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EXO Reaction when their wife gives them a sonogram of their baby as a way of telling them she's pregnant

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“Is this.. a baby… our baby? Wait… you are pregnant?” *A little bit slow* “I’m going to be a father?”


*Literally starts painting the baby after the sonogram and pictures of happy families* “You don’t know how happy you’ve made me baobei… I can’t explain it with words”


*Makes little copies of it and gives them to all the members* “Guess what?! I?m going to be a father!! Look!”


*Stares at it for ten hours* “Our baby… our baby’s first picture… I can already tell our baby will have a great future…”


*Kisses the sonogram and then your belly* “Hello baby… I’m your daddy… are you okay there? Today I discovered I’m going to be a father… I’ll be waiting for you here”


*Starts recording everything from the moment you give him the sonogram* “Look baby! This is the sonogram your mom gave me! Beautiful isn’t it? I was thinking of framing it! I’m so excited!”


*Frozes for like then minutes repeating to himself what you told him* “A father… a father… going to be…father…. our baby…. big family…. father….”


*Knows the moment you give him the envelope* “This is what I’m thinking, isn’t it? I’m going to be a father right? Is it a girl? A boy? Ahh I should just open it already but I’m so nervous!”


“Jagi this is… beautiful… I… I promise I’ll be a good father… I swear” *Responsibility hits him hard*


*You think he is going crazy the moment he sees the sonogram until he starts smiling and jumping like a baby* “I’m going to be a father!! I’m going to be a father! I promise I’ll be good!”


*Can’t stop crying out of happiness* “We… we made hits” *Hugging the sonogram so hard* “We… we made the most beautiful creature on Earth”


*Happiness overflows from all of his body* “Jagi… this was the best way you could have told me I was going to be a father… I have to show this to everyone… everyone must know!!”

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*whispers* hey guys if yall are interested in makeup/beauty, fa(t)shion, and possibly gaming yall should rly subscribe to my youtube channel bc that’s exactly what my channel is about

i don’t have a set schedule just yet but I’m hoping to get into the swing of it all and be way more active. i might have a few upcoming videos like my makeup collection, a shop review, a “podcast” my friends and i recorded, and my favorite moments from me playing Overwatch. 


Team Sonic aka “Rory’s Boys”

Those last two panels actually happened between my roommate, me and my nephew and I just so happened to catch that beautiful moment on an audio recording that you should totally listen to. And yes mayyyybe I was recording my nephew because I wanted to do some animations of toddler Aurora and he’s got the sweetest voice in the universe.


Pairing/ Characters: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester

Word count: 1903

Summary: The reader adores her relationship with Sam, but what will happen when her self-doubt comes to light?

A/N: My lovely betas are @madamelibrarian , @when-the-day–met-the-night , @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell , and the runner of this challenge, @helvonasche

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Out of habit, you pulled your arm over your eyes to block the sun;  vital first thing in the morning to keep your eyesight. That was, if the sun was shining in your window, or if there was a window for the sun to shine in at all.

“Uurrrrghhh,” a rather ungraceful noise came from your mouth as you rolled over to look at the clock hanging from the wall. You stopped mid-roll when you hit something that was warm and solid. You froze.

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In This Moment - Ritual (Album Review)

By Jeannie Blue

In This Moment are currently traveling the Midwest with the second leg of their Half God Half Devil headlining tour, bringing sensational theatrics to the starving Metal masses. However, on Friday, July 21, 2017 they set to inspire a brand-new Ritual for the entire world, thanks to Atlantic in conjunction with Roadrunner Records.

A band that should require little introduction, In This Moment have been taking names since 2005. Their 2007 debut disc, Beautiful Tragedy, set the wheels in motion for a lengthy career that, to date, has spawned some five studio albums. Now with their sixth full-length effort just days away from release, In This Moment – Vocalist Maria Brink, Guitarists Chris Howorth and Randy Weitzel, Bassist Travis Johnson, and new Drummer Kent Diimmel – are poised to take the next big step in their evolution. Produced by Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch), the new material weaves a unique spell that combines bluesy grit alongside bewitching tales of spirituality to create something that is bigger than any black widow’s web.

The backstory necessary to truly understand Ritual begins with a trip to Salem, Massachusetts, the famed City of Witches and location of the tragic Salem Witch Trials. Inspired by the macabre history that breathes deep within the streets of the infamous town, Brink returned from a family trip and turned toward the emotional release of creating new music. Ritual begins with the introductory “Salvation,” which raises the tension to culminate in the album’s first single/video, “Oh Lord.” With its hesitant, inquisitive spirituality, “Oh Lord” sets the tone for the album on the whole: a more experimental sound that steps outside the Metal genre to introduce something that is fully massive, but perhaps not head-banging material. With speculative lyrics that explore spirituality as both the menace and savior that she can oft be, “Oh Lord” serves as a perfect amuse-bouche.

Performed live on the band’s Half God Half Devil Tour with the talents of Chris Motionless of Motionless In White, “Black Wedding,” as it exists on record, instead co-stars the legendary Rob Halford. Superbly catchy with a phenomenal beat, if this song sees a single/video release it will be huge for the band, as any Rock-n-Roll fan can immediately sing-along to the Billy Idol-born chorus. Isn’t any day a nice day for a black wedding?

An ethereal, otherworldly atmosphere permeates In This Moment’s sensual take on the Phil Collins’ mega-hit “In the Air Tonight.” The band show remarkable restraint in their normally unabashed attack, instead creating a masterpiece that highlights Brink’s soaring vocals and shows that, yes, even rockers have gentle sides too. Alas, do not worry for the tenderness does not last! With its gang vocals and viciously infectious beat, “Joan of Arc” is one of the more, how shall we say, traditional In This Moment tracks on Ritual. Grit, sass, and pummeling rhythm come together to formulate what is guaranteed to become a fan favorite, all while Brink offers herself as a martyr for the Rock-n-Roll cause.

“River of Fire” comes from the same depths as tracks like “Oh Lord,” with a spiritual, bluesy core that shows the band stepping outside of their gilded, Metal cage. “Let the storm rage / Let the water run high / Baptize me in a river of fire,” Brink invites on this never-ending groove that shows shades of the tale of Saint Joan (she of the title) and her fiery demise. Similarly, the darkly seductive “Witching Hour” has immediate shades of the Salem Witch Trials – all set to a delicious Electronica backbeat – while Brink’s vocals reach beyond the stratosphere in the slow burn that is “Twin Flames,” one flame bursting into two.

“Half God Half Devil” is the juxtaposition that gave rise to the band’s current headlining tour, and an explosive release that takes prisoners while spewing forth Metal rage from the cage. It is fully supported by the equally ballsy “No Me Importa” (“I Don’t Care”), an addictive beat and one seriously seductive middle finger. Then there is “Roots” – possibly primed to be the album’s second single, as it currently has a lyric video on YouTube – one of the album’s most addictive quantities. A more classic In This Moment sound permeates this track that explores what makes each of us who we are, and celebrates that whatever does not kill us makes us stronger somehow. It all wraps up with the mellow intensity of “Lay Your Gun Down,” which Brink has been performing solo during the band’s current headlining set.

Someone somewhere once said that Metal was a man’s game, though he clearly never met the powerhouse that is Maria Brink! Able to weave a tale that is intensely magical yet based in the darkest annals of American history, screaming into the heavens with more grit than any man, Brink and her band of boys have outdone themselves with number six. A sonic journey that travels from Salem to the roots that run deep within each of us, Ritual is a spell that you will want to fall under again and again. This is what it means to evolve organically, and, fully enjoying the ride, CrypticRock give In This Moment’s Ritual 5 of 5 stars.



“Harrison… Harrison.“

He half-opened his eyes to look at his wife. "Carrie… what’s wrong?” It was the middle of the night, and her voice cut through the silence like the hiss of a teakettle.

“Can you bring me some mayonnaise?”

“I’m sorry, what?” Harrison put his hand to his ear to make sure he’d heard her correctly. “A jar of mayonnaise?”

“Not a jar. A spoonful. Just a spoonful.”


“Harrison…” she whined. “Your baby girl wants mayonnaise.”

Harrison groaned. “She wants or you want?”

“Distinction without a difference.”

“Dammit sweetheart.” He stood up with an exaggerated moan. “Of all the disgusting things.”

She grinned at him. “Thank you.”

He winked at her and headed into the kitchen. “I can’t believe she wants this,” he said, shaking his head but smiling. Holding the spoonful as far away from his nose as he could, Harrison walked slowly back in their room. “Carrie… Carrie…” he whispered.

She stirred and looked up at him with a big smile. “Thank you, my love,” she said with smile.“

He pulled the blanket up to her chin. "You good, sweetheart?”

“Yeah. I’m perfect.“

“Good,” he said with a kiss to her forehead. “You ok, Peanut?”

Carrie smiled and answered in the voice they’d give little Emma. “Daddy, I’m just fine! I’m kicking the shit out of my mom right now!!”

“Wonderful. Keep going. And enjoy your spoonful of mayonnaise, you sick freak.”

The next morning, Harrison woke up to find his wife gone. Perplexed, he walked into the kitchen to find her crying. "Carrie? Sweetheart?”

“The ice cream…” She gestured to the pint melting on the counter.

“Is it all ice cream that’s upsetting you or just this particular flavor?” She glared at him as he opened his arms so she could snuggle against his chest. "C'mere, beautiful.”

She sighed and walked over to him. “I’m sorry,” she sniffed as she slipped into his embrace. “I’m a ball of hormones right now.”

He laughed. “I know, sweetheart.”

“I really want your boys to feel like they have a home here, and I wanna be a good mom,” she continued. “Good moms don’t get strawberry ice cream when the kids want chocolate.”

“Carrie…” He suddenly understood. “Is that what this is about?”

She nodded, fresh tears pooling in her eyes. “They’ll be here tomorrow… I don’t want them to think that I love them less because I’m having my own baby now, or because it’ll be the only girl.”

“Sweetheart.” He placed a lingering kiss on her forehead.

“I wanna be a good mom,” she repeated.

Harrison took a deep breath. “You are. Carrie, the boys adore you.” He led her to the kitchen table and sat down across from her, taking her small hands in his.

“I know Mary is their mother, and I’m their step mother… I love them so much. Now with Emma on the way…”

“Mary and I discussed this, briefly,” Harrison said, squeezing her hands. “The boys are excited, they love the fact that they’re getting a little sister. While they’re here we can have them help us with her room, have them pick out some toys for her, get them involved.”

Carrie nodded. “I think that’s a good idea. And they’ll still have their rooms here…”

“They aren’t losing anything. Hell, they’re getting promoted.” He smiled at his wife, who was deep in thought.

Finally, she spoke. “I bet we can get her to kick for them while they’re here.”

Harrison’s eyes lit up at the suggestion. “Yes! Perfect.” He reached across the table to place his hand on her belly. “Think you can do that, Peanut?” Carrie giggled as they both felt a flutter; Emma was responding to her father’s voice.

“Just like that, baby girl,” Carrie said, placing her hand on top of her husband’s.

They sat there for a moment. “For the record,” Harrison said, “you’re an amazing mom. The boys are lucky. It’s not every step mom who gets so emotionally invested in their ice cream preferences.”

Carrie laughed, the traces of her previous anxiety floating away. “We still have a day. We can get the right flavor tonight?”

Harrison nodded. “Feeling better, beautiful?”

“I am - thank you.” She stood up and kissed his cheek.

“I’m so glad.” He stood up to meet her and wrapped her in his arms. “But maybe we should eat the offending dessert, just in case.”

“Excellent idea.” She smiled up at him. “Destroy the evidence.” Her hand flew back to her belly. “You like strawberry ice cream, Peanut?”

Harrison winked at his wife. “Only one way to find out.”

What Would You Suggest? - Tate X Reader


Request:  Some Tate. Anything with pre-death Tate. Maybe he has his eye on a music store employee and doesn’t have the courage to talk to them. Idk, have at it, lovely


It had happened maybe three times or so. Over the last few weeks you had seen him every so often but on three separate occasions you had glanced over to him staring directly at you, only to avert his gaze the second your eyes met. You had worked at the record store for barely a month when he had first walked through the door. He was beautiful, with blonde hair and brown eyes that always managed to make him look more handsome every time you saw him.

He was shy though, in the weeks you had played this silent game with him he had never come to talk to you once, nor had he come up to the register to buy anything so you had never heard him speak. He just came in, walked around, sifted through various piles of records, gave you a quick glance and then left.

Today was no exception to this cycle of staring as you heard the bell ring signaling someone had walked through the front door and turned to see him walking into the store. He walks over to the corner where all of the best rock music is kept and starts looking through the records as you resume working by grabbing some records in a box by the counter and going to stack them in the pop section.

Once again you feel eyes staring at you from behind and turn to see him staring intently in your direction. You smile at him and he smirks back before looking back down to the records when you decide this has gone on too long. If he’s not going to make a move than you will you think to yourself as you walk in his direction taking the route that will block his direct path to the door as you can tell he’s about to leave.

“Hey.” You say and he jumps a little, clearly not expecting you to approach him, “Can I help you with anything?”

He looks at you nervous, quite obviously not knowing what to say before he slowly looks up and speaks, “I… uh… what d’ya mean?” he says nervously and you smile laughing a little. He is somehow even more beautiful up close and you almost find yourself staring at him the way he has been looking at you these past weeks.

“With the records, you’re here quite a lot for someone who doesn’t buy anything.” You chuckle and he allows himself to smile slightly, “I’ve noticed you staring at me quite a bit as well and I thought we should finally introduce ourselves, I’m Y/N.”

For a moment he seems stunned but then the expression quickly vanishes from his face as he gets slightly more confident, “My name is Tate.” He says very quickly.

“Well Tate what kind of music do you like?” you ask.

“Mostly rock and grunge.” He answers and you smile at how similar your taste in music is.

Before long you two are engulfed in conversation as he follows you around the store helping you unpack records until finally you reach the area where the store record player is held. You quickly go and get one of your favourite vinyl’s and put it on as the Rolling Stones start blasting through the store. You start to dance and sing but stop when you see Tate with his eyebrows furrowed and his nose scrunched up.

“What’s wrong?” You ask and he just laughs.

“This music is horrible.” He says, “Where’s the meaning, grunge metal makes you feel something. Nirvana makes you hear things differently.” He continues getting closer and closer as he speaks.

“Well then what would you suggest then Tate?” you whisper when faces are only inches apart and for the first time he doesn’t hesitate before speaking.

“I suggest the little café down the street. I’ll pick you up after your shift?” he asks and you smile and nod, blushing slightly. He gives you a quick peck on the cheek before walking out of the store and you stand there for a moment just thinking to yourself, maybe walking up to Tate could be the best decision you’ve ever made.


“…my attention has currently been thrown by a beautiful, quiet moment from two people who have arguably been the characters to watch all season. Fitz says he may have found something to help them open the portal, then admits he fixed her phone and therefore heard her recordings. Simmons claims she absolutely meant every word of what she said when she was stranded. So what should they do about it? Well, sometimes the best thing to say in these types of situations is nothing at all, and Iain de Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge do more in these few minutes of screen time than most actors do in one episode. Part of the reason “FitzSimmons” has made such an impact is because you felt the bond they shared, even when you also saw it displayed verbally and physically. Nowhere are we reminded of that more than during this moment, during a sunrise that Simmons never got to see — one that she’s now sharing with her best friend, who doesn’t even have to ask why it’s significant.” [x]

Why I love Soudam and Don’t Ship Sonia with Anyone Romantically

Keep in mind that I didn’t even ship Soudam until this thought came to me 1 month after finishing SDR2. tl;dr: What if Sonia took Gundam’s place and Gundam comforted Souda and they fell in love? Also, I think Sonia’s too independent to be shipped romantically. This thought occurred to me one day, as I was rewatching Chapter 4’s trial. Why does it seem like all of the survivors except for Sonia have done something that has put a great impact on the others/circumstances? Hinata, obviously did very important things through the game, Akane, unknowingly, nor was it on purpose, was kind of there for Fuyuhiko. As long as he had someone who pretty much went through a similar situation as him, he was okay. Souda made Mecha Nidai for Akane. This was pretty much him giving her mental support for her, seeing as she just lost Nidai. Now…about Sonia. I was aware that she tested out the bombs in Chapter 5, but, they were going to find out about that anyway. Sonia didn’t really do anything important. She was the main one that was always saying that she wanted “to help” and “be there for everyone”, yet, to me, she did nothing. STOP. Don’t get me wrong, Sonia is a precious child that I love dearly! If there was one thing I was mad at her for it was the part where she started insulting Souda really badly, but I’m not about to get into that. ANYWAY, here’s what I’m getting at: What if Sonia had taken Gundam’s place? Yes, I just typed that. I understand fully that they were trying to show that Gundam wasn’t completely cold-hearted, but everyone who plays/watched his free-time events would know that already! They could’ve thrown some other scene in there two just to show he wasn’t heartless! But what if she had? What if Sonia decided that she would step up for a change and do something about the situation they were in? What if Sonia had used Gundham’s hamsters, trying to pin it on him, to make everyone think he was a good guy (since everyone had the wrong impression of him)? My reason for shipping Soudam comes from a headcanoned scenario of Gundam being a survivor. What if, after Sonia died, Souda was out of it for a while. Can’t you just imagine Gundam going to comfort him a for a while? He says it’s because ‘The one mortal who DARED to challenge THE Gundam Tanaka can’t simply back down! I will build you up and you shall come back to fight me, mortal!’, but it’s really because Souda reminds him of a puppy with the way he followed Sonia around, and he can’t stand seeing “animals” sad, so he tries to make him feel better. Can’t you imagine, for just a moment, the two of them turning out to be the bestest of friends after that? And everyone is like “What? I thought they hated each other”. Can you imagine for one minute that Souda realizes one night after watching a movie with Gundam, and wondering why he got super depressed every time Sonia told him to back off, that he’s gay? Can you imagine Gundam saying he’s bisexual, because he really doesn’t care about the gender of his soon-to-be-found beloved? Can you imagine that Gundam and Souda go to the park and realize that they’ve fallen in love with each other? Just imagine. I’m not saying you should ship it. I don’t care if you finish this paragraph and just don’t care. Just consider this for a minute. For the second half of this, I will explain, briefly, why I only ship Sonia platonically: In Sonia’s FTM (Free Time Moments), she mentioned several times that she would basically drop everything and serve her country. She’s strong, independent, and beautiful. When she knows something she sticks with it. I can’t picture this chick in a romantic relationship! I can however, stand reading it in a fanficiton, so don’t fret fan fiction writers. Oh, and for the record, Son-dam is cute, but I just can’t see Sonia dating anyone—let alone Gundam. That’s right. Son-dam. I’m putting a break so they don’t see this. Aren’t I a nice person? Anyway, The reason why I can’t ship Son-dam, or see Sonia in a romantic relationship, is because of the fact that she’s really independent. I know it’s okay for independent people to be dating, but I feel like she’s REALLY independent. Okay, so basically, Gundam is pretty much an overlord trying to rule the world and all that stuff. Sonia is a princess with her own mindset and is very intelligent. I can’t picture those two in a relationship for the following reason: They seem to independent to date each other. Okay, I know. I ship Soudam, but I can’t ship Sonia with someone? It’s really a matter of the fact that I think they’re way to independent for each other! I know you’re not supposed to fully or completely depend on someone in a relationship, but I do know that it’s okay to depend on them a little. But as for Son-dam? I can only see it starting off good at first, but then I can see the chemistry dying down?? Like, I could only see them drifting apart because they don’t depend on each other? Like, I see their romance disappearing when they realize they can’t depend on each other, and they just can’t make it work??? Meanwhile on the other hand, Souda is a needy child that depends on people, and he and Gundam would just = good stuff yeah Grr, I don’t want to upset anyone…uh, that’s it! THIS IS THE CRAP I WROTE. You can respond if you want to. This is really awful, ugh…


As requested by anon, my top five Libs/Peter+Carl moments…

1. The Albion sails on course

This was the most thrilling moment in their history for me because it granted us the impossible - not only was their relationship healed but there was new music! An album! A tour! With nothing but love and forgiveness on board this time, with lingering resentments all but buried. After all the drama, pain and heartache our boys were back together with a new Libertines in many ways - one driven by the purity of creativity, fun, warmth and rediscovery. Nothing tops the moment Carl made it clear to the world they were back, and it was real.

2. The prison gates

The freedom gig that night would also go down in history but for me, the moment Peter saw Carl at the prison gates, called out “Biggles!” and walked a free man into his arms is incredible. This was love at it’s purest, and forgiveness at it’s most surprising. Peter had hurt Carl and trespassed against him as no loved one should. But he paid for it, and all Carl cared about in the end was keeping his friend safe and making him feel better. Carl’s love and loyalty in this moment, and Peter’s willingness to accept it, was just beautiful.

3. Ally Pally rendition of Waterloo

The resurrection of You’re My Waterloo is one of my top moments in general because that song was such a buried treasure for so long. Denials aside, the significance of what is likely a heartfelt tome about their relationship being re-recorded during their reunion is colossal, especially as Peter broke down in tears when he attempted to play it more than once during their split. But their performance of Waterloo at Ally Pally in 2014 was such a dazzling display of their reignited chemistry, and that their bond was so beautifully and openly on display during this song in particular in those early reunion days is magical.

4. Like comparing an oak tree to a buffalo

This will never not be funny and is forever the very essence of the two of them together - their unique closeness, their secret language, and the gorgeous way they helplessly crack each other up like only soulmates can.

5. Suicide in the Trenches

This was a truly iconic moment not just in their history, but in rock history. It was everything we loved about this band - spontaneity, poetry, rebellion and a fair dash of dysfunction. Even as they were falling apart they still howled with inspiration and romance. It always smarts a little that Carl admitted he was irritated by Peter reciting the poem at first that night, but he came to see the immense significance of it, as we all did.

Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Original Cast Recording
Will You Love Me Tomorrow

365 Showtunes DAY 164BEAUTIFUL: THE CAROLE KING MUSICAL - Will You Love Me Tomorrow

And finally, the winner of the Tony for Best Leading Actress in a Musical (and holy hell should you have heard the screams in my apartment when her name was called)


If you have a chance to go see this show, GO. It’s been quite a few months since I saw it (I saw it during previews back in like November), but it was absolutely astounding. And Jessie Mueller IS Carole King on that stage.

Let’s also take a moment to talk about the fact that my friend Jake Epstein is in this show, playing Jessie’s on-stage husband, Gerry Goffin. So proud!

So glad that she won. [: 

Tracks Of Year 2015

A typical year.

For most of 2015, I didn’t think I was going to write this.

As we moved increasingly into 2016, I suspect you didn’t think I would either.

But no, I’m not just listening to Radio 6 and tap-tap-tapping my curated playlists, though for most of 2015 I thought otherwise. Pleasure was bleached from my neophile leanings in pop music. I didn’t want to do that any more. I hated that part of me. Part of me smiled at the irony – that I had created WicDiv as a ritual to get over my own sorry ass, and it was working. As I said last year, Be Careful What You Wish For. I was never careful about my wishes. I suspected that was it. There wouldn’t be another tracks of the year.

That changed.

There was a moment about ¾ of the way through 2015 when I heard a record. I stared at the speakers in sheer amazement that this was possible and realised… no, that is beautiful, and you have need to write about that experience, if only for the last time. And if it IS the last time, that’s also okay.

It is inevitably #1, as these lists are always tracks of THE YEAR rather than any pretence of objectivity or that this should mean anything else to anyone else other than yours truly. At least part of the slowness is just that, even with the epiphany I describe above, my heart hasn’t been in the place for this. If I need to relax – and most of my year, I have guarded that peace with paranoia – unlocking Pandora’s beatbox hasn’t been my first instinct.

Also, because it would be work. I was aware that even with my scratch list needed work, and I had to do the research to see what else I was missing. I ended up deciding that was never going to happen. As such, this list is even more ramshackle than usual. But it is a list, and exists, and that counts for something.

(Hell, by accidentally clicking on a friend’s 2015 list, I realised I forgot to include Sleater Kinney’s No Cities To Love, and thrown it in. There is a lot of No Cities To Love, I suspect. But hey – this is a bunch of fun music.)

The rules remain. 1 track per artists. Artists who have multiple tracks I love gets one picked and boosted. Artists who collaborate with multiple people can have multiple places (So Robyn could get it for her solo work and her work with Royksopp, back in the day). It has to have been ACTIVE last year in some way, so singles that released in 2014 and only came to my attention in 2015 when they dropped on an album would get in. And “tracks” doesn’t mean “Any bit of music” not just “Singles” though it usually does.

It is written quickly, to ensure it is happened, and is insufficiently proofread (i.e. it has not been proof-read at all. Hell, it has not been RE-read at all.)

I also cheat a lot to keep flow of argument. Also, being as late as it has been, 2016 has warped 2015 more than usual. Hell, I’ve just had the wonder of Thought Bubble’s dance floor. I am broken.

One more time, at least in this format.

The Spotify Playlist is here. 39/40 are on it, I believe.

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(maybe i’m just in love) when you wake me up
a non-canon Harry-centric story about waking Lucy up 

Lucy woke up on her own a majority of the time, but being woken up, that was a different story. Harry would usually be up after her, but today she was nestled into his lap and snoring softly against her pillow, and he had yet to fall asleep on their plane ride to Los Angeles. At first it was because he rarely got to have Lucy cuddle into him while she slept and he wanted to savor it, but now it was because he had her nose in his torso and a dog that was breathing heavily against his arm. 

And while he did love his little family he had all cuddled up with him, both of his feet were asleep and he needed to pee, and more importantly he wanted to sleep. 

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Title: Chiaroscuro
Pairing: Ennoshita/Akaashi
Warnings: Uhm … none. 
Word Count: 2.3k
AN:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ENNOSHITA CHIKARA.  This was written for our favourite future captain’s birthday. The story was inspired by artwork and hcs from the wonderful electricprince. (I think you’ve convinced me, darling!)

Also on A03

Summary: The thing about beauty, Chikara’s worked out, is that after a while it becomes the same as everything else. Shimizu-san will always be beautiful, but … but … it’s like staring at your reflection in a mirror, stare for too long and the face becomes a blur. Every face becomes a fuzz of colours, no longer delineated - smudged. 

And then he sees him.

Sometimes he stares at himself in the mirror and wonders how others view him.  What looks back at him is a pleasant face, a nothing face comprising short, neat black hair, a nose not overlarge, lips not overfull or too thin, and brown eyes with heavy lids that make him look half-asleep. He used to be told to wake up quite a lot at school; the teachers would even shake him by the shoulders. Old Coach Ukai would shout louder, thinking he had to liven up the sapling in front of him. His expression emphasises their expectation that Ennoshita Chikara is a slacker.  But they soon find out they’re wrong – even Ukai discovered that- because Chikara concentrates hard, analyses everything around him, and makes decisions based on every available piece of data.

(The decision to walk – run - away from volleyball was an exception to the rule. The decision to return was another exception, a time when his heart truly ruled his head as he ached to feel again.)

It’s a cliché, but the reason he likes being behind the camera is because he has neither beauty nor interest in his face, so no one would want to look at him.

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5sos Imagine - Cheater [Calum] [Part Two] [Requested]

(not my gif x)


Hi so I’m the person who asked to make the cheater imagine. Could you please do a part two? (But I still don’t forgive him though, if that’s fine with you)


Of course, love! I just kind of came up with this idea, since you said you didn’t want to forgive him, so hopefully this is alright with you. I tried. Enjoy, love! So sorry that it took so long!! xx

part one is right here - x

also here’s my masterlist - x


At first, your and Calum’s breakup caused a bit of stir in the fandom. You used to be seen with him all the time, in pictures and on occasional TwitCams and on Vines that they’d post. And then suddenly, you disappeared, and Calum seemed to be a little more jumpy lately. Snapping at the boys and being quieter than usual in interviews and overall just not acting like himself.

You tried to ignore your ex-boyfriend and his band as best as you could, but it was hard with their constantly increasing global success. It was as if he followed you, wherever you went, to always remind you of how he treated you. And even though months had gone by since the day he’d shown up on your door, you were still upset about his “mistake,” and you still struggled with it, daily.

That night, your friend was trying to convince you to go on a date with a guy she knew. 

“He’s a doctor,” She winked. “A hot doctor.” Your friend had been talking about him all night, putting him up on some angelic pedestal, as if that’d make you want to go on this date. “And, best part, he did comedy in uni! Comedy! He was a stand-up comic! He’s obviously going to be hilarious, and you don’t have to worry about him being one of those boring, dry, doctors that know too much about the endocrine system for their own good." 

You grunted in response, making your way back to the couch as a rerun of Desperate Housewives was on.

"This’ll be good for you, (Y/N).” Your friend’s tone softened as she said this, taking a seat beside you and running her hands through your hair soothingly. “I can’t keep watching you be so upset about Calum. You need to get back out there. Please, do this? For me?" 

You turned to see her expression - big mistake. She was pulling her best pout, that’d she’d been perfecting ever since she was a child, wrapping her family all around her finger to always get what she wanted. 

"Fine,” You groaned. “I’ll do it.” You really had no interest in the ex-comic-turned-doctor, but you would do it for your friend. She was right; it had been months since you’d been on a date. Months since you’d even considered dating again after Calum. Maybe it would be good for you to just meet the guy and see what he was like. You’re not marrying him.

It’s just a date.


The ex-comic-turned-doctor, whose name was actually Drew, turned out to be quite a nice guy, actually. He was polite and chivalrous and all things gentleman, even pulling your chair out for you and holding the door open. It made you feel silly to be treated so daintily, but it was nice nonetheless.

“I’m sorry you were put up to this,” Drew laughed. “Honestly, I’m surprised people still go on blind dates.” He laughed.

“Well,” You shrugged. “Why not, right?” You decided not to tell him that you truthfully hadn’t wanted to go, that you’d much rather be at home with Chinese takeaway and reality TV and not on a date with some guy you’d never met. “And you’re a doctor, right?” You asked, trying to spark up a conversation so you wouldn’t have to sit in an awkward silence.

“Yeah.” He nodded. “I work for a free clinic, actually, a little ways outside of London.” He smiled. “I love it, really. Some people seem to think that working in a free clinic is a pain, but, I find that the people there are the most interesting. Everyone has a story, you know?” He smiled, and you had to physically stop yourself from drooling over this guy, the way he made you forget about everything around you and just focus on him, like the two of you were alone, even though you were in a very crowded, public, restaurant.

As time went on, you found yourself intised by this guy. He talked avidly about the free clinic, and to be honest, you didn’t want him to stop. The way his eyes lit up as he mentioned a little girl he was treating the other day for a broken wrist, the way his mouth curled into a smile as he talked about all the people he’d met, his overall attitude towards his love for his career - you loved it. You’d never met someone so optimistic and just oozing happiness. You wanted to listen to him talk forever. 

He even listened to you as well, when you spoke about your major in uni. He listened when you talked about your interest in art and music and literature, he listened when you talked about how unsure you were for the future despite being in uni. He listened. Never before had you met a guy that really, honestly, listened

He was funny, too. Your friend wasn’t kidding. He joked about his past in comedy, admitting that he certainly was not the best comic in Cambridge but he certainly tried and made a valiant effort. 

“I made 250 quid one night,” He nodded, taking a sip from his drink. “I swear it was because they all felt bad for me." 

You were losing track of time, and track of everything around you as you and Drew had been sitting at that restaurant for nearly two hours. The hostess had to kindly ask you to leave to make room for more patrons before you realised such a long period of time had passed.

"I really enjoyed tonight, love.” Drew sheepishly but his hands in his pockets as he stood at the front door of your flat. It was that awkward ‘do-we-kiss-even-though-we-just-met’ kind of moment, and you decided that you would just go for it. 

You kissed him.

It felt wonderful, really. You hadn’t really known how lonely you’d been until you spent a night with Drew, the amazing doctor that could do no wrong. The kiss was soft, and beautiful, and everything a kiss should be. You practically melted into his arms, and you’d never felt so pathetic over a boy. Even with Calum, it wasn’t this effortless. There was always something wrong, something that needed to be fixed. He was always out, recording and drinking, and you were always studying, and fights always ensued. Neither of you were truly happy, but you’d fallen into a routine. You and Calum had been together so long that you’d just gotten used to being with each other, and just ignored your issues as a couple. Nothing was every totally right with the two of you, and it was a wonder to you how you made it last as long as you did. Memories of Calum brought back that bitter taste in your mouth, and you slowly pulled away from the kiss and felt yourself blush as you looked up at him, embarrassed to be thinking of your ex while you kissed another man.

“Let’s do this again sometime, it was fun." 

"It was,” You nodded. “I’ll, um, I’ll ring you. Definitely." 

"Good,” He whispered, pressing a chaste kiss to your cheek before saying goodbye and leaving in his car. 

You entered into your flat only to find your friend squealing with delight as she stepped away from the window blinds. 

“You were not seriously spying on me, were you?” You groaned as she jumped up and door like you were teenagers again, begging for details and how it went. 

“You guys were gone for nearly two hours! That has to be a good sign! Did you like him? I saw you guys kiss. Was it good? Are you going to see him again? Where’d he take you? I saw he walked you back; isn’t he the nicest guy, ever?!" 

"Calm down!” You laughed. “It went well, he was nice, and funny, and I will definitely be seeing him again.” You blushed as you admitted this, and your friend continued to fangirl and scream with delight at her extraordinary match-making skills.

It wasn’t until later that night, when you were scrolling through your phone aimlessly that you realised something was up. After deciding to be more mature a few nights ago you decided to not intentionally isolate yourself from your ex, because it’s not like you ever could, and frankly, you were proud of him, and all his achievements. 

Then, you saw it. 

The entire fandom was in an uproar because of the picture of you and Drew kissing. Quite a few members of the fandom still shipped you and your ex-boyfriend together, quite actively, and by reading their hilarious tweets you could see they were a tad upset about you moving on. 

Your phone ringing on the nightstand beside you broke you from your trance.

You read the number at the top, and your heart started to sink. Unfortunately, you had that number memorised to heart.

“Calum,” You answered.

“(Y/N),” He said.

Neither of you said anything for a little while. There was just the sound of each other breathing through the line. It was surprisingly quiet where he was. You recalled that every time you called him whilst he was on tour it was always loud; it didn’t matter where he was or what time it was. It was always, always loud. To hear him in silence felt strange to you.

“So, um,” He coughed. “I, uh.”

“What do you want?” You asked, although you were disappointed with your tone of voice, it hadn’t come out as angry as you wanted it to. It was shaky, and quivered with each syllable.

“I saw the picture, of you and that guy.” He admitted, and you could almost hear the sound of his heart starting to crack.

“Drew.” You answered him. “He’s a doctor.”

“A doctor,” Calum sighed.

More silence.

“He’s better for you than I’ll ever be,” Calum whispered.

“He’s better than you ever were.” You spat in response, although after the words fell from your mouth you instantly regretted them; that wasn’t fair to him. You dated Calum for two years, and you’d only been on one date with this guy.

“Probably,” Calum laughed, heartlessly. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

“Me too,” You said.

“I hope he’s there for you, (Y/N). I hope he’s everything that I wasn’t. I hope he’s everything, you want.”

“I don’t know yet,” You answered honestly, “if he is everything I want. But I hope so, too.”

“You deserve it.” He said. “I’m sorry, for all the shit I put you through.”

“I put you through shit, too.”

“I deserved it,” He whispered. “I was always gone…I wasn’t there for you.”

“You did what you could,” You countered. “It’s a shame it wasn’t enough.”

“Yeah,” He exhaled. “A real shame.”

“Goodbye, Calum.”

“Bye, (Y/N).” He sighed. “I’m sorry.”

And then the line went dead.


I hope you liked it, love! <3

have a wonderful day/night, wherever you are, lil lovelies <3

Meeting You - Part 14

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Thanks again to everyone for the generous comments/reblogs/likes the last part got 100 notes which I’m just flabbergasted and have no clue why that has happened, but thank you so much!!! I’m not sure how I feel about this part, I rushed it a bit because I haven’t gotten much time to do it. Sorry it took so long for me to get up, real life has been busy lately, the next part will be up no later than sunday night!!!

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“What’s this?” Chloe asked as she walked in forcing herself between Finn and Rae before sitting on his bed looking up at the two of them, both synchronized they looked at Chloe then back at each other, and Chloe’s face was nothing but confusion.

“Nothing,” Rae forced her eyes away from Finn “I just came to drop some CD’s he left at mine after the party, I was just about to leave” she glanced at Finn whose eyes haven’t pulled away from hers yet, before she lowered her head and turned on her heel to leave.

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Zayn’s vocals

Whether a stunt or not - Zayn leaving the band has got me reflecting on those luscious vocal cords of his. Here are some of the beautiful live moments. I tried to find videos with the highest quality sound, so most are from dvd bits or TV recordings.

1. I Would 

This song has always been one of my favourites and a large part of that is because of Zayn’s smooth vocals carrying the chorus

2. You and I

Oohhh that note at the end!

3. Kiss You

Is it me or does the tempo of this ‘Kiss you’ live performance seem very fast?! As always, it could use a little more Zayn, but he’s got some great moments throughout. Plus, the band is killin’ it behind them.

4. Best Song Ever

Such Zayn goodness!

5. Change My Mind

Mostly I find this song quite boring, but this video from ‘This Is Us’ has some great, clear Zayn vocals towards the end of it.

Zayn definitely must return to One Direction, but he also should make 10,000 solo records at some point, so we have recordings of his beautiful vocals to listen to forever, until the end of time.

*    *    *    *


*    *    *    *

*    *    *    *

*    *    *    *

Debbie Mathers, Eminem’s mother, wants to reconcile with the star. 

Unsurprisingly to anyone since his first album, Eminem needled his own mother, Debbie Mathers, in his songs. But according to journalist Annette Witheridge, who helped Debbie to write the biography “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem,” the mother of the star wants to redeem himself: “Nothing would make Debbie happier at the moment than return to a relationship of affection with the child. She never stopped loving him. prefer a private and an appearance in the video for ‘Headlights’ meeting, "the writer concluded. 

In the song, Eminem’s current single in partnership with Nate Ruess, the rapper apologizes explicitly about the attacks on the mother in other recordings: "I went too far in 'Cleaning Out My Closet” and all other songs / But regardless that, I do not hate you, mom / You’re still beautiful to me. “

Eminem has shot the video for the track, which should seal the troubled history between mother and son.