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I'm just reading through parts of the comic again and I realized that I still have no idea what's going on or how papyrus understands it-

Okay! It all begins with Papyrus’ vast interest in knowledge! (Actually he’s just bored, so he wants to read Sans’ science books) Papyrus doesn’t think like regular people, he’s not generally focused on himself but more-so on how he can improve the bigger picture.

He generally has a very curious nature and his only downfall is not fully understanding the concept of normal things/activites. Such as dating, costumes, and work. (His first job was given to him because he did something great, so obviously he believes he just has to duplicate that to become one of the Royal Guard now)

So! Back to what happened with Chara, Papyrus understands the science of it- but the general workings of what he tried to do (create save points) didn’t seem to work for unknown reasons (because Chara needed to die “permanently” for the save points to be solidified in a point of time)

When they extracted power from Chara, it was intended to be concentrated into a secondary machine to help create the save points, however, because of the many resets, and the concentrated power inside the lab. Said power basically collapsed in on itself and made a black hole that swallowed up everything (yes everything)

Papyrus being at the center of that explosion(implosion?) became the most aware of it, even to the point of experiencing a timeline a second time. Like a huge wave of déjà vu he already knew what to expect for a long period of time.

He helped the souls stuck in the “void” to reach out to Chara, which caused a sort of reset. To a point just prior to the event. It allowed Papyrus to prepare and arrange for Chara to reset the timeline once again to “fix” everything. Before they all got swallowed up again.

Unfortunately the ones that were sucked in the first time were still damaged, hence the grey Gaster Followers(And one Goner Kid). Papyrus tried to correct them but their pieces were missing. He managed to protect his brother from a majority of damage and filled as many pieces as he could (Sans is not aware he’s missing pieces, not of his soul, just of his being, that’s the creature that showed up in Sans’ room he created in Snowdin, that thing is what is left of “Aster”)

So now this event caused Gaster to be so readily erased from the timeline that Papyrus had to arrange for both of them to leave and take on new identities otherwise they would both cease to exist entirely, just like the Gaster Followers. Papyrus already saw in the void that Chara’s power was changing, and planned their leave around that.

Before he leaves, he tries to fix any of the gaps/souls that he can, he’s carrying many of the pieces but for some reason can’t locate the missing majority. Which is where he meets… Mystery Man! Quietly sitting in the void. Waiting…

Mystery Man is an amalgamation of all the pieces monsters Papyrus lost in the first event. It’s also got a lot of parts of Papyrus, including his ability to use Wingdings, and a portion of his scientific knowledge.

The biggest thing about all of this, is that it actually would have solved itself rather nicely if Papyrus had accepted his fate and been deleted. :) But in doing so would have doomed us all wouldn’t it?

“I’ll just explain it real quick! It’ll only be a few sentences!” -Me an hour ago

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       okay so I really want to write a thing about Jack and what I like to call Turner Guilt™ lmfao, because I think this is a super important facet of Jack anyway but also extremely relevant to the way in which I want to write him in his DMTNT verse. so, I’ve mentioned this a few times, but Jack has a unintentional habit of separating Turners from their fathers – it happened with Will and Bootstrap because of Barbossa’s mutiny, and then Jack also takes responsibility and blames himself for separating Will not only from Henry, but also from Elizabeth post-AWE.

      now, in my post-AWE canon verse ( with my own alterations lmfao ), a part, though not all, of the reason why Jack takes on such a proactive role in Henry’s life is to make amends, essentially, for what he feels like he did to the Turner family by not taking on the role of Davy Jones himself. he checks up on him and Elizabeth on Shipwreck Cove and basically takes on the role of an older male role model, unconsciously filling the gap that Will leaves behind. it’s absolutely a father/son type bond that he has with Henry, even though he never minimises Will’s importance ( hence why he is known as Uncle Jack ), and over the nineteen years between AWE and DMTNT this does soften Jack’s character a fair bit. canonically, Jack has no children that he knows of, so Henry slowly becomes as close to him as though he were actually his own flesh and blood, although I don’t think he properly realises at this point just how strong the bond is.

       Jack’s visits become more sporadic in Henry’s later adolescence as his own emotional state begins to deteriorate because of his cursed state and bad luck, and when it comes to DMTNT he’s regained some of his harshness that had previously been softened around the edges by his role in Henry’s life. from everything that I’ve seen of him in DMTNT and also read in the novelisation, Jack is reckless af in this verse and is fighting a losing battle against a desire to let himself die and end the misery of this existence under the curse, and his own survival instinct that pushes for him to keep going.

      then Henry re-enters his life in DMTNT itself and, once they’re all out to sea, Jack properly becomes aware of how much of a risk Salazar is to them all, and a part of his inner conflict at this point concerns the lengths he would go to in order to keep Henry safe. considering that his bond with Henry is a very strong familial one, Jack knows that, should push come to shove, he would put himself in harm’s way to ensure that Henry was safe – and, if that meant he died, it likely wouldn’t matter to him. after all, with his reputation in ruins, it’s not as though he has much to really live for anyway.

      it also occurs to him that putting his own life on the line to ensure that Henry gets the Trident might in fact be his final act of atonement for everything he’d done to separate Henry and Will. this would be his ultimate redemption, in his mind, for the suffering he’s caused. obviously his survival instinct is still there, and becomes a lot stronger once the Pearl is restored, but these are the two opposing forces that influence Jack’s later actions in the second half of the verse.

       and therefore, should DMTNT progress in the same way as canon, threading in this dilemma on Jack’s part not only plays into the whole parent/child theme of this entire movie ( perhaps entire franchise ), but also makes things all that more painful when Hector is the one to die for Carina instead of Jack dying for Henry ‘B )))))


Stargate SG1: The Other Guys


happy holidays @yukimaras​!
it has been a pleasure being your secret santa!! i hope you enjoy your gift! i knew i wanted to focus on lydia’s feelings for stiles because i know how much we both love them and it is such a focal point of this new season and i knew i wanted to have lots of s6 gifs as a part of my gift! i saw this quote floating around my dash one day and that was it- the gifset basically made itself! i hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with love, laughter, and lots of stydia!

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Love your cp headcanons. Has anyone thought that Bitty may join Jack in the NHL? Georgie seemed impressed with his speed and with all the buzz about OHL player Alex DeBrincat (who has a similar Bitty body type, he's 5'7" and 160 pounds). I can see Bitty overcoming his checking fears in these 2 years and really coming into his own as a leader on the ice. Just think what a strong team they'd be and I could seem bringing home a cup or two. Plus they could live together maybe even secretly married.

Let’s say that Bitty is picked captain instead of Ransom (too busy with his workload) or Holster (*hysterical laughter when asked if he was interested* Him? Dealing with people? Voluntarily? Lol yeah right).

Bitty is the obvious choice after them. It’s Chowder who nominates him, and he wasn’t expecting it, but he can’t deny the idea appeals to him. He gets elected on the last team dinner Jack and Shitty are attending. Jack gets to pass him the C, tells him he’s proud and it’s a big moment for both of them.

That summer Bitty trains like crazy because he can’t let Jack and everybody down! He studies plays and talks to Jack a lot on the phone when they can to get his opinion, advice, etc. He spends all his free time in the ice, improving his speed and working on what he can by himself.

When they start training again it’s apparent that the team is going to struggle without Jack’s talent. Their strategy consisted in passing him the puck 75% of the time and nobody can blame them, it was a great strategy.

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My sister thinks infinite is The Best Thing Ever with The Most Amazing Story. How do I stop this menace

unsure. sometimes we just like gross shit and take time to grow out of it. but if the conversation comes up, skip how the quantum physics stuff is bullshit for the most part. what you want to focus on is 2 things: how the moral equivocation is bullshit, and how the game seems to know it’s bullshit because it ditches it to talk about quantum physics. plus maybe a few basic problems with the plot itself.

the biggest thing to notice about infinite is that it can’t seem to think of an actual reason why daisy’s revolution is bad… so they have her kill a child. like if you wanna talk about things there, talk about how inorganic that is, and how the revolution is completely justified up to that point… then it pulls a 180 so hard that it puts the vox populi in fucking devil costumes because they have all the subtlety of a hammer, and it suddenly acts as the revolution itself is inherently evil and was the whole time. infinite couldn’t find a reason why fighting off a racist, oppressive government was bad… so they made the entire revolution itself babykillers, basically.

that’s pretty dishonest storytelling, right? meanwhile, booker kills hundreds and hundreds, and he’s the guy who gets to go through some thing absolving him of his sins.

and the game doesn’t even seem interested in talking about race or the politics of revolution, because it drops it like a hot potato to go on about quantum physics and lighthouses. it did an entire deal to go “racism is bad, but also… fighting racism is bad? uh. don’t kill kids, i guess?” and then moves onto “there’s always a lighthouse!” with all the storytelling skill and agility of a cup of instant noodles.

the other thing is this: only booker seems to be the one who uses vigors heavily, and they’re an entire business and item that… everybody else seems to avoid, despite granting them incredible powers. To some degree, you can ignore this, because “it’s just a video game”, but since the entire starting plot is about “well let’s do all this dimensional shit to get daisy some weapons, oh shit, we are betrayed, now i have to kill the revolutionaries that the racist i was just killing were also trying to kill”, there’s a big hole in the plot here.

if vigors are a whole big thing, available in all sorts of places, and daisy has a whole army she’s building up, what’s fucking stopping her from stealing a shitload of vigors, taking a bunch herself and passing them out, and just taking down columbia without booker’s help whatsoever.

by the game’s own mechanics, daisy doesn’t actually need booker to get her a bunch of conventional weapons if she can grab lightning in a bottle just around the fucking corner.

You're Out of Your Mind- Romanogers

((Okay, so I had an anon prompt me with “You’re out of your mind.” Romanogers; Clintasha (friendship). I interpreted that as Romanogers with a side of Clintasha friendship, which is what I hope the anon wanted. It’s also really long. I started and couldn’t stop. To whoever requested this- I hope you enjoy it!))

There were a lot of ways someone could describe Natasha, if they were asked.

Tony would say that she was a fucking liar who was also way too quiet and enjoyed sneaking up on him so often that he’d started telling JARVIS to warn him when she was in a ten foot radius, though often times the AI seemed to ‘forget’ just to enjoy Tony’s girlish shouts each and every time she rounded a corner and surprised him.

Thor would proclaim her a valiant warrior, a force to be reckoned with, a fierce maiden worthy of a place in Asgard and Valhalla alike! He would also say that she was intelligent, and that she always seemed to remember the foods he liked the most, the stories he told her, the little things he mentioned every so often because he was still learning as much as he could about Midgard.

Steve would say that she was trustworthy and strong, a good person. He would blush a little, maybe, and say that she was a beautiful woman while he rubbed at the back of his neck. In the end, he’d shrug and say that she was his friend, and a really good friend at that.

Bruce wouldn’t say much, but he’d definitely make sure that whoever asked knew exactly how brave she was.

And then there was Clint. The archer would describe her as a cross between fucking terrifying and alarmingly cute, but he had all the bias of a proud older brother, so his opinion was kind of skewed. He would, however, freely admit that she was /determined/ and dangerous when it came to her enemies, stealthy and impossibly stubborn at the same time. Normally, he was the one person who knew Natasha the most, who knew her ins and outs, the things that made her happy, the things that really ticked her off and the things that would turn her into something resembling warm. Most of the time, he respected her as a partner, a friend, a similarly intelligent person—

“You’re out of your goddamn mind.”

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‘We give a chair arms, legs, a seat and a back,’ writes the poet Marvin Bell, 'a cup has its lip / and a bottle its neck.’ The ability to make and understand basic metaphors of this kind arrives with language, which is itself made of metaphor. Plumbing most any word will reveal what Emerson called “fossil poetry,” metaphors submerged below the surface of our current usage. Fathom, a means of measuring the depth of the ocean, now means understand because its literal origin, using outstretched arms to measure cloth from fingertip to fingertip, was once used as a metaphor for grasping an idea.
—  Eula Biss, On Immunity: an Inoculation 
if your german friends seem to be very quiet tonight it might be because there were federal elections in 3 states today and the right wing extremists won in one of them and gained a lot of votes in the other two.

we are basically afraid of history repeating itself. like, imagine a political party made up entirely of ted cruz, donald trump and their fans. that’s the afd. they’re racist, homophobic, pro-life, sexist, ignorant and/or just stupid. it’s actually terrifying. 

Chapter 37 of Horimiya made me grin like an idiot. Basically the manga itself has always made me grin like an idiot. Its not the type of manga where the boy is the student council president, or the top delinquent or  the overall perfect guy with perfect score and the girl is either the outcast, or the lone soldier type or the nobody notices her before.


Horimiya is the manga where the guy who everyone who thinks is a smart guy due to his glasses and dull appearance and long hair is actually a normal guy with not so normal number of piercing and tattoos that helps out at his parent bakery and is also weak at horror stuff. While the girl is, yes, pretty, but she is committed to her family and rarely go out with friends even though she is quite popular with her classmates , she is also smart and good with housework but also have many flaws, many.

The relationship between them is also sweet. Hori does not care what other say about her and miyamura dating, and miyamura don’t want people to talk bad about hori’s choice, decided to cut his hair.

I just love their love for each other.