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what the fuck is 2x08

What happened tonight with r / izzy in 2x08 was disgusting. i don’t see how ANYONE can ship that. although i don’t want to demonize Iz bc it is her addiction, but she FUCKING FORCED Raph to bite her. she took away his consent, she betrayed him, she took advantage of his initial kindness and sacrifice. she fucking USED HIM!! i’m appalled by this shitty ass sub plot both for the sake of Iz and Raph. Iz deserves better than this tacky drug addiction. Raphael Santiago deserves better than being thrown into a weird ass ‘relationship’ and being abused more or less and forced to do something against his will. had something like this happened where it was a man doing it to a woman, people would be furious. don’t let double standards get in the way of this. Raphael fucking Santiago deserves better than this bullshit writing, he deserves a break and he sure as hell doesn’t need a relationship with a woman to be relevant… let alone a woman who took advantage of him TWICE.

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So, I'm genderqueer... And a while ago my mom told me that she is uncomfortable with using my preferred pronouns. And just yesterday she yelled "You're my daughter I'll call you whatever the hell I what including an it"... What should I do?? I already moved out and I live with a very supportive Aunt. ( P.s; I already cut all my hair off because of feeling invalid and not looking male enough to my preference. )

I’m so sorry your mom yelled that at you. You deserve so much better than to have to listen to that kind of transphobic bullshit.

My mom shouted something similar to me about a month or two after I came out to her, so I know it’s… fucking painful.

You could try to talk to her about it, let her know how incredibly hurtful it is when she says stuff like that. Tell her that you understand that it might take a while for her to adapt to you being genderqueer, to use your right pronouns etc., but that you still need to know that she is making a serious effort to change the way she talk about you and thinks about you.

There’s sadly no guarantee that she will listen to you and show you enough basic respect to comply to that request, but it could still be worth a try.

If she doesn’t react well to your request, and you are self-supporting, you could try to distance yourself from her. You could let her know that you don’t want to be around her if she is going to continue misgender you. How much you can distance yourself from her depends a lot of what your relationship is currently like, how close you live to each other, etc. though, so you probably know more regarding what can be done there than I do.

If any of my followers have any other advice or suggestions, please feel free to add to this post.

Tumblr is hell.

Nazi’s and KKK members have changed their viewpoints so many times NEVER because of HATE and VIOLENCE but because people understood them and treated them as human beings and proved them wrong. Because people were able to show them what they thought was wrong.

You think encouraging the group of peopel that another group hates to be violent and hateful is gonna chnage anything? No it’s gonna reinforce the other groups beliefs that this group is bad.

All you’re doing is MAKING MORE PROBLEMS. All you’re doing is trying to start violence and wars where they shouldn’t be.

If you hated someone and you saw them being violent and hateful that would only reinforce your ideals right? But if you see them doing good, being nice, and understanding and even having them talk to you as another human being your mind would change quite easily and quickly.

So fuck off with your “hate is better than love” bullshit.

I gotta say, this ep of Supergirl made me appreciate Steven Universe a lot more. Hell, it made me appreciate Star vs the Forces of Evil a lot more! I hate Sta//rco because I hate the idea that two best friends who are a boy and a girl can’t just stay friends… but hey, at least Marco is a nice guy who is actually Star’s friend and, y'know, respects her? And, hell, Star, not Marco, is the one who developed romantic feelings for him. The GIRL developed feelings first. How revolutionary! I can’t believe I actually quit watching SVTFOE because I didn’t want to have to deal with Sta//rco becoming canon. That ship is faaaaar better than this Kar*mel bullshit.

I should go back to watching SVTFOE. I should catch up and shit.

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I can't remember how to do it off of the top of my head, but I believe you can block an anon's IP address. I think you should do it for that creepy motherfucker trying to make out that they know you/are stalking you (who tbh is probably just some kid who's bored and has nothing better to do).

Nah it’s alright its just someone bullshitting 

probably using my Instagram tagged photos to come up with names and places.

Can we just all agree that after witnessing what Matthew Mercer can do with the undead that the upcoming Vecna arc is not only going to be totally awesome but also utterly terrifying? This episode was just so stressful I think I need to sleep for a whole week.

I’m sorry Trump won for our country, for women, minorities, the LGBTQ community, people who are scared, crying, unsure of the future… But while we are scared and unsure and heartbroken… Do NOT give up and do NOT allow yourself or anyone else tell you that you don’t matter. You DO matter. Your rights DO matter. And no one can take that away from you.. 👫👭👬❤️

Did I really just read that “white people speaking Spanish is cultural appropriation”? 


Do people not know Spain exists? Do they not know where Spanish came from?

WARNING: every white person in Spain and Latin America is to immediately stop speaking Spanish. I repeat. Stop speaking your language, you are appropriating your own culture. 


wtf lol everyone needs to chill

The breakdown and retcon get clearer every day… 

from Chapter 681 & other chapters

Rukia and Ichigo don’t even talk, but she’s nursing her bestie back to health while her bestie is only concerned about not being able to restore future hubby-kun’s Tensa Zangetsu.

Renji acts as his bro’s ray of light. Ichigo suffers despair similar to when Ginjo took his Fullbring. Basically an exact redux since Yhwach took Ichigo’s Hollow and Quincy powers. Renji is the one to get Ichigo back on his feet again and then Tsukishima restores Tensa.

Ichiruki’s friendship and what they’ve always been to each other in battle is completely brushed aside and divided using Renji and Orihime. And this guy…

This guy has been knocked out of his best bro place with Ichigo by Renji. He doesn’t even get to fight alongside him in a fucking Quincy arc but comes in at the eleventh hour after Ichigo has been fighting Yhwach with Aizen and Renji. He’s literally a footnote at the end of his own arc where he parallels Ichigo more than ever before. Hello, their moms were both killed by Baddie Moustachio, but yeah, give Renji that moment and let him get in on some of that payback. Never mind the fact that Ishida didn’t even show up again until after Everything but the Rain, and still never got significant panel time or development while we had to watch Renji get a new bankai and take out an enemy that two Visored captains couldn’t defeat. 

To add insult to injury, where is Ishida in the novel? He’s not even good enough to sew the veil even after making clothes for Rukia in the manga? I guess Kubo. But Orihime gets to after only being mentioned as being in the handicrafts club with Ishida and being a dynamic sewing duo along with Ishida in chapter art. The sewing thing was always Ishida’s thing. It was never about Orihime. Ever.

Ishida’s not even the one to have the IH moment with Ichigo even after being the only one in the manga who even cares to acknowledge Orihime’s ugly ass feelings for Ichigo.

But Renji is the one to pimp Orihime? He’s the one to notice these sudden feelings Ichigo has for this girl after Ichigo never shows any sign of any feelings for her in the manga. Renji? A guy who doesn’t ever talk to Orihime, and the only thing he says about her is that she’s not cut out for battle? But that’s our heroine. Bleach was never about battles, clearly. It was all about Orihime getting Kurosaki-kun and all the nakama signing off on it.



Alright, I’m pretty sure enough of ya’ll have seen Overwatch Central’s ship video and ya’ll ain’t happy.

HOWEVER! The Leaderboard did such a better job, in my opinion. Not only because there was no bullshit scale rating, but he included some art work that depicts the various couples, gave in-depth talk about each ship in game and the various personalities of each ship. Not to mention….there was no negativity, which is refreshing when people talk about ships of any kind.

So I applaud The Leaderboard and suggest you take a look at this and see for yourself.