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Comfort- A Riverdale Imagine

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“Ah yay! I absolutely love Reggie so I was wondering if you could write an extra fluffy Reggie imagine? Something like the reader goes to see him after having a bad day and he doesn’t really know what to do but then he just puts his "manliness” behind him and comforts her?“

Warnings: just a girl who had a crappy day

Word Count: 723


To say the day had been miserable would be an understatement. I woke up late, had to skip breakfast, had a pop quiz first period, was forced to run the mile in gym class, my phone died halfway through the day, and then I had to walk home in the rain. So yes, "miserable” is an understatement.

I was walking to my boyfriend Reggie’s house- with an umbrella, this time- when a car drove by me a little too fast, completely soaking my jeans with the dirty rain water that splashed my way. I gasped in shock and stopped walking, my jeans immediately beginning to stick to my legs. I had to fight back tears as I trudged the rest of the way to Reggie’s house, walking up the steps and right inside when I finally got there, not even bothering to knock.

Reggie immediately springs off the couch, appropriately surprised that someone had just barged in. But when he sees that it’s me, wet, cold and on the verge of tears, his expression softens.

“Hey, baby,” he says. “Are you okay?”

The only response that comes out of me is a muffled sob. I’m tired, cold and I just want this day to end. He looks nervous, but crosses over to me, placing his hands on my shoulders. “Hey,” he whispers. “What’s wrong?”

I don’t look up to meet his eyes, embarrassed to be crying in front of him. I can tell that he doesn’t really know what to do; sympathy isn’t really his specialty. But instead of asking me anymore questions, he brings me in for a hug, squeezing me tight and letting me know he’s here. That’s when I finally break.

I cry until I have no more tears, my eyes red and puffy. When I pull my head away from his chest, I can’t help but laugh a little. “You have a big wet spot on your shirt where I was crying,” I tell him sheepishly.

He places his hand on my cheek, and says “I don’t mind. As long as you’re alright.”

I sigh. “Better now,” I tell him.

He presses a soft kiss to my forehead. “That’s good. Because I hate seeing you so upset like that,” he tells me, and I can hear the sincerity in his voice. “Now, why don’t you come upstairs with me and I’ll grab you some dry clothes, yeah?”

I smile and nod, taking his hand as he leads me up the stairs and to the bathroom. I peel off my wet clothing and hang it over the shower rod to dry. A few minutes later, Reggie knocks on the door, opening it just enough to slide his hand through to pass me the clothes. I laugh at the gesture. Though many people see the tough side of Reggie that he wants them to see, most people would never guess what a gentleman he actually is.

I put on the new clothes- a pair of Reggie’s sweatpants (that I have to tie at the waist) and a sweatshirt that is much too big for me, but is perfect nonetheless. It smells like him, and I decide that he’s probably not going to get this back.

I walk back downstairs to find him sitting on the couch waiting for me. “Hey,” he greets with a smile. “I’m guessing the clothes work?”

“Perfectly,” I sigh, sitting down next to him and leaning my head on his shoulder. My eyes flutter closed instantly, and he wraps a protective arm around my shoulder.

“I love you,” he whispers.

“I love you too,” I say with a smile, before drifting off the sleep next to the only person I want to be with.

In the Dark

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(Ah, hey Rae…! You said you were in some serious need of Lucifer vibes, and I thought I would try to give you some since your fics always manage to cheer me up.
This is my first time actually writing Lucifer and, even though I don’t usually post my stories online anymore, I don’t mind you posting this or keeping it all to yourself. Hopefully it helps you out…!)

The room had become cold some time ago, the single candle on the coffee table having snuffed under the unrelenting pressure of absolute power that came with the temperature drop. That only left brief flashes of lightning to tease light upon the room from the storm outside, but you somehow just couldn’t bring yourself to care.

Just like you couldn’t bother about paying attention to your current guest.

A part of you knew that there would be consequences for such a thing, but yet again; no concern seemed to be able to reach you in that moment of time. Too much stress had built up within you for who knows how long now and you couldn’t contain it all any longer. You were pretty sure all of the poor chemicals in your brain had fried themselves as a result.

There was no immediate thought to your own well-being or how the looming presence in the room was becoming stiff with agitation. Hell, you probably would have welcomed the pain at this point. At least you would be feeling something.

“Little one,” A red hue illuminated briefly from your right when that voice you loved so much, all honey and cyanide, drawled dangerously. His biting breath against the skin of your neck elicited the only movement you’d made in well over an hour that wasn’t blinking, a second shudder spilling through your spine as his finger languidly travelled up your bare arm, “You’re not making this any fun for me right now. You know I don’t like that.”

Those words, that tone, let you know that the ice was growing thin. Your body’s immediate response was to erupt into goosebumps at the proximity of the being that could easily end your life with a flick of the wrist. He seemed to notice this, giving a knowing chuckle and brushing your hair back in order to nibble behind your ear.

“Would you care to change the situation…? I might let you off easy this time if you’re a good girl.” He purred his words and for a short moment you almost wished that the sofa wasn’t separating most of his body from yours. Maybe if you felt more of your angel against you, you might be able to start feeling things inside of you again too.

The shiver-inducing palm slipping up beneath the hem of your shirt and brushing your side caused those thoughts to vanish within the next instant. You’d grabbed the wrist of that hand tightly without really thinking, stopping the advance dead in it’s tracks in a way you never had before.

“No,” Your voice cracked when it finally came out, eyes finding his face as a flash of lightning lit up the room briefly. It was quick, to the point where you couldn’t see if he was angered by your action or not, but you hardly thought on it long when he allowed you to gently push his hand out from under your shirt, “Not tonight, Lucifer. Please, just…I can’t. Not now…”

There was silence for what felt like an eternity, crimson flashing within the darkness moments before Lucifer was crouched before you and cupping your face, “…Someone upset you.” It was a statement more than anything, but his hands cradling your cheeks actually had relief washing through you.

Unfortunately, tears building up in your eyes and clinging to your lashes accompanied that very relief. Illumination from more lightning made them shine like stars for him, if only for a moment.

“Answer me, little one.” Lucifer urged you so say something, anything. His thumbs caught the few tears that fell and you leaned into his touch. Your emotions hadn’t returned to you, exactly, but your body was acting like they did. Or were you silently crying now because you were with the one being that made you so complete and you couldn’t feel that flooding warmth now…?

“Y/n,” The archangel started once more by actually calling out your name, his voice growing firm when you didn’t speak. You could feel his hands twitch as if he was restraining his physical strength, and his eyes began to glow again while practically searing though the darkness and into your own, “Answer. Me.”

It took you a moment to realize that he wasn’t going to let you shake your head like you originally wanted, so you opted for a soft hum instead, “No one upset me. Well, not quite, anyway…it’s just–”

“Let me guess; pesky human emotions running amok in that delightfully disturbed little mind of yours?” He cut you off, talking about your emotions almost mockingly. He did this a lot, so it hardly bothered you even when you hadn’t fried the feels switch in your brain. The mind comment would have been nice if you actually could muster enough to gush.

“I’m not really feeling anything right now,” You admitted. He hadn’t moved his hands from your face, fingers caressing the skin beneath them in what was perhaps an attempt to soothe your tears away. It was working enough for you to try to explain to your internal issue to the archangel, “I’m pretty sure I overloaded and fried the wiring in my brain a bit. It doesn’t happen a lot unless I get really frustrated or upset, but usually passes after a few hours.”

“I’ll never understand why father made such an obvious design flaw.” Lucifer gave a short click through his teeth. You were going to ask which ‘design flaw’ he was referring to this time, given how you knew he believed humans had quite a number of them, but he hardly gave you the chance to so much as part your lips.

Lucifer had you pressed back against his chest within the fraction of a second, so fast it had your head spinning. A gasp only left your mouth when the candle on the table ignited of it’s own accord and the archangel pulled you with him while he reclined against one of the arms of your old sofa.

His chuckle tickled the side of your face along with his slight scruff, lips meeting your forehead tenderly when one hand cupped your chin in a silent urge for you to dip your head back for him.

A warmth flooded into you from the point where his lips touched skin as he did so. It was the familiar sensation of Lucifer’s grace, mostly lingering within your head, both hot and cold in a tantalizing contrast along your frayed nerves.

Little by little, the absent emotions buried within began to return. Tears started to fall again when the stress that was the cause of this entire mess was one of the first to hit you, but Lucifer caught and flicked them away without pulling any part of himself from you.

One arm continued to hold you to his pleasantly chilly vessel, the hand on your chin now tracing imaginary circles along your jaw and up the back of your ear, all while his grace alleviated as much of your mental pain as it could from the inside out. The potent combination of these things had you melting into him and relenting entire control of your every molecule to Lucifer’s mercy with a quivering sigh. The stress was coming and going, but not quite fast enough for your liking as it drained what little energy you had.

Sensing this, Lucifer tipped your head back further and claimed your mouth with his own. The angle allowed him to slip his tongue past your already parted lips, working you dizzy with his deliberate and precise movements. His caresses remained, as you pleaded earlier, above your clothing and non-advancing.

That didn’t stop his tongue from all but making love to your mouth, though. The way in which he did so with such simple movements soon had you needing to break away for air. You’d forgotten all about the stress at that point.

“You see, I would have made humans much differently,” Lucifer mused, watching you lay limp against him with his smugness returned in full. He thoroughly enjoyed your dazed expression as his large hand began to idly play with your hair, “But I suppose you’re as close as dad got to perfect with this little runaway experiment of his.”

“If anyone is perfect, it’s you…” You distantly recalled yourself replying before he laughed and nudged your ear with the tip of his nose. The hand at your chin wiped the remaining tears against your cheeks away, leading you to realize that you’d stopped crying at some point.

“The fact that you’re pointing out the obvious lets me know that you aren’t feeling completely better yet, little one.” His grace began to fade away from you, leaving a soft buzzing behind that tingled all the way down to your toes and even more so where his body continued to touch yours.

Shifting so your side was resting against his front comfortably, you reached up to bump your nose lovingly against the scruff on his chin, “You stole what remaining working brain cells I had left with that damnable kiss of yours.”

“Not that you had very many to begin with,” Lucifer teased. He kept playing with your hair and the sensation started to cause you to doze off right there in his arms with the distant sound of thunder rumbling just outside your window perfect background noise. The low, lulling cadence of his voice only aided your exhausted body’s attempt at a factory reset, “Now rest, my little lamb. You’ll be back to your usual emotional mess in the morning.”

“Thank you, Luce…” You managed to murmur with a smile while what felt like a blanket was pulled over you. It was hard to believe that the archangel currently allowing you to fall asleep against him was suppose to bring about the apocalypse and hated human beings with the fire of a thousand burning suns. It was…nice…

Before you drifted too far near slumber while surrounded by the scent and chill of your lover, Lucifer drew you out of it with the backs of his fingers rushing your cheek, “Oh, and little one? When you are feeling better, I will do well to remind you that it isn’t just going to be your phone company and plumbing that’s going to pay for the twenty minutes you spent ignoring me.”

You suddenly weren’t as sleepy anymore when you looked up at him with an expression of mild despair.

“Lucifer,” Your tone was a mixture of a warning and some sort of plea, already feeling the smugness oozing off of him in waves now as Lucifer knew he’d just become the number one thing under your skin. It didn’t make you feel any better, considering you had a pretty good idea of what he’d done; even in your fatigued state, “Please tell me that you didn’t try flushing my cellphone down the toilet again.”

“You’ll get your answer if the room starts flooding in, say,” He deliberately looked at an imaginary watch on his wrist is such a nonchalant way that you nearly wanted to scream, “Five, maybe ten minutes?”


Okay… I have read this a few times and it is literally the most amazing thing ever and I am just so freaking happy!!! It’s totally me in a nutshell and Lucifer would just make this so much better! You got his character perfectly and I was grinning like an idiot reading this!

Thank you so freaking much for writing this and I am absolutely in love it and you!!


JonArya (books) fav moments  compilation.

(spoilers ahead)

[A Game of Thrones]

He was watching the action, so absorbed that he seemed unaware of her approach until his white wolf moved to meet them. Nymeria stalked closer on wary feet. Ghost, already larger than his litter mates, smelled her, gave her ear a careful nip, and settled back down.

Jon gave her a curious look. “Shouldn’t you be working on your stitches, little sister?”

Arya made a face at him. “I wanted to see them fight.”

He smiled. “Come here, then.”


“A shade more exhausting than needlework,” Jon observed.

“A shade more fun than needlework,” Arya gave back at him. Jon grinned, reached over, and messed up her hair. Arya flushed. They had always been close.


“Nothing is fair,” Jon said. He messed up her hair again and walked away from her, Ghost moving silently beside him. Nymeria started to follow too, then stopped and came back when she saw that Arya was not coming.

Reluctantly she turned in the other direction.


Arya’s eyes went wide. Dark eyes, like his. “A sword,” she said in a small, hushed breath.

“I had Mikken make this special. The bravos use swords like this in Pentos and Myr and the other Free Cities. It won’t hack a man’s head off, but it can poke him full of holes if you’re fast enough.”

“I can be fast,” Arya said.

“First lesson,” Jon said. “Stick them with the pointy end.”

Arya gave him a whap on the arm with the flat of her blade. The blow stung, but Jon found himself grinning like an idiot. “I know which end to use,” Arya said.


“Run, and ride, make yourself strong. And whatever you do …”
Arya knew what was coming next. They said it together.

“… don’t … tell … Sansa!”

Jon messed up her hair. “I will miss you, little sister.”

Suddenly she looked like she was going to cry. “I wish you were coming with us.”

“Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle. Who knows?” He was feeling better now. He was not going to let himself be sad.

Arya ran to him for a last hug. “Put down the sword first,” Jon warned her, laughing. She set it aside almost shyly and showered him with kisses.

“All the best swords have names.”

“Like Ice,” she said. She looked at the blade in her hand. “Does this have a name? Oh, tell me.”

“Can’t you guess?” Jon teased. “Your very favorite thing.”

Arya seemed puzzled at first. Then it came to her. She was that quick. They said it together:


The memory of her laughter warmed him on the long ride north.


If only she could climb like Bran, she thought; she would go out the window and down the tower, run away from this horrible place, away from Sansa and Septa Mordane and Prince Joffrey, from all of them. Steal some food from the kitchens, take Needle and her good boots and a warm cloak. She could find Nymeria in the wild woods below the Trident, and together they’d return to Winterfell, or run to Jon on the Wall. She found herself wishing that Jon was here with her now. Then maybe she wouldn’t feel so alone.


She would not betray Jon, not even to their father.


All she could think of was the lesson Jon had given her. “Stick them with the pointy end,”


Everything Syrio Forel had ever taught her vanished in a heartbeat. In that instant of sudden terror, the only lesson Arya could remember was the one Jon Snow had given her, the very first.

She stuck him with the pointy end, driving the blade upward with a wild, hysterical strength.

Arya…he missed her even more than Robb, skinny little thing that she was, all scraped knees and tangled hair and torn clothes, so fierce and willful. Arya never seemed to fit, no more than he had … yet she could always make Jon smile. He would give anything to be with her now, to muss up her hair once more and watch her make a face, to hear her finish a sentence with him.


She wanted Jon to muss up her hair and call her “little sister” and finish her sentences with her.

He remembered the day he had left Winterfell, all the bittersweet farewells; Bran lying broken, Robb with snow in his hair, Arya raining kisses on him after he’d given her Needle.

[A Clash of Kings]

But it was Jon Snow she thought of most. She wished somehow they could come to the Wall before Winterfell, so Jon might muss up her hair and call her “little sister.” She’d tell him, “I missed you,” and he’d say it too at the very same moment, the way they always used to say things together. She would have liked that. She would have liked that better than anything.

Something about her made him think of Arya, though they looked nothing at all alike.
She was older than he’d thought at first, Jon realized; maybe as old as twenty, but short for her age, bandy-legged, with a round face, small hands, and a pug nose. Her shaggy mop of red hair stuck out in all directions. She looked plump as she crouched there, but most of that was layers of fur and wool and leather. Underneath all that she could be as skinny as Arya.

[A Storm of Swords]

Jon had never met anyone so stubborn, except maybe for his little sister Arya. Is she still my sister? he wondered. Was she ever? He had never truly been a Stark, only Lord Eddard’s motherless bastard.

“NO!” Arya and Gendry both said, at the exact same instant. Arya gave Gendry a sideways look. He said it with me, like Jon used to do, back in Winterfell.
She missed Jon Snow the most of all her brothers.


“I know where we could go,” Arya said. She still had one brother left. Jon will want me, even if no one else does. He’ll call me “little sister” and muss my hair. It was a long way, though, and she didn’t think she could get there by herself. She hadn’t even been able to reach Riverrun. “We could go to the Wall.”

[A Feast for Crows]

Her swordbelt went into the canal. Her cloak, tunic, breeches, smallclothes, all of it. All but Needle.

In her hand, Needle seemed to whisper to her. Stick them with the pointy end, it said, and, don’t tell Sansa! It’s just a sword. Needle was too small to be a proper sword, it was hardly more than a toy. She’d been a stupid little girl when Jon had it made for her. “It’s just a sword,” she said, aloud this time…

…but it wasn’t.

Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell’s grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan’s stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room.

Needle was Jon Snow’s smile. He used to mess my hair and call me “little sister,” she remembered, and suddenly there were tears in her eyes.


“You’ll be safe here,” she told Needle. “No one will know where you are but me.”

[A Dance with Dragons]


She had never cared if she was pretty, even when she was stupid Arya Stark. Only her father had ever called her that. Him, and Jon Snow, sometimes.

Even Jon would never know Blind Beth, I bet. That made her sad.

“He’s to marry Arya Stark. My little sister.” Jon could almost see her in that moment, long-faced and gawky, all knobby knees and sharp elbows, with her dirty face and tangled hair. They would wash the one and comb the other, he did not doubt, but he could not imagine Arya in a wedding gown, nor Ramsay Bolton’s bed. No matter how afraid she is, she will not show it. If he tries to lay a hand on her, she’ll fight him.


Jon felt as stiff as a man of sixty years. Dark dreams, he thought, and guilt. His thoughts kept returning to Arya.

He’d had Mikken make a sword for Arya once, a bravo’s blade, made small to fit her hand. Needle. He wondered if she still had it. Stick them with the pointy end, he’d told her.

All to save my sister. But the men of the Night’s Watch have no sisters.
“The heart is all that matters. Do not despair, Lord Snow. Despair is a weapon of the enemy, whose name may not be spoken. Your sister is not lost to you.”

“I have no sister.” The words were knives. What do you know of my heart, priestess? What do you know of my sister?

“What is her name, this little sister that you do not have?”

“Arya.” His voice was hoarse. “My half-sister, truly …”


Jon Snow sank to one knee in the snow. Gods of my fathers, protect these men. And Arya too, my little sister, wherever she might be. I pray you, let Mance find her and bring her safe to me.


Jon felt fifteen years old again. Little sister. He rose and donned his cloak.

He wanted to believe it would be Arya.

He wanted to see her face again, to smile at her and muss her hair, to tell her she was safe.

The girl was curled up near the fire, wrapped in a black woolen cloak three times her size and fast asleep.

She looked enough like Arya to give him pause, but only for a moment.

But she was too old, far too old.

She does look a bit like Arya, Jon thought. Starved and skinny, but her hair’s the same color, and her eyes.

She rubbed away a tear angrily, the way Arya might have done it.

The girl smiled in a way that reminded Jon so much of his little sister that it almost broke his heart.


“A grey girl on a dying horse. Daggers in the dark. A promised prince, born in smoke and salt. It seems to me that you make nothing but mistakes, my lady. Where is Stannis? What of Rattleshirt and his spearwives? Where is my sister?


He wondered where Mance was now. Did he ever find you, little sister?


“Ghost,” he whispered. Pain washed over him. Stick them with the pointy end.

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OMG ALEX FOR Holding hands and staring out as the world ends

a/n: okay so i sort of made this a hank x alex x reader fic whoops

@madelyne-pryor @alexsunmners @kurtwxgners @paperclipmac @rax-writes @mutantlaura

The new that a meteor would hit the earth, one bigger than the one that killed the dinosaurs, came out two months ago. The world had quickly gone to shit after that. There were many missions to destroy the damn thing before it hit but all of them failed. It feels like those cheesy movies. 

People lost all fear, did anything they wanted. There only fear left was the end of the world. They looted and robbed, but it wasn’t like the law was being upheld anymore. Nobody gave a shit anymore.

You sit up with your friends, the only ones that couldn’t get out in time to go home, Hank and Alex on the couch and watch the static on the TV screen. Broadcasts as networks had stopped as the world’s impending end came.

Both of their hands lay in your lap and you clench them, trying to bring something to relax you. The anxiety of waiting for the end was becoming too much. You don’t know how the both of them could stay so calm.

You can’t take the silence and you press yourself up to kiss Alex roughly, Hank watching in surprise before you drag him towards you and Alex.

None of you thought much of it. Why would they? It wouldn’t last long anyway.

That’s how you spend the last few days you have together, making out, having sex where ever you can and trying to push back tears.

When it comes to the last day, it’s not as fast as you think. The day goes slow and you just want it over and done with.

Hank leads the both of you out onto the patio as the sun begins to set and the three of you huddle up together under blankets, exchanging kisses and tearful embraces.

“If we’d done this years ago, we could of had a better future.” Alex says, nudging his nose against your jaw.

“I love the both of you.” Hank wipes away both of your tears and places soft kisses on your noses. You squeeze both of their hands, reassuring them and yourself.

There’s a white streak in the sky and you can hear screaming and crying and you can’t think of a more peaceful way to go, tucked between your boys and a beautiful view. 

“I’ll see you both in another life.”

A flash of bright light and a strong just of wind and the slight sting of pain is the last thing you feel.

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70 with josh 💕 thx

(Sry this is bad lol)
70. “What are you afraid of?”

You nervously run your hands over your dress for the millionth time, as you look at yourself in the full length mirror in Jenna’s and Tyler’s hotel room. You hardly recognized yourself. The floor length gown accented curves you didn’t even know you had, and the makeup made your eyes pop. You felt beautiful, but that doesn’t stop the anxiety that was building up in your stomach and escaping from your shaking hands.

“Can I see now?” Jenna calls from the bathroom. You had sent her in there while you put on your dress. You needed to be the first one to see yourself.

“Uh, sure!” You reply, and she opens the door, revealing her dress. It was bright yellow, like the colour of Josh’s hair, and you instantly felt self conscious. She was gorgeous.

“Y/N!” She gasps, cover her mouth in awe. You stay still as she walks around you, taking in the entirety of the dress. You had to admit, it was a beautiful dress. A deep navy colour, with thick shoulder straps, and completely backless. But it was something that you would never be caught dead in on any other occasion.

“Josh isn’t going to know what hit him,” She tells you once she’s done her inspection. “You’re beautiful.”

“Thanks Jenna, but have you seen yourself? I don’t even compete. Your dress is…” You couldn’t even find the words. She was going to outshine everyone.

“Oh hush,” She links her arm in yours, and you both take one last look at yourselves in the mirror. “We both look amazing. And both our boys are going to be in shock,” She states. “Now, speaking of them. I have a feeling they’ll be here any minute.”

You’re heart is racing, and your nerves are getting the best of you. It was the Grammys. Josh had asked you to be his date months ago, and of course you said yes. But you had never gone to an event like this before, and you were terrified. You were a jeans and t-shirt type of girl, and it wasn’t like you had never worn a dress before or gotten dressed up, but it was more the magnitude of the event that was causing your anxiety. Josh was used to the attention that followed him around, but you were still getting used to it.

There’s a knock on the door followed by Tyler’s voice. Jenna gives you an excited smile and turns to open the door. You’re frozen in spot as Tyler showers Jenna with compliments and kisses. Then Josh enters, and for some reason you’re worried he won’t like your dress or your hair, and you start tearing yourself apart in your head. He gives Jenna a smile and a few compliments before looking to you.

You immediately think something is wrong, because he’s not smiling anymore and he’s frozen in place. Your anxiety shoots from your stomach into your chest and you’re ready to cry. “You don’t like it.” You’re not asking.

“Are you kidding?” He half laughs, bringing a hand up to his mouth. “Y/N…” he takes slow steps towards you, his eyes trailing up and down your body. “Baby, you are breath taking,” He almost whispers. He closes the distance between you both, pulling you tight to his arms and showering your face with kisses. “I have the most beautiful date,” He tells you in a low voice. And now you want to cry because Josh was the most amazing human and always knew how to make you feel better.

“Alright, let’s get this show on the road!” Tyler says, rubbing his hands together before reaching for Jenna’s. Josh gives you one more kiss, then leads you out to the elevator.

Panic sets in once the elevator is moving. Josh had helped you forget your fear but now it was back. And when the elevator door opens and you can already see the cameras flashing, you’re frozen in fear. Everyone is looking at you, confused expressions on their face, but you can’t even tell them why. After a few seconds, Josh signals them to go ahead and when the elevator doors close he presses the emergency stop button.

“What’s going on?” He’s searching your face, trying to find the source of your anxiety.

You’re trying so hard not to cry, only because your makeup was done so beautifully. You can’t help but let a few tears fall as your boyfriend soothes you. “I’m scared,” You whisper, looking up to meet his warm brown eyes.

“What are you afraid of?” It’s a genuine questions. He’s running his hands up and down your arms lightly, leaving goosebumps wherever he touches.

You shrug. “Messing up,” You answer. “This is so overwhelming, and I just feel like- like I’m not prepared. That people are going to question why you brought me.”

“Let them question, who care what they think? I brought you because you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and I wanted to share this moment with you.” He cups your face in his hands. “You don’t have to be afraid of anything, my love. I won’t leave your side.” He softly places a kiss on your lips, being mindful of your lipstick and makeup.

“Josh,” you almost sob as a few more tears escape your eyes. He only smiles and wipes them away with his thumbs before taking your hand in his and disabling the emergency stop.

Josh doesn’t let you go the entire night, whether it was holding your hand or having an arm wrapped around your waist. And you decided - as they walked on stage in their underwear to accept their first grammy - that you would endure this over and over if it meant you got to watch Josh’s dreams come true, for the rest of your life.

Chocobros seeing their s/o in a maid outfit (Cor and Ardyn included!)



Firstly, i can see him turning red. Very red. And since he’s kinda pale you could see the redness from the other side of the room. He’d just kinda sit there with his mouth slightly open and he wouldnt say anything because the poor kid is just so awkward when it comes to flirting, and where did you get that outfit? He cant recall you picking it up when you were out together wich means you had planned this and wanted to surprise him wich makes this whole thing 10x more akward for him because he was just sitting there doing nothing exept saying stuff like “are you sure- what if we get caught-damn you look hot though”


The very second he looked up at you i can guarantee that he’d be jumping up from his seat as if his ass where on fire. Just imagine this chocobo’s eyes lighting up and he’d run up to you and start showering you with compliments and hugs while he COMPLITELY misses the point of why you’d wear this outfit in the first place. You’d have to reming him with little kisses and alot of touching but then he’d back off a little and he’d go “all this for m-me?” Like this poor guy has so meny insecurities that he might actualy cry once you tell him that yes, you did all this for him.


I think this is pretty clear. Do you enjoy walking? Well ya better have some crutches ready because walking wont be a thing you can do for atleast a day after. You better map out the room you’d surprise him in and make sure there’s atleast a table there. He’d just smile and walk up to you, placing his hands on your shoulder and pulling the straps down while kissing you and leading you to the bed/table. I mean like it or not the others WILL know what happend, its not like they see you limping around every day


We all know that dear ol’ iggy enjoys keeping his love life to himself and his s/o thus he wouldnt be that into it if the guys were around (next room, lower/upper floor etc etc). I can see him grinning at you and then a short make out session would follow but nothing more then that. However, if the guys werent around he’d be super turned on and things would get heated quicky but i feel like he’s the type of guy who’d tease you for a week straight with little things like “mind helping me clean? You certainly got the outfit”, it would probably end up as an inside joke tbh.


This fucker would grin so fucking wide he’d end up looking like Jeff The Killer. He’s the kinda guy that gives out specific “vibes” so his s/o would end up feeling more akward that Ardyn himself because he’d have this predatory look on his face and he’d pat on his knee trying to get you to sit on him like these fucking santa guys at the mall. Its 100% sure there will be intercourse after some heavy making out


(I wasnt really paying attention to Cor’s personality in-game so there might be some slight diffrences!)

Cor would definetly smile at your sight- he would find you stunning no matter what so a maid outfit wouldnt really make a major diffrence for him. I cant really imagine Cor having a heavy kink that involves dressing up and roleplaying but he wouldnt mind it once in a while. I can guarantee there would be some sexy time if he had the time though, after all he is a pretty busy guy but he’d make up for it as soon as possible

I’ll Cover You Part 2 (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

You stood outside the room of requirement. You had become more worried about Draco and had come accustomed to following him in order to make sure he was ok. ‘This is it,’ you thought. 'This will be the end of my following.’ Today, you finally planned on confronting him. You knew something was wrong, and you wanted to do everything in your power to help him.

You looked once more at the door, thinking only about the one person you hoped to find and began to open it. You cautiously looked in and saw the one thing you hoped you’d never see.

Draco was crying.

Your heart broke when you saw him. He had always been your crutch and yet, at this moment, you couldn’t be the same for him. You slowly walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. He jumped but quickly turned to face you, wand out in front of him, and fear evident on his face. However, as soon as he saw you, he calmed down slightly.

“Draco,” you started, “What’s wrong?” He grabbed onto you and pulled you closer. “I’m sorry.” he stated, “ I can’t tell you.” He only began to cry harder after this. Whatever it was he was up to, it was pushing him over the edge, and the stress was slowly killing him inside.

    You lightly grabbed his face and forced him to look you in the eyes. “There has to be something I can do,” you whispered. “Can you sing that one song you always sing?”,He Started, “ the one about paying you back with kisses.”

    You smiled at this. “I have a better idea, ” you said. You quickly grabbed his hand and started to lead him out of the room of requirement. “(F/N), where exactly are we going?” “Astronomy Tower”, you answered quickly. “Can I ask why?”

      You stopped for a moment on the stairs and looked back at him. “Promise you won’t think it’s stupid?” “Well, I can’t exactly judge it if I don’t know what it is.” You smiled a bit at his response and continued to walk towards the astronomy tower.

     "Well,“ you started, "whenever I was frightened, or felt alone, there was always this one star I could turn to. Sort of an escape from reality. I thought maybe you’d like to see it as well.”

    You didn’t turn around, but you knew exactly what kind of face he was making. He was probably even more confused, possibly even thinking you were a bit crazy, especially because you were thinking a star would help him feel better.

    When you finally reached to top of the tower, you dragged him to the one spot where you knew he would be able to see it clearly. “There it is,” you said while pointing, “second star to the right and straight on till morning.” You knew you sounded slightly crazy, well at least to him. He didn’t understand the full story.

    What you didn’t expect, was for him to start to laughing.

“Don’t get me wrong” you started. “I’m glad to see you laughing, but what in the world did I say.”

“Where in the world did you come up with that idea?” He said in between bought a of laughter.

You smiled, it was a bit silly the first time you had heard it as well. “It’s from a book. You know, one of the many you see me reading on a daily basis.”

“Of course it is.” He stared at you for a moment, smiling, as if trying to decide what to do next. After a moment or two he enveloped you in his arms, chin resting lightly on top of your head.

“Thank you” he whispered, “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

You closed your eyes as a smile gently appeared on your face. “Anything for you” you whispered back. “Because I’ll always cover you.”

i’ve been struck by drabble inspiration

Okay so. After Genji gets blended Hanzo stays at the Shimada palace for a bit before leaving cause he’s so grief ridden, but Gabe has one of his men keeping an eye on where Hanzo is cause he worries about the kid. Then one day he meets up with Hanzo, who is severely under weight and is not looking too good.

 Now dad™ mode kicks in and Gabe just can’t leave Hanzo alone rn. However with Hanzo’s lack of interaction he gets all desprate cuddly with Gabe, so now Gabe is stuck on whether to leave Hanzo, or take him back only to be blended by his brother. I just want Gabe to be in dad mode, but then Hanzo takes his kindness as something a little more. Thus making things escalate and Gabe wants to push Hanzo away but he can’t so the two end up having this weird relationship.

When Hanzo starts getting physically closer to Gabe, gabe doesn’t push him away cause he feels sorry for him. But then one night after Gabe treated Hanzo to some really good dinner, and Hanzo may be partially drunk, so he ends ups straddling Gabe but is super awkward about it cause…it’s hanzo. Then the kid just kisses him on the lips. It’s closed mouthed and very bad hanzo does get better tho Gabe is extremely surprised and didn’t expect it. He pushes Hanzo off cause he’s taken aback by all of this. Now Hanzo is crying cause he thought he fucked up and did a bad. Gabe feels sorry af and comforts Hanzo telling him “Hey, hey. It’s okay. I just wasn’t expecting it.” Now Gabe has himself in the worst situation possible because now he can’t push Hanzo away without hurting him even more.

Hanzo is just super awkward and that leads to a lot of misunderstandings

Some Rainy Days

Anonymous: could you do a zuho x male reader scenario? Maybe where he’s with his bf who hasn’t been feeling well lately (physically + mentally) and he’s there to comfort him and help him pull through? Lots of fluff please!

Yes! Finally! A male reader request! This is my time to shine! (Sorry for this being so late but I made it really long and I’m a perfectionist so I couldn’t stop writing for some reason…) Enjoy!

Summary: He hated seeing him lie through a smile. Everyone else would see it as the sun shining but only he could see it was raining.

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Requested: hi! Could you do an imagine where the girl’s dad and mom just passed away, she somewhat gets depressed and unsure of what to do but Shawn helps her get through the whole situation? Thankuuu <33



Your phone rings while you’re walking back to your apartment, pulling it out of your pocket, the caller ID lets you know that your Uncle is calling.. You think it is odd because you don’t really talk to him often, and you can’t think of a reason he’d be calling you right now, but you answer the phone anyway. “Hello?”

“Y/n,” His voice sounds strange, but before you can figure out why, he says, “There is no easy way to say this, I’m really sorry. Your parents got into a car accident.”

“What?” You ask, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, the shock of this information bringing you to a halt.

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“I love you...” - Sam Drake x Reader

for @missdictatorme and @pugprvnce - I got REALLY carried away. SORRY!

Words: 1563

There was a time when you were madly in love with Samuel Drake. He had meant the world to you and you thought he felt the same about you but that wasn’t the case. He went away one day and you hadn’t seen him since. That was fifteen years ago.

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Beautiful Surprise: Tom Holland x WOC Actress

This goes more into depth on how Tom and Reader found out they were having twins. Part 1 Part 2 

You were throwing up like a maniac. “Tom, honey, I don’t think I can go to the event.” You said rinsing your mouth out. “It’s okay baby. I understand, you need to rest anyway.” He lead you to the bed, “Do you want to go to the Doctor’s?”

“No, it’ll pass.” You smiled. “Okay, well please call me if you don’t feel any better. I’l see you later babe.” He kissed your cheek and walked out of the house. 

Your mind started going to all sorts of assumptions, What if I’m  pregnant again?

You pushed that thought out of your head and finished reading your weekly book. You kept thinking about being pregnant and then about your two previous miscarriages and felt yourself beginning to cry. The therapist said it was good to let your emotions out, he said it was normal for those memories to come back and cause you grief. 

You wiped away your tears and decided to take your dog out for a walk. You knew that while you and Tom loved dogs, that it would never take the place of the children you lost. You two had talked about surrogates and adoption. 

“Can we just drop it.” You said to him. “But y/n, it’s safer and our chances of having a child are greater.” He said following you around with the pamphlet. “I said drop it Tom!” You yelled feeling tears stinging your eyes. “Don’t you think I have researched this stuff? I’ve done it so much that I can’t even think! I want us to have children Tom, I do. But I also want to be the one to bring them into this world!” He ran over to you and hugged you, resting your head on his shoulder. 

Your relationship had been rocky and you two fought more often than usual. While you blamed yourself, he blamed himself as well. You had gone to marriage counseling but sometimes it didn’t always work. 

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Best Friend Or Boyfriend? - Draco Malfoy x Reader (Request)

Warning: Strong Language.

Request: “Could you make a one shot about you being hermiones best friend and you being on slytherin and your Draco’s girlfriend and threaten him into a break up for being a jerk to Hermione”


It was a bleak day in November and the rain was lashing against the library windows as you sat with Hermione trying to get through your latest potions essay.

“I’m so sorry about the other night Hermione, I don’t know what’s wrong with Draco. I’ve told him to stop but he just won’t listen-”

“It’s fine Y/N. Just forget about it.” Hermione cuts across.

“No, it’s not fine at all.” You state.

You were sick to death of the way your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, treated your best friend. It didn’t help either that there were people constantly wondering why a Slytherin would be best friends with a Gryffindor – especially when that Gryffindor was ‘know-it-all’ Hermione Granger.

“What he said was unforgivable and I’m so angry with him. We’ve not really spoken since.” You mutter, watching Hermione as she continues to flick through the pages of her book.

“Like I said, just forget about it.” Hermione repeats.  

You knew Hermione was trying to put on a brave face, but she was obviously very upset about what had happened.


Last Saturday night you had arranged to meet Draco in the dungeons after dinner. Hermione had kindly offered to walk you there and as you were supposed to be meeting Draco on his own you thought it would be fine. However, upon arriving you noticed he was with his gang; Crabbe, Goyle and Zabini.

“Oh great.” You’d heard Hermione breathe.

“What was that?” Draco had snapped, “You should be honoured to even be in our presence you filthy little mudblood.”

“Draco, please!” you had protested, but to no avail; Draco’s friends had already begun spurring him on and hurling abuse at her.

“Why the hell do you still hang around with this piece of shit anyway, Y/N?” he questioned.

“I think she does it so the idiot will do her homework for her.” Blaise chortled.

You remember the look on Hermione’s face as these boys bullied her for what must be the hundredth time and the feeling deep in the pit of your stomach of outrage and humiliation.

“Ah. Very clever, darling! I knew there must have been a good reason for you to force yourself to hang around with her and her putrid stench all day. Jesus, she doesn’t half reek, I can smell her from here!” he bellowed, turning around to look at his cronies for support.

“FUCK OFF!” you shrieked at him as you heard Hermione turn on her heels and rush off, “you may be good looking Draco, but you’re the biggest dick head I know!”

You remember how gobsmacked Draco and his friends had looked as you pushed passed them and made your way to your dormitory and cried yourself to sleep.


You were so unsure how you felt about Draco now; he had been your boyfriend since your third year, but Hermione had been your best friend for just as long.

“Hermione, what should I do?” you ask, knowing deep down that you mustn’t want to be with him if you’re having doubts in the first place.

“Y/N, I can’t tell you what to do. He’s your boyfriend. I understand that you love him and you’ve been with him a long time, but you have to ask yourself if he really is the kind of person you want to be with.” She sighs, “Whatever you choose, you know I’ll stick by you; you’re my best friend.” She adds with a smile.

You rest your head in your hands and think for a moment. It makes it so difficult that Hermione is always so kind and considerate even after your boyfriend has been an absolute arse towards her.

“I’ll go and see him tonight.” you decide, “We’ll talk things through and see where we’re at.”


Hermione gives you an encouraging smile as you walk out of the Great Hall.

“It’ll be okay.” She reassures, as you leave her to head down to the dungeons to meet Draco.

Your head is all over the place and your heart is racing, you try your best to look as confident as possible under the circumstances.

You’ve been avoiding Draco for days and you’re pretty sure that he’s still going to be angry as hell considering nobody has ever insulted him like you had done.

“Alright?” he asks coldly as you turn a corner and almost bump straight into him.

“Not really.” You admit; wiping your sweat soaked palms in your cloak.

“Same.” He states nonchalantly.

“Why do you do it Draco?” you ask desperately.  

“Do what?” he asks sarcastically.

“You know damn well what!” you begin as he tries to grab you by the waist, “No Draco! You can’t just keep doing this it’s not fair!” you exclaim, pushing him away from you.

“What does it matter, Y/N?” he quizzes, “I love you, that’s all that matters.”

Draco looks confused; he’s never had any girl reject his advances before let alone his girlfriend.

“It matters because she’s my best friend! Do you know how humiliating it is to stand there while you verbally abuse her and no matter what I say or do you just won’t stop?!” you cry.

“Y/N, it’s not like that. She’s not like us. You know how I feel about-”

“I couldn’t give a flying fuck how you felt about it Draco! She got her letter to Hogwarts and she has as much right to be here as you do! She’s the victim here not you, so will you just show a little compassion for once in your life or this is over.” You demand, fighting back your tears.

“What are you talking about? Don’t be ridiculous.” Draco laughs feebly while pulling you into his arms.    

“I’m serious, I can’t do this anymore. You never listen to me, you don’t understand me and we sure as hell aren’t on the same wavelength! All I want is for you to be civil with her and you can’t even do that for me.” You murmur, tears now spilling down your cheeks as you try to push him away again.

Draco tilts your head up to meet his gaze; his cold grey eyes looking into your own as he wipes your tears away with his thumb.

“Don’t cry, my love.” He begins, “if it means that much to you, I’ll be civil with Granger. I’ll tell the others to stop too.

“You promise?” you ask.

“As long as you promise not to let any more tears fall down that pretty little face of yours.” He grins, resting his forehead on yours.

“I promise.” You whisper, raising your chin so that your lips meet.

Draco kisses you passionately - not his usual kind of passion where he is rough and full of lust - but softly, almost apologetic.

“I hate to see you cry, Y/N. Especially when it’s my fault. I’m truly sorry I upset you and if it makes you feel any better I’ll apologise to Granger too.” Draco utters, taking your hand and leading you towards the Slytherin common room. 


I wasn’t really sure how to end this but I hope you enjoy reading it! 


steele: i thought so. i know i put you through a lot. perhaps i havent told you often enough how glad i am we’re together. im telling you now. im not going anywhere laura. you’ve better think of something quick to get me off the hook. 

*a married kiss ensues*

laura: ive got a lead. 

Dean X Reader

Request: Can you do a fic where you show up at the bunker crying and Dean comforts you?

Request: Can you write a Dean imagine where y/n (his girlfriend) vents to him about how sad she really is and Dean kind of just holds her and it’s really really fluffy and sweet? Thank you so much!

You just got back to the bunker from a solo hunt. You told Sam and Dean they didn’t need to go with you, it was just a vampire nest, it shouldn’t have been hard. But that wasn’t the case.

You didn’t know the vampires had been turning children, and you couldn’t bring yourself to kill the little ones. Not right away, at least. You’d killed five children that day. Maybe they weren’t actually children, and they were all probably older than you, but that didn’t change the fact that they looked like a child you’d see on the street. 

You parked the car in the garage, and all the tears you’d been holding since you left the hunt fell down your cheeks. You punched the seat next to you, hating yourself.

You wiped the tears away, and decided to find your boyfriend, Dean. You walked into the bunker and saw Sam in the library. You didn’t want him to see you cry and went right past him, not saying a word. 

You walked into the room you and Dean shared, and he was laying on your bed, listening to music and reading a book. He smiled when he first saw you, but it vanished once he saw your sate. 

“What’s wrong?” He asked, moving to you and cupping your face. And just like that you were crying again. Dean led you over to the bed and you you curled into his side and and rubbed your arm. “What’s wrong?” He repeated gently.

“T-The hunt.” You managed to say. Dean didn’t say anything, and waited for you to continue. “The vampires were turning kids. I had to kill so many kids.”

“They weren’t kids anymore.” He told you.

“But they looked like it!” You cried, your body shaking from the tears. 

“Y/N, I know you. This wouldn’t bother you so much. What’s really happening?” He asked.

You took a deep breath, and slowly looked up at him. “Everything’s just weighing down on me.” You confessed. “I’ve killed so many things, so many people-!”

“All of them monsters.”

“Not the people the demons were possessing!” You argued. “I’m just so done with everything.”

Dean pulled you tighter to him, and he rolled on his side so he could face you. “You have saved so many people.” He started. “You’ve saved me, in more ways than you could imagine. You’ve saved Sam and Cas, and, Hell, without you we wouldn’t have stopped the apocalypse! You’ve done way more good than bad.”

You thought about Dean’s words, and couldn’t stop a small smile from spreading over your face. He was right, as always. You looked up at Dean and kissed his cheek. “Thanks.” You croaked.

Dean smiled at you and wiped away the tears on your cheek. “Better?”

“Better.” You confirmed. You were too tired to move, and Dean was the last person to reject a cuddle session. You shortly fell asleep, and Dean kissed the top of your head before following your lead.

(I hope you like it!)

surprising calum at his football game that you said you couldn’t make it to because you had to study and he’s upset because his good luck charm won’t be there but when he walks out on the field and he looks up at the crowd and spots you wearing his old jersey and some yoga pants he smirks because “my girl looks so good in my jersey” and he gets a sudden boost of confidence because he knows that with you there he’s sure to win, after a very intense game his team won and he’s beaming so you run down to the field and jump into his arm and plant a passionate kiss on his lips before congratulating him on his victory and because he’s a big cheese ball he says “i think my biggest victory is winning you darling” and he looks you up and down and says “have i ever told you how good you look in my jersey?” and you nod and he says “well baby girl i think it will look much better on the floor” and winks leading you into the dressing room to celebrate his victory

anonymous asked:

Can i have a scenario where iwaizumi, oikawa, bokuto, akaashi, lev, and kuroo's s/o cries and freaks out because she got a bad grade and they try to calm them down with kisses

Not all of them end in kisses, but hopefully there’s enough fluff to make up for it! -Admin Mom


Iwaizumi is frustrated. He knows how smart you are, and he knows you don’t normally fail a test. But when he tries to tell you this and you get emotional, his frustration grows. He might raise his voice a little bit, because all he wants is to convince you that you’re more than just the grade you get on a test. And then he feels bad for getting frustrated. So you get some extra hugs and kisses to make up for it.


Oikawa knows immediately that something is wrong. He makes sure to get you somewhere alone before you break down. After that, he logics out the situation for you. He makes sure you know that it’s just one grade, which doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. The two of you would go back to your house and relax with a movie—because he wants you to de-stress—and then he’d help you study for the retake exam.


Bokuto hates seeing you cry. Even before he asks what’s wrong, he pulls you into his arms and vows to beat up whoever made you cry. When you tell him it’s because of a bad grade, he scoffs. “I get bad grades all the time! Actually I got a bad grade this morning!” he says. He doesn’t hold back with the kisses, since he isn’t exactly sure what else to say to make you feel better. Bokuto is much better with actions than words. And it probably isn’t long before he has you laughing instead of crying.


Akaashi can also tell that there’s something wrong even before he speaks to you. After leading you out of the classroom and somewhere private, he’d just hug you while you cried, whispering soothing words into your ear. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for your tears to stop, he’ll be right there the entire time. Then, once the crying is done, he’ll offer to study with you more often so this doesn’t have to happen again. He’ll make sure the two of you stick to a study schedule, no matter how busy he is.


At first, Lev doesn’t think the grade you got is bad. He’s not exactly at the top of his class, and the grade you got is one that he sees often. He’ll be surprised when he sees you crying, and he might even make a slightly tactless comment. But when he realizes that you’re upset, he’ll wrap you up in a giant hug. He knows how smart you are, and if you failed the test, then it must’ve been really hard. He’ll hug you until the tears stop, and then he’ll keep hugging you until he’s sure you know how awesome he thinks you are.


First and foremost, Kuroo will want to distract you. He’ll want to take your mind off of the bad grade, and this will likely be by taking you on a little date—probably somewhere he knows is your favorite. Then, once you’ve calmed down, he’ll let you know that he’s still proud of you because he knows you tried. And he’ll also help you with your studying the next time.

Nate Maloley imagine


As i drove all I could think about is what nate said a couple weeks ago. It still bothered me. We were very close and at times i thought he was flirting with me but one night i over heard him talking to the other boys when he basically said I wasn’t his type because I was too skinny. It broke my heart to stay the least.

Now two weeks later I was driving to a stupid party because Sammy kept begging me to go then the Jacks were too. For I finally gave in needing to do something for once. I got dressed all cute in my favorite outfit ready to stun the boys.

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the Omaha boys minus one (Nate). They talked to me for a bit but then went to see other people leaving me to wonder. Shortly later I came face to face with a Scene I didn’t want.

It was Nate all over a “thick girl.” It broke my heart all over again. I took a deep breath and went to get a drink. Which was in all honesty probably a bad thing. I was now drunk and emotional. To get back at him, not sure why I thought this was a good idea when he didn’t like me, I started dancing and grinding all over some random guy. I saw him start to stare from across the room. I closed my eyes to ignore him. But within seconds I was pulled away by Nate.

“Excuse me I need to talk to (y/n). ” he said harshly and pulled me into an empty hall way. “What are you doing.”

“Let go you hurt.” I slurred a bit.

“Why are you dancing with him.”

“You were…you were dancing with that girl. The one who is actually you….your type.” I kept rambling about how she was better in every way and what not. I eventually started crying.

“Hey, hey stop. She isn’t my type. You- listen to me- you’re my… God damn it. ” he bent down and kisses me roughly finally making me stop talking. “You are my type. Okay? You’re amazing in every way. I said that so they wouldn’t keep bothering me okay?”

I stared in disbelief and confusion as everything seemed foggy.

“Come on let’s get you to a spare room to lay down in.” He said and lead me away.

Hi Guys! So with all the Nico long hair pics floating around, nipasir sent me a prompt last night, (I changed a few things around but stuck to the main things we discussed) I hope you all like it and thanks for the prompt lovely.

Forever tag list: nemo-miracle-grow areyousad8118 thisissomefreshbullshit luckyemcee mmfdiaryfan murderyoursoul kristicallahan irish-girl-84 sey77 bebelievelive justagirlnamedkayla i-love-mmfd anitavalija stephsadickhead milymargot busstop ililypop pink-royaute lolflash youmehellofarollercoasterride curvygirlonabudget mellamoaiko dontneedamoralcompass paleasalabaster mmfdfanfic mallyallyandra lethallylauren finnleysraemundo pissingonursoul losingpudge bitchy-broken fuckintentshop audisodd perfecters darlingdiver fantasticab celestev31 myfinnnelsonpls rinncincin tinakegg ducky17 katywright340 bitcheslovebeck raernundo nutinanutshell cant-getno-sleep courtkismet omgbananasnailus i-dream-of-emus @gemmarstyles guyoverboard anglophileyoungblood swooningfangirl bitchesbecrazy89 chrryblsms girlwithafoxhat annemarieted sammylbc sarahlouise88ni denaceleste how-ardently idontliketalkingtoanybody mmfdblog phoenixflow penguinsandbowties fizzezlikecherrycola fangirlwithoutshame africancreativity alyssaloca llexis thatfunnygirllauren cheersmedear 14000romances rred87 nirvanalove27 takenbyatree im-an-emu shashaaussi mirandasmadeofstone lililuvlight flxwxry slitherouter saracasm25 becauseyouarestrong malvaloca93 happyfrasers vmellow scumothaearff wandering-soul-7 hewittgolightly emmatationsforall ninjarunningzico arcticoasisboy @milllot rafaellabnery  Please let me know if you would like to be added or removed :D

So, Maybe I was Wrong

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