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I’ve seen people on here saying that 2016 didn’t really suck. That it would have been an okay year, if people would stop “whining about celebrity deaths.”

To that, I say, shut the hell up, oh my god.

Yeah, the celebrity deaths made the year hard - a lot of people that were very loved, who inspired us, passed away this year. That’s awful.

But have you not seen politics? Have you not seen people being gunned down in the streets, people spray-painting swastikas on buildings, or using the words of the current president elect as an excuse to be violent and cruel?

If you haven’t seen that, that’s great. Maybe you’re in an epic country, or maybe you’re privileged and not affected by it. That’s awesome for you.

But 2016 was fucking awful, and not just because Carrie Fisher and David Bowie and so many others died.

It was awful because we watched our friends and family, or other people we thought we trusted, turn into monsters who showed how much they really hated us, and people like us. We watched love turn to hate, and it hurt.

We watched people who said they cared about us put all their energy behind someone who wants people like us to be removed, or hurt, or killed, or converted into something “normal.” 

Then, we watched that person get elected.

This is a scary time for a lot of us. So even if you’re not standing at the edge of 2017 with a knife and an emergency kit, remember that a lot of people are.

Be kind to each other, and listen. Welcome in the New Year, but with caution.

If you’re going through heartbreak, blast your favourite upbeat playlist of songs and dance around like it’s the happiest day of your life. Sing your heart out and overcome the pain that stabs at you that causes emotional ache and leaves behind deep cuts. Music always has a way of making you feel like tomorrow’s a new day.

When your eyes are brimming with tears, please remember things will become better and you will be strengthened in spirit. Don’t rule happiness out, you are amazing so don’t let them convince you otherwise.

—  melodramatlcKeep fighting
7 Powerful Steps to Positive Thinking

1. Seek to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want: A mistake we tend to make when we’re faced with a problem is to think and talk about it all the time - instead of focusing our thinking on what we want instead.

2. Recognise that every problem comes with a lesson: There’s a lesson to be learned from all that happens to us. We can become a better person - even when things have gone wrong.

3. Don’t believe everything you think: Our problems aren’t as big as the mind tries to convince us. Don’t believe all those negative and self-defeating thoughts.

4. Choose to be grateful in everything: Although it’s hard to be grateful when things are going wrong, we can usually find something we can be grateful for - and the more we choose gratitude, the happier we’ll feel.

5. Let go of your need for perfection: If you try to be perfect in everything you do, you will always feel you’re failing, and you’ll live with constant stress. Do you best – as perfection’s not a realistic goal.

6. Let go of your resistance: Accept things as they are - you don’t always have to change them. Life’s not meant to be a struggle, or a constant battle ground.

8. Seek to be present in everything you do: When you give yourself completely to living in the moment, you’ll find that life is easier - and you feel much more relaxed.

With each passing day, you’ll get to know yourself more and more. You may discover things that you never knew about yourself, or reasons behind why you feel the way you do about certain things. It’s so important to become better acquainted with yourself. After all, you are your own beautiful self.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! (two hours late) 

Yes, Bilbo is drinking either gazpacho or bloody mary,  you choose. All those tomatoes cannot simply be decoration pls. 

I hope you all have had a good day <3, I saw Vaiana and it was such a good movie I almost cried.


“Hey, hey, please listen. It’s Mimikyu’s rap!“

“I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu! I’m the loner, Mimikyu! The sun, the sun is a little scary, I like pitch black places much better! I want to become good friends with everyone, so I am playing dress-up as Pikachu. Don’t these clothes look a lot like it? I made them myself, aren’t they great? Don’t take them off, though, absolutely don’t, If you saw me, you could be cursed!”

“I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu! I’m not a monster, I’m Mimikyu! I’ll protect you with big claws, I’ll help you out with Thunderbolt, Because I grow into a Pokemon you can rely on! Please make me your friend.” 

“I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu! Let’s become friends, I’m Mimikyu! I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu! I’m the loner, Mimikyu! I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu! I’m not a monster, I’m Mimikyu! I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu! Let’s become friends, I’m Mimikyu!” 

Take good care of Mimikyu!

Toxic things feel good. Even better than healty things, always better. That’s why we become addicted. That’s why we fall in love so easily.
—  giulswrites
radio show klance au

keith runs a local radio show at like 3am in the morning bc he really needs a job and he doesn’t sleep much anyways

and lance sometimes can’t sleep so he turns on the radio and finds keith’s show

the music keith plays isn’t lances favorite but he’s falling for keith’s voice over the radio

one night he calls the radio show bc he honestly doesn’t have anything better to do and they start talking and it becomes a nightly thing and it’s like those really late night conversations where it gets Real™

and lance is like “sorry for occupying all your show time im sure you have a bunch of other callers other than me”

and keith’s like “no actually you’re probably the only person listening right now”

and they learn that they both live in the same city or go to the same college and they meet & bond & are happy together

In this hour of crisis, I think my parents are becoming better allies. They’re taking things more seriously than ever before and actively trying to be vocal and supportive and understanding of issues they previously didn’t care about.

My mom, who chided me a few years ago for wanting to write a story about a girl who was multiracial and lesbian with a gay friend because it was “unrealistic” and “unrelatable”, wouldn’t stop talking about how moving it was to see all the Samoan surnames in the credits of Moana. She’s making efforts and reminding others to use the correct pronouns for my nonbinary friends.

I dunno, man. The safety pin thing is kind of corny and sometimes disingenuous, but I think more people are starting to practice what they preach.


If Disney dont renew Girl Meets World, then they have some real explaining to do…
Theres thousands of comments on any GMW related posts saying to save the show
Theres a MASSIVE difference between GMW and the 2nd most popular show in the poll. Over 512k for GMW to 29k for the 2nd most popular show says a lot….

This show is important to every age group. Everyone can learn an important life lesson from this. This isnt a show that tries to make everything funny, this is a show that touches on real life situations and comes up with solutions to help. This is a show that makes people know that being them is the best they can be, and not to change for anyone. I know that it has helped me become a much better person, its helped me understand things more, and how to face the world. I wish to grow up with this show and take more lessons from it.

The fans have spoken. We want GMW season 4. So please, please give us that.

there has never been a show that i’ve wanted to rip out of a creators’ hands more than rwby.

Bellarke Sleeping Headcanons

Inspired by the new episode, obvz.

  • Clarke and Bellamy start sharing a bed when they’re not official and supposed to be just friends but no one ever questions it. They both sleep better with the other and it eventually becomes a co-dependent thing.
  • Clarke can go days on end without sleep and not show a single crack. She’s used to it, since she’s been helping her mother in the med-bay from age eleven.
  • Bell is the polar opposite. He was always a smart kid, but he never got up early because he cut classes on the Ark to look after Octavia. Bellamy can be a real grumpy bastard when he hasn’t slept properly so the Guard learn to avoid tasking Bellamy with back-to-back shifts.
  • Most of the time, Clarke is the little spoon. It’s practical because Bellamy likes to hold Clarke and Clarke likes the feeling of Bellamy at her back. But if Bellamy is already asleep when Clarke comes in, Clarke seizes the opportunity to be the big spoon. She puts her head between Bell’s shoulder blades. He complains that her nose digs into his spine but he secretly loves it. 
  • Bellamy is a pro at napping. The couch, the Rover, a tree, the floor, his desk, the kitchen table, literally anywhere. Any amorous couple have to check before they do the do in a store cupboard incase Bellamy is in there sleeping, after a previous case in point with Monty and Harper.
  • Bellamy’s napping can be a problem for Clarke when he’s obstructing where she wants to be but she hardly ever moves him because she thinks it’s cute asf.
  • They both have nightmares. Bellamy gets sweaty and his eyes roll but he never makes a sound. Clarke develops night terrors by the time Skaikru actually get some semblance of peace. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens, waking up to Clarke screaming always scares the hell out of Bellamy.
  • Because of her night terrors, Clarke can have trouble going to sleep. Sometimes, to distract herself, she’ll peruse Bellamy, tracing his facial features, curling his hair around her fingers, running her hand down his chest. 99% of the time, Bellamy is awake but pretending not to be. 
  • If one of them is ill, the other stays up through the night to watch over them, even if it’s completely irrational. The eventual Griffin-Blake kids get the same treatment, except Clarke and Bellamy take turns. 
  • Clarke has a thousand drawings of Bell when he’s asleep. To her, it’s when he looks most content.
  • Right up until the day he dies, Bellamy sleeps with a knife, just under the bed where he can grab it quickly. No amount of persuading from Clarke convinces him to stop but he never once uses it. 

Do not ever wait around for someone to stop being toxic. Do not spend your time believing they just need enough time to change. Do not give them more chances in hope they’ll turn for the better. Do not hope they will one day live up to their true potential that you can see in them. Do not let them hurt you because it “helps them”. Do not think “if only this one thing changed, they would become better”. Do not work on their trauma so they would eventually treat you better.

Sticking around with someone with a core belief that they have the right to hurt you for their purposes, who believes that you are worthless and pathetic and to be lied to, controlled and used by them, will hurt you, a lot, more than it could ever help them. And no matter what you do, their core belief will not change. No matter in what ways they heal they will not one day wake up and realize you’re a human being. They’ve already proved to feel entitled to hurt you, they’re not going to give up that entitlement, they’re not going to change in a way that would make up for what they did to you. Run. Do not let anyone dehumanize and abuse you, even if they’re traumatized, even if they’re promising they wont do it again, even if they’re feeling justified in doing it, even if they “can’t help it”. It wont be worth it. Waiting around for a toxic person to change is never worth it. 

into the abyss, only for you, my darling (an Emerald City fanfic)

Author’s note: 

Rating: T+ (maybe M-)

Mentions of torture. Mild. Violence. Mild?

Possible spoilers. Saw a picture of one of the Emerald City characters chained. Wanted to hypothesis on a possible rescue by Dorothy. 

Self edited. I bet that I may have missed something and so if you have any writing tips, examples…and if you enjoyed this little fanfic of mine, please let me know! It would make my day! 

Breathe. Just breathe. Dorothy thinks as she creeps down the long corridors lit by flaming torches, the light creating flickering wavering shadows–a spooky combination, especially with where she’s headed. Or where she’s hopes she’s heading. She feels lost. The corridors branch off into each other, a tangled sophisticated mess of paintings, statues of fat pompous men staring imperiously out into the shadows… god only knows what they are looking at.

She needs to get into the dungeons. That’s where they will have him. Lucas. Seems like everyone wants to take a chunk of flesh out of him for alleged crimes because of an alleged job in the Wizard’s guard that he can’t even remember. Its almost like the poor guy has a ‘damsel in distress’ bumper sticker attached to his forehead. Seems like someone’s always out to get him. Which is overwhelming. 

Really overwhelming. Every time she turns around, paying attention to someone else, something else, the scenery… whatever it is…and then when she turns back around, someone is busy poisoning, punching, kicking, stabbing, kidnapping, torturing Lucas while trying to kill her off as a side bonus.

It has been a really long week.

A crazy week. 

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An open letter to the parents of an Autistic boy.

To the parents of the little boy at Rainforest Café tonight, I watched your son gravitate toward the static sound of the waterfall he spent an hour in front of, dancing, and flapping, and stimming much like I used to. I

remember exactly how it felt to be surrounded by so many sounds, lights, and vibrations and I completely understood his reasoning behind gravitating toward the waterfall with its stable and predictable source of stimuli, as well as his reason for stimming as much as he was.

That place can be a real stimulation nightmare for those of us who feel as much as he does. That being said, I applaud you for allowing him to be himself. He really reminded me of myself at his age, and it reminded me of how I was, and how different I’ve become.

If you are wondering if things get “better”, or “easier” for him, the answer is that they can, but he will always be different. He will always be surrounded by a sometimes overwhelming source of stimuli, but I hope he will also be surrounded by an abundant source of love, and understanding as he seems to be. Thank you.

Brief Analysis On All Jun Ships

Half because there’s been a period of time where people were worried about Jun being an “outcast” of sorts in the group, and that the members dislike him, all his ships are one-sided, etc. Hopefully this post will lessen your worries if you still have them, I mean, that concern aroused quite a while ago and things have evidently become better.

Half because I simply have no life.

“Analysis” is under the cut.

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