this band is amazing! :d


『you never looked at me, not even once, ‘cause you hate me…』

The Moth & The Flame

    sorry ; the moth and the flame

It’s the anniversary of D-Day, so I figured I’d share one of my favorite Easy Company stories.

So, Jim Alley lands in Normandy and is lost, because of course he was lost. All of the paratroopers were lost. Alley basically lands on a wall and is all cut up with glass. But that’s not the worst part of his landing. He pops up from behind the wall only to be met with German machine gun fire. Oh buddy. What’s a paratrooper to do.

Well, if you’re Jim Alley you hunker down behind the wall (and out of the line of fire) to think about your next move. Smart. Then, he pulls out a Hershey chocolate bar and chows down. In the middle of battle. With a German machine gunner looming. Amazing.

Бременские музыканты

aaand Done! :>

it makes me sad, that this beautiful cartoon wasn’t tramslate!

the most precious thing in these two episodes(first was made in 1969 and the second one in 1973 which even better than first in some points) is Music and Songs! this cartoon made a lot of funny parodys on most popular rock & roll bands and this is amazing! :’D

P.S. - Мать! Петух не влез! XC

P.P.S. - А вообще, мультик и правда шикарный, очень хотелось бы больше фанартов по нему видеть, ну что же ты, Русская половина Тамблера, а?

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The boys honestly are just best friends and brothers and I fucking love their bond. One of my fave things about this band.

Me too! You can’t really say that about a lot of bands – the fact that it’s just been those four original members since day one. Well, I know they did have maybe two others back in their high school days? But that was probably before they even had a band name, so… it almost doesn’t really count. It’s essentially been these four since the start and I’ve always loved that about them. 

That’s not to say bands who go through multiple line-up changes over the years are less of a band because of it, of course. I mean… look at Paramore. It got so messy, people leaving and re-joining and leaving and none of it was a happy, mutual decision – it was always painful and the end of a friendship. But they’re still an amazing band. I’d like to think the same of All Time Low, if, God forbid, they ever went through a line-up change. 

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Are you really gonna start a band? What kind of music would you want to play? What instrument/position? :o

i do wanna start a band!!! i’d prolly do rhythm guitar+singing,, like im not Amazing at singing but im not terrible. not sure what kind of music i’d want to play. probably a range of a few things, experiment with the sound a bit!!