this better get notes ok i worked like 2 hours on this


Looks like I have to use the damn wings or these things just fall right out of my ear. I have to pull on my ear to make it go in, then shove the wing into the spot seen above to get it to stay. PITA.

They will NOT play when charging. Which sucks. But they charge for like 2 hours in a few minutes, so it’s not the end of the world.

Now I’m going to re-try the other tips and see if any of them work better then the stock ones with the wings installed.

Note, when installing the wings, make sure to get the right ones on the right sides, they will semi-fit and get stuck if you have the wrong side wing for the side you are trying to install.

Sound wise, they sound decent, my Yurbuds sound better by far and cost me $50. but these are wireless and I got tired of yanking out the cords, ripping them out of my ears, literally tearing the cords out of the buds themselves (***** I’m talking to you bitches. You refused to replace them. I won’t buy anything from you ever again. Bite me.)

So, are the BeatsX worth $150? IMHO, no. There are LOTS of good quality wired and even wireless headphones that FIT and work nicely.

However, with that said, since these use Apples W1 chip, they have built in integration for updates for the software and they are wireless and charge fast. So until I go walking, biking or hiking I won’t really nbe able to tell you whats what.

I do know that if you only have one in, like when motorcycling and need to hear road traffic, the sound sucks. It’s both or weak tinny sound.

My review at this moment… 3 out of 5 for poor fit, forced to use wings, not playing when charging. And the 3 stars are for then not sucking as bad as *****’s earbuds that cost as much and are wired.