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the art of numbers

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Title: the art of numbers

Pairing: Choi Seunghyun/Reader

Summary: Youth doesn’t depend on numbers and Seunghyun learns that lesson quite late in life.

Request: Seunghyun has a girlfriend younger than him.

Numbers, Seunghyun even hates the mere thought of said word. If people asked him how great he did with numbers, then the answer would be that he doesn’t even understand them properly. Back in high school, he failed almost all his math classes and there’s a possibility that he promised to never have anything to deal with them for the rest of his life. Luckily, he didn’t end up studying math, instead following his dreams with music and art, which were subjects that he understood rather excellently; however, there were certain numbers that he really paid attention to. For example, how old he was getting. Seunghyun was barely reaching his thirties and that –to some- is extremely young, but when he’s already at his early thirties, it’s difficult to not feel bad when his girlfriend is at her early twenties. Not that it was much, but he felt extremely old, he doesn’t even believe that time went by that fast.

He remembers the times when he was twenty-something years old, drinking for the first time legally, trying out different hairstyles, getting to start his career. Seunghyun remembered that moment perfectly and he thinks back to them as something great, but he can’t help and feel a little insecure. He had his life planned out, in the matter of years he might want to start a family, he even might have to look at his hair closely to check if there’s any white locks and she was still young. Wouldn’t she prefer someone younger? Perhaps someone who wasn’t so comfortable with sitting around at home and doing nothing. He thinks of that as he continues to sketch on his notebook, Jiyong playing a track over and over again as he hears the voice of the younger Seunghyun.

“Are you gonna sit there and draw all night?” He asks and the oldest only look up at him, nodding his head quickly before returning his gaze to the –quite funny- sketch of an animal he was doing. The youngest sits right beside him, falling quiet for a few seconds as he looks at how Seunghyun was drawing, but the silence is cut short when he asks a question that was normal for him. “How’s your girlfriend?” He shouldn’t have been mad when he heard those words, but he really was a little bit saddened at the moment. He stops sketching so he can breathe out a small answer.

“Don’t even mention her.” Youngbae stops looking down at his phone when he hears those words. The two of them were really a good couple, they didn’t fight often, so if they ever got to break up…then it was going to be a big surprise.

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Multiple hands, eyes, souls? What for deformed creature am I? No no, I might look scary if I try but honestly, I’m just to cute for you to handle! 

Art trade with the lovely lovecartoongame

Their Au is called Winged Child and is based on Yuya’s suffering lmao. Basically Yuya’s destiny is to create a new world of hope and happy people but the people in the world he is born are corrupted and see him as a doom bringer. His left wing is Yuto and his right is Yugo and when Yuya feels scared and can’t handle the pressure, he changes into Yuri. This of course, fuels his doubt of being a demon even more. 


Okay, this must be my new favorite thing 😱😍😆💜

Okay but his girlfriend is cute as fuck and he’s cute as fuck and they’re both just cute as fuck and I’m really happy for him! (No I didn’t stalk his social media to find his girlfriend) I’m lowkey glad I did though cause they’re cute as hell 😶💜✨ @asylumxclub @daintymissdevitt @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @sammiielli @bizclizbaybay @happiness-in-reznor @culturalrebel @sailoralderaan @alexahood21 @flawlessbalor @smutwwe @mistressbalor

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Kat! You are soooo cute!!! (Is it okay if I use one of your drawings as a wallpaper for my phone?)

(aw man thank you thank you! Um message me privately about which drawing?) -kat

i’m bleeding out, but at least my dress is cute, right?
my eyeliners smudged from crying
but my smile is still pretty, my teeth are still white.
my hands are shaking but my nails are cute, so it’s okay.

i’m falling apart but i’m still beautiful, that’s enough, right?
they won’t notice, right? i can’t breathe, but it’s okay,
i’ve always been told i look pretty being choked,
this is the same, right?

i’m collapsing, aren’t i? but it’s okay, right?
at least they’ll bury me in something pretty,

at least they’ll fix my hair.


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As a closeted biro ace gal I want to thank all the mods for fighting the good fight. I hope Mods Ash and Bethany can keep your spirits up in your situation--you are loved and appreciated and it gets better! I am y'alls age but I recently moved away to escape the 'perfect big happy family' I was born into and I am so so much happier--you can and will heal have hope. *Also--Mod Ash is SO cute omg how. Like. So. Cute. Your face makes me happy.* *sorry okay love and positivity bye*

I was keeping this in here so Bethany could see it, but it’s just too cute to leave in the inbox. Thank you, anon! My head feels full of jello right now, but I’m pretty sure that’s just my meds. We’re doing our best to keep our chins up with all that’s going on.

It’s such a comfort–for me at least–to hear that your our age and escaped that situation. It gives me hope that I can get out soon.

Also, I’m trash; I’m really not that cute. I took a pic with a bow in my hair last night and like. What even is my face. It was probably because I just got back from work when I took it, but still. What even.

@ Bethany look at this sweet anon!

- Mod Ash

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Can you please do a Keith confession scenario thank you.

ok so???? catboy keith and confession ??? sign me tf up

also haha as stated above, this is one of those catboy au’s so i hope it’s ok!

This is it.

Today’s the day that Keith Kogane, the cute catboy next door, is waiting for. Okay, scratch that. He’s definitely not the catboy next door, considering that he lives not next door, but with you, but still, he thinks that everyone can appreciate the fact that he’s still the cutest catboy in town that anyone has ever seen regardless of the fact that he isn’t living next door as stated in the above.

Anyhow, this is the moment he’s been waiting for for a long while; this is the moment he’s been preparing himself for quite a long time already. This is the opportunity he’s been wanting to get for weeks, and Keith Kogane would be damned if he doesn’t manage to execute his plans properly.

He’s currently in the living room, sitting on one of the couches and staring at the clock placed on the wall in front of him. His friend—okay maybe not really friend at this point, but still—Lance is sitting on another couch that is placed directly beside the one he’s sitting on, a video game console in his hands.

Lance’s focus is on the video game in front of him, and yet when Keith turns his head to briefly glance at him, he couldn’t stop the irritation fuelling his bones, traversing through his veins.

And why is that, you ask?

Earlier, Keith has asked him to leave the confines of the living room, telling him to just take his gaming habits elsewhere. Lance merely raises an eyebrow at him and frowns, asking him why in the hell he’d do just that. And of course, as much as he doesn’t want to, Keith Kogane is forced to reveal his grand plans to his friend the other catboy, mentally praying to himself and all the Gods that they’d grant his wish.

But Lance only smirks at him, his eyes glinting mischievously in the evening light.

“Why should I do that?” he has asked, his tone smug. Keith could practically feel his blood boiling in irritation as the other boy continues his words, the smugness still oh-so evident in the way he says the words.

“I live here too so I can play wherever and whenever I want,” Lance continues, his black tail swishing from side to side as if in a gesture of playfulness. Keith could almost swear that the smirk in the other catboy’s face has widened just for a fraction. “And besides, it would be pretty fun to watch you try and fail.”

He has finished his words with so much smugness, with so much attitude that Keith has to physically stop himself from wiping the smirk off of Lance’s face.

Keith glares at him, his ears flattening against his head as he allows a low growl to escape his lips. “Shut up,” he says.

Lance merely laughs at his words, standing up and walking toward his direction before giving him an encouraging pat in the back. Keith swats Lance’s hand away before the latter could even finish the action, telling him to back off and get his dusty paws away from him.

Lance allows another laugh to escape his lips as he proceeds to walk back toward his place on the couch, proceeding to do his own thing and get back to his video game once more, his ears twitching in interest every once in a while.

Keith turns his head to glance once more in Lance’s direction. The latter is ignoring him, still too engrossed in the game he’s playing that he couldn’t even bring himself to pay any attention to his friend—the nerve.

Keith clenches his fist against his sides, and a look of determination passes across his features.

Keith Kogane has to do this.

He’s waited far too long for this opportunity to present itself, and he’d be damned if he’d allow a small nuisance distraction to ruin everything for him.

It’s either now or never, and he’d be damned if he doesn’t do this now.

Keith glances at the wall clock in front of him once more. His tail begins to swish from side to side, indicating the nervousness and jitters he’s currently feeling. You’re currently in the kitchen, preparing a meal for the three of you, seemingly unaware of everything going around you.

Keith counts the minutes, the seconds in his head before he finally deems himself ready to execute the plan itself. As soon as he strikes to one, signifying the passing of another moment, he opens his mouth and finally, finally, calls your name, almost as if in an attempt to garner your attention.

“What is it?” you ask him from your spot in the kitchen, making your voice loud enough to be heard. He could tell by the tone of your voice that you’re distracted, seemingly a bit occupied by the dish you’re making.

But he couldn’t wait for you to finish it. He’s scared that if he does wait, he’d lose all the courage he’s tried to build up over the weeks. And so he calls your name once more, and when you ask him whatever it is he’s needed, he opens his mouth and answers, loud enough for you to hear.

“Come over here for a bit!”

“Okay,” he hears you say. There’s a subtle hint of cheerfulness in your voice as a hum escapes your lips. “Wait just a second.”

As soon as he hears you approaching, Keith tries not to let his nervousness show. He tries to calm his rapidly beating heart, mentally telling it to calm down and stop palpitating too fast, too quick, and commands his tail—swishing from side to side with so much force and power that it’s almost dizzying to watch—to stay still.

It takes you another moment to finally arrive in the kitchen room, and as soon as you do, you have a pleasant smile on your lips, the most dazzling smile that Keith has ever seen.

“What is it that you need, Keith?” you ask, placing your hands on your hips and looking at him. “Is there something wrong?”

Keith could feel Lance staring at him, too, watching his actions, his movements. Keith tries to ignore him, trying to completely block his presence out and opting to focus on a more important manner.

His ears twitch against his head, almost as if in unease. He doesn’t seem to notice it, though, as he is too concentrated on readying himself to say the next words. He takes a deep breath, almost as if to brace himself, before he breathes the words out, his voice coming out a little softer than he originally intended.

“Will you…?” he begins. He pauses for a moment, licking his lips as if to give himself another pump of courage. He doesn’t even seem to notice how his tail begins flicking from side to side, a definite sign of his nervousness; he doesn’t even seem to notice how his ears keep twitching every now and then, a mannerism he’s developed whenever he feels antsy.

It takes him a moment to continue, though he’s so focused on trying to say the right words, the right sentence, the right question that he isn’t able to watch the next words that come out of his lips.

“Will you go out of my house?” he asks suddenly, seemingly not even realizing his words. Keith looks at you expectantly, waiting for a reaction, waiting for a reaction, and seemingly still unaware of the words he’d just uttered.

He sees you blink at him, once, twice, thrice, looking almost like you couldn’t quite believe his words.

“Excuse me?” you say after a moment, sounding almost disbelieved. “Last time I checked, this house actually belongs to me?” You make it sound as though your words are a question, like you’re somehow uncertain, unsure, as you utter them, but there’s also this subtle harshness in it, as though Keith has just managed to hit a sensitive nerve in you.

It’s only until after he hears your words does he begin to realize the nature of the words he’s uttered. His eyes widen in alarm and he mentally curses himself for being stupid and managing to fuck everything up.

“That’s…” he begins, and he licks his lips nervously, almost as if he’s afraid to continue to speak. His ears twitch once, twice, thrice, and it takes him a moment to continue. And when he does, his voice is soft, almost as if it were a whisper. “That’s not what I meant at all.”

Keith briefly turns to glance at Lancee……, who’s watching the situation unfold before his very eyes with a smirk plastered on his features. Keith narrows his eyes into a glare, wordlessly telling the other catboy to shut up.

“Oh, really?” you say, and Keith whips his head around to face you once more. You’re looking at him, staring at him as though he’s the only one you could ever see, looking at him as though he’s the only person existing in the world. It’s almost as if you couldn’t notice anything but him; it’s almost as if you’re blind to anything and everything happening to your surroundings.

Keith could notice that there’s a light in your eyes, something fiery, something ablaze. He could almost swear that it’s a mixture of rage and annoyance, and he almost winces as he hears the next words slip out of your mouth. “Enlighten me then. Tell me what you originally meant.”

“I meant…” he begins, oblivious to the fact that his tail has begun swinging around once more, moving from side to side as if to signify the unease he feels. He worries his bottom lip between his teeth, as though he’s struggling to find the right words to say.

He shoots another glance at the catboy sitting on the other couch beside him, and Keith narrows his eyes into a glare when Lance only gives him another teasing smirk. He turns back to face you and sees that you’re still looking at him, hands crossed over your chest and seemingly waiting for the answer to come out of his mouth.

Keith lowers his head and glances down on the floor beneath his feet. He seems to be thinking about something. It takes him a moment to continue speaking, and when he does his tone is different, back to the normal, cocky tone you’ve always heard from him and slowly come to adore.

“You have to get out of the house,” he repeats and when you look at him with incredulity in your eyes, like you couldn’t quite believe whatever it is he’s saying, he only smirks at you.

“And why should I do that?” you ask him, narrowing your eyes into a glare.

“Because,” he begins, and he turns his head to look at the catboy sitting on the couch beside him. This time, it’s his turn to shoot him a smirk. Lance, who’s holding a glass of water in his hand and trying to drink his beverage in peace—and wherever he got that from Keith has no idea—narrows his eyes at him and gives him a suspicious look, almost as if to wordlessly ask him whatever it is he’s planned to say.

“Because,” he repeats again, in that same tone that he’s used to utter his previous words. It’s the tone that tells you he’s up to no good and that he’s not afraid of anything. Keith could feel Lance glaring daggers at him, as though he’s already caught up on his plan. Keith pays him no mind, though, choosing instead to continue.

“Because Lance has managed to lose his collar again,” he finally says. Lance, who’s currently drinking his water in peace, suddenly sputters in disbelief, making water spill all over the floor. He shoots Keith a glare afterward, to which the latter promptly returns with another smirk.

“Really?” you say, interest suddenly piqued. You turn your head to look at Lance, raising an eyebrow at him. The corners of your lips tug down into a small frown as you speak your next words. “Is that true?”

Keith turns his head to look at Lance as well, suppressing a smirk as soon as he does. Lance’s mouth open and close, similar to a gaping fish. He struggles to say something, anything, but before he could even do so, Keith has already beaten him to it.

“Yeah, it is,” he says. “If you’d look closely, you can see that he isn’t wearing one.” A few moments of silence pass before Keith decides to add, “You may want to check up on whatever it is you’re cooking.”

“Why?” you ask, turning your head to look at him. You tilt your head to the side, curious.

“I can smell something burning,” he replies in a monotone, his face stoic and devoid of any emotion. On the inside, though, he’s probably definitely smirking, a bit glad that he’s manage to tear your attention away from the subject once more, regardless of how evil his tactics may seem.

And besides, if it all comes down to it, Keith knows that Lance would definitely blurt out his secret plan the moment he’s questioned about it. Okay scratch that. Knowing him, Lance would probably blurt it out without even being asked, seeing as the boy doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut sometimes…

You allow a small shriek to escape your lips and before he could even blink, you’re already sprinting toward the kitchen, never turning to look back.

As soon as you’re safely out of the kitchen, Keith puts his face in his hands, seemingly dejected. He could hear Lance making accusatory remarks from beside him, but Keith simply ignores him in favor of being alone in his head, with only his own thoughts to keep him company.

Soon, he thinks as a soft disappointed sigh escapes his lips.

He’ll have to think and devise a new plan to successfully ask you out, but for now… he’ll just wallow in his own disappointment, attempting to forget this day, attempting to forget this mistake.

Soon, he thinks again, almost as if to remind himself, almost as if to encourage himself. He nods his head at his own thoughts, hoping it’s true.

He’ll have more time to figure this out; he’ll have more time to sort everything out, but for now, he has something more important to take care of. And that is to shut the other catboy up, who’s now resorted into teasing him about his so-called “lovesickness”.

Yep, he thinks as he slowly stands up from his place in the couch, about to walk toward Lance and beat him into a pulp put him in his place. Definitely soon.