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Stargate SG1: The Other Guys


I’m super happy with how Regina’s parents turned out.  The Cora’s turned out exactly how i Imagined them while the Henry’s wer ea surprise in so much that they were basically made from spare parts and that in itself makes me happy in the kind of “found things” sort of way.


happy holidays @yukimaras​!
it has been a pleasure being your secret santa!! i hope you enjoy your gift! i knew i wanted to focus on lydia’s feelings for stiles because i know how much we both love them and it is such a focal point of this new season and i knew i wanted to have lots of s6 gifs as a part of my gift! i saw this quote floating around my dash one day and that was it- the gifset basically made itself! i hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with love, laughter, and lots of stydia!

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Love your cp headcanons. Has anyone thought that Bitty may join Jack in the NHL? Georgie seemed impressed with his speed and with all the buzz about OHL player Alex DeBrincat (who has a similar Bitty body type, he's 5'7" and 160 pounds). I can see Bitty overcoming his checking fears in these 2 years and really coming into his own as a leader on the ice. Just think what a strong team they'd be and I could seem bringing home a cup or two. Plus they could live together maybe even secretly married.

Let’s say that Bitty is picked captain instead of Ransom (too busy with his workload) or Holster (*hysterical laughter when asked if he was interested* Him? Dealing with people? Voluntarily? Lol yeah right).

Bitty is the obvious choice after them. It’s Chowder who nominates him, and he wasn’t expecting it, but he can’t deny the idea appeals to him. He gets elected on the last team dinner Jack and Shitty are attending. Jack gets to pass him the C, tells him he’s proud and it’s a big moment for both of them.

That summer Bitty trains like crazy because he can’t let Jack and everybody down! He studies plays and talks to Jack a lot on the phone when they can to get his opinion, advice, etc. He spends all his free time in the ice, improving his speed and working on what he can by himself.

When they start training again it’s apparent that the team is going to struggle without Jack’s talent. Their strategy consisted in passing him the puck 75% of the time and nobody can blame them, it was a great strategy.

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Her day had been more than crappy, not only had there been a giant argument between two of the girls in the group home she worked in, no, in addition to that one of her kids lost her process in court, was about to be sent to juvie. She had been caught demolating the car of her ex foster brother, who as Riley knew probably had shown severe abusive behaviour towards the girl, but there was nothing to prove that so that the judge couldn’t have cared less. They’d Sebastian’s help with this case and even though she didn’t like him, she knew he was a pretty damn good lawyer so that she was fairly certain there hadn’t been anything they could have done to change the outcome of this process. 

Therefore the decision to go out for drinks tonight had basically made itself. She wasn’t really in the mood for company, so she went alone. The night had already lasted a few hours and if Riley had been honest to herself shehad probably have a few drinks too much. “Hey darlin’! Care for some company?!” She heard a deep voice, appearing to be too close for her comfort. Looking to her right she saw a middle aged man in a suit, typical banker look. “No I don’t, thaks.” She replied, her voice already a little unsteady from the alcohol. Darn it, she had really had too much already. Cursing herself she looked away hoping the guy would just take the hint and leave already. 

“I think you don’t know what’s good for ya, babe. Drinkin’ alone is no fun, is it?” Instead of leaving he stepped even closer into her personal space, which caused her to jump up, grabbing the counter to steady herself. “I know perfectly well what I want, now leave me alone!” 

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‘We give a chair arms, legs, a seat and a back,’ writes the poet Marvin Bell, 'a cup has its lip / and a bottle its neck.’ The ability to make and understand basic metaphors of this kind arrives with language, which is itself made of metaphor. Plumbing most any word will reveal what Emerson called “fossil poetry,” metaphors submerged below the surface of our current usage. Fathom, a means of measuring the depth of the ocean, now means understand because its literal origin, using outstretched arms to measure cloth from fingertip to fingertip, was once used as a metaphor for grasping an idea.
—  Eula Biss, On Immunity: an Inoculation 
if your german friends seem to be very quiet tonight it might be because there were federal elections in 3 states today and the right wing extremists won in one of them and gained a lot of votes in the other two.

we are basically afraid of history repeating itself. like, imagine a political party made up entirely of ted cruz, donald trump and their fans. that’s the afd. they’re racist, homophobic, pro-life, sexist, ignorant and/or just stupid. it’s actually terrifying.