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Never known for modesty, Marc said “I picked The Damned to tour with me because I wanted to put the best of the established bands against the best of the new wave bands, so we’ll see who can out-punk the other every night” (source: interview with Phillip Crawley published in The Journal, March 18, 1977). In another interview he claimed that he picked The Damned to tour with them because Captain Sensible had the good taste to wear a T Rex t-shirt. Pictured: Marc with Dave Vanian of The Damned, 1977.


Dean Ambrose/OC- Reader skeptically asked Dean a question. He took it very serious.

Warnings- Overstimulation(like alot), Spanking, a slight daddy kink, praise kink.

Hey anon hope you like this because I do.

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Today I woke later than I normally do. The window in the bedroom was open so a cool breeze could roll in. The warm sun on my skin made me even hotter as I was blushing thinking about all the things Dean and I did last night. When we have sex its usually rushed and a lot of faint “I love yous” are said. But last night was different, Dean made love to me. He went slow and roamed every part of my body. It was a completely different feel but today I want something different.

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Tour Diary: The 1975 in Allen (15.4.17)

A ridiculously long post documenting my experience seeing this band again. It took place at the Allen Event Center, with the openers Colouring and Pale Waves. This is the first show on their last US tour before breaking for album three, and I think it was the best show I’ve been to yet. 

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Break My Heart - Part 4 (Baekhyun x Reader)

Summary:I wanna feel the pain; I wanna see the light.” Y/N has been going to Oh Sehun for years for therapy. She’s just started her first year of university, and hasn’t made any friends yet– not that she wants Sehun to know. After confusing the time of her therapy appointment, Y/N is forced to reschedule as Sehun’s last appointment of the night. What happens when she runs into Sehun’s ride in the waiting room while her therapist collects his bag for the night? And what the hell is this boy thinking when he grabs her hand, looks into her eyes, and asks her earnestly to break his heart? (Inspired by American pop-punk band Hey Violet’s “Break My Heart.”)

Warnings: smut, cursing, co-erced romance, college

Word count: 3,605

A/N: WOOOHOOOOOOOO Part 4 is out! Follow or ask to be tagged for updates, or you can subscribe to the fic on AO3, where I’m listed as MelWinchester/PichiWrites. Notes and reblogs help me out ever so much! Love love love <3 (gif not mine). Remember- comments are good karma !

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5sos Rant / /

After watching the music video for Jet Black Heart I feel like this needs to be said. 5sos are by far one of the most under appreciated bands of this generation. I get that they have a lot of fans and many people love them, but often they are targeted as being just another “boy band”. No one seems to realize or talk enough about how revolutionary Sounds Good Feels Good is. They wrote songs for this album that people can connect to. They are building a deeper emotional connection between themselves and the people around the world who continue to support them. This new music video is a prime example of that. It’s such a simple idea but it means so much to so many people, from the song and the lyrics to just the video itself. Not to mention they are not afraid of being diverse, like many people in the music industry. They aren’t even trying to take a stand, it’s just who they are. They didn’t just feature fans of one variety. They showed people of different race, culture, religion, and gender. They wanted a video that would be made specifically for their fans not just themselves. Their new album doesn’t exclude anyone and it exists primarily for us. People are so quick to base them off of their old songs, rumors, and the way they look. But their new music holds so much meaning. It breaks hearts, unites people, makes us think twice about who we are. Most importantly, it makes us feel as though we aren’t alone. Ever since they released She’s Kinda Hot, they have created an entire movement for us called The New Broken Scene. They are trying to bring us together and show us that it’s okay to not be okay. I’ve seen people say that She’s Kinda Hot is sexist (bc of the title) but they’ve missed the entire point. That song is about society’s standards and how it’s okay that you don’t reach them, it has nothing to do with a girls appearance. It’s about accepting yourself, mental illness and all. They are starting a movement, a fucking revolution, and they want to make sure that the fans are a huge part of that. Even going back to their old songs and music videos, like Good Girls. Yes it’s a catchy pop song, but think of the music video and idea behind it. The video shows girls of different looks, cultures, and backgrounds coming together to break the standards forced upon the female gender and saying that there isn’t any rule book for how a girl should or shouldn’t act. There is no such thing as a good girl because a girl can do or be whatever she wants to be, and that’s the message they showed. Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton didn’t all grow up in some high end neighborhood and they’ve admitted to, in a way, using music as an escape. They’ve all had their own personal struggles growing up and they’ve all reached a point in their lives where they were rock bottom. But they will always have music. Hell, they dropped out of high school for this fucking band. They put their heart and souls into everything they do for 5sos. Not to mention Ashton spent a good portion of his life depressed and dealing with self harm and possibly even suicidal, but just look at who he is today and everything he’s achieved. He got himself out of a dark hole and he took his own life back into his own hands all because of the band and music and the support he received from fans. They care so fucking much and people need to appreciate what they’ve done and what they’ve overcome, whether they like their music or not. Sounds Good Feels Good is so much more than what people make it out to be. Each individual song tells countless stories but each one comes together to create something beautiful. It’s a fucking art form and I’m so happy that this band exists. They are changing the music industry but no one pays enough attention. No one sees how god damn revolutionary this is.

- Maria

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That Time I Thought I Could Resist Touching Myself Reading 30 Smut Fics In A Row

I decided to write y’all a little story!

So for those that didn’t see my ask, the other day I challenged myself to read every single smut fic on this blog — yes, there’s currently fucking thirty of them — without touching myself. Toni said she wanted to know how I handled it, and here I am!

Here’s how it went… please, feel free to tag this as something or even write an imagine based off it, I would love for all your followers to enjoy this challenge of mine for many months to come. ;-)

The first smut imagine written on this blog was a Taylor Momsen one, and I can’t say I’m very attracted to her, so I managed okay. I was actually pretty good with the first ten in general, since I was doing other things on the laptop; on Tumblr, Twitter, checking email, doing a bit of homework, etc. 

Then, I started to get a little horny reading No More Missed Calls. It was nothing too bad, just a feeling, so I figured I could handle it. 

By that point though, I stopped paying attention to everything else I was doing, and just kept reading and reading. I was getting really turned on, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

Fangirl Dot Com was one that I’d read before, and it was really funny, a nice little change. It made the horny feeling more obvious though, and I struggled to ignore it through the next couple of stories. 

But, I had real trouble when I reached Wait For Me. It made me squirm a little, and I felt my panties start to get a bit damp. I kept reading, and the deeper into the porn I got, the worse it was. I could feel myself leaking juices, and my lips felt like they were swelling. I was squirming sitting on my bed even more, and my underwear felt close to getting wet right through. I tried to press down against the mattress for some relief, but it only made me worse. By the end, my clit had started to tingle and throb, and I was biting my lip so hard. But I resisted, and continued reading.

When I got to Backseat Serenade, the squirming got worse and I’d crossed my legs together tightly. To try and ignore the feeling or to give my pussy some kind of pressure, I don’t know. What I did know was, by this point in any other situation, I would have been happily massaging my clit and whimpering in pleasure. Instead, I sat in place and kept reading, face screwed up as I tried to ignore the fact that I was still leaking juices, and I was probably going to wet through my pants soon.

I was close to giving up for real though, when I hit A Sound Like Laughter. Another one I had read already, but Tay is my fave. She’s so hot, seriously, I just… yum. She makes me so wet. That imagine definitely got me dampening my jeans right through, if I hadn’t already. I knew it was a bad idea, but I thought it would be okay just to slip them off… I undid them in a hurry before remembering I wasn’t allowed to actually touch myself when they were off. I changed position instead, sitting back comfortably against a bunch of pillows. To give you a picture, at this point I was only wearing my ankle socks, little grey briefs with a blue waistband, and a blue star on the right hip — and yeah, it was really easy to see how badly I’d soaked them because of the frickin’ grey material — and a long-sleeved red/black plaid shirt that I decided to unbutton. My bra was a plain pale blue too. 

I still resisted, somehow, and trudged on to the next imagine.

I was doing okay, until I got to Shh… It absolutely slayed me. I love teasing in public, or just teasing in general, and I swear my panties were absolutely dripping from how bad I was leaking, it looked like I’d frickin’ wet myself or something. My clit was throbbing so badly, my hips kept twitching upwards slightly as if beckoning for my hand to relieve myself. While reading it, I thought, maybe playing with my nipples wouldn’t count. So I started to gently press and pinch at them through my bra, even though all it did was make me even more horny. God, I was so desperate to make myself cum. Not even just masturbate any more, I just wanted to cum so, so badly. And to think that I could but I was making myself wait… it was torture. My pussy just kept giving out more juices in protest and I think I actually moaned from discomfort. 

Unexpected Guest… so good. It made me spread my legs and touch my pussy very gently through my soaked panties, assessing the damage. Fuck, I was horny. But I promised myself I could make it. I was almost at the end. 

But then, it all went downhill at Dinner Date. I lost it. I love teasing so much, and I could feel how much I needed to relieve myself all over. I felt shaky and my stomach was churning and my pussy just felt… I don’t even know. It was all a bit hazy. One minute, I was soldiering on through, and the next, I couldn’t take it another second. 

I pressed my fingers hard against my clit through my panties and rubbed like I’d never get to do it again, and I squeaked at what a shock it was. So fucking good to give in to what I needed so desperately. 

It didn’t take long for me to have kicked off my panties and start fingering myself, an obscene wet sound filling the room as I fucked my pussy with my fingers as fast as I could, juices pouring free. I half paid attention to the final couple of imagines, biting hard on my lip throughout as I slowed my fingers to at least hold in my orgasm until I was done with all thirty stories. When I was, I shoved the laptop away and went back to finger-fucking myself as hard as I could, my other hand stroking my clit in tight circles. 

I felt my stomach begin to clench, and my legs start to lock in place, and there was a familiar urge to push deep inside my body. I quickly removed my fingers and kept rubbing my wet clit, moaning quietly. The urge to push got stronger and I held it all in for as long as I could, even though I was right on the brink, ready to cum… and finally, I let it all go.

I started to cum, and with a loud grunt, I pushed, and started squirting. I let out a lot of high-pitched whimpers and whines as I came. It just never seemed to stop. It happened in short bursts, little squirts of liquid arcing out in a quick gush, then stopping, then arcing out again, then stopping. I think I let out about ten squirts before I got a continuous little stream for the eleventh one, pouring out of me and slowly dying down to a brief spray, then a trickle, and I was empty. I slumped into the bed with a breathy moan, panting, and I’ve never felt so relieved or satisfied. I lay there for ages before I had to get up and clean myself, as well as the bed. 

But damn, I squirted so much! It felt sooo good to get it all out like that. 

In short, I lost the challenge… but I had a lot of fun doing it. ;-)

Love ya! Hope you enjoyed reading about my challenge. xoxo

My heart lit-rally hurts right now thinking about the Parks and Recreation finale. I know that’s silly… It’s a television show. And even though I have gotten emotional during plenty of series finales (don’t even talk to me about The Office, Friends, or Lost), this one is different. I feel like this show is a part of me. Like it aired during the perfect time in my life, taught me things I didn’t know mattered, made me laugh during hard times, and helped me grow. While I can’t even begin to list my favorite episodes, one liners, reoccurring characters, or waffle cameos, I can tell you what I’ve learned from Pawnee.

1. Trust yourself. 
The answer is in front of you, just trust yourself to make the decision. 

2. Work hard, but keep it in perspective. 
Leslie is a freaking boss but she knows what she needs to keep her going. 

3. Listen and be thoughtful.
Galentine’s Day. Watch Synchronization Day. Monica & Rachel Day.

4. Being a strong, independent, and passionate woman is something to be incredibly proud of.
Almost equally important is to surround yourself with people who celebrate those qualities, not try to bring them down. 

5. Defend yourself, but apologize when necessary.
I think it’s really beautiful how each person from the group doesn’t take any bullshit. But they always swallow their pride and apologize when they need to. 

6. Ovaries before brovaries.

7. Be nice.
“Nice” and “band.” That’s it. 

8. Challenge the system. 

9. Be selfless and always help who you love. 
Oh god… the scene where everybody volunteers to help with Leslie’s campaign and tells her their titles. SO. MANY. TEARS. 

10. When it comes to love, rules be damned.  
“I care about him very much, and I’ve had 2 ½ glasses of red wine, and what that means is I’m gonna go make out with him right now, and it’s gonna be awesome." 

11. There is no shame in being completely, unapologetically, overly excited.
I stole all of my excited dance moves from Leslie Knope. 

12. Treat yo self. 
Fine leather goods. 

13. Food is great. So is alcohol. Again, no shame. 
The best scenes always either involved food or everyone being hammered. 

14. Know what you’re about, son. 

15. Never half ass two things. Whole ass one thing. 
About a year ago I was in a pretty rough spot and had some serious soul searching to do. I re-watched this episode and everything became totally clear. I made necessary decisions and moved forward, all while Ron Swanson sang this tune in my head. 

Thank you, Pawnee. Seriously. Thanks. 

Ok I lied it ended up being pretty smutty but fuck it, I enjoy writing them, if you guys have any requests let me know and if you want them shorter then I can do that. I found this one pretty fun to write so hope you like it. Leave requests if you wanna :*

The Tour

Standing backstage I watched Brendon work the crowd, he’d already done one backflip and his shirt was off, sweat covering his body. Being in Panic’s backup band had been a blast, I felt almost disappointed that this was the last show, spending time with Brendon has been the best part, his cute vines and stupid jokes followed up with a goofy smile. I couldn’t help but feel saddened by the thought of not waking up to his singing in the hotel room next door, but the fact the he’d hinted at me staying in LA after the show gave me butterflies. I leant on a beam backstage as he pranced about performing Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time this was the signal to us that meant there was only 1 song left: Miss Jackson… the one I performed in too.

“You ready Y/N?” The backstage manager asked handing me a mic and checking my earpiece, nodding a response I still couldn’t seem to tear my eyes away from Brendon.

“So guys its our last show of night!” Brendon said with a sad smile on his face. “Shall we make it a good one?” The crowd roared with excitement, hands in the air and screaming girls everywhere, at Brendon’s signal the band began to play the opening to Miss Jackson quietly. “I’d like to welcome a very special friend of mine to the stage… the amazing miss Y/N!” with that I ran out onto the stage and began singing my part of the song, the crowd was electric, they were lapping up the theatre of it all. Brendon was working to crowd to perfection it wasn’t until he grabbed me and pulled me against him holding me in front of him and dancing, I danced along, feeling something poking me in the back, I couldn’t quite tell if it was his belt buckle or not, but truthfully, I didn’t care.

“Well guys that’s it! You’ve been a fucking awesome last show!” He yelled out to the crowd they, before long they started screaming for an encore.

“Guys I love you all, see you soon LA.” I said waving my arms up and hugging Brendon quickly lowering my mic to speak to him. “I’ll leave the encore to you.” I gave him a smile before going to walk off stage.

“You’re staying right here!” He grabbed my arm and pulled me back, sitting me on top of an amp as The Death of a Bachelor started to play, he started singing, all slick and sexy, winking and biting his lip at the audience but mainly at me, I blushed, god he was turning me into a flustered teenage girl on stage. He pulled me up and began twirling me round during the instrumental, pulling me close by my waist singing directly too me, I was a giggling wreck by the end of the song.

“Great show Brendon.” I mumbled to him off mic as the song ended, he grinned and hugged me before turning to the audience.

“You’ve been amazing LA, thanks guys and goodnight!” He bellowed pulling me into a bow before the lights cut and we headed off stage. “C’mon I’ve got a bottle of champagne in my dressing room.” I was dragged away before I could protest being lead to the dressing room where all the crew were already waiting pouring glasses ready to share out, Brendon took one and raised his glass up. “This has been a crazy 6 months, I’m so proud of us all and Y/N you’ve been amazing. Cheers guys.” Everyone clinked glasses and Brendon gave me a playful wink, coming over to me as everyone started chatting. “And before you guys ask me to go out drinking, that’s tomorrow, I wanna smoke and sleep.” He joked as he reached me.

“This tour really has been awesome Brendon. Thanks for giving me the chance to do this.” I held back from gushing too much, it was already obvious I had it bad for him.

“You deserve it, you and your band are good enough to get this chance.” He gave me another hug, pulling me in by my waist, lower than before, I shuddered a little at his little touches on me. We spent a few hours in the dressing room, mingling and drinking, I couldn’t wait to get back to my hotel and relax, I was sure as hell glad that I didn’t have to get up in the morning. I threw on some sweat pants and a t-shirt and crashed onto my bed, god I was exhausted, this had been so fun but damn the touring had taken its toll, I had been relaxing for about half hour when I heard the door to my hotel room door knock. Padding through my hotel room I peeked through the peep hole… Oh. My. God… NO! Brendon stood waiting outside the door, no, no, no, look at me! I sprinted to the bathroom and did what I could with my hair and threw on a slightly tighter tank top, oh this will have to do, I gave up and ran to the door, swinging it open.

“Hey…” I mumbled shyly, his eyes seemed to glance down me before meeting my eyes, he was in jeans but he was shirtless, god why shirtless, I didn’t need any more distracting. “Do you ever wear a shirt?”

“Umm nope… mind if I come in?” I nodded and he came strutting in, he had a joint rolled and behind his ear, no surprise there, he clearly noticed me looking as he cleared his throat. “Sorry… I can get leave it in my room if you want.”

“No, its okay, wanna go on the balcony and smoke it?” trying to act as confident as I could in front of him, his eyebrows raised a little.

“Since when were you a little rebel.” He teased heading over to the balcony doors, “alright we’ll smoke it on the balcony. We headed out and he sparked it up taking a long drag and throwing his head back as he breathed in. “Have you ever smoked it before?” He asked exhaling and leaning on the railings.

“No, I’d try it though.” I grinned a little, he bit his lip and watched me.

“Ok… but I won’t give you this, close your eyes, and breathe in when you feel me breathe out.” Encouraging me he stepped a little closer to me taking another long drag. “Close your eyes then.” My eyes closed slowly, what was he up to? I heard him take a pull and stood waiting expectantly, all of a sudden I felt his lips on mine and his breath on them I breathed in like he said, did he just moan? God this was hot. Without warning I started spluttering and coughing, leaning on the balcony as Brendon laughed a little.

“Jesus Brendon how do you smoke this so much.” Joking around as I spluttered more, his laughs filling my ears, he jolted as I punched his leg, playing around of course, “Dick…”

“A lot of practise, stand up straight… it helps the cough.” I felt myself get hoisted upright, he went silent, biting his lip a little, before pulling me inside. Before I had the chance to argue, Brendon pulled me into his arms, his eyes raging at me. “God you’re so sexy.” He practically groaned into my ear, without permission he started kissing my neck, biting as his tongue darted out against my flesh.

“Wha… Brendon… what’s gotten into you?” I moaned a little, feeling gripping hands on my waist and hips, it was like he was possessed.

“Shhhh, you can’t tell me you don’t want this, I’ve spent six months watching you prance about that stage and god I can’t fucking stand it anymore.” With that he gripped my thighs and hoisted me up into his arms, practically throwing me on the bed. “And then dancing with you today, I’ve got to feel your body. Don’t you want me?” He suddenly backed off, hesitation catching up with him.

“What? No it’s not that… it’s just… unexpected.” Looking up at him from the bed I blushed a little. “I… I do want you.” Jesus I could barely speak what did this man turn me into? A devilish glint burned into those brown eyes of his, flicking that jet black hair out of his face he practically jumped on me, I felt like his prey, his eyes were wild and fiery staring at me. He started another assault on my neck, moving up my jawline and behind my ear, his hand slipped downwards and over my sweatpants, pressing down. “Uhhh… shit, Brendon.” I gasped out at the pressure my back arching upwards towards him, how was such a tiny touch driving me so crazy? Moaning only seemed to spur him on more as next thing he was kissing me, he was demanding and made sure I knew who was boss straight away, he pulled away pulling my lip between his teeth as he did. His hands yanked of my sweat pants off and pulled my panties off soon after.

“Get here.” He ordered, yanking me up and pulling my shirt off of me, pushing me back down on the bed. “Fuck Y/N, I’ve wanted you so bad since day one.” Sat looking at me for a minute his fingers tracing over my stomach and thighs biting his lip in that way at me, I was so wet even I was starting to get impatient, my head back moaning to his touch. He leant back over me and pulled my back up so he could unclasp my bra, unsurprisingly he did that with ease too, he threw that on the floor too, kissing my neck as be pushed his own sweat pants and boxers off. His hand slid between my legs, fingers pushing inside a little. “Is this all for me?” He whispered, his voice so deep and husky my hairs stood on end. “Do you want me?” He growled, rubbing the tip of his cock against me.

“Yes…” I breathed out barely able to speak I couldn’t handle this, I couldn’t see how big it was but I didn’t need to.

“Ask nicely…” Teasing me with every move, one hand holding himself up the other rubbing himself against me.

“Please.” I groaned and arched my back, I barely got a chance to say another word before I felt him grip my hip and slam into me, I yelled out in pleasure, my hands finding his back to grip on to. He didn’t allow me any time to adjust, just started on a powerful rhythm, his fingers digging into my hip as he moved.

“Ah fuck baby you’re so tight.” He moaned out throwing his head back in pleasure, my head was spinning, I couldn’t take this for very long I felt my stomach tightening already, coiling like a spring. He kept his rhythm, he was most definitely a demanding lover, he wanted to be in control and he didn’t make any attempt to pretend either. His free hand lifted and gripped the headboard to the hotel room bed, he used the new leverage to start thrusting harder, gripping my leg and lifting it. He hit my gspot every thrust without fail, groaning and growling into my ears, I shuddered at the sound, my body rapidly turning to jelly under him. “Uhhhh Y/N, you feel so fucking good, say my name baby.”

“Brendon…” I half screamed, he let go of the headboard and propped himself over me, kissing me hard, moaning into my mouth and keeping his fast, hard pace going. “Brendon I… can’t hold on much longer.” I whimpered, my body tightening around him, he was driving me insane and he knew it.

“Cum for me.” His husky, turned on voice filled my ears sending me spinning into an orgasm, riding it out as I yelled his name and writhed under him. His moans started getting louder, his thrusts getting sloppier, I could tell he couldn’t hold out much longer. He was revelling in the pleasure he was giving me, head thrown back, mouth open and breathing heavy, his hips pounding against me, sweat coating his forehead. “Fuck I’m so close.” He groaned, giving one last, hard burst, taking long and powerful thrusts making sure I could feel every part of him.

“Brendon!” I screamed out in pleasure as he set of another orgasm in me, I was a mess trembling and writhing underneath him.

“Fuck Y/N!” He moaned loudly as he finally reached his release, riding out both our orgasms before collapsing on top of me. His breath heavy and laboured in my ears, his pulled out and flopped on the bed beside me. “Jesus…” I couldn’t even muster the words I was too shaky.

“Wow…” Was all I could manage, he pulled me onto his chest, kissing my head softly.

“I’ve wanted that for so long.” He whispered stroking my hair.

“Just that?” I asked going shy, a little worried that was all he wanted.

“No! Not just that, but THAT is definitely a bonus.” He gave me a long, soft, drawn out kiss, pulling me closer on the bed, fuck the tour, if I could have this I didn’t care about any of it.

Undercover Martyn (Coming Soon)

You hid there last time, you know we’re gonna find you

Sick in the car seat, ‘cause you’re not up to going

Out on the main streets, completing your mission

Theodora Vega was good at a lot of things, though socializing wasn’t one of them. So when Harry Styles was perfectly content with being cooped up at her flat and having a How I Met Your Mother marathon, Theo was more than willing to share a cuppa with England’s Golden Boy. As for Harry, he just wants her to talk.

In a world where Perrie and Zayn never broke up but Zayn still leaves the god damn band anyway, this is a story of binge-watching, facetime, and a whole lot of singing.

Undercover Martyn: coming soon

anonymous asked:

I looked at the Stray Kids video and my god was that a good song but why does one of them sound like he's been through puberty 3 times and each time his voice dropped more? It sounds so nice damn (and I'm also a 01 liner so it's nice to see that there's new bands where it ain't weird to ship myself with them)

They blew me away like !!!!! I NEED ALL OF THEM TO DEBUT!!! They’re voices I’m deceased
I adopted all 9 of them tbh I feel you so much bro💘

Zayn Smut: Psychology, Cake, and Sex

Requested by: weareforevermrsmalik Enjoy ;)

The news floating around the halls, streets, classes and even teacher lounges was that there was a new staff member in the school and he went by the name of Mr. Zayn Malik.

Boys were desperate for the attention of the girls to be brought back to them but unfortunately that wouldn’t happen any time soon, and definitely not for you.

Your best friends had learned his morning schedule, where he liked to eat and where he shopped at.

“You guys are borderline stalkers. That’s not healthy.”

The one particularly interested in the hot teacher spoke up first, “No we’re not! We’re just very eager to know more about him,” you rolled your eyes.

Sure, he owned your ass as much as the other girl, but you weren’t going to be blatant about it.

“What, you wouldn’t mind having him whisper in your ear, ‘I wanna fuck you?” if not, you’re definitely not straight.”

You packed your bags, still picturing the moment in your mind, “Okay well, I’m off to Psych.”

“What type?”

“Something about Freud and Sexuality. It was the only free class I could fit in.”

All the girls started laughing, “What?”

“That’s his specialty. You’re the luckiest Y/N! Try having sex with him if you can and let us know how big-”

You flipped them off and walked to class wondering if you could ever look at Mr. Zayn without thinking about his dick or sex.


“‘Morning everyone! I’m professor Malik but I’d much rather be called Mr. Zayn, as you probably know from other students. This class will be either very interesting or very awkward. I’m assuming since you’re here that you’re mature enough to talk about sexuality openly and intelligently.”

“Or they’re just here for you.”

Mr. Malik turned to where the voice came from and spotted you, “Ms.?”


He cleared his voice, “Ms. Y/N, do you have a question?”

“No- not really- I made a comment.” Students turned to look at you as if you had just rapped in German.

“What comment is that?” Mr. Zayn was rolling up his sleeves but keeping eye contact with you.

“Just that some girls aren’t here for the class but for ulterior motives.”

His curious face remained unchanged although you could swear you saw the corner of his mouth curve for a brief moment.

“I’d love to discuss that but time is running out and I have to go over the syllabus If you’d like to further that comment I’ll be here for an hour later.”

You nodded and continued doodling on your hand because going over the syllabus seemed like a bigger waste of time even compared to discussing about how big he was.

Mr. Zayn did look like he was in the wrong job though, sometimes you’d stare at him and forget he wasn’t meant to be looked at, but rather heard. Along with his gifted body, his handwriting proved to be just as much of a gift since the board was decorated in cursive and curved underlined words.

“Class is dismissed now, and have some of that vanilla cake for me guys, I heard it’s a delicacy here. Ms. Y/N, I’m free to talk.”

Actually, you really wanted the dessert but you did owe Mr. Zayn an answer for the disruption. The giggling girls and insecure boys flowed out the room.

“I heard your comment earlier. Are you one of those students? Here for me and not the class?”

You stared at him. “Sorry to deflate your ego Mr. Zayn but I’m here for credits not a perfectly shaped arse or face. Are we done here? I’d like to get some cake.”

Zayn smiled, “I really don’t want you in my class Ms. Y/N,” you stopped walking to the door and looked at him in disbelief.

“Excuse me?”

“I- I don’t know if you feel it, but there’s a connection and as Freud says, this could be of a sexual nature and if you are my student, I- or we- can’t give into it.”

Your mind was whirling and all of a sudden Vanilla cake didn’t seem as appealing as Zayn licking his lips and talking about sex.

“If I drop the class we can give into it?” you needed to make sure he wasn’t just trying to ruin your schedule for a fake sex offer.


“Even now?” you got closer to him and noticed that in his perfect face his eyebrows were still not perfectly shaped but equally attractive as well as his fudge colored eyes.

“Even now.”

In that moment you realized you had a duty to your friends and to your sanity: you had to have sex with him.

“Then I’ll drop it. How about in exchange, you drop your pants?”

Even through his dark jeans you could see the tightness of the material as you spoke and pushed loose strands of tar colored hair out of his face.

“How about you help me and I do this,” he moved your hair out of your neck, making it fall on the opposite side, and started leaving kisses all along the curve. It made it impossible to focus on his belt and zipper but maybe muscle memory helped you out in this case and the items were dropped.

His briefs were still on but that left little room to the imagination since his boner was prominent.

“Do you often fuck girls on the first day of classes?“ you asked pressing your bra-less chest against his, so he could feel the fullness and perkiness of it all.

“That depends, do you often fuck hot teachers?”

“You’re the first one so far, I’ll let you know.” you bit his lower lip slightly and pulled almost in sync with his next kiss that missed your mouth but caught your chin.

“You’re something else Y/N, you know that?”

By then you had pulled away from him and pranced in your underwear towards the windows where there was a bigger chance of being caught, and closing the shutters so that the sun now reflected in stripes against Zayn’s tattooed chest.
 Somehow you weren’t surprised at the discovery.

“C’mere. I wanna touch you.” he asked with a slightly raspy low voice. The act seemed intimate for just two people in lust after each other yet you allowed him to touch you.

His hands were rough against your silky skin. He traced your stomach and made his way up to cup your breast, molding them like clay for a bit but eventually reaching your shoulders.

“Turn around.” he asked so you did, although you weren’t convinced. He pressed his back against you, and whispered, “Feel that? Do you want it?” his boxers were still on but you could still feel the tip pressing against your thin panties.

“Yes Mr. Malik.” he slapped the underwear band against your back and pulled them down.

“Yeah? How about now?” he was pressing his dick almost inside your entrance except for the damn boxers.

“God yes, please fuck me.” He chuckled and got rid of his undergarment.

“Yeah I’ll fuck you. I’ll fuck you good.”

He put his arms around your waist and moved his hips upwards from behind. You felt him fill you up immediately and it seemed like there was no space for him to continue. You couldn’t see his face but you could feel his breath against your shoulder and it was like a summer breeze.

“Zayn, I don’t- I don’t know if I can-” He bit on the skin on your shoulder making you moan and relax under his touch.

“It’s been done. You can do it. You can take my cock, can’t you?”

The word in his mouth sounded so inviting you had to take it.


he smiled and slapped his skin against yours again digging deeper in you.

“See? We’re halfway there.” Halfway?? You held on to the desk like a life line.

Zayn slammed in again and a few more times until he reached spots you could never reach or any guy could. Only Zayn’s massive dick and ego could.

“Right there.” he mused against your ear as he found the sweet spot that almost made your legs shake.

“You like it there?” He asked not needing an answer but which you gave, “Yes- yes again-”

So he rammed again and again filling you up each time and leaving you miss the lack of him as if he belonged there and nowhere else. Your body had become used to it and couldn’t do without it for another second.

“Y/N, you’re so good. You feel so good. Fuck…”

He was holding your hips in place and pressing his fingertips so hard against the skin that you were sure to have marks the next day. His breath accelerated and soon you were finished. You let out his name one last time and found support on the desk.

“I’m com-” and the rest of the words were incomprehensible.

His hard chest pressed against your back and the sweat dripped down your back.

“What’s your room number again?” he asked searching for his pants and giving you one last glance at his magnificent behind.

“I never gave it.” he pulled his pants up and slid his baby blue shirt on.

“Get me a slice of that cake and I might consider giving it.”


Your room was still pretty bare, but you had just moved back in and had a whole year to make it yours again when a knock sounded.

“Did he sex you? How well?” questions bombarded you but you weren’t sure if to tell the truth. You liked the secret but your friends did predict the outcome.

“Yeah he’s fucking big. I swear I didn’t think I’d make it.”

The girls squealed and after a few more details left the room full of juicy gossip.

About ten minutes later the door opened and a man with a white cake showed up, “You might not tell me where to find you but plenty of other girls will.” he slid in and closed the door.

“I brought you cake.”

“I can see that. But why? You got my room number.”

“Maybe I’m interested in the girl more than cake and sex.”

So it happened that in room 224 West Cherry Hall a teacher and a student started a not so subtle affair.

Save Me - Chapter 6

As we pulled up to the Four Seasons, I immediately saw a rather large group of girls holding 30STM signs and being barely held back by barricades. Did this m an what I think it means? No way…could I be THAT lucky?!

“Good Afternoon, Checking in?”

I had never seen valet move so fast. They were definitely under strict orders. If you weren’t behind those barriers, or you could confirm you were staying at the hotel, you were promptly escorted to where you could stand. Behind the barrier. It was the most security I had ever seen.

“I am. Last name is Abbott staying for 3 nights.”

Checking in went smooth and the bags were delivered to our room quickly so we decided to grab lunch at the hotel. I couldn’t get anyone from the hotel to confirm whether or not the band was actually staying at our hotel or not. Did I look like some psycho fangirl or something?! Nah…

The girls were so excited they were practically vibrating. We needed to be at the venue in 2 hours so we ate quickly. As we were leaving Mackenzie said she overheard the waitresses gossiping. The entire band was staying at the hotel, Jared had just finished lunch and left a few minutes before we arrived. Damn, a near miss! Still, I couldn’t have planned this better, I gave myself a little pat on the back…thank god I chose this hotel!!

We ran back to the room and changed. Everyone got ready fast, including me. Lily, not so quick. She was taking her sweet ass time and getting her sisters in a tizzy. I should have expected it since she really seemed to enjoy irritating her sisters. As much as I said I wasn’t going bribe her for good behavior, I did. I couldn’t help myself, I hate conflict! At least I made it about 6 hours.

“What do I need to do to get you to cooperate?” I was met with silence. Ugh, this kid!

“Lily, answer me. We don’t have all day.”

“Wait, I’m thinkin’. I want to make sure it’s something I really, really want…”

“10, 9, 8..” I said, rolling my eyes. I may just kill her.

“Okay, okay! Can I have a new Shannon tee shirt for the concert? I promise I’ll be a good girl for the rest of the night.” she said in her sweetest voice.

“Fine. As soon as we get to the venue, we’ll get you a tee-shirt.”

“It has to have Shannon on it! Then I pinky promise to be good.” Lily said

She was lying, no doubt in my mind. At this point, I would give her just about anything to get her moving and she knew it. Damn. Outsmarted already.

Richonne Marriage Proposal Headcanon

It’s the zombie apocalypse and times are tough - especially now with Negan around - but Rick Grimes is a good ol’ country boy tried and true, and God be damned if he doesn’t tie the knot and marry Michonne properly, one way or the other.

But, as its just been said, times are tough, and so Rick somehow getting his hands on two matching wedding bands is definitely out of the picture. Besides, Rick kept that old finger-fitted symbol of love and marriage in his back pocket for years as a constant reminder of Lori, using his wedding ring as an anchor to hold him in the past for far too long.

With Michonne, things would be different. Weightless. They hardly ever needed words to communicate, and they certainly didn’t need any old-world jewelry to communicate to the world what they meant to each other. The world could see that already, with everything as is.

But Rick was still gonna do it. He just was. It was in his blood, a necessity, something from Before that had stuck with him. And to do it, he wasn’t going to use anything other than his own two hands. Right here on this bed. Their bed.

“Michonne,” Rick asks, suddenly getting down on one knee in front of her as Michonne suspiciously follows him along with only her eyes, having been taken totally by surprise and still feeling a bit worried, being as she’s never seen Rick look this nervous before. They were fine just a second ago - talking, snuggling, the usual. What had gotten into him?

“Yes … ?”

“Will you marry me?” Rick’s confidence comes back with those four simple words, four words that sound so easy and right in his mouth. 

Girlfriend and boyfriend just weren’t good enough words to sum up what these two were to each other, what they meant to each other. Husband and wife probably weren’t good enough, either, but hey - at least it was a start.

Michonne laughs as Rick flatly holds out one hand, palm up, before making a little circle with the thumb and forefinger of his other hand which he places on top: the box and the ring.

Then she sees the worry start to creep back into his face, as she suddenly realizes that she still hasn’t given him an answer yet, and nods her head in quick and rapid succession. 

“I thought you’d never ask,” she says in confirmation, and everything about them appears giddy in that moment: Rick’s smile, Michonne’s laughter, the way he slides his makeshift ring onto her finger before she does the same for him. 

“Mr. and Mrs. Grimes,” Rick laughs, quite frankly feeling as if all was right in the world, even though that was probably the farthest thing from the truth. “And we didn’t even need Father Gabriel to do it.”

allegro -

Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate ♪
▸ Perfect – One Direction

AU: Musician
Pairing: Aomine x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 1911 words
A/N: Flirtymine is what I live for.
WARNING(S): Mentions of alcohol

You high fived your bandmate as you moved off the stage, sweat soaking your t-shirt through and through. It had been an exhausting set but it was fucking worth it. You had performed in one a biggest clubs in town. Lots of musicians were founded in this very place and that sent thrills down your spine. The adrenaline that had been coursing fast through your veins quickly disappeared when you hear the voice of a man you wished would just go away.

“Heh, guess I have to clean up your mess again, huh?”

The rest of your band turned to find members of Miracle Dive, an up and coming band that was also your biggest rival. You glared at their lead vocalist and guitarist, Aomine Daiki. Arrogant asshole needed to deflate his ego before you whipped his ass.

“You better perform well or you’ll be cleaning up tomatoes by the end of the night,” you fluttered your eyelashes sarcastically with a smile.

“Unlikely,” Aomine stepped up to you.

It wasn’t that you hated their band. You just hated how pompous their leader was. Him with his dumb smirk and that dumb hair and that dumb hot body and those gorgeous pair of eyes — goddammit, no. You weren’t about to turn into one of his groupies. So you decided to ignore him. You threw your arms over your bandmates’ shoulders and grinned, “Let’s celebrate our success, kids.”

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Stormlight Archive Noir, Chapter 1

ok this is chapter 1 of this big thing, i have more planned and a bit more written but marching band has been kicking my ass so here’s what i’ve got. also it doesn’t have a title yet

It’s raining. It’s not a good, strong rain with conviction behind it; it’s weak rain, the kind that gets on your nerves. It patters lamely on the roof and on the windows, and altogether makes you feel miserable and vaguely pissed at everything and nothing, but especially the god damn rain.

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Shit Abbey Says (Part Deux)

❝ You start telling people ‘eat my ass’ one too many times and people start putting labels on you. ❞
❝ Look at me. I’m the kinda person who would steal candy from babies. ❞
❝ I yell and cry a lot. It’s just who I am. ❞
❝ I love being illegal! Break the law, kiss my ass! ❞
❝ Fuck Sundays! ❞
❝ I will cut EVERY bitch over french fries! ❞
❝ I will fuck every speed limit. ❞
❝ Look, it’s my hoe! ❞
❝ I’m not touching that thing, it’s too fucking big. ❞
❝ You’re literally a congested muppet. ❞
❝ I am a sad shit. ❞
❝ I love flowers and birds and shit. ❞
❝ Who is this sad man? ❞
❝ I was so hungry, I could have eaten a human. ❞
❝ Burger King’s open cause Burger King’s not a fucker! ❞
❝ I do not eat ass. I am a holy person who loves God. ❞
❝ Go the fuck to sleep! It’s 11:27, you old fuckers! ❞
❝ I love him but sometimes I wanna kill him. ❞
❝ I am one walking talking shit-post. ❞
❝ We’ve been friends for awhile. Satan’s my buddy. ❞
❝ Fuck you for lookin’ so god damn good. ❞
❝ I’m mentally tickling you right now. ❞
❝ My ass is ticklish. ❞
❝ That’s me! An asexual disciple of the Lord! ❞
❝ You know I’m a slut for fuckin juice. ❞
❝ I don’t want people to know I’m a loud swallower. ❞
❝ Every day of my life is just wreckage. ❞
❝ I find I am an asexual disciple of Satan. ❞
❝ 'Big Diarrhea Bomb’ is the name of my upcoming band. ❞
❝ Are those the ugly goat pants? ❞
❝ Why the fuck is there a pencil sharpener on your wall? This is not a school. ❞
❝ Technically, as I was saying, I shat in this man’s yard. ❞
❝ Maybe the tiny animal doesn’t like you. ❞
❝ I’ve got some wise crap up in my little noodle. ❞
❝ Great first meeting. Farted in your house and ate all your chex mix. ❞
❝ I can’t see anything in there. It’s all dark. ❞
❝ I’m always talkin about gay shit. ❞
❝ Hello, I am the worst. I am the worst ever. ❞
❝ I always need a blanket and some cocoa. ❞
❝ Eaten by dinosaurs. That’s my preferred form of death. ❞
❝ I may be an ass-loving fuck, but at least I’m beautiful. ❞
❝ My sweater will fight you. ❞
❝ I love murdering. I love murder. ❞
❝ My mind is a sin cavern. ❞
❝ I can’t wait for everyone to die. ❞ 

  • Pyschic: *reads my mind*
  • My mind: Patrick Stump is my favorite person. Or maybe Pete Wentz. I wonder if patrick forgot the password to his twitter account. He's such a dork. I think I'm in love with him. I can't believe he didn't take a singing lesson until before Folie à Deux, his voice so good with no training whatsoever. I wonder what he likes on his burgers. I wonder if he likes cheeseburgers. I wonder if Pete Wentz is actually his best friend. I really hope so. I hate Peter Lewis Kingston III. I can't believe he's the third Peter. How dare he be the third Peter and be so pretentious. I hate him for having gorgeous tattoos. I hate him for being so good at bass. He's so cute. God damn I hate him
  • Psychic: what the fuck
Desk Writer - Calum Hood

Requested - yes

A/N: I came up with this in my mock-exam/prelim/midterm thing so that was a good use of time.

Word Count - 1188

You hate him and he doesn’t know you exist, Calum god-damn-fucking Hood, the school’s biggest mystery. He’s not totally popular, he sits in a really weird middle ground, first he’s the striker on the football team, then he’s in the school band (like you) which acts against popularity gained from his sports, he’s dated and broke up with the 3 most popular girls in school but he’s also been dumped by the next 5 most popular girls. None the less you still hate him, for nothing he’s really done, but every minor interaction you’ve had with him has left with you feeling shittier than before. He’s a dick to you without fail and he doesn’t even know your name.

“Meet after class,” your best friend Ruby says turning off to go to biology while your on the course to your art class.

“Sure,” you smile sighing now that your alone.

You’ve always hated classes on your own just because that means you have no one to talk to for a good hour or so.

“Alright class you have homework due today,” your teacher Ms. Drew says.

You furrow your brow, unable to recall any homework a slight panic raising through your body.

“No we don’t,” one of the more confident members of the class speaks up.

Ms. Drew checks her big blue folder, “Oh you’re right that’s my other class for this year, I should have realized, Calum is normally jabbering away by now”

You almost wince at the sound of his name but take your seat anyway, bringing out your portfolio work. The lesson drags on, you decide to sneakily put in your headphones to listen to some of your favourite bands, Fall Out Boy, A Day To Remember, Sleeping With Sirens and then All Time Low comes on, your favourite song too, ‘The Girl’s a Straight Up Hustler’ and when it gets to the chorus you find yourself mindlessly doodling the lyrics on the wooden desk 'Take off your make up and put down the camera’. Before you can write more you stop yourself since you don’t want to end up drawing all over the desk. You’ve written it so small that no one should notice it unless they’re actually looking for something on the table but as the bell rings you spring up.

The next day you head back to art and sit down but your eye catches something different, right where you wrote the lyrics, something has been added in new handwriting 'choke on the drama that makes me want to…’ they’re continuing the lyrics so you write again. 'The Girl’s a Straight-Up Hustler - All Time Low, you know it?' 

Over the next week or two of art lessons you have a conversation like this and you feel yourself growing a strange attachment to this stranger;

Them: Of course I do, you like All Time Low? Or just the one song?

You: I don’t LIKE All Time Low, I ADORE All Time Low

Them: Good to see a fellow fan, so what’s your name, it’s killing me now

You: Now that would be telling

Them: Fine, I won’t tell you who I am then

You: I didn’t ask

Them: Do you want to know who I am?

You: Only if you want to tell me

Them: Then I won’t, just one thing, your handwriting tells me you’re a girl, am I right?

You: Wow, judgmental much? But yes. And from your scribbles I assume you’re a guy?

Them: You’re also correct.

You go to write again when Ms. Drew suddenly chirps, “Aha, caught in the act. So you’re the other end of the conversation”

You look at your feet, “Who’s the other end for me?”

“Oh of course you don’t know,” she runs her fingers over the writing. “Calum has no idea who he’s talking to either”

“Calum?” you almost yell. “I’m not talking to him am I?”

The bell rings but you don’t budge much.

“Yeah, I’m surprised most girls would be thrilled to chat with him, even via table,” Ms. Drew says but you don’t reply. “I’ve nothing against it if I’m honest, I’m getting new desks soon anyway, you can write to your heart’s content”

“Can you do me a favour, Ms. Drew?” you question and she nods. “Don’t tell him it’s me”

You stop writing after that but he doesn’t, he’s almost calling out to you and you hope that he’ll just stop and you won’t have to deal with the fact that you are starting to like the boy you’ve hated for a few years now. You actually start to miss him though and your best friend has began to notice something’s wrong.

“What the hell has been wrong with you lately?” Ruby asks.

“What? Nothing,” you defend.

“Liar, you were so happy before and now you’re all down in the dumps,” she says.

You sigh, you may as well tell her, “I’ve been talking to Calum, well sort of, we apparently share a desk and we were writing on that desk and then I stopped…”

“Okay, I feel so out of the loop,” she sighs.

You spend the next half hour or so catching her up and laughing at her outrageous reactions to everything.

“It really doesn’t sound like you hate him, I think you should talk again,” she suggests but you shake your head.

After a long weekend you arrive back at school to find that the art classroom has new desks, you sigh, excited to put that over-dramatized phase to rest. Just as you’re beginning your art again there’s a knock at the door and you look up to see Luke Hemmings at the door.

“Sorry I’m late Miss, I’m moving from construction?” he says.

“Oh yes, Luke, take a seat,” she says.

A feeling brews in the pit of your stomach since you know Luke is friends with Calum but he stays quiet for the lesson.

After that lesson Luke meets up with Calum.

“How was construction without me?” Luke chuckles.

“Where the fuck did you go?” Calum playfully punches him.

“I told you, I transferred to art, the only other art class there is apart from your one,” Luke replies.

Calum suddenly lights up, “Wait, the same class as the desk writer,” obviously Luke knows all about Calum’s little crush. “Who sits in my chair?”

“Well I’d have to know where that is,” Luke points out.

“Uh, back row, three from the left,” Calum says.

“Oh, yeah, that girl, I’m not sure what her name is,” Luke replies.

“Can you find out for me then?”

The next lesson Luke decides that all of a sudden he needs to spend half an hour looking through the pencil selections at the back of the room, right next to yours.

“So what’s your name? I thought I knew everyone in our year,” Luke says.

“Uh, [Y/N],” you stammer.

Luke makes the effort to talk to you and reports back to Calum pretty much instantly. The next day when you’re at your locker waiting for Ruby when Calum approaches you, leaning next to you.

“So Desk Writer”


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He's insecure.

Story line: you have a heated make out session with luke but when you try to go further he won’t let you.


You giggle as you throw another goldfish at luke from across the room, him catching it with his mouth. “Y/N come cuddle with me” he pouts. You walk over to where he is but instead of taking the seat next to him you straddle his waist, causing his breath to hitch in his throat. You wrap your arms around his neck and he hesitantly rest his hands on your waist. “I missed you so much, while you were away” you say as your lay your forehead on his shoulder. “I missed you to” Luke mumbles into your hair. You look up at him. His eyes staring into yours. He leans down a little and you meet him half way as your lips connect. The kiss is slow and passionate as his finger dig into your hips and your fingers play with his hair. You pull at the tips of his golden locks a little and he let’s out a loud groan against your lips. His tongue runs over your bottom lip and you part your lips slightly granting him entrance. His tongue explores your mouth and a wave of confidence take control of you as you slowly start grinding on his growing erection. Luke letting out soft groans. You and luke have never gotten further then a make out session and you were definitely ready. Your fingers run down his chest and tug a little at the hem of his shirt and he quickly pulls away gently pushes you off his lap. A flash of confusion crosses your features as he nervously fiddles with his fingers. “I’m sorry Y/N” he mumbles. “Is there somthing wrong luke? Did I do somthing wrong?” You ask as your cheeks heat from embarrassment. “No its just..” he trails off scratching his stubble. “It’s just what luke?” “I don’t feel comfortable with my body- and that’s a stupid thing to say because Im the guy and it’s usually the girl who’s not confident but I just don’t want you to expect abs and stuff..” he says his eyes never meeting your’s. “Luke” you sigh. You grab his hand and motion him to stand up. You lead him towards the bed room and gently push him on the bed. He gulps as you straddle his waist again. “Y/n what are you doing?” His voice shaky. “Shh luke” you say. “So let’s start” you say. Your hands move up to his hair and you run your fingers through it. “I love your hair. It’s so blonde and soft and I love the way you secretly love it when I play with it” “I love your ears and the way they heat up and get red when your embarrassed or mad” u say slowly running your fingers over his ear. “I love your eyes. I can stare at them all day and never get bored. All the vivid colors and the way they light up when your happy” you say staring deeply inside his bright blue eyes. “I love your nose and the way you scrunch it up when you laugh. Of that thing that you do with it when you rub it.” You say as you peck his nose. “I love your lips so soft and full I can kiss them all day. And don’t even get my started on that damn lip ring hemmings” you say as you slowly lean down and kiss him slowly then pull away. ” I love your arms,” you say as your small hands slowly grasp his biceps. “I love your hands and how soft they are” you say as you intertwine your hands and bring the back of his hand up to your lips and peck it.” ” I fucken love everything about you luke hemmings and there’s nothing that could change that. Your fucken perfect in my eyes and you don’t have to bring yourslef down because you think your not good enough. Because your so much more better then I deserve okay? I love you so god damn much and nothings ever going to change that” you say your eyes boring into his. “How did I get so lucky?” He mumbles before pressing his lips to yours. -send in request?