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It’s about your last chance. You might have sworn off finding the right person and think, ‘Love’s not for me. Marriage isn’t for me. I will die a bachelor, or I will die a maid. None of your romance, none of your love poems.’ It’s about these two old cynics who are like, 'Nah, it’s not going to happen for me.’ And it does. I think that’s just very redemptive and sweet. And there’s one extraordinary aspect of the play, which is that when Hero’s chastity is in doubt—it’s called into question because of the plot of Don John—an extraordinary thing happens, which is almost unique in all of Shakespeare, which is the man, Benedick, takes the side of the women in blind faith. So he says to Claudio and Don Pedro, I think, 'What you’ve done is appalling. This is an act of brutality.’ He doesn’t explicitly say that, but it’s an amazing thing where the leading male character takes the side of the women, and I think it’s, yet again, evidence of Shakespeare’s extraordinary compassion and understanding of human nature.
—  Tom Hiddleston on his favorite Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing.

Vans Pool Party 2015

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Vans Pool Party, the most exciting deep bowl skating contest in the world. Just like fine wine this contest keeps getting better with age. Pedro Barros pulled the massive never before done bowl to bowl transfer, 11 year old Asher Bradshaw was spinning 900s and Chris Miller clenched his 9th Pool Party win. In case you missed out on the live broadcast you can head over to Thrasher Magazine to watch their video recap of the best Vans Pool Party contest yet. 

1. Bruno Pasos
2. Stephen Revord
3. Darren Navarette

1. Chris Miller
2. Steve Caballero
3. Eric Nash

1. Tom Schaar
2. Chris Russell
3. Pedro Barros

Photos: joshuazucker

okay but let’s think about Balthy for a minute here. that POOR BABY just imagine how hard this would have been to recover from. lots of touching, pedro saying he loved him, pedro complimenting his eyes, balth almost telling pedro about the crush… ursula must’ve been cringing on his behalf the whole time. i’m 99% sure she found balthy after she was done filming and pedro had left to very gently ask if he was okay. because unrequited crushes are horrible but unrequited crushes where a little hope slips in are the actual worst thing ever.