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                                       when the world falls around you, and hope is lost,
                                    when you find yourself alone, amid a lightless place,
                                               look to the distance. know that i’m there
                                                     and that i watch over you always.

Isak meeting Even’s mother
  • Isak being really nervous right before they get there even though he doesn’t want to admit it.
  • He fixes his hat a lot, and Even just smirks and notices how anxious he is.
  • Finally Even rolls his eyes and turns Isak towards him, fixing his hat one last time to make it perfect and then he assures him that she is going to love him.
  • He also kisses him because reasons
  • Even’s mother is really nice and although Isak is still nervous in the beginning and stumbles over his words a little bit it becomes better soon.
  • Especially since Even is by his side the whole time, smoothing things over.
  • They also might be playing a small game of footsie under the table.
  • Even’s mother reveals some small awkward things about him that makes Even slightly embarrassed, and Isak loves seeing him blush because it’s cute.
  • And Even pecks Isak’s cheek in reassurance whenever she isn’t looking.
  • They get back to Isak’s place and he feels even happier than he did before because now he knows even more about Even
  • And they lay in bed and talk because they can never be bored of just being around each other
  • Also they share their first mutual ‘Jag elsker dig’

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The Maze Runner Preferences- When You’re Sick...


Thomas would go to your hut as soon as he came back from the maze. He’d try to cook you food and fail miserably, bring you flowers, cuddle with you, and rub your stomach until you felt better. The temptation to kiss you would be too great, so as soon as you felt better, Thomas got sick soon afterwards. 


Gally would go full on survival mode whenever you fell ill. During work, he’s on edge all the time, He’d pretend not to care, but would secretly send you small meals through your door each night until you felt better.


Minho would do anything to make you feel better as soon as possible. After each run, he came over to your hut and cuddled with you to settle down your violent coughs that kept you up all night.


Newt was a worry wart when you got sick. He’d ask you every 10 minutes if you were okay, needed anything, and if you wanted food. He would stay with you in your hut for days on end until you felt better. Maybe a couple more…


“I didn’t fail, I just… didn’t pass?” Aaron tried.

“That’s the same thing.” Aidan shot back at him.

“Whatever, button.”

“That’s enough, you two. I need you to come with me for a bit. There’s someone you should meet.”
Luna sighed. She wished she wouldn’t have to do this to them. But it was probably better to just get it over with as soon as possible.

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3 (with iwaoi maybe?)

Okay this is actually a perfect pair for this omg

If you were to ask Iwaizumi, he would say that he’s hiding his feelings for a certain setter pretty well. 

If you asked literally anyone who knew him, they would say it was blatantly obvious. 

Iwaizumi didn’t actually care if other people knew, he figured it would be impossible for no one to find out. It was said setter that he hoped wouldn’t. 

It wasn’t that he thought Oikawa didn’t like him, if anything he was almost positive he did. Oikawa could never know of Iwaizumi’s feelings, that was made clear early on. 

Ever since he could remember, he and Oikawa had always been together. They went to the same grade school, junior high, and high school, they played volleyball together, studied together, and everything in between. 

When it all comes down to it, Oikawa deserves better. Soon, high school will be over and college will follow, meaning they will have to part ways. Iwaizumi knew that if Oikawa knew of his feelings, he will do whatever he could to make sure they stay together, even if that meant stopping volleyball. 

“You should tell him,” Hanamaki said one night after practice. He stood outside with Hanamaki and Matsukawa; Oikawa was still inside talking to their coach.

“He likes you, you would have to be deaf and blind not to notice that,” Matsukawa added. He knew this, of course he did, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

“I can’t,” he replied simply.

“You can’t or you won’t?” Hanamaki asked. 

“I just, don’t want him to throw everything away for me. I’m not going to play volleyball in college, in fact I’m not even going to go to Tokyo. I just don’t want him to change his entire future for me,” he explained.

“So you’re going to throw away your chance because of something that might happen?” Matsukawa asked, one eyebrow raised. 

“You don’t know him like I do,” he responded. 

“No point in arguing I guess. Well, see you tomorrow then,” Hanamaki waved, leaving with Matsukawa. Iwaizumi stood and watched them for a moment before hearing a slight cough behind him.

“I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid,” Oikawa muttered, watching him.

“How long have you been there?” Iwaizumi panicked. There was no way he heard what he said, right?

“You were right about a few things, but you were also wrong,” Oikawa stated, not looking away. “I will follow you, hell I’ll always follow you, I always have. Where you’re wrong is that I’ll throw away my future. Hajime, I can play volleyball anywhere, and while I enjoy it and I plan on playing in college, I don’t actually plan on making a career out of it. I can go anywhere, but where I want to go is where you go. Don’t take that away from me.”

“But-” Iwaizumi started, quickly getting cut off.

“No, Hajime. This is what I want. Never once have I thought of a future without you, and I don’t plan on it. So, what do you say?” he asked, his eyes full of love.

“You were always one to do whatever you wanted,” Iwaizumi chuckled, grabbing Oikawa’s hand.

 “Come on, let’s go home.” 

Aveline: Checks on Hawke from time-to-time in her off-hours, and talks with them for awhile. She knows Hawke is miserable and bored in bed, and she will try to help by bringing them a book or something. She also encourages them to stay farther away from the water next time they get into a fight.

Varric: Shows up at sundry hours to check on Hawke. He thinks that it’s hilarious that Hawke fell into the harbor, but spruces the story up to seem much more… dramatic. They just sit and talk for awhile, and sometimes Hawke wakes up to see him adding embellishments to their journal. They roll their eyes and laugh; it’s not the first time, and certainly not the last time, Varric will do that.

Sebastian: Brings a Chantry mother over to bless Hawke so they get better soon. Hawke rolls their eyes when Sebastian and the mother aren’t looking, but they appreciate his efforts; he means well. He means well. Aside from that, he’ll try offering remedies like soup he was served as a child to clear up congestion.

Isabela: Shows up randomly in their house to visit them. She teases them for falling in the harbor, but hopes they get well soon. She also asks if she can borrow their clothes while they’re in bed– it’s not like Hawke will be out and about walking much while they’re recovering.

Carver: Acts annoyed over the matter, and grumbles at his sibling for being so clumsy, but he helps Leandra take care of them. He does care, he’s just not likely to show it much beyond handing them soup that their mother made. He laughed the hardest out of the party when they fell into the harbor.

Bethany: Tries to use her magic to help them get better. Even if it’s to little avail, Hawke appreciates her effort. She keeps them company often, and helps Leandra, with much enthusiasm, take care of them and tend the house. When Hawke fell into the harbor, she panicked and quickly got them out with some help from the others.

Fenris: Isn’t really sure what to do with a sick Hawke, but he tries to be helpful. He brings over an old bottle of wine he had stashed away in the mansion in efforts to cheer them up. He’ll also advise them to be more careful in fights. Fenris was the one who was first to reach into the disgusting water to pull out Hawke, with minimal qualms about it.

Anders: Is able to relieve most of the symptoms and cuts the healing time in half with his magic. He brings them copies of his manifesto to help him go over and touch up, since they have nothing else to do. He eventually stops when he realizes they’re bored. He also advises them to be more careful. “The harbor water is as disgusting as the latrines in Darktown,” he scolds, “stay clear of it from now on.”

Merrill: Stops by frequently to keep Hawke company, and always brings bags of tea to make and serve, with a recipe she says is from the keeper of her former clan. “Elfroot and embrium tea,” she explains brightly, “it always makes me feel better when I got sick.” True to her word, Hawke feels better.

All romances: Jumped into the water to save Hawke. They get sick too, and spend the time in bed with them. They’re suffering, but they’re suffering together.