this basic nigga

Im tired of seeing guys get too much credit for being basic.

“Ohh he takes care of his kid 😍” Well shit, he should. It’s his kid. “My man faithful. He deserves something special.” Nah. You’re supposed to be faithful in a relationship. That’s the point of a relationship.

Stop treating these basic niggas like they’re special. They’ll never be decent men if you reward them for doing shit they already should be doing.

that nigga basically said “ive witnessed anti-black racism so that means i understand black pain and get to use black culture as i deem fit”

I hate the way the media acts like black girls aren't the most beautiful women on this planet im sick of niggas putting basic ass white broads on a pedestal ,i would date a white girl if she was fly af and had a brain in her head but she would have to be special cause im too woke to deal with microaggressions and ignorance... i get so sick of niggas acting like white broads are so fly like niggas will get the most busted ass white skeezer and cuff her ... but its melanin godesses running around and niggas talking about "darkskin girls ugly lightskin winning" (girl has 4c hair " bitch your aint natural thats called nappy" ... like im so sick of that shit, these black girls who are literally queens be looking flawless having degrees and doing big things and niggas treat them like garbage ... but yall be tripping too acting like you to good for the weird ass lightskinned nigga who just tryna talk to you , blow ya back out and expand your mind .... 🐸🍵

heres a quick list of aave words/phrases

- thirst/thirsty
- tea (ex. “spill the tea”)
- shade (ex. “throwing shade”)
- on fleek
- lit/its lit
- bruh
- fuckboy (derived from “fuck nigga”)
- bae

- ____ game strong

basically. if its a new word you hear white people repeating excessively like a parrot and putting it on t-shirts and shit. its probably AAVE.

fairy tail 428

well fuck. this chapter ruined me. actually. i have homework, but that can wait because thIS FUCKIN CHAPTER GUYS. o yea, mini warning, buncha swearing. & this is gon be really long, enjoy.

okay but can we talk about romeo’s new hair do.

WHAT IS THIS ROMEO. wendy ain’t gonna be down for you if you keep it like that. honey, you look like boruto-gone-wrong, like an enhanced rock lee. but on the other hand he is looking damn fine holding that hobo sack. I wonder where he and Macao went off to during the year, the next time he appears, i hope Cancer will give him a haircut.

The scene where Wendy was washing down Juvia put a smile on my face. and it pissed me off when other people were putting it down, calling it over the top fanservice n shiet, like thats what you do when a loved one of yours is sick with a fever like that, you take care of them. which is exactly what wendy’s doing

seriously mashima, starting off a fricken chapter with good vibes and cute panels, when the next pages are only filled with hardcore-tear-jerker-heart-aching-mind-boggling panels like wHY YOU GOTTA PLAY ME LIKE THAT

i honestly hoped to see more of their powers, but i guess we’ll save it for later in the arc. & as per usual, natsu and gray are equal, as they always have. it actually made me happy to see natsus smile after they exchanged blows. that smile he did, almost pleased that nothing changed in the last year. they’re still the same. ugh fk u dark gray

then when lucy tries to stop them & gray’s like “what’re you even doing here?” and bae comes in like “right back atcha hoe, what’re you doing in a scummy place like this?” and ugh when natsu brings up how juvia’s waiting for him GRUVIAFKFK and mashima drew his facial expression, which is just so hard to read. he looks conflicted almost. we all know gray is good deep inside, but we all also want clear and upfront reasons as to why he did the things he did. people can make assumptions (as i will later on LOL) but nothing is truly confirmed without it being on print, from the hands of mashima y’know and ugh, who knows how long it’ll be until that. and JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE, its like hes shouting “i know, i know, fuck natsu, i know i left her”. AND UGH HE JUST LOOKS SO FULL OF REGRET IT MAKES ME MAD, LET ME HUG YOU GRAY


AYEE WADDUP GURL, YOU TELL ‘IM. i can almost here it, the subtle “getcho damn ass together gray mu’fuckin weakbuster, n go back to juvia cus shes depressed as without u n just be good fk u” 

but in all seriousness what Lucy did was incredible. think about it. she’s had no contact with the dude for a year. found out he left one of her bestfriends, about half a year ago because he had dark marks growin up his whole body then disappeared altogether, and now hes obviously affiliated with some dark ass guild in a creepy castle. and she could’ve whipped out her celestial keys, and fought him but no. she went right up to this jerks face and slapped him. she looked so broken, when she was talking to him, just so truly sad that she’s losing one of her comrades. it also warmed my heart to see that gray did nothing whatsoever in retaliation, he stood his ground and just took it. he obviously knew it was coming, it’s not like Lucy teleported there and hit him as fast as she could. he could’ve hurt her badly if he wanted to, but he didn’t. there are so many glimpses of hope in his chapter it makes me frustrated because i know i have to deal with dark gray for the rest of the arc.

before i carry on, something i also noticed were Gray’s eyes. they change. the entire time, mashima’s been showing his eyes with hollowness and strain, like not his usual coloured in pupils. for example;

-when he was talking about his ‘i aint your guildie nakama no more, ft aint inside me’ shit, putting up an act trying to make natsu & them leave, but we all know that’s impossible

-& when after lucy slapped him. see? he looks like our regular stripper gray that’s hair-dried his hair for too long

no, i don’t think Gray’s entirely possessed by darkness, i mean, this has got to prove something,right? i just feel like, for the sake of protecting everyone, he’s doing this. its like, he knows this darkness that’s clamped onto him, is uncontrollable so he’s trying to distance himself? especially juviaa hehe. I also think he’s trying to avenge his dad, i mean its quite obvious in the chapter before the time skip, where he’s like “i’ll destory E.N.D”, since it was mentioned by his late father and all.

what got me was this scene, Gray was suprised  by Lucy’s sudden stomach ache. then in the following page, his eyes reverted back to their hollowness, and then he acted like he knew dumbass-mary was there all along. 

like no honey, nO. and it hurts me because again, HE LOOKS SO CONFLICTED AND HURT, AND JUST UGH. fuckin’ Mary don’t touch our lucy.

-sidenote; am i the only one who thought lucy was fricken pregnant when her stomach started hurting? ;-;



THIS BROKE MY HEART. but is also just looks so fake. like hes trying so hard to convince them, maybe even himself, that this is the path he chose. 

These panels seriously broke me. Lucy looked so distressed with tears still running down her face, and Happy even had a shaky quote bubble, and Natsu just looks so determined to get him back together like fk man.

can we also just talk about how natsu&gray are being possessed(?) in the same arm (IF, what natsu is hiding underneath his bandages are indeed dark marks)


WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS MASHIMA. WHY WHY. its already messed up as it is. i mean,natsu’s already the ultimate muthafkin DEMON aka E.N.D., in which is trying to get his bestfriend, who has fallen into darkness, trying to find & kill E.N.D.. and we don’t even know what’ll happen when natsu goes full out demon mode n shit, and its like hurting my head thinking about it, because 


this took me so long to write omg, how will i manage to do these every monday??

Thin Line Between "Talking" and Being Totally Fooled

About a month has gone by. Your guard is officially down, and now he’s calling you his girl. Y’all are “talking”. He invites you over to his apartment for the 5th, maybe 6th time. He tells you how beautiful you are and how much he misses his baby. Y’all start cuddling, and playfully arguing over which movie to watch on Netflix (Netflix- the ultimate basic nigga trap to get girls out of there clothes, but that’s a different story for another post). I’d say about halfway into the movie he starts kissing all over you, and you’re not stopping it, because HELL this is your dude! He’s sexy, he’s obviously completely into you, and his caressing and touching with his perfect man hands isn’t helping the situation. How could you not be turned on? So you know what happens after that door has been open, y’all end of having sex. Good sex. Great sex. Afterwards you’re lying next to him, all warm and wrapped up in his arms. You start thinking, “Wow, he’s really not like other dudes”, “This isn’t a game to him”, “I’m not just another girl.” After all, he didn’t hit you with the, “So what you doing after this?” and send you on your way. You’re spending a night and everything! This is your boy and you, his girl.

So you thought. A couple days go by, the texts aren’t coming as frequently. The facetime calls aren’t even coming at all. The morning texts that used to read, “Good morning beautiful/Wake up my baby,” become, “Morning”. He starts taking forever to return your texts and calls, and starts making excuses why y’all cant go on a date. What did you do wrong? What. The. Hell. Happened. Explanation: You’ve just experienced an asshole in disguise. The one who makes you fall for them only because they want to sleep with you. The one who makes you care, only to hurt you when you think it’s something more. The worst kind of asshole. I’m sure all of us have come across this type of asshole. For the girls that haven’t, I only have one piece of advice to help you avoid getting hurt.  

Be in control/ Don’t have sex with someone unless it is YOUR decision.

If you want to have sex, by all means, do it! But do not go into it expecting anything in return. Basically, don’t go into it in hopes of a relationship, and thinking it will bring you two closer after.

If you know the dude you’re talking to isn’t your boyfriend and has no intention on taking the relationship any further, you need to make one of two decisions for yourself.

1.Go ahead, do you girl. You’re fine with the relationship as it is, because you do not want anything more either. You know what you’re getting yourself into.

2.To the left, to the left. You cut the relationship off at the first “wait, this isn’t going anywhere” moment. All girls have this intuition. DO NOT IGNORE IT. Don’t brush it under the rug, thinking well maybe he’s going to be different. No! If you do not want to get your feeling hurts, end it. No matter how fine or how beautiful his smile is (It’s always the super sexy ones), you need to end it. If not, he gains all of the power. And we don’t want that.

Be in control of your own body, emotions, and feelings. Gain control of the situation before he does.

Black men are so clueless when it comes to black women. Like y'all are basically white women.

This nigga tried to say Lil Kim is partially responsible for her “behavior” because we can’t pick and choose at who gets away with using their past trauma/abuse to explain their behavior.

Who is comparable? R. Kelly? Chris Brown? Men that actually hurt other people?

“Hurt people hurt people” doesn’t work here. Lil Kim didn’t hurt anybody else. Try all over again.


am I the only one who has been called an “ Oreo ” and feels it’s a slur. like I’m “ too white for black kids and too black for white kids ” it’s really depressing knowing I’m not wanted by my own race. im a freshman in high school and I honestly thought the childish labeling would be gone but no it’s still here:

“ you have a white girl name ”
“ can you EVEN dab ”
“ why do you talk like that? ”
“ so you wanna be white ”
“ should you even be able to say nigga you’re basically white ”

I’m not an Oreo I’m a black teen going through the same shit you do.

prettyblackbitchchronicless  asked:

Did you see YouTuber Philip Defranco's most recent video where he basically said nigga five times and his defense was that he was quoting Kanye and he said it with an a instead of ER? 😒😒

No, I didn’t see the video. I very consciously avoid his content. This is a perfect example why. 

anonymous asked:

what does "fuckboy" actually mean? I've seen it used to mean a straight white guy a lot and I knew people twisted it from its original meaning but I still don't know what it really means

it means aint shit ass weak ass weak dick game ass let me get a hug ass my car in the shop ass i got 7 baby mamas i aint taking care of ass fakin fa instagram ass ashy ass ball is life ass 40 and still tryna be a rapper ass side hoe having ass cheating ass nigga basically tbh

  • Me: Gurl...
  • Did you watch Lemonade?
  • Coco Amazon: No gurl! I don't have internet or cable...was it everything?!
  • Me: Gurl. Everything and TEA TEA TEA was spilled.
  • Coco Amazon: WHATTTTTTT
  • Tea on who?!
  • Me: My nigga...her relationship
  • Coco Amazon: Gurl u got me considering driving to mama's
  • With Jay?!
  • Me: Indeed
  • Coco Amazon: What she said?!
  • Me: Basically that this nigga was outchea but they working it out.
  • Coco Amazon: Where do niggas b finding the time?!
  • Me: Gurl I don't.know but she blasted that ass and then said I love you and we gon work on it. But everybody looking around like he bet not again cuz it's curtains.
  • Coco Amazon: Esp after what she went through w/ her daddy...Flagrant
  • Me: All of that was spoken on
  • Coco Amazon: That's y Solo fought his ass
  • Smh damn
  • Me: "This is your final warning. You know I give you life. If you try that shit again, you gon lose your wife."
  • Pretty clear.
  • Coco Amazon: WOWOWWWWW
  • Coco Amazon: I love that she's being transparent bc she really doesn't even have to.
  • Me: She really don't.
  • But I'm thinking this is in defense of her sister, being honest and spilling her own tea instead of being put out there without her consent.
  • Coco Amazon: And that's POWER
  • Coco Amazon: And that goes to my belief that people cheat bc they want to...U can b fine n have ur shit together n ppl gon do what they gon do.
  • Me: Yup
  • Precisely.
  • Coco Amazon: Gurl that's like I was reading ppls experiences with Prince, namely Melody Ehsani's and Myleik Teele's and he was all about controlling ur voice n living life on your terms.
  • Me: Bless
  • Another revolutionary act for Black women.
  • And what I love is that it gives other women permission to do what's right for them, whether that means stay and work it out or bounce.
  • If Bey gon leave Jay then you can leave yo nigga with his broke ass.
  • Coco Amazon: AMENNNN
  • And speak on it!
  • Gurl I've held things inside to the point I feel like I've swallowed poison all in an effort to keep peace or not offend.
  • Me: Gurl we all do that shit.
  • It's time out for being silent and that's why I appreciate her, on God! There's power when women use their voices.
  • There were so many images of women and someone pointed out that she used sisterhood to pull herself through it. And that's a beautiful sentiment.
  • Coco Amazon: That's real!!!
  • Later
  • Coco Amazon: And I'm in there.
  • Me: Bow
  • Coco Amazon: Thanks friend!
  • Gurl this is deep.
  • Me: Chile
  • Coco Amazon: I am here for all of this.
  • Me: And gurl this poetry's written by Warsan Shire. Every ounce of this is a celebration of Black women.
  • Coco Amazon: Gurl shut up! I love Warsan Shire!
  • Gurl I'm over here ugly crying.
  • Me: Gurl me too re-watching it.
  • Coco Amazon: "Ima keep running cuz a winner don't quit on themselves."
  • Me: She preaching or she preaching.
  • yall: white men is the devil
  • also yall: have you seen [ white male actor ] in [ not very good comedy show ] hes my new daddy
  • yall being fake af: [ white male actor ] did [ basic ass nigga shit ] hes god gift
  • me: enough