this beautiful face deserved own post ;)

I Am Yours (Jeonghan drabble)

Word count: 1121

Idol: Jeonghan (Seventeen)

Genre: Fluff 

A/N: Okay as the Jeonghan feels didn’t let me live after the last drabble I wrote I made sort of a second part to it. If you wanna read the first part click here: “Let It Flow”.

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You both ran into the house holding hands and laughing, still soaked  to the skin. You wanted to stay a little longer under the rain, but it was getting so cold you would certainly get sick.

You finally got to the kitchen after leaving a water trail behind you which almost made you slip.

“I’ll make some hot chocolate as I promised before you tricked me to go outside” Jeonghan said lifting you up by the hips and making you sit in the countertop. You leaned in to peck his lips before he turned around to turn the stove on.

You’d never seen him that happy, he seemed at peace with himself. It was like making hot chocolate with you was everything he wanted to do. You caught yourself staring at him like you always did when he was like this, when he was just enjoying the moment and being himself with you. It was a feeling had to explain with words, being able to experience infinite happiness and joy through someone else’s as if it was your own.

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Patrick Full Body Appreciation Project: Face

This man has such a beautiful face that, even though we broke it down, it deserves it’s own post! One of my favorite things about Patrick is how expressive he is. Even without saying a word you can see how funny something is, or how bizarre something might be and how he is totally committed to whatever he is involved with. It makes me happy to know this human being exists! He’s also fun to look at!


More love, more recognition, more fanclubs for choi youngjae because he deserves it. I realize it’s really hard to find videos and pictures of you youngjae therefore here’s an appreciation post for the boy.

  • His loud/unique laugh
  • His swag way of speaking English 
  • His adorable rap
  • His powerful vocal 
  • His beautiful/comical duet with bambam
  • His proud moments when he scored two unexpected goals in dream team and became the futsal prodigy (58:05, 15:55)
  • The way he clinging to everyone
  • His another beautiful duet with junior
  • When he had been stuffing his face and then the belt got in his way hence he took it out and continue to have his own mokbang.
  • His sexy side 
  • Jb once mentioned youngjae has been getting more attention from the camera men (during If you do era)
  • when he’s playing piano
  • When he’s happy that he finally got more lines during A era. 
  • His singing in general
  • His cute dance
  • unexpectedly strong to challenge the heavy hula hoop despite his small body
  • Looks good with a big jacket
  • His awkward gestures 
  • when he’s hyper af
  • when he was scared af, he cried for his mum
  • adorable in every way
  • when given the opportunity to be a one-day DJ radio with jb 
  • Just Choi youngjae in general, being our little sunshine
  • His cute mole under his eye
Kind of a PSA

This is regarding my good friend Teddy, The owner of the Adventure Time blog– Finn-Theheroguy. Now most of you know he had, a while ago came out as trans, But that’s not important, and it shouldn’t be important, in the way you are making it. And by you i mean those hate filled anons who take it upon them selves to question, ridicule, and degrade him for simply living a life style that is comfortable for him. Making him seem like a bad guy, and for what? Because it makes you uncomfortable? Because you are against it? Because you disagree with how he is living his live?

Well let me tell you.

He has never, ever in the time of me knowing him did he ever say a hurtful thing to me, treated me harshly, said anything even remotely related to an insult. he also takes your shirt pretty well might i add, and disregards any insults thrown at him. He’s a wonderful person, and just because he’s living a life style you don’t agree with doesn’t give you the right to go on a blog– that might i add YOU have admitted to hating, just to go to his ask box and submit hate.

The question that has been asked so many times.

Why do you bother to go on his blog– that you hate–that you don’t agree with– just to hate on him. He never did anything to you, and all he does is help people, and make others smile. Despite going through his own troubles. So he really doesn't need any of your bullshit, ever. Especially not since all he does is try to help people the best to his ability. He deserves respect. And even if you don’t respect, and or hate him, you still shouldn’t throw that in his face.

Just think before you post, he may not show that it hurts but i’m pretty sure he doesn't like looking at all that hate in his ask box. He is a wonderful, helpful, beautiful and thoughtful person, and deserves so much kindness and love!

Love you ted ted!