashley isn’t even my fav or anything, I just think we (myself definitely included) are a bunch of pots callin the kettle black about some of this stuff sometimes. We can take for granted the perspective we have as players, you know? 

I don’t know. its difficult to judge isnt it, I mean whos been in that situation? I know I havent.” (Tom Heaton, Design Director for Until Dawn)

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This is bad but: occasionally I look at my boyfriends Facebook messages to see what he says to his friends. I know its wrong. I hate that I do it. But it makes me feel better to know he is just a really kind person and does not mislead other girls or flirt with anyone else. I guess that just means he is trustworthy but I'm not.

He sounds like a great dude so I’d stop checking his fb. If he caught you checking it, it could totally ruin your relationship.

So as promised, my spoiler review of Batman v Superman. To read my impressions of this movie without spoilers and my thoughts still high on adrenaline + rants about how unfair the bad reviews are imo, click here 

 But this one has MAJOR SPOILERS from the movie, so stop reading right now if you still didn’t watch it!


- The editing (or as I like to call in this case, the butchering). It was terrible. I felt like they had so much material filmed they tried to put a little of everything but when you do this, some things are just too short and disconnected with the rest of the movie. There were scenes that would be better if left out instead of adding its 30 seconds version. There’s no point in going back and forth so quickly if you don’t give time to let the scene play out in an appropriate time. The cuts were too sharp without a proper transition that could make sense, some of them I felt almost dizzy.

- Lex Luthor: I get what Eisenberg tried to do and I think it was a great idea in theory. But the execution didn’t work because the character didn’t have the proper time to play out like it would happen in an exclusive Superman movie. The movie has so many characters and parallel storylines you can’t quite grasp where Lex is coming from with all his quirks and maniac aspirations, instead of escalating and getting immersed in who is this person gradually, you’re hit right in the face with everything in the first time we see him. When you don’t have time to portray a character with so many screaming details like this, he becomes annoying and distracting. I thought the trailer was misleading and he would be better in the film, but what we see in the trailers is exactly how he is, no further development or additional layers. We get a glimpse of his past (big daddy issues, apparently Luthor Senior was very abusive) and of his psyché about  the duality of being a genius but still have no power, which is a cool concept for the character when you’re someone who lives among gods and all this discussion but it’s so small, they pretty much just jump straight out to megalomaniac insanity with him. But it’s a courageous approach, you can see Jesse gave his everything but it wasn’t enough, unfortunately. The only thing I really loved about the character was how he manipulated Bruce and Clark and orchestrated everything. But even this was rushed.

- Doomsday: I’m glad he was just a small part of the movie but I was disappointed the aesthetic we got in the trailer is all we get in the movie. Indeed he gets stronger and bigger as he gets hit but the crazy kinda spike rocks growing out of him every time it happened weren’t impressive enough to make his looks increase and look different from an hybrid of a ninja turtle on steroids with Hulk’s Abomination. I honestly thought the Doomsday from the trailer was a a baby Doomsday that would get bigger and meaner-looking as the battle progressed but even if this kinda happens in a small degree, he still looks dumb and plain bad.

- The exaggerated amount of trailers and tv spots we got beforehand: I wish I had watched only the first comic con trailer. The plot wasn’t spoiled, but some of the scenes were totally showed from start to finish in the trailers. Lex introducing Clark and Bruce, the first time we see Wonder Woman suited up, the first time Superman and Batman are face to face in costume when Superman rips the batmobile’s door off. The first was really cringe worthy as it was in the trailers but the other two were amazing and I still felt my heart beating wildly because they are epic moments and with the soundtrack wow, simply iconic, but I wish it was the first time I was watching them.

- One of Batman’s action sequences: the scene in question is one in which he is hallucinating he is ambushed in the desert. That whole fight was terribly choreographed, I have no idea why Snyder chose such a wide framing to shoot it, you can really tell it’s something rehearsed and it looks very slow. But that’s the only action scene that didn’t work.

- The continuity from Man of Steel: As much as I love that you can absolutely feel this is the same universe of MoS, I know this will turn off a lot of casual viewers. That’s the only reason I put it in the bad pile (but don’t worry, this is in the good pile too lol). Because personally, I loved how we start the movie with Bruce’s point of view of what happened in MoS between Clark and Zod. But I saw so many confused faces, most people clearly had no idea what was happening. 

- Bruce’s parents dying again: Ok cool they brought the Comedian from Watchmen to be Bruce’s dad but how many times can we watch little Bruce losing his parents and not roll our eyes? It totally loses the emotional impact when we see it happening for the 26th time.

- No post credits scene: I already knew it wouldn’t happen and I don’t expect every superhero movie to emulate Marvel so I didn’t stay but I heard so many people that waited complaining… I wonder if that’s really the last impression you want to leave on your audience, just give them something simple and small to make them happy after waiting 10 minutes for nothing.


- Ben Affleck became my ultimate batman: He plays my favorite kind of batman, what I call B&B Batman (Brutal & Bitter). He is extremely violent, he just had enough and his motivations are very well displayed. We can see he struggles from a selfless point of view in which he worries with the destruction a powerful creature like Superman could bring among humanity but you also can see him in an almost selfish light too, what can he do when people have a godlike superhero as an option? You can feel he is struggling with becoming obsolete in some ways as much as this is not the focus of his problems with Superman, but it’s there is some degree. We get to see him using his gadgets and when he breaks in to save Martha Kent omg, what an amazing fight! It really shows what he is capable of why Batman is so badass even being a regular human being with no super powers. I was cheering so much! He looks so done 100% of the movie, which I love lol

- Superman saving the world: yes, we get to see Clark saving people from fires and floods and explosions, it’s just amazing! It’s an important thing to show us after all the destruction he participated in Man of Steel, so I’m really glad they reminded everyone who is Superman and what he does most of the time. The way people look at him in an almost worshiping way was equally satisfying and disturbing but very close to how we as human beings function with things more powerful than us, a mix of blind awe and fear.

- Strong insight in what means to be Superman: For the first time I connected with Clark in his cinematographic version. You can really feel how he is the most lonely creature in the world. You can feel how he wants to do good, how much it costs him, how much it hurts him to receive injustice and ungratefulness in return and still not blame us. It’s really strong and a very emotional anchor in the movie, I was speechless about how much a felt for him and very pleased with Henry Cavill’s portray of the character. I just wanted to hug Clark, I still want to dig his body out of his grave to do it. If I had to choose I’d say I’m totally team Superman and I never imagined saying this before this movie

- Lois and Clark: I never cared much about them as a couple, but I won’t lie, they were super cute and strong together. The chemistry was there and Lois humanizes him so much and you don’t feel an unbalance in the relationship, as much as a powerful creature Clark is, Lois is the one to anchor him and give him something he desperately needs: a sense of home and belong and he does reckless things for her (how human of him) so she holds more power than him in some ways.

- Lois Lane being a journalist: I’m so glad she wasn’t doing military/astronaut work in some alien ship like in MoS because it was ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with being a regular human being so I loved to watch her doing high risk journalism and being nosy and going after what she wants. Even if something backfires, she still gets power and knowledge that is game changer for the plot just by doing her job and being good at it, it’s refreshing tbh.

- Alfred: every minute Alfred has screen time, it’s a blessing. He sass the shit out of Bruce and you just want to kiss him for it. I never thought I would say Alfred is hot. But it’s the Jeremy Irons effect, there’s nothing we can do about it, just embrace the feel.

- Wonder Woman: She was flawless. I’m so hyped for her solo movie now. I don’t agree with people who say she should have had more scenes. I’d love to see more of her, but I think this should’ve been exactly what it was: an introduction to leave us wanting more. She is mysterious, badass, takes no shit from our little boys and she’s absolutely amazing! Seriously, the first time she shows all suited up and her score starts to play, you’ll get goosebumps, your heart will threat to beat out of your chest. It’s everything I dreamed, we get to see her using her shield, sword, bracelets and lasso. I love her chemistry with Bruce too and how she cradles Clark’s body in her arms with so much tenderness for such a powerful creature like she is. Ugh I could talk about her all day, I simply love her and Gal Gadot did a great job with the material she got.

- The soundtrack: two of my favorites, Hans Zimmer (Inception, The Dark Night) and Junkie XL (Mad Max: Fury Road) so I was expecting awesomeness and I was not disappointed. It’s a somber score with some exceptions like WW’s song that’s more wild but it’s a heavy movie so it was something expected.

- The tone: yes it’s dark and gritty but a film that contemplates the philosophical questions this one does, even if not in dept, there isn’t many other aesthetic options. I like how DC is so different from Marvel, I love both and it would be super boring if they looked the same. I’m not sure if I’ll take my kids to watch this one, because even being PG13 it’s very adult in its themes and more of a political drama than an action flick, but I’m glad we have this more grown up version too.

- The cinematography: the only thing I expect from director Zack Snyder is great visuals because it’s his forte (maybe his only one) and he didn’t disappoint with cool concepts and beautiful shots. It looks epic and large-scale. I’m also glad his directing is a little more tamed when it comes to the excess he often chooses. I’m imagining Affleck as a more grounded director gave him some advise maybe?

- The Justice League introduction: this is one of the most polarizing questions, but I particularly love how quick it was handled. I was afraid they would put too much of each new character and it’d become a pre justice league movie instead of a batman v superman one. I’m relieved to say this did not happened. It was quick, objective and even if not an epic choice to introduce this characters, it gets the job done. I don’t agree with some people saying it was shoehorned. It’d be bad if these characters would just have more exposure in the next Justice League film, but each one of them will have their own solo movie, so no need to ruin the impact and reveal too much about them beforehand. We (and the other characters) only needed to know they exist, which was accomplished.

- The continuity from Man of Steel: See, this is in the good pile too! As I said, I love that you can absolutely feel this is the same universe of MoS. Even if MoS is not a movie that I love, continuity is a blessing. And as much as the regular audience will feel confused, I loved all the nods for the more hardcore fans. They hint at Darkseid too and I can’t wait!!! 

- The Batman v Superman duel is more dramatic and political than actual action: and I see this is one of the reasons most people are disappointed, but I love how they had so much building up until their confront, which happens only after 1 and a half hour into the movie and is not overly long. These characters are not like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, who already have an emotional connection and background. So to Clark and Bruce go to blows and mean something beyond “fuck yeah cool fight” it has to have something behind it, something that justify how it escalates, something to make it more than two angry men beating each other in some dark alley. And all the political and philosophical questions were amazing to fill this need. I see some reviewers say that the movie has outdated notions of deity and obedience but excuse my french, it’s bullshit. The point of the movie is not to defend this concept but to show how we as flawed human beings convert everything into this because it’s a pattern we understand and seek since we lived in caves. And we still can’t let go of it, no matter how evolved and civilized we think we are. When senator Finch is getting interviewed and is asked: “Do we need a Superman?” and she simply answers: “We have one.” it’s absolutely brilliant and so powerful, it’s one of the moments a movie reaches something way deeper that it even is trying to be and you just wish you could have a little more of that.

- The trinity: Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman fighting together was a breathtaking moment and even if it was more of a tease than a full on battle, I loved every second of it. It’s a dream came true and the “is she with you?” “I though she was with you” exchange didn’t ruin anything, it was actually quite cute and it helped me breathe while I laughed because I was so overwhelmed with the emotion of seeing them lining ready to fight together, wow, I needed some levity to handle it in a non embarrassing way while in public, so I’m grateful 

- Clark’s motivations to fight Batman: I can’t stress this enough: I love how Clark was forced to fight Batman. At first you’d think it’s a cheap excuse but it’s not, any other excuse to have Clark beating the shit out of Bruce even to defend himself would be stupid and out of character. Having his mother, his only pure connection with who he is as Clark Kent and not just Kal-El, to be the catalyst to his confront with Bruce was very smart and respectful to the character. It also added a lot of emotion to the whole sequence, Clark is spiraling in a kaleidoscope of emotions which breaks our heart to watch but add a lot to the character. He clearly doesn’t want to do this but resigned himself that nothing can stays good forever, omg I felt stabbed in the heart and I loved it.  

- The Marthas: Nothing makes me more happy when a movie gives proper importance to the moms. These are boys deeply changed for the presence/absence of their motherly figures. Martha Kent and Martha Wayne being what finally snap both out of their stupidity and put them to work together made me smile from ear to ear, I had to shove a handful of popcorn in my mouth to stop me from squealing loudly in the theater. And when Martha Kent says she figured Batman was a friend of her son because of the cape, man, that’s one of my favorite moments in comic book films of all time and I’ll never forget it.

- Granny’s Peach Tea: enough said, it was such a fabulous twist!

- The death: Ok last but not least, from the moment Clark grabs the kryptonite spear from the moment the end credits rolled up, I was a mess. I started crying right at the moment Lois started to beg him not to do it, and you can clearly see he is going to do it because if not him, who else? When Bruce wrapped Clark’s dead body in his cape to let him slide into Wonder Woman and Lois Lane’s arms, omg, what a powerful scene! I don’t care about how in superhero movies nobody really dies, fuck it, I felt, I felt every bit of it, and I still can’t believe I felt so many emotions in such intensity watching a Zack Snyder film. How iconic was too watch both funerals? One is the spectacular burial of Superman, god, alien, resource, mysterious creature, criticized and hated by most in life but an admired hero by everybody in death. As they say, the perfect heroes are the dead ones because they can’t disappoint us. The other one was the burial of Clark Kent, son, boyfriend, protector, friend, a good man. A very small ceremony at his home, the home that embraced him as a person and not a commodity. I was floored with feelings and the little hint that he’ll return didn’t ruin the impact of the brave choice the script made in killing him off, because it’s expected that he won’t stay dead and kids would leave the theater in tears if they didn’t at least hinted at it.

- “If you seek his monument, look around you”: The quote from architect Christopher Wren’s tomb is so powerful and perfect in this context, I love how they used it for Superman, wow!

CONCLUSION: Yesterday I said I enjoyed BvS very much. Today after a whole night and day to digest it better I can even say that I loved it. It’s those kind of movies that has so much going on and goes against everything you were expecting that you need some hours or days to digest and let it settle in your heart and mind and accept how great it was for what it tried to be and not for what you thought it would be. You have to let go of your speculations and expectations and be free of all this to really embrace this movie, because it’s absolutely the opposite of what everybody predicted and this is a good thing. I’m even more excited now for Justice League and Wonder Woman than I was before. Go see for yourself instead of just following the critics that don’t have the same background as us fans, specially if you love comic book movies!

Peridot and Lapis’ Farm Children

During the sneak peek of Gem Harvest (I watched the NYCC extended clip), we see that Peridot and Lapis have been getting busy farming a whole lot of crops around the barn.

However, they are disappointed to discover that the food they have grown isn’t sentient.

But how did they come to this conclusion in the first place? 

Why did they assume that, like gems, everything grown in the ground would come alive?

Is it just because they’re gems and simply don’t know better yet?

Or has Lapis been mislead about how food actually works in this world?

I’d assume if one was on an alien planet, they probably wouldn’t question the logic much since everything would seems foreign and absurd. An island of living watermelons? It’s just an Earth thing… right? 

But thanks to Steven, they got their pumpkin baby/puppy. I’m happy for them.