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Do u follow a diet? What do you usually eat in a day?

protein berry/spinach smoothies in the morn almost always!! then throughout the day I snack on things that are healthy and full of protein rather than eat big meals!!! such as nuts and protein bars and fruits/veggies/beans !!! but other than that not really :-) I am vegetarian and Gluten-free so idk that hinders what I eat but \_(^-^)_/

Alright so get this, I have never liked nuts because I once was violently ill after having a nut bar and also when I have had them on stuff it made my throat funny. So we are eating pudding last night and it had nuts in it and I am like, “nahh I don’t like this really” and my Mum just goes, “yeah not surprising really when you were younger and had allergy blood tests it came up that you were slightly allergic.” THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN VITAL INFORMATION I COULD HAVE DIED

A doctor made it his regular habit to stop off at a bar for a hazelnut daiquiri on his way home. The bartender knew of his habit, and would always have the drink waiting at precisely 5:03 p.m.

One afternoon, as the end of the work day approached, the bartender was dismayed to find that he was out of hazelnut extract. Thinking quickly, he threw together a daiquiri made with hickory nuts and set it on the bar. 

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“Back in his bedroom, Harry fiddled aimlessly with his rucksack, then poked a couple of owl nuts through the bars of hedwig’s cage. They fell with dull thuds to the bottom, where she ignored them.

‘We’re leaving soon, really soon,’ Harry told her. ‘And then you’ll be able to fly again.’“

                                  ― Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

12. Eating fruit/ice cream suggestively (from this list)

a sequel to the heatwave fic, as requested by @chalkboardwallfeelings

this got more nsfw than i intended, whoops ^^;;

The heatwave hadn’t let up in the slightest by the time their next scheduled patrol rolled around.

“At this rate we might actually get an akuma that turns off the sun,” Ladybug groaned, unsticking her sweaty bangs from her flushed forehead as they walked down the street, newly obtained ice cream pops in hand.

Chat tore his eyes away from the oddly fascinating sight and contemplated his ice cream pop. “Do you think we could somehow get an ice cream akuma? That, like, flings ice cream at people? That would be awesome.”

(They hadn’t talked it out so much as they’d just sort of looked at each other and come to the mutual, unspoken agreement that it was much too hot to be jumping around Paris, and that they could patrol the local marketplace on foot instead. That the market place was clear of people because everyone sane was avoiding the heat also went unremarked.)

“That… sounds kinda icky,” said Ladybug, plastic crackling as she ripped the wrapper off her own treat. “And sticky. And slippery. And—”

“I get it already,” Chat sighed, and bit off a corner of his chocolate-and-nut-covered bar. It was blessedly, blessedly refreshing. Chewing the salty-bitter-sweet coating and swallowing, he added, “But it’d be cold.”

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“I didn’t know you still lived around here.” He shifts nervously from his left foot to his right after the words leave his mouth, and although they sound calm you see right through them. From his pink and bitten bottom lip to his unshaven cheek and scraped up legs you can tell he’s been keeping himself busy, and from the earbuds hanging out the pocket of his running shorts you deduce that he’s been drowning out a lot of his thoughts with music as he runs laps around his gated neighborhood, or possibly when he’s lifting more than usual at a gym that’s already filled to the brim with people that know exactly what he’s doing.

They saw the magazine covers: so did you.

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Preparation for Surgery


Shopping list:

(Essentials in bold if you’re money-tight, but I would seriously consider everything on this list. Obviously don’t buy what you already have)

  • Button Up Shirts or/and Zip Up Hoodies
    (easier to put on & take off due to being unable to lift arms up)
  •  Comfy sweatpants
    (easier to pull them down/up & take them off and they’re comfy^^)
  • Slippers or flipflops
    (easier to slip on and take off, which saves bending over)
  • Hats or Beanies
    (to cover that gross hair in the first week without a shower)

  • No perfume, no colour, sensitive skin soap.
    (To wash with for the next few months after surgery. ‘Simple’ is a good brand. Otherwise avoid using shower gel for 6 weeks)

  • Arnica Tablets
    (taken to help with the bruising a week before & after surgery)
  • Bio Oil & scar treatments
    (Can be applied once scars are dry and healing)

  • Vitamin C
    (Boosts immune-system and thus recovery)
  • Ginger tea (NOT GINGER TABLETS)
    (Help to stop any feeling of sickness)
  • Baby wipes / Wet Ones
    (To help keep your body clean until you can shower)
  • Laxatives
    (If you have trouble taking a shit - especially if you take Codeine)
  • First Aid Kit
    (just encase! You will be given some spare gauze and stuff though)
  • Paper Tape
    (For the dressings post op. Though you’ll get a roll after your post op appointment to put over your incisions)

  • Dry Shampoo
    (Helpin’ that hair look slightly less gross!)
  • Neck rest / travel pillow
    (Comfort when traveling back from hospital and travel in general)
  • Straws
    (makes drinking much easier & requires less arm movement)
  • Extra Pillows
    (Place these under your knees and under your head/back to elevate you while you sleep on your back! It helps)
  • The Food Doctor
    (Healthy ready meal alternatives, can be found on Amazon)
  • Green Tea and detox teas
  • Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Plenty of water
  • Healthy home made frozen meals ready to microwave
    (Makes cooking quick and easy but still healthy)
  • Healthy snacks to munch on
    (like nut mixes, dried fruit, yogurt bars etc… rather than junk food. Your body is healing, help it along.)


House Preparation:

  • Move everything in the house to being in reach
  • Make sure you have a primary carer for the first week, especially the first three days because it will be hell on your own.
  • Find a couple of films and series you wanna watch in the first week
  • Pick out a couple of books to read
  • Tidy and clean your house/room a day or two before surgery
    (Makes everything simple and easy to move around in, also a more positive and clean environment to be in while recovering)
  • Change sheets and wash any clothes you wanna wear etc before
  • Prep your bed so you can sleep sitting up slightly, lots of pillows help!


Physical and Emotional preparation:

  • Eat healthily in the months leading up to surgery
    - Plenty of fresh fruit and veg
    - BALANCED diet at least two good meals a day
    - Plenty of water
    - Cut out processed foods, high sugars and salts
    - I recommend looking into ordering recipe boxes if you’re tight on cash/struggle to make healthy meals yourself every day.
    - Smoothies are a great time for 5 a day
    - Snack on dried fruits, nuts, yogurt biscuits instead of junk.

  • Stop smoking asap. Seriously, stop. Doesn’t matter how long until your surgery, the sooner you quit the better all round - surgery is a great motivation to quit smoking. Vape pens are a good alternative, be strict with yourself. Try to stop vaping in the month before your op or go down to 0mg of nicotine if you still need the feel of vaping/smoking. Do not vape or smoke for 2 weeks before your op. You’ll lose ur nips.

  • Stop drinking alcohol at least one month before, in my opinion giving yourself as much time away from it is much better to help detox your body and get healthy (alcohol is generally shit for you so cutting down or stopping is pretty good anyway, and surgery is a perfect excuse!)

  • Exercise. Pushups and flies will help to develop your pectoral muscle, bring down the breast size and help the surgeon place your incisions. Crunches, sittups, squats, and various exercises will help to keep the rest of your body fit and speed up your recovery (you’re gonna be recovering and potatoing for a while, get your body in a better state so it heals well and quickly). Cardio, jogging on the spot, starjumps and knees-up, gets your blood flowing, helps to get you nice and healthy for the op and recovery. Look up exercise routines on youtube!

  • Do a lot of internal reflecting and focus on your mind as well as your body. You need to psychologically prepare for surgery and that doesn’t happen over night. It’s also very difficult to do this, I really struggled to. It’s perfectly normal to feel scared, nervous, or feel like it’s a big deal, it’s a huge deal. You’re losing something that’s been there for a long time, you’re going through major surgery, and you’re finally getting something you’ve been awaiting for a long time!

  • Try not to have an ideal vision of what your chest will be like, don’t expect anything, try not to compare it to other chests, especially cis male chests. The first time you see it, it’ll look pretty rough, take it in slowly, learn to re-accept it as your own. It can take time to learn to love yourself all over again, but welcome your new chest with an open mind.


Tips and General Advice:

  • Make sure you have all your questions and concerns written down before your pre op appointment to take with you - if you have any more later or forgot to ask something, call the hospital or your surgeon’s office to ask them. Otherwise ask on the day of your op if it can wait that long.

  • Write down all the tips and advice they give you even if you don’t think you’ll forget them.

  • If you can, take a cheque in for both payments to the surgeon and the hospital on the day of your pre op appointment. This will give you plenty of time if there’s a problem with the payment and is also much easier than stressing out a few days before. Otherwise make sure you pay a week before online, so if there’s a problem you’ll have time to fix it.

  • Don’t underestimate or overestimate how big this surgery is, how much time you’ll need or how many thing’s you realistically need to buy/prepare. Obviously it would be better to overestimate as it’ll leave you more prepared, but there’s some things you just won’t need/need to do. Think carefully about yourself, your situation and how you deal with pain and how you like to be comfortable. If you forget anything you can always get it later on! So here’s some tips for that:
  1. - Write a detailed list and slowly check through it cutting down on things if you think you’ll need to. See what you can use in the house and what you’ll need to buy. Be minimalist if you’re trying to save money.
  2. - Make sure you have plenty of time booked of work/school/uni, if you go back early it’s much less of a problem than being back late.
  3. - Really take the time to research what you’re about to be put through, speak to others who’ve been in the same boat and realistically think about how you will actually be affected and how you will actually feel after surgery. This will help to stop you from having unrealistic expectations of your physical appearance and capabilities, your mentality after the op and to help stop yourself from become lazy.
  4. - Again, honestly try your best not to expect anything of your chest, try not to worry about how it will look, how the nips will be, whether the scars will be straight or narrow or whatever. Be ready to have to learn to accept your new chest however it looks. Be ready for a huge emotional change. Don’t brush off these kinds of things, they’re just as important for your healing as everything else on this list.

Follow @jamie-pyro for non-binary & trans related info and to follow my personal experience and progress as a non-binary transmasculine bean!

Hot Coffee and Boob Massages

Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirl

Spencer Reid x @matthewgraygublerisalilbean and partially me because we’re both currently dying bc cramps and bloating (Hailey and I, not Spencer)

Spencer’s POV

We had been at the Palm Springs Police department for a couple of hours when I started to notice Hailey behaving differently. She and I had been only dating for a couple of months but unbeknownst to her, I had deep feelings of affection, maybe even love, for her. Hailey was the one person I could 100% trust with my all.

When she thought no one was looking she would massage her breasts, as if they pained her. An hour ago she took some medicine but every time she went to sit up straighter in her seat, she winced. She was also massaging her stomach like one would with a stomachache. Furthermore, she was also rubbing her forehead ever so often, meaning she had a headache on top of all that.

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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 16)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 1616

Warnings: None??

A/N: So this story is slowly starting to wind down - I’m nearly at 31k words at this point, and so I think I will try to fit in the rest of what I have planned in the next four chapters! Thank you so very much to all of you who have supported me through this writing process, it’s been a ton of fun, and your enthusiasm has really helped me stay motivated :) hope you enjoy!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15]


“Alright, listen up. This is how it’s gonna go.”

You’re balanced attentively on one knee in front of the coach, along with everyone else. There’s less than one week left of camp, and on the last weekday, the scouts are coming to assess their top picks.

“This Friday is scouting day, as you’re all aware. A very important day, for many of you. The scouting sessions will be divided into boys and girls respectively, and each session will be run as a three-hour event. The first hour will be dedicated to a fitness test, which will examine your standing long-jump, shuttle runs, anaerobic and aerobic fitness, as well as other activities outlined in your dryland training. Afterwards, there will be a two hour break in which you can try to catch your breath,” the coach explains, laughing humourlessly. “And then we’ll move onto our on-ice portion. The first half hour will be dedicated to skating drills, the second to passing and defensive play, the third to shooting and offensive play, and the final thirty minutes will consist of a scrimmage in which you will be divided into teams. These will be posted outside the arena the morning of the event.”

Everyone glances around at each other, curious to know who they will be playing with. But you know even though they may be labelled as your teammates, there will be no friends out on the ice come Friday. This is it. You know the CWHL scouts had shown some interest in you during your past two years in your junior league, but the practice on Friday will make or break their decision to draft you. You have to be the best you had ever been. There were no chances for mistakes.

“Please be aware that there will be representatives from the CWHL, the newly re-formed NWHL, the CHL and AHL, the Swiss National League, and the NHL attending your practices on Friday, and so I expect no foul play. They want to see if you can be the latest addition to their club, and if you are able to play a clean, skilled, and respectful game. If you can do that, and meet the individual requirements for their specific team, then contracts may be offered out to you on Sunday.”

Excitement ripples through the players surrounding you. You’re not the only one with dreams of making it to the professional leagues.

“However, do keep in mind that there are limited spots available in the leagues, and that attending this camp does not guarantee you a spot on any team, or even to be considered for one. If you are not selected this year, we welcome you to attend the tryouts in June to be invited back for next year’s camp. Is that all clear?” the coach asks.

Everyone nods.

“Alright, enough chit-chat. Let’s get to work!” He taps his stick on the ground and everyone scatters, lining up for the regular warm-up drill.

Practice is brutal, and is also forty-five minutes longer than usual, as the instructors agreed that for the next three days, extended ice time was needed to keep everyone sharp for Friday. Dryland follows in the same manner, and you’re pushed to your limits - both physically and mentally.

When the day is finally done, you’re soaked in sweat, hair plastered to the back of your neck, and face red from exertion. Auston is much the same, and the two of you collapse next to the hose beside the changerooms.

“I don’t think I’m going to make it to Friday,” Auston groans, leaning his head back against the wall.

You laugh, stretching out your sore legs in front of you. “It’s been awful. But just think, on Thursday, we get a break.”

He looks over at you dubiously. “Maybe for everyone else, but I’d bet Mitch’s car that you’ll be doing sprints out on this field while the rest of us are sleeping.”

You grin. “You’re right - almost. I’ll be doing sprints, but don’t think I won’t be dragging you out here with me.”

“Why did I think it was a good idea to date you?”

“I’m not sure. Must’ve been my irresistible charm that fooled you.”

“Must be some sort of charm - it’s getting me to do sprints on my day off.”

You reach up and kiss his cheek. “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.”

“Nah, I’ll come. I’ll suffer through it for my girl.” He grabs your hand and squeezes it.

Your heart swells at his statement. My girl.

“What?” he asks, searching your eyes. “You went all quiet on me.”

“I’m just so glad you’re in my life,” you say honestly and a smile stretches across his face.

“Me too,” he agrees, bending down slightly to kiss you.

Before you know it, it’s Thursday. (Aka the last day before your future is determined). Instead of doing sprints, you and Auston decided to take a hike through the miles of forest surrounding the camp. You’re both exhausted from the hard days of training and Steph mentioned that her and Mitch had found a nice spot on top a cliff to look down at everything. And so, the two of you have packed up some healthy snacks and water and are making the journey to the look-out.

The sun has just begun to lower in the sky, and the cool evening breeze drifts in between the trees, ruffling your hair slightly. It’s the calm before the storm.

“Hey, Y/N, I think I found it!” Auston calls out from up ahead.

You quicken your stride and walk up the steep hill to where he’s standing, pointing triumphantly. Sure enough, when you draw even with him, you can see the entire camp laid out beneath you, nestled in the heart of the valley. When you squint your eyes hard enough, you can make out the ant-like forms of campers walking to and from the mess hall.

“What a view.” You whistle.

“Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. I’m glad Steph told you about this.”

You smile warmly at him. “Should we eat?”

“Yes, definitely. I’m starving.”

You both sit beside each other on a flat rock, and pull out some protein bars, fruit and nut mix, and other feel-good snacks. You eat and chat, watching the sun sink below the horizon and spread brilliant colours across the sky.

Naturally, the conversation drifts to hockey.

“What teams do you think will offer you a contract tomorrow?” you ask him in between bites.

He’s shocked by your bluntness. “I’m not sure if I’ll even get offered one.”

“Auston, stop being modest. You know you’re one of the best - if not the best person at camp.”

He flushes red, but you can tell he knows your words hold nothing but the truth. “I’m not sure.”

You give him a look.

“Alright, fine. I’ve been contacted before by some Canadian teams in the CHL and some teams out west in the AHL, so I figure I’ll end up some place in either of those leagues. They mentioned me on the NHL website last season for being ‘a prospect to watch’, so I suspect I’ll play in the minors for a year or so and then move up to the NHL when the time comes. I mean, I can’t play in the NHL next season anyways - my birthday cuts me off from this year’s draft by two days.”

You nod, taking it all in. You know he’s going to have teams fighting over him. Selfishly, you wish that wherever he ends up is close to you.

“So what about you, superstar? Which teams are going to be up in arms over you?”

You roll your eyes. “I’ve been scouted a couple times before by Buffalo and New York, but Toronto has also shown some interest in me.”

“Which would you choose - say if they all offer you a spot tomorrow?”

“Toronto,” you respond without hesitation. “The city practically lives and breathes hockey, and I want to be a part of that. Plus, the Leafs have always been my dad’s favourite club, so in a way, it would be like I would be playing for his team.”

“Yeah, I get that. I’m kind of the same way about the Coyotes. I want to show that an American boy from out west can play just as well as all the Ontarian, ice-bred boys from Canada that dominate the league. The rink I played on growing up was only a couple minutes away from the Coyotes’ arena, and every time I drive past it, I’m reminded of that goal I’ve had since I was four.”

You reach over and take his hand. “We’re both going to do great tomorrow. All our hard work will pay off - I know it. So we can’t stress too much about it, and just do our best, because that’s what matters most.”

“Wow.” He turns to you, surprise in his voice. “Who knew that the self-doubting, train-till-you-drop, hockey-is-my-entire-life girl from the start of camp would be saying that.”

You smile and nestle your head into his shoulder. “Sometimes it just takes someone to come into your life and open your eyes a little bit, to show you what’s really important.”

He smiles down at you, his brown eyes warm and affectionate. “I’m glad I could help,” he says, and presses a kiss to your head.

“I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about Mitch.”

“Oh sorry - my bad. Now I get your newfound ketchup obsession.”

You both laugh at his bad joke and then fall into a comfortable silence, leaning against each other as you watch the night close in over the camp.

[Part 17]

Bedroom cooking with rice cooker and shelf stable foods

I sometimes have a hard time leaving my room, so I’m trying to amass a collection of shelf stable foods that I can make when it’s hard to venture further. I’d be particularly interested in ideas for foods that can be cooked and/or steamed in a rice cooker, aside from rice or oatmeal or grainy or porridge-y type foods since I can’t handle those textures. Some things I’ve thought of so far:

  • Mac and cheese from a box (I keep shelf stable milk boxes on hand and could probably swap out the butter for some oil or a bit of extra liquid; also the box mix and either chicken stock from a box or water on hand; could throw in a pouch of tuna)
  • Udon noodle soup (miso and water or chicken stock, seaweed, a pack of noodles; could add some tofu or pre-cooked chicken if I make it as far as the kitchen)
  • Pasta with red sauce or pesto (pasta, water, jar of tomato sauce or pesto or really any flavored sauce that seems like it could pair with pasta; could be a filled ravioli or tortellini for extra protein)
  • Garlic pasta (pasta, water, a bit of oil, a seasoning packet from a pizza place; could add some parmesan from the kitchen; could also use a filled ravioli or tortellini)
  • Won ton soup (this one definitely requires going to the kitchen - throw frozen potstickers or won tons onto the steamer, everything else goes into the main compartment; either chicken stock or a combo of miso and water, a bit of sesame oil; could add some seaweed or green onion if there’s any on hand)
  • Ramen (ramen packet, water; optional additions such as egg, chicken, green onion, mushrooms, etc)
  • Steamed ravioli (refrigerated ravioli in the steamer basket, water in the bottom; requires traveling to the kitchen)
  • Preflavored couscous (box of couscous, seasoning packet, water or chicken broth; optional additions include feta, lemon juice, tomato, paper thing slices of zucchini, cooked chicken)

Some ideas that don’t require heating up: 

  • Tuna sandwich (take a pouch of tuna and rip it open; add a packet or two each of mayo and relish; stir it up then spoon it onto bread)
  • Peanut butter sandwich (bread, peanut butter; optional sweeteners such as Nutella, honey, packets of jam, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, banana, etc.)
  • Packs of shelf stable hummus and crackers


  • Trail mix
  • Jerky
  • Pretzels and peanut butter or Nutella
  • Fresh fruit that’s stable at room temperature (apples, pears, bananas, oranges, etc)
  • Fruit cups
  • Fruit squeezy pouches
  • Pudding cups
  • Snack cakes
  • Granola bars, protein bars, fruit and nut bars, etc.
  • Junk food (chips, candy, packaged cookies, crackers, etc)

I’d love to see some ideas other people come up with on the topic!


Exams are looming so here are some quick tips for success:

  • stay hydrated! at least 2 litres of water a day
  • remember to take your meds!!
  • sleep! try to get enough sleep (around 7-9 hours, whatever you know works for you), especially before exams
  • read over your notes before you go to sleep on nights before exams
  • do quick-fire fact recall with friends who are doing the same subjects as you; many people find it easier to remember things others have said
  • get someone to test you on key facts (a sibling, parent, etc the night before an exam)
  • go to revision sessions after school or at lunch time- ask your teacher when they’re on
  • eat your fruit and vegetables!
  • make big mindmaps of your notes for every subject/topic
  • flashcards!! 
  • use ‘dead time’- look over notes when on the bus, eating lunch, in the shower (put them in a plastic wallet and prop them up nearby), etc.
  • use little tricks: mnemonics, stories, songs- anything that’ll help you remember things!
  • rest- make sure you give yourself breaks, especially when you’ve just had an exam: watch tv, bake cookies, have a bath, chat to your friends/family, draw, read a book, etc.
  • make yourself an exam kit: clear pencil case, pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, maths equipment, coloured pencils, string (good for measuring lengths in geography), water in a clear plastic bottle, calculator (no lid), glasses, etc. Also make sure you have a snack (nuts, cereal bar, apple) before exams and do not take your phone in with you!! Leave it in a safe place outside of the exam hall!
  • it’s not the end of the world if you need to go to the toilet during an exam
  • make sure you have a working, accurate watch
  • meditate- the ‘calm’ app is great for helping you relax and clear your head for a while
  • go for walks with your notes
  • listen to podcasts and watch youtube videos about your subject- these are especially good for when you’re on the way to an exam/school
  • use study leave wisely- get up at a reasonable time, make yourself healthy lunches (salmon, pasta, veg, etc), go for a short run, revise!!
  • use your school- if they’re offering a quiet room to work in then please use it! make the most of resources/extra lessons teachers offer you
  • research breathing exercises and other calming techniques if you get very nervous
  • talk to your family- make sure they know your revision schedule/plan so that they can help you succeed and understand the pressure you’re under
  • finally, please remember that exams are really not the most important things ever- just try your best and stay as level headed as possible!

Helpful links: my gcse notes/resources, all of my study tips, how I revised for each gcse subject, memorising key facts, studying soundsTIPS MASTERPOST

Hope this helps and please add on any other tips you may have!


East of Nowhere - Year One

Read the Introduction here

Sam x Reader

Summary: You and Sam are strangers who are trapped in a desolate mountain town where you live, isolated from the outside world, for five years.

Part two of a six part series, each chapter detailing the events of one year. It’s a slow burn (I’m not sorry).

Author’s Notes: Beta’d by the goddess divine: @elliewinchesterr

Warnings: Language, mentions of past abuse, mild allusions to sexual situations. Smut in future chapters.  

Word Count: 9900+

Tags: @faegal04, @growningupgeek,  @bohowitch, @cyrilconnelly, @impalaimagining, @spontaneousam, @barbedwireandbubblegum, @teamfreewill-imagine, @abbirae99, @supernaturallymarvellous, @winchesterprincessbride, @mycatissatan666, @speakinvain, @sastielstan, @pinknerdpanda, @winchesterprincessbride, @justcallmelosechester

If you’d like to be tagged, just let me know.

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About PTA Grillby

So imagine Frisk’s school having a picnic day and Toriel getting the school to have Grillby cater to the event.

Grillby brings his classic burgers and fries, with ketchup packets and other such things. And he brings salad, which tastes great, even if he had just started making them outside the underground. Sans and Papyrus help by carrying containers of water and lemonade.

The kids love it but some moms who are standing off to the side as supervisors are gossiping. Sans overhears them talking about the food and goes over to tell them about it, really happy that Grillby provided it.

But these moms just complain that it’s not healthy and it was a bad catering choice. Sans defends Grillby by saying his stuff is healthy, and how Grillby makes wonderful food. Saying “Grillby’s bar is was the best bar in the underground and now in this city.”

The moms go nuts when they find out Grillby runs a bar, not restaurant. One(let’s call her Annie) demands Sans takes her to Grillby to yell at him.

Sans does and the woman is speechless for a moment when she sees Grillby making sure the kids are happy with their lunch and generally being friendly. Frisk siting next to him, telling some jokes they learned from Sans, the kids laughing while Grillby chuckles.

The mom storms over and forces Grillby to walk away while she bickers at him about being dangerous and all the other complaints. Sans is watching from a few feet away, feeling bad about not refusing to take the woman.

But Grillby just calmly replies after the woman pauses her rant. “At least I’m actually interacting with the kids, not like you. You and your friends drop them off and think the school is a daycare. I’m caring for them more in this one event then you probably ever had.”

She just storms off and Sans is just “Grillby, holy shit man” (they’re far enough away not to be heard.) Frisk had walked up for the last bit, and gives Grillby a high five with their small hand before holding Grillby’s and Sans’ hands back to the picnic. Grillby and Sans giving the woman shit eating grins.

anonymous asked:

What's your daily food plan? I'm interested in going vegan! Thanks!

- oats, smoothies, fruit, toast with avocado

- salads, salad sandwiches, rice/potato and veggies

- rice/potato with beans/tofu, salads, pasta/lasagne, pizza, noodles with veggies, curries,

- nuts and seeds, raw bars, fruit

I like to eat simple things that are easy to make but are filled with energy and nutrition :)

Travel Essentials

I’ve had more than my fair share of flights in my life and, after comparing my in-flight essentials to the unrealistic items many YouTubers suggest, I’ve decided to put together a list! Since it’s Summer in the Northern parts of the world, many people are travelling so hopefully this will be useful.

1) Backpack. This is non-negotiable for me. If I want a handbag with me, it usually goes into my backpack because life is so much easier when your hands are free. 

2) Entertainment. This includes an adult colouring book (with pencils and a sharpener of course), a novel to read and maybe a light magazine for long flights. If you have a tablet then that’s great as well. I don’t usually travel with my laptop (even though my laptop is a physical extension of my self tbh), but if you need it for some reason that’s also cool. Keep some non-electronic entertainment with you anyway because batteries die and there are times when you can’t use electronics on a flight (not even in flight mode).

3) Headphones and a killer playlist. I try to download new music and make a playlist before going on a trip, simply because I get sick of the music I listen to very quickly and it’s not always easy to download new music while travelling. Headphones are more comfortable than earbuds when travelling so I recommend using them if you have a pair.

4) Snacks. I sometimes get motion-sick on aeroplanes and I am physically unable to force myself to consume aeroplane food (even when the food actually tastes good). I always carry some dry snacks, like cereal bars and nuts, to keep me filled without making me nauseated. 

5) Journal + pen. I always have a notebook and a pen with me anyway, but it’s nice to have one as a travel journal. 

6) Hoodie and socks. Fun fact about aeroplanes: they’re human freezers. Hoodies can also double as a makeshift pillow if you want to catch some ZZs. Pro-tip: if you want to sleep on the plane, get the window seat so you can rest your head against the wall. If not, take the aisle so you can regularly get up and stretch your legs. Middle seats are from Hell they literally have no advantages avoid at all costs.

7) Toiletries. Travel toothbrush + toothpaste. Mini baby-powder to freshen up. Pads and extra hair-ties and scarf-pins just in case. Contact lenses for when I get off the plane and eyedrops . *maybe* some lipstick, eyeliner pencil and concealer/BB cream if I have to be somewhere after the flight and feel like a total zombie. Some hand/face lotion. Please don’t take your entire make-up kit on the flight. You won’t need it, it will make your backpack unnecessarily heave, you’ll feel super uncomfortable and it will get smudged onto your clothing/the seat at some point. 

8) Cellphone and powerbank/charger. I don’t even need to explain this. 

9) Wallet + travel documents. Check that you have these things *before* leaving your home to go to the airport.

That’s about it! I hope that this post is helpful. I usually make lots of study-related posts so this was something different. Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this. As always, my ask is always open if you have any questions.

Happy travels!

xx Munira

anonymous asked:

I want to go vegan, do you have any starter tips for me?

  • Educate yourself. This is going to make everything so much easier. I always recommend watching Forks Over Knives (talk about the health side of things), Cowspiracy (environmental) and Earthlings (animal rights)
  • Get excited, this is something that is awesome!!!
  • Start saving and trying out new recipes!
  • Figure out your favorite foods/what you eat a lot of and see if you can make them vegan look for replacements or see if there are ingredients you don’t need!
  • If you are a big meat eater try fake meats (i like gardein brand) or veggie burgers are always yummy too!
  • I use earth balance butter, it taste the same as the butter you are used to
  • Try multiple non dairy milks, there are so many to choose from so make sure you find your favorite!
  • Good breakfast ideas: toast with nut butter, oatmeal, smoothies, tofu scramble, waffles (most gluten free frozen waffles are also vegan)
  • Make sure to keep some vegan snacks and desserts around, so if you get a craving you won’t grab something non vegan! Most chips are vegan and so are oreos!
  • If you are eating out, try looking at the menu before hand. Also if you can’t seem to find anything on the menu look at the sides, normally you can build your own meal! 
  • I always keep nuts or bars in my purse and car in case i can’t find anything to eat!
  • Ben and jerry’s almond milk Cookies and Peanut butter icecream
  • Focus on the basic things that are cheap and build meals from them! Thing like beans, rice, potatoes, pasta, bread etc etc these things will be filling!
  • vegan foods tend to be lower in calories, so you will most likely need to be eating more food to get the calories you need and to feel full! This is totally normal!
  • Don’t be alarmed, most things in stores labled as vegan will be quite pricey but get used to checking lables, you’ll be surprised at how many things are accidentally vegan!
  • If you eat at fast food a lot google what things you can get there that are vegan, there are more options than you think!
  • If you mess up that is okay!!!! Going vegan is about doing your best and doing what you can, we all have days that are hard or that we mess up, no point getting down about it!