this better not be bullshit

As expected Maggie tore me up in that episode. I was fighting back tears the entire time. She deserves better than that piece of garbage.

It’s such bullshit because he stood there and ranted about how he wanted a better life for his daughter and how he just wants her to be accepted, yet he was the only one that didn’t accept her.

My heart hurts.

That story needed to be told though. Way to many LGBTQ people can relate to that amd that’s what hurts the most. The fact that for so many people that is a reality….it breaks my heart.

Silence is better than bullshit.
Yongguk couldn’t have put it better.

Honestly BABYz our boys don’t deserve this!:(
Read the underlying tweets this is so harsh.😭

But yall know what?
We know. We know how difficult it was for our boys,how bloody hard they worked their arses off so that they could gives us music that inspires❤😭 We know that our boys define talent and everything unreal❤😭

Best Absolute Perfect for this very reason❤
Haters gonna hate, but B.A.P and BABYz gonna create❤

  • Me: okay let's be productive today! I have that essay I have to finish and--
  • Brain: *whines* nooooooo.
  • Me: ...okay, fine how about we finish that fic that--
  • Brain: *rolls around uselessly* nooo.
  • Me: Dude, then what the fuck do you want to--
  • Brain: *caresses my cheek* no.

Aries: You can’t hide in trauma forever. I know, it’s tempting. Calling your name out to you. Begging you to use it as an excuse to go back to every hold habit you tried so hard to kick. Eventually you have to stop hiding under covers and face what your world looks like now.

Taurus: You’re not invisible I promise. People are watching. Ever vigilant should the dark thoughts come back. All you have to do is ask for us, and we will come. We will come even if you don’t ask, but we see the smoke of everything burning. It’s okay. You have not been forgotten.

Gemini: Take a breath. You’re not at war anymore. There is no more battles to wage. You have won them all. Smile and sit back. Enjoy the victory. You have earned it. No one cares what you did to win. We just care that you came back home.

Cancer: Stop letting their words dictate your future. You’re worth more then that. More then what those small fools can see. I know you don’t know if you can believe me. But I promise you, you are meant for bigger and better things. You just have to be willing to want it.

Leo: Stop running. Whatever was chasing you lost your scent long ago. I know you think it’s the only thing you can do anymore, but stop. Learn to let the world stand still without being scared. It’s okay now.

Virgo :Don’t let the darkness back in. It comes around for you this time of year like clockwork. Do not let it come back in. Do not use this time as an excuse. You are so much better than this bullshit that surrounds you.

Libra: You can’t ever go back, as much as you want to. Don’t loose out on what’s happening now just because you’re mourning and missing what could of been. Lift up your gaze and try and smile. You’ll only get a moment like this once.

Scorpio:Stop using their words as an excuse to hate what you see in the mirror. They don’t know you. Stop trying to destroy yourself when it’s so much easier to make repairs. I know it’s scary, but you are worth saving.

Sagittarius: It’s okay to start over. It’s okay to begin again. I know it’s terrifying. But you will never get anywhere if you just stay standing perfectly still. The first steps always the hardest.

Capricorn: Don’t forget who you were, or you’ll forget the lessons it taught you. Don’t try and erase your past. Show your scars off, you earned those fuckers. You’re still standing. That’s something to be proud of.

Aquarius: I know it hurts more then you think you can manage. But here’s the shocker, you are managing.  You are getting up every day despite all of it. Don’t focus on tomorrow. Just focus on getting through the next 5 minutes. Because that’s really all you need.

Pisces: Not doing something because you’re scared of ruining it is a sorry excuse, and you know it. Nothing is as fragile as you give it credit for. You are not some bull in a china shop. You are safe here. Don’t be scared.

—  This weeks horoscope 
Things you may have forgotten about Arya Stark
  • She has PTSD
  • She was a slave
  • And threatened with rape multiple times
  • Also beaten bloody
  • She used to play with lowborn kids in Winterfell
  • And talk with the smallfolk
  • And people loved her
  • She likes flowers
  • She is a polyglot
  • She knows a lot about poison
  • Because she had to taste it till her stomach hurt
  • She is too caring for her own good
  • She gave water do dying people
  • She dgaf about social status
  • She has low self-esteem
  • So much that she thought her family wouldn’t want her back
  • She is good at math
  • Also history
  • She is an extrovert
  • She makes friends with anybody
  • She has a strong pack sense
  • She’s an incredible warg and she doesn’t even know it
  • She’s good at climbing
  • She is an amazing rider
  • She never totally forgets who she is
  • No matter how many names she takes
  • The old gods are casually giving her pep talks 
  • She isn’t a psychopath
  • She was a war prisoner
  • Also a child soldier
  • She can cook
  • She has a strong sense of justice
  • She could pretend she is a singing goat and you’d believe her, that’s how good she is at pretending to be things she is not
  • She cares about people who are suffering
  • She doesn’t like killing
  • She has nightmares about it
  • She likes songs
  • She is a girl, she acknowledges it and she is proud of it

while part of me agrees that hollyleaf should have given bramblestar a life let me just list the lives real quick

firestar: tigerstar’s nemesis
goldenflower: tigerstar’s ex mate, mother of his kits, betrayed by him etc
bluestar: tigerstar tried to kill her, ultimately did with dog plot
mousefur: alive during tigerstar’s time, her brother was killed by him
lionheart: killed by tigerstar  edit: someone reminded me he died in a battle w/ shadowclan but still alive during tigerclaw’s time & brokenstar was tigerstar’s long-time ally
ferncloud: alive during tigerstar’s time, her mother watch killed by him
cinderpelt: tigerstar caused her injury
feathertail: tigerstar threatened to kill her for being half-clan
ravenpaw: forced to leave thunderclan to escape tigerstar

bramblestar’s lives weren’t cats that were close to him, but rather cats that were wronged by tigerstar. bramblestar’s leader ceremony is the ultimate symbol of how bramblestar defied his father’s tyranny by becoming a leader through good work. its basically a catharsis for everyone. that’s why hollyleaf didn’t give him a life