this basic nigga

Im tired of seeing guys get too much credit for being basic.

“Ohh he takes care of his kid 😍” Well shit, he should. It’s his kid. “My man faithful. He deserves something special.” Nah. You’re supposed to be faithful in a relationship. That’s the point of a relationship.

Stop treating these basic niggas like they’re special. They’ll never be decent men if you reward them for doing shit they already should be doing.

that nigga basically said “ive witnessed anti-black racism so that means i understand black pain and get to use black culture as i deem fit”

heres a quick list of aave words/phrases

- thirst/thirsty
- tea (ex. “spill the tea”)
- shade (ex. “throwing shade”)
- on fleek
- lit/its lit
- bruh
- fuckboy (derived from “fuck nigga”)
- bae

- ____ game strong

basically. if its a new word you hear white people repeating excessively like a parrot and putting it on t-shirts and shit. its probably AAVE.

Sexcapade #1 😋

So ya wanted to hear about one of my sexcapades with bighead so here we go.. lmao

Aight so boom.. this is like beginning of September. I remember cause my bday is at the end of August & me and him had taken a break so I was deprived of the dick and didn’t get no bday dick lmao. So yeah beginning of September, it was still warm out so my alcoholic ass went out for some margaritas with my friends. And knowing me I be lusty off some tequila. In the back of my head before I went out I was like maybe I’ll get some dick, but I was like naaaaah that’s a dub. 😂 little did I know I was bout to get my guts rearranged.

So it’s like 11ish close to 12am, im already 5 margaritas in plus some shots & I was smoking hookah so i’m feeling EXTRA nice. So here I go *pulls up bighead in my texts* basically giving hints like nigga I need the dick it’s been like a month. Here this nigga go “so what you wanna do?” So I’m like aight I got the green light, it’s time for me to go 😂✌🏼️*pulls up Lyft app* im telling my friends like y'all I g2g I just scheduled a dick appt, my friends like “bitch you scandalous” I’m like yeah aight I’ll text ya 😎

Now I’m in the lyft, mind you I went home first. I live uptown and I was all the way downtown on 52nd street so I was like can this nigga drive faster? It took me like a good 30-45 mins to get back uptown & by this time it’s 1:30am. Bruh when I tell you I was undressing in the elevator, I was not playing! By the time I got to my room everything but my bra was off. I hopped my ass in the shower real quick & that was the fastest shower I’ve ever taken in my life yo I swear 😂 I come tf out, lotion up, take my clothes out etc etc. by this time it’s like 2am, in my head I was like “I’m dead about to leave my house at 2am to get some dick?” 🤔 I was like yeah.. fuck it let’s go. So I’m dressed.. throw my sneakers on, put my hair in a messy ass bun & I walk tf out my house like no biggie. The cab already downstairs waiting for me so I’m on my way. I text this nigga to make sure he up & duh he up lmao. He live deep in the Bronx so it took me like 30 mins to get there cause there was no traffic cause it’s damn near morning time.

I get there, waiting on his ass and I call my friend on FaceTime like “bitch I’m waiting for him”. She all like “you dumb bitch go home” I’m like nah 😂😭 in the middle of this FaceTime conversation my fucking phone slips out my hand and the whole screen CRACKS. I was like son wtf… 😒 but whatever I wasn’t that worried about it at the moment lmao. So he finally comes to get me & tbh I hadn’t seen him in a month or so in my head im like yo this nigga looks good af, I can’t wait to get the dick 😩 so I’m telling him like can we walk a little faster cause I’m tryna get the dick lmao.

So we get to his house we in his room & im on my phone scrolling & shit. Fronting like I ain’t come for the dick. Here he go “put your fucking phone away so you can get this dick” I’m like “or what?” But in my head I’m like okay daddy, whatever you say 😋. I was fronting od but put my cracked ass phone right in my bag lmao.

I take my pants and panties off & arch my back like yes bitch this is what you came for. Bruh he slid himself right in me I’m like 😭😍😭😍 and bighead really not the slow strokes type of nigga, he’s mad aggressive which is the type of shit I’m into so I’m really not complaining. But I can literally feel this nigga all up in my guts so I’m lowkey running from the dick he like “where you going?” As he grabs me by my hair I’m like son…. 😍 this nigga know what he doing. He tells me to turn around and so I do like duh. This nigga could tell me to jump out the window at this point & I would do it lmao. Them missionary strokes were no joke.. he would slow down then pound me tf out. My legs was shaking and he was still going, he didn’t care about my well being 😂. Here he go “you bout to tap out baby girl?” I’m like nuh uh, this is what I came for. Tap out ain’t in my vocabulary. We kissing & shit, I’m biting tf out his bottom lip. He sucking on my one titty, we all sweaty & shit but idc.. shit was sexy. I really came well over 5 times so at this point I’m like aight I wanna taste him now.

I get on my knees real quick & I really think bigheads dick is beautiful so duh I wanna suck the soul out of him. So at this point I’m really making love to the dick with my mouth. Like im sure I kissed it a few times. Basically in love with the dick. 😍 Here he go “you like this dick?.. you look so good” I’m like OH okay bighead, I like that shit lol. So I’m putting in work & I can feel when he bout to cum so I go HAM.. basically I swallow all his kids happily. By this time it’s 4:45am I’m like nah I need to go 😂 he like aight let’s go…so I request my lyft, he walk me to my cab & I make my way home. Its already 5:30am & my dad is up ironing his clothes for work. He’s like “had fun?” I’m like yup 🙃😅 so basically moral of the story is if you got that one nigga in your DMs give him a shot he might change ya life 😂

I hate the way the media acts like black girls aren't the most beautiful women on this planet im sick of niggas putting basic ass white broads on a pedestal ,i would date a white girl if she was fly af and had a brain in her head but she would have to be special cause im too woke to deal with microaggressions and ignorance... i get so sick of niggas acting like white broads are so fly like niggas will get the most busted ass white skeezer and cuff her ... but its melanin godesses running around and niggas talking about "darkskin girls ugly lightskin winning" (girl has 4c hair " bitch your aint natural thats called nappy" ... like im so sick of that shit, these black girls who are literally queens be looking flawless having degrees and doing big things and niggas treat them like garbage ... but yall be tripping too acting like you to good for the weird ass lightskinned nigga who just tryna talk to you , blow ya back out and expand your mind .... 🐸🍵
Chapter 23: Happy Birthday Kae


“I can’t believe you’re leaving me.” Chris said in a sad voice following me.

I rolled my eyes and continued grabbing my stuff.

“Come on Kae!”

I ignored him. When I did that, he dropped on his knees and hugged my waist.

“Kae, don’t leave me baby! I’ll change!” Chris pouted looking up at me.

I laughed at his basicness. “Nigga, you know damn well I’m not leaving you!”

Chris rolled his eyes and scoffed. “Yes you are.”

I laughed and put my hands on his shoulders. “I’m just going back to my condo. Stop being so dramatic.”

“Why you got to leave? Most of your stuff is here anyway.” Chris indicated sitting down.

“I know but I like being independent, babe.” I answered.

“So you don’t wanna live with your bae?” He pouted widening his eyes to look like Puss in Boots.

“I would love to live with my bae. What’s Bow Wow’s address again?” I joked avoiding Chris’s eyes which I could feel burning holes through me.

“Oh it’s like that? I got you.” Chris started to walk out but I pushed him on the bed and got on top.

“Get off me.”

“No.” I smirked bouncing on his crotch.

“Shouldn’t you be doing that with your bae?” Chris asked sarcastically.

I swear, ever since we started dating, some me rubbed off on him.

“You are my bae.” I answered still bouncing.

Chris smiled getting a handful of my ass. “Damn right I am.”

I leaned down and pecked his lips. “But I gotta leave my bae.”

Chris groaned loudly and I laughed.

“You’ll be fine. So what are you gonna do for my birthday tomorrow?” I asked.

He sat up. “Nothing. Because you’re leaving me.”

“Chrissss” I whined.

“I’m not telling you.”

“There is something I really want though.” I told him.

“What?” Chris inquired.

I started singing Birthday Sex by Jeremiah and Chris laughed.

“Ok. I got you.”

Seiko came and I went back home with her. I put a bomb ass outfit together to wear tomorrow. I heard a knock on my door and I opened it to see Erin.

“Erin?! Oh My God!” I hugged her tight.

“Rue! You cut your hair?!” She hugged me back. “I like it. It’s sexy.”

I thanked her and told her how much I missed her. She told me she missed me too and that Big Daddy has gotten worst. A pang of fear hit me. What if he finds us again? Chris, Ty, Mijo, and Kim came over and met Erin.

“How old are you gonna be?” Mijo asked.

“21.” I answered.

Mijo gasped and Chris spit out his drink.

“You’re 20?!”

“Until midnight.” I muttered embarrassed.

“My baby is a baby.” Chris commented in a aww voice.

“Shut up. You’re 22. You got me by a year.” I snapped.

“Wait, when we first met and you were working for me, you said you were 22.” Chris furrowed his eyebrows.

“It’s real simple, babe. I lied and you believed me.” I finished off my apple juice.

“Rue, why would you be with a man who abuses women? Haven’t years with Big Daddy meant anything?” Erin glared at Chris.

The room fell silent. When she said that, I felt my blood boil. How dare she judge Chris when she’s no saint either. I was so consumed by anger I didn’t realize how hard I was squeezing my glass until it broke in my hand. I got in her face holding a piece of the glass.

“Bitch, you’re no angel either. Don’t talk shit about the past especially when you weren’t there. Best believe I’m a woman beater too. Talk shit about my man and I’ll slit your throat. And you know I will. I’ve done it before.” I spat dropping the glass then turning to the crew who had their mouths agape.

“Well it’s late and I need my beauty sleep for my birthday tomorrow. Goodnight guys.” I went into my room and got under the covers. To be honest, I couldn’t sleep. What she said really bugged me. How dare she compare my sweet old Chris to the devil they call Big Daddy!

I heard the door open. Footsteps came closer and I felt two familiar arms wrapped around me. I turned to see Chris with gratitude in his eyes.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I wanted to thank you for sticking up for me. Usually, people would stay quiet, but you didn’t and threatened to kill her.” Chris told me. “Thanks.”

“I can’t let people talk shit about my bae.” I winked.

“Happy Birthday.” Chris smiled and kissed my forehead. “It’s already midnight so I wanted to be the first to say it.”

I attacked his lips with mine. “Thank you baby. Stay with me.”

“I don’t know……”


“Fine. Move over.” Chris ordered laying behind me.


I felt this shot of pleasure in my lower area. I felt my vagina getting moist by this long penetrating object. I opened my eyes and looked down. My legs were propped up and Chris’s head was between my legs. I moaned loudly as his soft tongue hit my G-spot.

“Fuck……yes! Oh fuck yes!” I moaned out as my hands found his head.

He went deeper and started forming letters that I couldn’t really make out. I came and he cleaned me up with his tongue and looked up at me.

“What a perfect way to wake up on my birthday.” I smiled. Why didn’t I wake him up like that on his birthday?

He chuckled pulling my shorts back up and kissed between my thighs.

“So you want that birthday sex now or later?” He traveled up to meet my face.

“How about both?” My hands went up his shirt.

The door barged open and we both groaned.

“Oh come on!” I groaned and Chris got off me giving a view of who it is. “Really Ty?”

Chris’s phone rang and he took it outside of the room.

“Hey, don’t think that just because it’s your birthday you can speak to your big bro any kind of way.” Ty jumped on me. “Happy Birthday little bit.”

“Thank you. What did you get me?” I questioned looking around.

“The fuck? I’m your present.” He answered popping his collar.

I squinted my eyes in annoyance.

“You can squint all you want. It doesn’t make a difference with your asian ass eyes.” Ty stated closing his thumb and index finger together.

I hit with my pillow. “Shut up, Michael. You got asian eyes too.”

Chris came back in. “Ty, we gotta hit the studio.”

“What? But its my birthday.” I informed sadly.

“Sorry. We’re gonna have to celebrate some other time, bae.” Chris kissed my cheek.

Ty hugged me. “Yeah. See you tomorrow.”

They left and I got a text from Seiko telling me she had to work. Damn everyone got to work? I decided to the club with Kim but I had to the other half of my stuff from Chris’s house. I got dressed for the club and Kim drove me to Chris’s house. I saw a bunch of cars in the driveway and on the street including Chris’s car. This nigga told me he was at the studio. I opened the door and everyone jumped up.


I smiled. “Thanks you guys!”

I went up to Chris and he smiled.

“Happy Birth- OW!’ I punched him before he could get his sentence out.

"The fuck was that for?” Chris asked rubbing his arm.

“You told me you were going to the studio!” I yelled over the loud music.

“It’s real simple, babe. I lied and you believed me.” Chris mocked my words from last night.

“Dipshit.” I pouted.

Chris kissed my lips and held me close.

“Happy Birthday Beautiful.”


“Happy Birthday Beautiful.” I smiled down at her.

She smiled back and hugged me tight.

I suddenly remembered my gift.

“Come. I have another surprise.” I grabbed her hand. “Close your eyes.”

“No.” She scoffed.

I rolled my eyes. “Fine.”

I moved behind her and covered her eyes. I walked behind her towards outside.

“Chris, where are we going? Chris, I’m gonna fall!” She panicked.

I laughed. “Calm down. We’re almost there.”

“Chris, I’m gonna fucking fall!” Rueche screeched. “I’m wearing heels!”

“Damn, Rueche, can you shut up and let me show you your present?” I asked as we approached the white porsche I got her.

“Fuck you.”

“Don’t worry. You’re gonna do that tonight.”

She giggled and I took my hands off her eyes. Kae gasped putting her hands over her mouth and looked at me.

“You got me a car?!”

“Happy Birthday.” I cheesed at her.

“Chris, you didn’t have to spend all that money on me!” She scolded.

“But I wanted to. You’re worth it, babe.”

Kae smiled tackling me making me fall on the ground. She attacked my face with kisses.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love it! I love you! I love you! I love you!”

“Ok, ok. I get it.”

She laughed and kissed me once more. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Now let’s get back to your party.”

We went back inside and Kae automatically grabbed a bottle of Ciroc. Now that she’s legal, she’s gonna drink her ass off, I guess. This party was turnt the fuck up. When it was over, everyone left except the crew. Kae was fucking wasted.

“Come on, guys! Turn down for what?!’ Kae slurred as she twerked in Seiko’s face.

"The fuck? Chris, come get your boo.” Seiko demanded.

“Come on, baby.” I grabbed her and she started grinding on me. She faced me as she kept rubbing on me.

“Birthday sex, birthday sex. It’s the best time of the year, boy.” Kae sang to me with a seductive look in her eyes.

I picked her up and her legs wrapped around my waist.

“Good night, y’all.” I said kissing Kae’s neck as I carried her upstairs.


The sunlight hit my face and I groaned turning over. I sat up rubbing my face and looked over at Rueche. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little drunk last night but I wasn’t as drunk as her. Her hair was messed up and she was wearing my shirt from last night. I gave her that good birthday sex. It’s a good thing both of us are double jointed, but I did not know her little ass did yoga! Goddamn but she’s gonna have a huge headache when she wakes up.

I went to my bathroom, brushed my teeth, and drank two advils. I put two advils at her bedside and a glass of water. I wrote her a note saying:

Now that your little ass is legal, learn your limit. Smh getting shit faced drunk.

I chuckled and left the room. I headed downstairs and jumped when I saw a woman.

“Damn mama you scared me!” I held my chest.

Mama stood up and hit me.


“Why didn’t you tell me you had a girlfriend?” She crossed her arms.

“How did you find out?” I asked.

“Are you kidding me? There’s pictures of you and her all over the blogs!” Mama answered with annoyance evident.

“Her name is Karrueche. She turned 21 yesterday. We’ve been dating for a year now.” I answered all mama’s non-existent but obvious questions. “Oh and she’s a model.”

Mama furrowed her eyebrows. “How did you-”

“Mama, I know you.”

She sucked her teeth and all that was heard was footsteps.

“Chris! You can go fu-” Kae stopped her rant to see Mama.

“So this is the famous Karrueche.” Mama smiled and then looked her up and down. “Wearing just my son’s shirt.”

Kae’s face turned as red as my shirt she was wearing.

“I’m so sorry! I had no clue you were coming!” Kae started babbling but Mama hushed her.

“Karrueche, it’s ok.” She smiled at her.

Kae relaxed and smiled. “I’ll go make myself decent.”

With that, she went up the stairs and I watched her go.

“She seems like a sweet girl.” Mama told me.

I raised my eyebrows. “Uh, did you not hear her about to cuss me out?”

Mama laughed. “Boy, sometimes you need to be cussed out.”

I pouted and Mama hugged me.

“You better hold onto her. I haven’t seen you this happy before. You seem to light up when you see her and vice versa. I can already sense I’m gonna like her.”

I smiled. “You should. She’s wifey.”

Really tired of these niggas whose only interests are basketball, cartoons, and sex. These super BASIC, male-thot, ass niggas. It’s so boring and so old. Get some real hobbies.


am I the only one who has been called an “ Oreo ” and feels it’s a slur. like I’m “ too white for black kids and too black for white kids ” it’s really depressing knowing I’m not wanted by my own race. im a freshman in high school and I honestly thought the childish labeling would be gone but no it’s still here:

“ you have a white girl name ”
“ can you EVEN dab ”
“ why do you talk like that? ”
“ so you wanna be white ”
“ should you even be able to say nigga you’re basically white ”

I’m not an Oreo I’m a black teen going through the same shit you do.

fairy tail 428

well fuck. this chapter ruined me. actually. i have homework, but that can wait because thIS FUCKIN CHAPTER GUYS. o yea, mini warning, buncha swearing. & this is gon be really long, enjoy.

okay but can we talk about romeo’s new hair do.

WHAT IS THIS ROMEO. wendy ain’t gonna be down for you if you keep it like that. honey, you look like boruto-gone-wrong, like an enhanced rock lee. but on the other hand he is looking damn fine holding that hobo sack. I wonder where he and Macao went off to during the year, the next time he appears, i hope Cancer will give him a haircut.

The scene where Wendy was washing down Juvia put a smile on my face. and it pissed me off when other people were putting it down, calling it over the top fanservice n shiet, like thats what you do when a loved one of yours is sick with a fever like that, you take care of them. which is exactly what wendy’s doing

seriously mashima, starting off a fricken chapter with good vibes and cute panels, when the next pages are only filled with hardcore-tear-jerker-heart-aching-mind-boggling panels like wHY YOU GOTTA PLAY ME LIKE THAT

i honestly hoped to see more of their powers, but i guess we’ll save it for later in the arc. & as per usual, natsu and gray are equal, as they always have. it actually made me happy to see natsus smile after they exchanged blows. that smile he did, almost pleased that nothing changed in the last year. they’re still the same. ugh fk u dark gray

then when lucy tries to stop them & gray’s like “what’re you even doing here?” and bae comes in like “right back atcha hoe, what’re you doing in a scummy place like this?” and ugh when natsu brings up how juvia’s waiting for him GRUVIAFKFK and mashima drew his facial expression, which is just so hard to read. he looks conflicted almost. we all know gray is good deep inside, but we all also want clear and upfront reasons as to why he did the things he did. people can make assumptions (as i will later on LOL) but nothing is truly confirmed without it being on print, from the hands of mashima y’know and ugh, who knows how long it’ll be until that. and JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE, its like hes shouting “i know, i know, fuck natsu, i know i left her”. AND UGH HE JUST LOOKS SO FULL OF REGRET IT MAKES ME MAD, LET ME HUG YOU GRAY


AYEE WADDUP GURL, YOU TELL ‘IM. i can almost here it, the subtle “getcho damn ass together gray mu’fuckin weakbuster, n go back to juvia cus shes depressed as without u n just be good fk u” 

but in all seriousness what Lucy did was incredible. think about it. she’s had no contact with the dude for a year. found out he left one of her bestfriends, about half a year ago because he had dark marks growin up his whole body then disappeared altogether, and now hes obviously affiliated with some dark ass guild in a creepy castle. and she could’ve whipped out her celestial keys, and fought him but no. she went right up to this jerks face and slapped him. she looked so broken, when she was talking to him, just so truly sad that she’s losing one of her comrades. it also warmed my heart to see that gray did nothing whatsoever in retaliation, he stood his ground and just took it. he obviously knew it was coming, it’s not like Lucy teleported there and hit him as fast as she could. he could’ve hurt her badly if he wanted to, but he didn’t. there are so many glimpses of hope in his chapter it makes me frustrated because i know i have to deal with dark gray for the rest of the arc.

before i carry on, something i also noticed were Gray’s eyes. they change. the entire time, mashima’s been showing his eyes with hollowness and strain, like not his usual coloured in pupils. for example;

-when he was talking about his ‘i aint your guildie nakama no more, ft aint inside me’ shit, putting up an act trying to make natsu & them leave, but we all know that’s impossible

-& when after lucy slapped him. see? he looks like our regular stripper gray that’s hair-dried his hair for too long

no, i don’t think Gray’s entirely possessed by darkness, i mean, this has got to prove something,right? i just feel like, for the sake of protecting everyone, he’s doing this. its like, he knows this darkness that’s clamped onto him, is uncontrollable so he’s trying to distance himself? especially juviaa hehe. I also think he’s trying to avenge his dad, i mean its quite obvious in the chapter before the time skip, where he’s like “i’ll destory E.N.D”, since it was mentioned by his late father and all.

what got me was this scene, Gray was suprised  by Lucy’s sudden stomach ache. then in the following page, his eyes reverted back to their hollowness, and then he acted like he knew dumbass-mary was there all along. 

like no honey, nO. and it hurts me because again, HE LOOKS SO CONFLICTED AND HURT, AND JUST UGH. fuckin’ Mary don’t touch our lucy.

-sidenote; am i the only one who thought lucy was fricken pregnant when her stomach started hurting? ;-;



THIS BROKE MY HEART. but is also just looks so fake. like hes trying so hard to convince them, maybe even himself, that this is the path he chose. 

These panels seriously broke me. Lucy looked so distressed with tears still running down her face, and Happy even had a shaky quote bubble, and Natsu just looks so determined to get him back together like fk man.

can we also just talk about how natsu&gray are being possessed(?) in the same arm (IF, what natsu is hiding underneath his bandages are indeed dark marks)


WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS MASHIMA. WHY WHY. its already messed up as it is. i mean,natsu’s already the ultimate muthafkin DEMON aka E.N.D., in which is trying to get his bestfriend, who has fallen into darkness, trying to find & kill E.N.D.. and we don’t even know what’ll happen when natsu goes full out demon mode n shit, and its like hurting my head thinking about it, because 


this took me so long to write omg, how will i manage to do these every monday??