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Transference (M) – Chapter 02

cr. [X]

Summary: During a routine visit to the local bakery, you stumble upon an intriguing business card and figure, what the hell. The business arrangement becomes…mutually beneficial. Y’all know where this is going.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst

Word Count: 4,877

Warning: Tantric!Hoseok, therapist/client relationship, sexual themes, discussions of BDSM, shibari, profanity.

A/N: Thank you everyone for the outpouring of love and support for our favorite therapist. I sincerely hope you all enjoy this next installment.

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

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look at this fucking dude right here. he’s staring into the camera because he knows. he goddamn knows what’s up. he knows that there’s those people. you know. those people and he just sits there, taunting, he sticks his hand in the bag and shuffles it around like the sensual motherfucker he is. fucking edgy rebornica hot topic onceler over here is goddamn feeling that bag digging his fingers right in there and looking back at the camera, eyes halfway closed because he knows

Hmmmm I just had a thought

about Danny’s obsession (in this case ‘protecting people’) and a different take on the ghost hunger thing

I’ve read fics with Danny’s obsession being really similar to an intense drug addiction (which is a really hella interesting comparison), and ones where it physically hurts him not to help people (also super cool, a+ angst factor) but I’ve got a different kinda idea that I’m not sure has been considered? If it has I haven’t seen it

okay so let’s run on the assumption that instead of a ghost’s obsession being an uncontrollable impulse it’s more of a form of sustenance, they’re feeding their obsessions, literally feeding them, if they don’t fulfil their drive and motivation for existing they eventually weaken and 'starve’ and probably 'die’, I’m sure parts of this idea have popped up before but here’s the part I really wanna talk about

how would this affect halfas? specifically, what happens to their human half when the ghost half 'starves’?

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I’m Going To Be A Dad?!

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2565

Authors Note: Here is the next part to my pregnancy series I’ve got going on. Thanks to @rememberstilinski @sarcasticallystilinski and @smutandahalf for looking at this and letting me know how it is. I hope you guys enjoy this, it was quite fun to write. Also, I got really excited writing the reveal. Don’t know why exactly.

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Getting to Know You

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

Read the first part here!

Gaston slowly walked through the town, his arms crossed behind his back and he smiled st the villagers who greeted him a good morning.

After awhile, he managed to find himself standing at the enterance of the public gardens, it was a small space, but was filled with all sorts of lovely flowers and fauna.

Gaston walked inside, taking small glances at the plants he passed, greatly appreciating the peace and quiet the gardens offered.

Just then, as he was turning a corner. He saw someone kneeling on the ground, the embroidered fabric of their cloak pooled around them. He took one look at the swirling patterns and instantly recognized it as the one you wore around town.

Gaston’s face broke out into a grin and he went to call out to you when he heard a distressed whimper come from where you were sitting, and he moved closer to you.

Your shoulders shook violently as you sobbed, the cries muffled by the presence of your hands overlapping your mouth as you tried to silence the noise, not wanting anyone to find you in such a helpless state.

Gaston didn’t understand the way his heart seemed to drop at the sight of you, or how it appeared to cause him physical pain everytime the sound of your cries crossed his ears. He couldn’t help but feel a strong desire to hold you close and protect you from all the world’s evils.

He came to stand beside you crouching down and gently placing his hand on your shoulder.

Your entire form immediately tensed as you let out a horrified scream. “Please leave me alone! Leave me alone!” You cried desperately as you tried to hit at your attacker.

Gaston wrapped his arms around you and he tried to silence you. “Hush now, I’m not going to hurt you, I promise,” He said in a gentle voice as he attempted to soothe you. “Don’t be afriad, it’s alright.”

Your brows knitted together as you tried to remember the voice, but all the emotions and fear coursing through you was enough to make you lean your head into their chest and begin to sob.

Gaston stroked your hair and let you have a few moments to collect yourself before he gazed down at you, your hands had latched themselves tightly onto the lapels oh his coat, holding on as if your life depended on it. “Easy now, It’s Gaston.” He informed you, sighing in relief when you became less tense. “Now, tell me what’s happened.” He cooed as he carefully brushed the hair out of your eyes.

You nodded, cloudy eyes brimming with fresh tears. “I-I don’t really know, Magnus, my seeing dog, was spooked by something and ran off…” Your voice cracked painfully as you tried to contain yourself. “I…I was so surprised that I didn’t have time to tighten my grasp on his leash and I was knocked to the ground. I don’t know where I am without him, I’ve been trying to feel around for something to grab onto but,” You let out another sob as you retreated further into Gaston’s embrace. “There wasn’t anything…I’ve been lying on the ground since,” Your eyes squeezed shut as you tried to recall your memory. “I don’t even know how much time as passed.”

Gaston nodded, that explained your vice-like grip on him and the harsh grit to your voice, god knows how long you’d been out here by yourself, it was like being lost out at sea without knowing which way the land was, and his heart immediately broke for you.

“We’re going to stand up now, together, don’t worry, I’ve got you, I promise.” Gaston spoke in fragments as he steadily rose the both of you from the ground. His one arm wrapped around you while the other was holding onto your hand, letting you know he was right beside you.

“Forgive me for being so pathetic,” You said, cheeks aflamed after intense tears and embarrassment you now felt. “It’s just I was so frightened, it was like the first time all over again.”

Gaston wanted to ask what you meant, but he saw the state you were in and decided it best to get you home before he started pouring into your past. “I’m going to lead you to the center of the village, right in front of the fountain, do you think you can guide me to your home from there?”

You gave him a small nod, taking slow and steady breaths as you realized you’d look quite the mess. “Yes, I can manage that.”

“We’re going to start walking now,” He said, taking a couple of practice steps, noticing how you almost tripped on yourself as you tried to mentally graph out your surroundings. “You don’t have to worry about where you’re going from here, just let me lead the way for now.”

From there on, you simply moved your feet, Gaston still had his hands wrapped around you, but one now rested over your shoulders to allow him more mobility.

He managed to lead you out of the gardens and into the path that entered the village, glancing over at you every so often to make sure you were holding up.

Apart from a few sniffles and the sound of small stones crunching under your shoes, your journey back was spent in silence.

The instant you both entered the main gates, all eyes were locked onto you and Gaston.

But mostly, people looked at the disheveled state of your hair and how puffed your eyes had become, some of them turning to whisper among their peers.

Gaston noticed a small group not so discreetly point at you before giving looks of disapproval to one another.

However, one cold glare from Gaston was more than enough for the whole square to return to their normal activities.

He would have preferred to verbally tell them off, but wished to spare you the further embarrassment that everyone had been staring at you.

“We’re here.” Gaston whispered into your ear, his breath on your neck caused you to jump slightly before nodding.

You lead him all the way to the gates of the estate you, your father, and a few maids resided close to the edge of the village. It was tucked away enough for you to enjoy a little peace, but so far out that one had to endure isolation.

Gaston looked on through the gaps in the bars impressed at the house he saw sitting at the end of a long pathway lined by rows of thick trees on either side. It was two stories tall and had windows with blue panes all over the white walls. Flowers of various sorts bordered the entire home, giving it a more lively appearance.

He went to ask how you managed to afford such a grand place, then recalled Lefou mentioning your father was a famous musician who played in Paris, and he didn’t doubt the pay would more than cover it.

“We don’t lock the gates during the day, just push.” You said simply, noticing whenever you had stalled your movements long enough.

Gaston did as told, keeping his hold on you as you walked the path, watching closely as you ascended up the small set of stairs that were infront of your door.

You shakily raised your dominant hand and rapped on the doors a few times before a kind, elderly looking woman answered, her large brown eyes widening even further once she saw you and quickly ushered the pair of you inside.

“Where have you been? It’s been hours when you left to go into the village, worried sick about you we all were!” Her thick accent and alarmed tone made it hard for Gaston to follow, but you seemed to understand every word.

“I’m so sorry, Mathilde,” You said bashfully, slowly removing your hand from Gaston’s grasp to hold it out infront of you for her to take.

Mathilde smiled and pecked the back of your hand. “Don’t worry, my dear. You’re here now and…” She looked around for a moment. “Where’s Magnus?”

Gaston took this as a prime opportunity to make his presence known. “(Y/n) was just explaining to me how she was taking a stroll in the public gardens in town when Magnus saw something that made him take off and run,” He said, keeping his hand on the upper part of your back. “I was walking by and saw the whole thing happen, but I was able to see where the dog went and thought it best to get (Y/n) somewhere she felt more comfortable before taking any further actions.”

Mathilde suddenly took notice of the tall and handsome stranger in scarlet before her, her plump cheeks flushed and she smiled at him. “Well then I’m most grateful for your quick thinking, monseuir?”

“Gaston.” He answered with a dashing smile as he kissed the old lady hand, causing her to burst in a fit of girlish giggles.

“What a charming young man you are!” Mathilde mused, and she went to wink at you her face dropped into one of concern. “My darling! What’s the matter, you look awful.”

Your eyebrows shot up and you immediately forged a convincing sneeze. “Forgive me, I’m so foreign to the french countryside air that it’s causing my allergies to act up.”

Mathilde gathered the skirts of her uniform and with a look of determination she nodded at you both. “Just you wait right here, I have some tonic in my bag upstairs.”

You held your hand out once you heard her footsteps become distant. Gaston realized you were looking for him and immediately placed his hands in yours.

“Thank you for that,” You told him, giving his hand an affectionate squeezed. “Mathilde is my oldest companion, she was my nurse and was always by my side when my eyesight began to go. She would never let me leave the house alone again if she knew what happened.”

Gaston remained silent, pleased he was getting to know you and your past a little better, then he remembered a question that had been lurking his mind all through your walk. “You weren’t always blind?”

You smiled somberly and shook your head. “No, I was born with perfect eyesight. But then when I was around nine everything started getting blurry. My father took me to a doctor and he gave me a pair of glasses that helped at first. Turns out my father knew I was going blind, but wanted me to avoid the heartbreak for as long as possible,” Your hands began to fondle the strings of your cloak as you went on. “It was fine for a while, then I would knock things over without realizing it, the colors around me grew more dull. And then…,” You took a pause, and Gaston pressed your hand, letting you know he was there.

“And then when I was around thirteen, I woke up one morning and I couldn’t see a thing.”

“I’m sorry,” He replied, the overwhelming sense of wanting to protect you only grew with the story you had shared with him, he never wished for you to experience such an event as today ever again. “Truly I am.”

You smiled thoughtfully, giving the back of his hand a small press with your free one. “Forget I even mentioned it, I don’t wish to disrupt your peace with my troubles.”

Gaston frowned, even in such a state you never wished to be a burden.

Mathilde came rushing down the hall, a packed medical case ready in hand. She took your hands and slowly sat you down on a nearby chair.

Once Gaston saw you were in capable hands, he tipped his hat at the older woman. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Madame. But if I’m to ever catch up with Magnus I must leave now.”

Mathilde gave him a puzzled expression and walked him to the front door. “You know you don’t have to bother, he’s a clever dog and when the Master gets home he will search for him.”

“Please, it’s the least I can do considering the eventful day our dear (Y/n) has had, and I’m sure she’s eager to have her companion returned to her side.”

Mathilde’s kind smile returned to her face, and her eyes glistened. “What a handsome and charming man!” She exclaimed with a laugh. “Goodluck with your search, Monsieur Gaston!” And she waved him out.

Perfect (Zach Dempsey X Reader)

Request: Hi! Can you do a Zach Dempsey x chubby!reader where reader an Zach are in same class and reader have a crush on Zach but is to shy and low self-esteem and they end up doing a project together and things get fluffy?

~*(Y/N)’s Pov*~
‭‭I walked into Biology class, set my things down, and sat myself down. After the bell rang and class began my teacher started talking.

“So class as you all know, today we will be starting our evolution project. For the project you will need to…” and I stopped paying attention after that.

After a while the bell rang and I was ready to exit the class when I felt a hand grab my wrist stopping me. I turn around to see none other than a recent friend mine the one and only Zach Dempsey.

“Where do you think you’re going” he said smiling. I gave him a confused look. “Yo we have to plan our project.” He added and I kept that same confused expression. He sighed “Mrs. Homes made us partners.” He explained.

“Oh really?” I asked and he nodded. “We can talk about it later, like at Monet’s or something.” I suggested

“Sounds good. Meet me there right after school.” He smiled and walked off.

I arrived at Monet’s and made my way to the table Zach was sitting at with two hot chocolates. “You know, you should start paying attention to class.” He said

“Yeah I will I just have a lot of things on my mind lately.” I reply

“Like what?” Zach curiously asks.

“Oh nothing important” I say avoiding answering his question. The truth is I recently had a crush on Zach, he would never feel the same way about me though. I mean look at me.

Hours passed by and we barely got any work done because we kept messing around and making lame jokes. Skye then came up to us and began talking.

“Im sorry but if you finished your drinks and aren’t gonna order anything else, im afraid you can’t just stay here.” She said

“Aww come one Skye, you’re kicking us out?” I said and faked a pout

“Sorry (Y/N), not my rules” she chuckled, and with that Zach and I decided to finish up at his house.

As we pulled up to his driveway, I realized there weren’t any cars there meaning his parents weren’t home which was a relief. His mom is very nice but she scares me sometimes.

Zach opened the door with his key and closed it after we both walked in and we headed to his room. We spent a couple hours just hanging out and then decided to start doing work.

“You can think of ideas for this project while I order pizza.” He said. I didn’t do much thinking about the project instead I was looking at Zach. ‘He looks cute even when he’s just talking on the phone’ I thought to myself.

“Okay so what do you think we should do for the project?” He asked once he finished ordering pizza and sat next to me on his bed.

“I don’t even know what the project is about. Did she pass out a paper saying the requirements or..?” I trailed off waiting for an answer.

“Yeah its right here let me just find it.” He said looking through his school bag “AH! Its right here” he handed it to me “I thought I fucking lost it.”

I giggled and began reading over the paper but this time Zach was the one looking at me. He was just staring. I looked back at him and asked “what?” thinking there was something wrong.

“Nothing, you’re just really cute when you try to concentrate.” He said with a smile causing me to blush which he of course noticed. “Awww and when you’re flustered.” He added.

At this point I was feeling really nervous and didn’t know what to do. “U-uh thank you?” I said back making it sound more like a question. He turned his whole body facing me and I turned to look at him.

“You know (Y/N) you’re really fucking beautiful” he said and I shook my head.

“What do you mean? Do you not think so?” He asked while reaching up to my cheek and I shook my head again.

“Well you’re wrong.” He started “I’ve always liked you (Y/N). I always thought you were perfect.”

“Why?” I simply asked

“Why the fuck wouldn’t I?” He calmly said. In the 2 weeks I’ve known Zach, I have never seen him so calm. He’s always making jokes, fucking around, and being loud but now he was nice, serious, and sweet. I can’t say that I don’t like it.

“But I’m so fucking…” I trailed off trying to think of the right word to use.

“You are fucking amazing (Y/N) and I don’t know how you don’t see it. I don’t know how you don’t feel the same” he said looking deep into my eyes. At this point I was speechless, I had no idea what to reply. We both just stayed quiet but then he spoke up.

“Fuck, did I just complicate things?” He asked when he saw how nervous I was acting.

“No Zach” I giggled to him and he smiled “Things couldn’t be better” I said.

“Great” he said smiling while checking the time on his phone only to see that it was getting late.
“Fuck we gotta hurry up and do this thing now.”

“Yeah we really should.” I replied grinning.



the second pic may look awkward as hell but that’s bc that’s my Legit Smile, like how i smile when i laugh n stuff. it’s a good smile bc it shows that i’m rlly fucking happy right now!!!!!

an edit: this didn’t post earlier today for some silly reason so HERE IT IS NOW im still quite fuckin pleased 💜💜💜

anonymous asked:

Hi! So could I have a soulmate AU with Nishinoya where the words on their wrists are in a different language cause the soulmate is a foreigner? Thank you!

Italics is English

Y-Your En-English is…agh! I can’t read this! Somebody help me!” Nishinoya cried as he held his head in his hands frustratedly. He spent all morning trying to read the words on his wrist.

“Your soulmate can speak English? That’s pretty cool.” A classmate says as they glance over at Nishinoya’s wrist. Nishinoya groaned, “Yeah but I don’t know what it means!” 

Bringing his head up, he looked around at all his classmates; none of them could speak English that good, it surely couldn’t be them. Sighing, he looked back at his wrist and continued to try to read the foreign words.

Summer vacation was in a week and Nishinoya still had no idea what the words on his wrist meant. His teammates tried their best and it was still a little difficult for them.

“Nishinoya-san, do you have any plans for the summer?” Hinata asked curiously as the team changed in the club room. “Nope! I never have plans in the summer!”  

“Maybe you can spend that time finding your soulmate.” Tsukishima snickered and Nishinoya turned toward him angrily, “Hey! You still need to find yours too!” 

“But at least mine speaks Japanese.” Tsukishima shot back with a chuckle as Tanaka held Nishinoya back from launching at the tall blond. “Watch, I’ll find my soulmate alright.”

You sat down in your chair trying to get comfortable for the long and boring airplane ride to Japan. Your mother had suggested that a vacation to Japan would be perfect since you were always cooped up in your room watching anime.

Looking down at your wrist you ran your fingers over the words imprinted onto your skin, “Do you need help?

I guess he’s not Japanese considering he can speak English.” You say to yourself as you inserted your headphones and leaned against the window for a good night’s rest to kill the time you had left.

You didn’t know how long you slept but considering the fact that when you woke up you had already arrived in Japan, it was probably a good 10 hours. 

Arriving in your hotel room, you open the curtains to look out the window at the lovely view of Sendai, Miyagi. “Hey mom, I’m going out.” You say as you put your shoes on and grabbed your bag.

Already? What if you get lost?” Your mom asks from the bathroom and you shrug, “I don’t know, I’ll find a way to get around. I need some fresh air.” You state and she doesn’t reply. “Do you have the yen I gave you?” 

Reaching into your bag, you have the yen dollars around, “Right here.” She pops her head out of the door and smiles at you, “Okay, don’t waste it on your anime stuff. Have fun!” 

You didn’t know where you were going or what you wanted to do but you just wanted to get out and explore Japan a little bit. Looking around, you noticed a lot of teenagers walking around out of their uniform, “I guess summer has started for them as well.” 

You didn’t know how long you had been walking around but you found yourself completely lost. Sighing you turned around and tried to find anything familiar to help yourself back to the hotel.

Oh jeez..I should’ve known I’d get lost.” You said to yourself as you continued to walk forward to find a shop. Eventually, you gave up on walking and stood still trying to read signs with your very limited Japanese.

What does this say?” You whisper as you look up at the signs over a building. You could only read hiragana and all you saw was kanji and that did not help one bit.

D-Do you need help?” Says a voice as you felt a tap on your shoulder. Turning around you were met with a very handsome young man that looked about your age. 

He looked a little flustered saying those words and you couldn’t help but smile at him. “Your English is very good.” You reply and he gives your a nervous chuckle before his eyes widen and he looks down at his wrist. 

Raising a brow, you glance over at him but he looks at you and points to his wrist then yours. “What? My wrist?” Looking down, you read the words on your wrist before a light blush forms over your cheeks. “O-Oh!”

“Ahh, no wonder it’s in English. She’s a foreigner!” Nishinoya says with a smile and you tilt your head questioningly, “What?” You couldn’t help but chuckle at how hard the two of you were trying to communicate with each other, it was quite adorable.

Taking out your phone, you went to a translator app and typed down that you were lost and handed it to him and he nodded and typed back to you.

- ‘What is your name?’ -

“My name is (Name), how about you?” You replied and pointed to him, “Nishinoya Yuu.” 

“Nishinoya…kun.” Hearing you repeat his name formed a smile on his lips and you smiled back at him. Looking down at your phone you wrote the address and he nodded and began walking gesturing you to follow him.

Since you couldn’t converse verbally, the two of you had a small conversation through your phone and you learned a lot about him that day. He was your age, he played volleyball and he had been looking for his soulmate but it was difficult for him since the words were in English.

When you reached your hotel, you frowned slightly because your time with Nishinoya had run out. “Thank you, Nishinoya-kun.” You say in Japanese, which made him sparkle. 

He gestured towards your phone and you handed it to him and watched as he typed in a few words before handing it to you, 

- ‘Do you want to hang out tomorrow?’ -

You nodded and typed back, 

‘Yes, meet me here at 12 PM. I want to get to know my soulmate more.’

Nishinoya smiled and took out his phone and the two of you exchanged numbers and phone numbers and took a few photos together before parting for the day. 

“See you soon.”

- e x t r a - 

To: Tsukishima Kei

From: Nishinoya Yuu

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Say You Won't Let Go [Connor Murphy x Male!Reader]

Title: Say You Won’t Let Go
Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen
Pairing: Connor Murphy x Male!Reader
Requested: by like three people lmao
Summary: Connor takes you home for thanksgiving–the hitch is that Connor is still sort of closeted. He’s not going to let that kind of them stop him from loving you.
Warnings: Connor’s potty mouth | Mentions of homophobia | Mentions of neglect and abuse | First person reader | not proof read
A/N: last upload before I leave on my trip! Yay! It’s crazy late here. This is a combo of a few request: three people requested a male reader, one person requested Connor sort of “adopting” a male reader who gets neglected and abused at home and taking care of them, and someone else requested Connor and a male reader go home for thanksgiving with lots of angst, and we all know I love angst. Hope this is good! Love you all and thanks for 800+ followers! (I’m going immediately to bed after this hoo)



“Connor,” I called again. He brushed his fingers across my knuckles again, dangling between us on the leather carseat. He was staring ahead, so it was concerning to see him so absent. While driving.


“The light’s green,” I told him in a weak voice, watching his dark eyebrows furrowed blankly before fumbling, hands grasping for the wheel and slamming on the break. His dark hair was a curtain between us, eclipsing most of his face from my view.

“Sorry,” he mumbled heatedly under his breath, his hands tapping at the wheel anxiously. “Sorry, sorry, sorry.”

I folded my hands in my lap, careful to stay calm. Connor’s paranoia could be contagious sometimes, and his anxiety was filling the car with fumes I didn’t have the capacity to escape.

“I’m scared too, Connor,” I mumbled softly, watching his white knuckled grip clench and unclench on the steering wheel, licking his lips before glancing surprisingly out of the corner of his eyes at me.

“Hey,” he whispered softly, voice hoarse, chancing to take his hand of the steering wheel to reach for me. His painted nails raked harshly against the fabric of my jeans, up and down my thigh in an attempt to soothe me–and, in a way, it helped because it distracted him from his inner monologue. “I’m not scared. If they,” he paused, taking in a heavy sigh and letting his eyebrows drop low over his eyes. “If they say anything, we’ll get up and go. Get a hotel for the next few days and then go back to school, alright?”

“Going home is making you nervous,” I said neutrally. “This was a mistake.”

Connor’s hand wrapped vice like around my knee, shaking it a little too roughly. “This is not a mistake. I’m not letting you go home to your shitty parents, alright? Besides,” he grumbled. “This is a decent test for my parents, too. If they’re asswipes, we go immediately.”


My stomach twisted nervously as the main streets and shops gave way to country field and subdivisions, little white picket fences with dogs and rosebushes  I hadn’t grown up in a neighborhood quite like this, and yet it amazed me–suburbia, for all its obvious perks, could still contain dark secrets.

Connor, subject A.

He hadn’t been home in awhile–he and I had spent the summer together working on campus, sharing a dorm. I knew he was civil with his folks and all, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t positively green as we pulled into a perfectly cemented driveway, three nice cars already parked in an open garage. Connor shifted the car into park, turning off the engine, but instead of exiting let his eyes close and leaned against the steering wheel for just a moment.

It was hard–I could see how hard it was. How uncomfortable he felt.

I wasn’t sure if I’d made it better or worse.

I wasn’t sure how he’d worded it to his mother on the phone when he’d asked if I could join the party for thanksgiving–I knew he’d told her I wasn’t in the best standing with my parents. I wasn’t sure if he’d asked if he could bring “a friend” over or “someone I’m seeing”.

He hadn’t said boyfriend. They didn’t know. He wasn’t out.

It was maybe four yards to the door–just a few steps, less than sixty seconds, and everything in Connor Murphy’s family dynamic would change.

Watching Connor swallow, forehead pressed into his hands where he was folded in on himself in the driver’s seat, was almost heartbreaking. I didn’t know if I made it worse or better. I didn’t even know how he felt.

I hadn’t been home since I graduated.

I reached out, scratching lovingly against Connor’s back through the fabric of his hoodie, feeling his shoulders relax beneath my hands.

“I guess this is me fucking up again,” he laughed mirthlessly. “Christ, they’re gonna have a field day.”

“You can take me somewhere else,” I offered, my voice thick at the suggestion, praying he wouldn’t really do that, but understanding if it was what he needed. “You don’t have to come out–”

Connor sprung off the steering wheel, spinning, eyes wide, pink lips partially parted, his bony hands twitching I’m his lap.

“You,” he choked, seeming to be at a loss for words. “I didn’t mean–you aren’t the mistake, sweetheart.” He reached forward, lithe fingers cradling across the back of my neck, his thumb tracing my jaw. “You–fuck, I love you.”

Connor’s slate eyes were searching, and I saw all the manic fear in them before they shut so that he could surge across the car, sealing his soft lips to mine.

It was almost comedic when he got like this–desperate, hungry, and nothing lustful about it. Connor was so uniquely physical and so poor with his words, this was the only way he knew to communicate that he loved me.

And I loved it. And I loved him.

There were a few knees to my ribs as he climbed across the median, fumbling to get into my lap, his little lithe body folding perfectly against mine, his hands still knotting into my hair.

“Connor–” I tried to protest with a laugh, surprised when he simply swallowed the words and continued.

“I love you,” he hissed again, wrapping both his arms around my neck, leaning back to glare determined at my collar bone. “I love you, please–”

“I love you,” I assured, pulling him back to press his face into his neck. “I love you, sweetheart, but you have to calm down. You aren’t gonna be able to articulate to your parents if you’re this panicked. I can’t do it for you.”

“Fuck,” he cried, voice thick, pressing my face closer to the juncture of his neck. His hair was down today, kissing my temple. “I lied. I’m fucking terrified.”

“It’s okay,” I promised, scratching at his lower back soothingly. “I’m right here.”


We didn’t bother to bring in our bags, not when there might be a chance that we might have to haul them back out in a quick fit, Connor swearing during it all.

He couldn’t stop fidgeting–it had been awhile since I’d seen him like this. Yes, the Connor I had met nearly a year ago had been stoic, pensive, and reclusive–but he’d also had an air of newly acquired calm and confidence that had been difficult to resist. He had smiles that seemed like they costed him, but only after he gave them, and he, more often than not, gave them without thinking twice.

Recovering, he told me, he was recovering. It was more than enough.

He kept scratching behind is ear, frizzing the fawn tone hair there so that the curls ticked upward just a little higher than the rest, his mouth twitching as he clenched and unclenched his jaw in a way that would make for robotic kissing later. The way his hands shook, I was surprised he didn’t stick them in his pockets–he wiped them on his jeans enthusiastically, stepping into the foyer as his mother answered the door.

The Murphy’s looked as perfect as the photos on Facebook had portrayed–I knew it was for my benefit. Cynthia Murphy was loud, and it was done in a way that her own face cringed with the overdone politeness of it all. She grinned at me so that the apples of her cheeks looked high crested like Connor’s when he smiled without thinking, his eyes crinkling at the corners, making his hollowed cheeks dimple. Her eyes were vaguely panicked, and I looked away, giving her the time to process what was clearly a misread signal from Connor.

Larry Murphy shook my hand, much too roughly, making it obvious where Connor had acquired it, and smiled like I was the campaign aid to his greasy politician. It made me nervous, unsettled, and I watched Larry Murphy stuff his large hands into the pockets of his slacks.

Zoe Murphy was lazing artistically against the leather couch in the living room, only slightly visible from the foyer. At her parent’s call, she didn’t move, but offered us a wave without looking up from the television. So Connor hadn’t been lying about their strained relationship.

“It’s so good to meet you! Connor got us all excited over the phone,” Cynthia crooned, patting her husband on the shoulder, her eyes still panicked behind her painfully wide smile. Her lips cracked in the same way Connor’s did.  “Worried for nothing, I see. It’s always good to meet Connor’s friends.”

I smiled, my face pained.

He could lie. Right now. He glanced at me from the corner of his eye, and I knew he was thinking about it. Smile, pretend, I really got you guys this time! Slap me on the back, call me bro, smile and nod when his father asked about the cute girls on campus. He could cut me down right here, and he knew it.

Connor was smiling politely, his hands still twitching at his sides. He was painfully close to me, too close for them not to notice, our shoulders brushing. They were taking it in with darting eyes and slim pupils, eyes cutting between us, begging for an explanation.

“What do you mean?” Connor asked in a strained voice, obviously attempting to be civil. The smile on his face, while trying, was a fraud.

Cynthia had begun to wring her hands, licking her lips as if attempting to come up with something in a way that wouldn’t offend me. She laughed too loudly.

“You just, you said over the phone you were bringing home someone you wanted us to meet,” she smiled apologetically in my direction. Behind the two of them, Zoe Murphy had rolled into a sitting position, her auburn eyebrow arched, her lipglossed mouth in a froze oh.

“Yeah,” Connor said slowly, eyes glancing from me back to them in a can you believe this? sort of way, clearly more for their benefit than mine. He wanted them to say it for him, but the wouldn’t. They weren’t the kind of people who were going to wish for this or be thrilled Connor was finally himself.

He was trying to come out, and they were pressed so tightly against the closet door, Connor was going to need a fucking cannon to get himself out.

Larry made a noise in the back of his throat, impatient, disguising it with an exasperated laugh. I watched Connor tense, his shoulders locking and his mouth falling open. Scared.

“She just means,” Larry laughed awkwardly, making an aggressive eye contact with me in an attempt to demean Connor, “We thought Connor meant a girl. We thought he might be getting serious with someone.”


To his credit, Connor didn’t explode. He didn’t scream. He did it slowly, softly, without words, the same way the Connor I knew everything about and the Murphy’s had never met did everything.

He just smiled–not forced, but serene and genuine, and glanced down to where his pale hand, freckled across the knuckles was bumping against mine, and laced out hands together.  I wasn’t looking at the Murphy’s, but I could hear their sharp intake of breath over the rapid pounding of my heart.

Connor was smiling at me, the apples of his cheeks eclipsing his eyes that were watering with the uncertainty of the moment.

And I was so proud.

He chose me.

He chose himself.

“I am,” Connor said, his voice certain from where he smiled at me in awe and adoration. “Serious about someone. This is my boyfriend.”


“It could’ve gone worse.”

Connor, laying facedown on his twin bed could’ve been slightly endearing, slightly adorable, if it hadn’t been for the face he was screaming into his pillow.

“It could’ve gone a lot fucking better!” He screamed, leaning up to scratch at his face with his black chipped nails–a bad habit that had me lunging forward to take his wrists, replacing his hands onto my hips and sitting beside him, letting him fall face first into my chest with a humph.

“They didn’t make us leave,” I reminded softly, combing a hand through his soft hair and kissing his temple. Connor just groaned against my chest.

“My dad passed out,” Connor hissed against my chest. “Fucking went unconscious. Because I’m gay.”

“Again, not the worst reaction.”

“Oh my God, dude, please let me be negative!” Connor grunted, pulling back, stuffing his hands into his hair, causing me to reach up again to remove them.

“Stop that,” I mumbled. “Keep those on me.”

He frowned, but still reached forward tenderly to cup the back of my neck, eyes searching for something in my face. Leaning forward till he blurred, close enough to kiss, he pressed his lips to the corner of my mouth, tilting his forehead to rest against mine with closed eyes.

“I worship you,” he whispered, sending a violent chill down my spine, my own hands reaching up to tangled in the fabric of his hoodie. “I’d do that again and again to be with you.”

“Con,” I whispered, pouting my lips to beg for a kiss, sighing happily when he obliged me, nudging me backwards gingerly against his mattress which was struggling to hold two grown men.

He was tender, loving as he pressed chaste kisses again and again to my lips, before sighing and laying his head against my chest, reaching up to run his thumb absently across my jaw.

“Your sister seemed supportive.”

“What part of ‘Holy shit, no way!’ seemed supportive to you?”

“She was smiling?”


“I’m sorry,” I conceded, reaching up to again card my fingers through his hair. “It’s just…they didn’t throw you out, Con. They didn’t call us names. They didn’t burn your things. That’s a luxury I didn’t have when I came out to my folks.”

He sighed, pressing his nose against my chest again, kissing over the fabric of my shirt with a pained expression. “I know, baby, and I’m so sorry. Just–I’m taking care of you from now on, alright? You don’t have to worry about that stupid shit anymore.”

“I know sweetheart,” I sighed, leaning down to kiss him again, knotting my hands into his long hair and going deeper, feeling Connor’s long legs give way to straddle me, his own hands framing my face to keep me firmly in place.

“I’ve got you,” he whispered against my lips, before diving back in with fervor, licking up into my mouth, pulling a small laugh from the both of us.

“Con–” I warned.

“I know,” he groaned, pressing his face into the side of my neck and stretching my shirt collar to reveal a stripe of skin, beginning to suck a vicious hickey there, earning a surprised yelp from me.

“Connor, you can’t–”

“Knock, knock!”

We sprang apart, both of us scrubbing at our faces, attempting to control our breathing. Connor stared wordlessly at the still closed door for a long time, before his mother called his name again and it dawned on him that she was asking permission to enter his room.

“Come in.”

Cynthia smiled apologetically upon entering, balancing a tray in her hands and sitting it on Connor’s desk, still covered in papers, before seating herself in the desk chair. Connor shifted, obviously uncomfortable.

“We haven’t touched your room,” she said softly, smiling a bit differently than she had downstairs. “Left it just the way you liked it.”

“Thanks,” he said softly, picking at the duvet with his fingernails, before thinking better of it and reaching out to take my hand again. Solidarity.

Cynthia Murphy smiled.

“I brought you cookies–Connor doesn’t like pie, I’m not sure if he told you,” she said to me with a grin, extending a plate I took warily, thanking her warmly as I could. “I know a lot of people eat pie on Thanksgiving, but I’m honestly not even very good at making it–”

“Mom,” Connor called desperately, looking at her with wild eyes. Scared.

“Your dad is just fine,” she promised, still smiling at him like he was the most important thing in the world. Connor’s expression told me he’d never seen it before. “And he’s gonna come around. He just needs a minute, is all.”

Connor nodded, admitting it was reasonable, even if he didn’t like it. “You?”

She smiled, and for the first time I noticed her eyes were wet. “You’ve found somebody, sweetheart. That’s the most important thing. Look how much you’ve grown–I’m so proud of you, Connor.”

I let them hug. I let them cry. I let Cynthia hug me, thank me, take my face in her hands and promise me that I had a home here as long as I loved her son.

It was a lot. It was so much.

And when it was over, it was Connor and I wrapped around each other in his twin bed, our faces desperately close and whispering softly to each other.

“I think my mom wants me to propose.”

“You sure your dad’s heart can take it?”

“Haha, Prince Charming, you’re hilarious.”

A beat of silence, so long that I thought he’d fallen asleep, before I felt his lips linger at my temple. “Thanks for loving me.”

I tightened my grip on his sides, kissing his collar bone lightly. “Always, sweetheart.”

Anything For You, Pumpkin

Reader X Tony Stark!Father

Word Count: 2042

Author: Actually Tony Stark’s Daughter, Kate

Warnings: Abuse, injuries

A/N: IT’S DONEEEEE. I actually really loved writing this, but writing about abuse was kind of hard, and I absolutely do not mean to offend or hurt anyone with this fic. Like I said, loved the request, whoever you are. I had an idea to do a second part where the reader meets Peter, but let me know if you want Part 2. 

“So are you staying for movie night, Y/N?” Natasha asked you after an intensive round of training at the Tower. Though your face was already warm, you felt a blush flare up. You had been on the team for a little over a month, and the Avengers had welcomed you with open arms. You knew that everyone adored you, but you still felt shy and inadequate around the experienced superheroes. 

“Um… I think I better head home, actually.” You said. Nat looked kind of disappointed, but she shrugged it off, knowing you were kind of shy during gatherings. 

“How are your powers doing?” She asked, changing the subject as you grabbed your stuff from the corner of the training area. You smiled, and shrugged, One of the reasons that you caught the Avenger’s eyes was that you had fire powers. No one had been able to pin-point where they were from, and as far as you knew, you had had them since birth. Nat walked you up to the living room where the rest of the team was getting snacks ready for the movie. You were about to head out when Tony yelled out to you.

“Where do you think you’re going, Y/N?” He asked, his tone making you smile. Tony was the Avenger you looked up to the most. He was the one that had found you, brought you to the team, and he cared about you the most, which was saying something. Everyone loved you and loved having you on the team, but you saw Tony as your father figure. 

“I was about to head home. Homework, and what not.” You lied quickly.

“Ahh, come on. It’s Friday night, and you haven’t hung out with the team in days.”


“This is part of your training, Y/N. Getting to be a part of the team.” Tony say adamantly. You caved, secretly happy that someone wanted to have you around.


The movie had ended, and you were happily chilling with the rest of the team in the kitchen, listening to their banter. Tony was watching you out of the corner of his eye, happy that you were starting to feel included. When you first joined the team, Tony felt a need to protect you. It was new to him, seeing as he had never really been the nurturing type, but he thought of you as his kid. 

You were laughing at Bucky and Sam’s petty argument when you felt a buzz from your phone in your pocket. You gulped, and the color drained from your face. You didn’t have any friends at school, so when someone texted you, you knew it could only be one person. 

Mom: Get here right this second.

You grabbed your bag, and ran out of the Tower, dreading your return home. Tony ran out after you, calling your name through the downpour that was engulfing Manhattan. He caught up to you quickly, and grabbed the strap of your backpack to get you to stop. 

“Y/N, what’s going on? Are you okay?” Tony could see the fear behind your eyes as you tried to come up with an excuse.

“My, uh, my mom needs me home. Right now.” You answered quickly, trying to shake Tony’s grasp off your backpack.

“Is something wrong?” The concern in Tony’s voice made you realize how much he cared about you, but the longer it took you to get home, the worse the repercussion would be.

“No, no I don’t think so. My mom is just… strict.” You couldn’t find a better word to explain it. Tony looked skeptical, but seeing your anxious face, he nodded quickly, and watched you run towards your neighborhood. His gut told him something was off, but against his better judgement, he went back inside.


“Where have you been?” Your mother asked, anger in her voice.

“I was- I was out.” You whispered shakily, still out of breath from the run home.

“You’re supposed to watch the house while I’m out.”

“I know… I just, I had study group.” You said wincing at the obvious lie.

“Don’t lie to me!” She screamed, coming closer to you. You crawled back instinctively, bracing yourself. “I didn’t want you! I don’t want to have to worry about you. You stay home so you don’t get in trouble, so I don’t have to clean up the messes that you make.” You nodded, and your eyes glanced up to her, then back down at your feet. She took it the wrong way.

“Did you just roll your eyes at me?!” You shook your head violently, terror filling your eyes. The woman grabbed your arm, her long nails digging into your skin painfully. You knew there would be more scratches and bruises to cover up. Your hands were heating up, and you folded your arms so you wouldn’t show your powers. You could feel your skin burning, and you desperately tried to keep your powers under control. “Go to your room. And don’t even think about coming out again until Monday.” 

You nodded, running to your “room”. It was more a closet with a small window. There was just enough room for your bed and a small desk. You fell onto your bed, silent tears running down your face until you fell asleep.


By Monday, your self-tended burns had stopped radiating heat and blistering, though they were still very visible. You chose a long-sleeved shirt, even though it was blazing hot, and some shorts to try and vent out the heat. You walked out and kept your head down. When you got outside, you breathed a sigh of relief, and continued your walk to school. You prided yourself on the fact that you were top of the class at Midtown. When you were younger, you had buried yourself in your studies to occupy your time alone. The day was short, and the work was easy, which you were grateful for because you could keep yourself busy without having to think too much about it. Besides sitting by yourself at lunch (again), the day was refreshingly simple, and you felt relaxed for the first time in days as your headed to the Tower. You greeted everyone with a soft smile, and then went to change into your workout clothes for train. You had chosen your favorite tank-top, and some shorts that were still in your locker at the Tower. You had completely forgotten about your very visible cuts and burns until you heard the gasps of the team when you walked back out.

“Oh my gosh.” Nat practically shrieked as she ran over to you. Your heart dropped into your stomach as you realized what everyone was staring at. Tony walked over to you, and guided you out of the room, and into his private lab. You both remained silent for second. You knew Tony wanted you to confess without a prompt, but you refused, clenching your jaw, and staring at the floor.

“Just strict?” Tony asked finally. You looked at him, utterly confused, until you realized what he was referencing. 

Is something wrong?”

“No, no I don’t think so. My mom is just… strict.” 

The words echoed in your ears as you remembered them. Your eyes filled with tears as you contemplated what to say next. 

“How d-did you know?” You said, your voice shaking with the strain of keeping your tears from falling. 

“There’s always a risk of being an Avenger. I’ve had eyes on you since Day 1.” Tony said, anger burning in the back of his eyes as he inspected the claw marks scratched into your skin. You gulped, not knowing how to take this new development. “I knew your mother was horrible to you, but I was waiting for you to bring it up. I didn’t know she was… abusive.” He spat the word out. 

“She’s not…” You trailed off under the murderous gaze of Tony. “I’m fine, really. I’ve had worse bruises from Nat.” You said, smiling a little. Tony breathed in, relaxing just slightly, but a rage still burning within.

“I was saving this until your birthday, but I think now is more appropriate.” He said, guiding you out of the lab, and upstairs to the living areas. The two of you passed down the hallway that Nat and Wanda’s rooms were in, until you stopped at one of the doors that you knew to be unoccupied. Tony nodded, and you cracked open the door slightly. A large bay window took up one of the walls, a bed facing a TV that beckoned you to binge a few years worth of shows, and a desk with gold letters that spelled out your name above the desktop. You breathed in, shocked that someone would do this for you. Your eyes skirted over all of the accessories that made you instantly feel more at home than you had ever felt anywhere, even the library. 

“If you don’t like something, we can always get it changed, but Nat thought you’d-” Tony started, but you sprinted back to him, and ran him over with a hug. 

“Thank you.” You whispered. 

“Anything for you, Pumpkin.” Tony said after he recovered from the shock. He hugged you back, feeling more paternal in that second then he ever had before. 

“What about my mom?” You asked, anxious to hear the answer.

“I-We’re your family now. Don’t you worry, we’ll deal with her.”


Nearly 4 months had passed since you had officially moved into the Tower. Anybody could see that you were infinitely better. Your smiles were more genuine, your spunky/sassy attitude finally outshone your shyness and fear, and you knew where your place was in life. You were an Avenger, you had a team, you had a family. 

Today was your birthday, and you laughed to think that the team was even more excited than you were, which is saying something, because this was your first actually celebrated birthday. After a dinner of pizza from your favorite pizzeria, a cake that had miraculously made it through a day of the boy’s watering mouths, and many shared memories of you that made everyone laugh, Nat announced it was time for presents. There were so many, it was kind of hard for you to remember all of them. It seemed like everyone had made up for 15 years of disappointing birthdays 10-fold. As the pile of presents waiting to be opened diminished, and the room filled with wrapping paper and bags, Tony felt himself getting more excited but anxious for you to receive his present.

“Alright, alright.” Tony said as you opened the last gift. You looked at him, an ever-present smile still bright on your face after laughing about Bucky telling you they were all expecting you to pick the best present, since they had made it into a competition. “Hate to break it to you, Barnes, but prepare to lose, because I’m winning the best present award.” 

“Don’t count your chicks before they’re hatched.” You quipped, excitement building up in you for Tony’s gift. He rolled his eyes at your comment, and handed you an sealed envelope. You raised an eyebrow at it, and began to open it, wondering what could possibly be inside. You pulled out a blue, official-looking form with a lot of fine print, and three signatures. You recognized two, one belonged to the person who used to be your mom, and one was Tony’s. 

“It’s an adoption form.” Tony said. Everyone around the table was holding their breath, waiting for your reaction. “Welcome to the family, Y/N Stark.” A hand traveled up it’s way to cover your mouth as you took everything in. A tear rolled down your cheek from pure happiness, and it warmed your heart to notice that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Tony stood up to give you a hug, and you returned it, love for your family heating every part of you. “Anything for you, Pumpkin.” Tony whispered, holding you closer. You responded with a term you thought you would never have the privilege of using. And nothing had ever felt more right to say ever, and you would remember it for the rest of your life. 

“Thank you, dad.”

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Finding a Date.

A/N: Warning, this fic is garbage. Read with caution bc I swear I need help. *Reader is best friends with Cheryl Blossom and good friends with Ethel Muggs… and literally everyone. You’re a fan of Overwatch and a low-key cosplayer, bruh. (I’m sorry, it’s a Halloween party might as well) ((Using she/her pronouns mostly bc I suck at writing, I just wanted to give Reggie more love and I failed)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Y/N, you’re going to come to my Halloween party whether you like it or not. I’m not having one of my River Vixens mope and become a homebody.” Mentally screaming, I sighed and joined Cheryl as she stretched before the other girls came for practice. Cheryl Blossom’s been my best friend since we were kids. “Rich Kid Squad”, but I didn’t like hanging out with those other preppy shits. Jason and Cheryl were the only exception… They had my back and I had theirs in ways they never knew they needed. Since her twin brother’s death, I’ve done my best to help her cope. I guess my way of helping her is just being there and… joining the River Vixens.

“I already am, Cheryl, you know already that parties aren’t my kind of thing.” I replied, stretching my arms until I heard a satisfying pop from my elbow. Cheryl visibly cringed at the sound and continued to scold me like I was her child.

“Oh, please Y/N. You’re going and it’s final.”
She snapped at me and led me to the bleachers and sat down, patting the spot next to her.

“If you insist.” I sighed dejectedly. ‘My loot boxes will have to wait then… Daddy will have to wait,’ I thought to myself and tried to think of better days to lock myself in my room and level up on Overwatch with Reaper as my main.

“I know you’re thinking about your video games again, so I’ll make you a deal,” I stopped moping and stared at her, beckoning her to continue her sudden proposal because knowing Cheryl there’s always a catch.

“You can bring your video games and set up in the main hall,” I was about to scream. ‘Is she for real? Oh my gosh and she has a good wifi connection, a night without lagging! Huzzah!’

“But!” She interjected my notion. ‘Fuck my life, I knew it was too good to be true.’

“You have to dress up.” I scoffed and stood up straight. “You’re kidding, right? That’s it?”

“Yeah, why?” ‘That’s too easy, cosplaying is easy as pie Miss Cheryl. What’s really going on?’

“Cheryl, I know you. What’s the catch?”

“Okay fine, you have to bring a date and wear matching costumes.”

“Cheryl Blossom, you know I can’t talk to guys! What am I going to do? I’ve never been on a date, why are you doing this? Oh my God… I’m going to throw up.” I held my stomach, butterflies fluttering inside of me at the thought of asking a guy out.

“Y/N, calm down it’s not a big deal-”

“Uh, Cheryl yes. It IS a huuuuge deal! You know I hate talking to guys!”

“But, you talk to so many on that stupid video game chat whatever it is?”

“That’s different, they can’t see me.”

“Y/N. Listen up, you’re going to ask someone to the party and wear matching costumes. I’ll make sure to have the flat screen and your favorite snacks ready for you when you come, okay?”

“Fine… I’ll do it.”

“Good. And you don’t even have to hang out with him the whole night.”

“Well, that defeats the purpose of even having a date, but okay…”, tossing the conversation aside as the girls came into the gym, ready for cheerleading practice and more of Cheryl’s drama.

“Yup. Alright ladies, line up. We have to perfect this routine by tonight and if it’s not, we’ll be staying late so let’s get going.”


“Who do I even ask? I don’t even talk to any guys other than Archie, Kevin and Jughead. Archie’s going with Betty, Veronica asked Kevin and I highly doubt that Jughead would want to go to a party for Halloween, he’ll probably be working on his novel.” I ranted to Ethel Muggs, she’s my study partner for Chemistry and Statistics. Ethel laughed and quickly copied my notes from a day she missed when she was sick. We were in the library and it was just us two and the librarian and she didn’t mind us chatting away, we were her assistants so we were in the clear.

“I don’t know. At least you were invited.” I froze at that thought. ‘Dang it, I should’ve been more considerate. It’s Ethel, why am I so stupid? …Wait.’

“You wanna be my date?!” I blurted out. Her eyes widened and she shook her head no.

“No no no no Y/N, I am good as done. I don’t want to be anywhere near those dumb jocks.”

I sighed and nodded my head in understanding, she’s had it rough the past year and I should’ve known better.

“This is gonna suck so badly. I just wanted to spend the night with Daddy and-” Ethel cut my rant short.

“Daddy? Who’s that?” I froze. Did I really say Daddy out loud? In front of Ethel?

“Um… He’s no one, forget I said anything.” Flustered, I tried changing the subject. I felt the heat creep up my neck. ‘Damn my abilities to blush, it’s not cute!!’

“Y/N, I don’t know. Sounds interesting and kinky, if you ask me. Spill the beans, Y/N/N.” Her grin teasing me whilst she shuffled her papers around into a neat pile.

“Oh my gosh! Okay, he’s a character from this game I’m playing, it’s called Overwatch.”

“Wow… Didn’t expect a rich and preppy cheerleader like you to be the gamer chick type, I’m a bit surprised but not really because I saw those books in your bag. If I’m correct, those are called ‘manga’, right?” I blushed heavily and covered my face.

“I am not preppy! I’m a disgusting nerd. Don’t look at me.” Ethel laughs and starts packing her stuff.

“Well, thanks for the notes and I hope you find someone to take because God forbid you get on Cheryl’s bad side for not bringing a date.” I shook my head lightly as I chuckled, “Yeah, it’s no problem Ethel. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She smiled and walked out of the library, leaving me alone with Mrs. Walker.

“You mind closing up today, Y/N?” She asked and tossed me the keys. I smiled and nodded yes to her.

“Yes, no worries Mrs. Walker. I’ll just study for a few more minutes before I go.”

“Thank you, sweetie. Have a nice day and good luck finding someone for the party.” She shuffled her way out the double doors and left me alone. Me and the books.

I stared down at my neat stack of chem worksheets and statistics notebooks and let out a deep sigh. 'I shouldn’t be stressing over something so small… Wait, did I pack my pepper spray?’

Ever since Jason’s death, my parents insisted that I carry a can of pepper spray. They even went as far as buying five bottles for me, wrapped with the instructions.

A thud broke me from my thoughts and I looked around. 'I'm… the only one in here, right?’

Reaching into my bag, I searched my bag for the small spray can. “Aw dang nabbit.” Opting for a No. 2 pencil, I rose from the desk and made my way towards where the sound came from.

“Hello?” I called out. 'Wow, am I dumb? I’m that stupid dumb bitch that gets killed in every horror movie that goes towards the danger.’

I heard another thud and a small scuffle, I stood behind a bookshelf holding the pencil firmly in my hand against my chest. 'Lord, please help me now.’

The scuffling grew louder and sounded like it was getting closer to me.

“AAAAHHHH!!!” I shouted, swinging my arm everywhich way prepared to stab whatever was there.

“OH SHIT! WAIT, STOP!” A firm grip caught my wrist and in a panic, I clenched my eyes shut and swung my leg at my assailant and kicked them, I don’t even know where.

“Ow… shit, you kick hard.” Realizing whose voice it was, I opened my eyes and yanked my arm away from him. 'Neighbor boy?’

Out of all the guys in Riverdale, I hadn’t thought of HIM to ask. 'It’s not like we talk so?’

“Reginald, what the heck are you doing in here? The library is closed.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N: this is pretty much trash lmao but im turning it into a two or three-shot idk but yeah… it’s not good so I’M SORRY GUYS 😭
Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 12)

Originally posted by tmlnsn

Part 11

“Harry Styles Confirms Relationship Gossip Mag Writer” 

While the pair has been seen together multiple times within the past few weeks, it wasn’t necessarily official until the writer, Y/N, accompanied Harry to the album release party of his very first solo album. The two emerged from the same black SUV and Harry quickly wrapped his arms around her and lead her into the venue. 

Guests at the party say the two were inseparable the entire night and both seemed really happy. 

Now, for those that are still not sure Harry and Y/N are in a relationship because neither of them has actually come out and said anything about it, just remember that actions speak louder than words. 


You knew once you went to Harry’s party you would see yourself and your relationship plastered everywhere, but you didn’t think it would be this bad. You were starting to get recognized more and more whenever you went out to the grocery or to get coffee with Jess. 

If it was that bad going out by yourself and friends, you could only imagine how it would be when you and Harry started going back out into the public again. 

After the party, Harry decided that for privacy sake, to sort of stay indoors for a bit to maybe let things blow over. 

You were at your flat cooking dinner for Harry, when you heard the doorbell ring. You wiped off your hands and went over to the answer the door. 

“Oh, hey,” you smiled when you saw Harry with flowers and a few bottles of wine. 

“Hey baby,” he smiled kissing you. “It smells amazing in here.” 

“Thanks it’s almost done,” you said. 

“I tried calling you to see if I needed to bring anything, but it went straight to voicemail,” he said. 

“Shit,” you sighed. “Sorry, I turned it off earlier and forgot to turn it back on.”

“Why?” He asked. 

“Between notifications, texts, and calls from all these people, I couldn’t take it anymore,” you sighed. 

“What do you mean?” He asked. 

“All of these reporters are trying to get in touch with me. They want me to comment on our relationship,” you sighed. 

“Are you serious?” He sighed. “I’m sorry.” 

“No, it’s not your fault. I just don’t know how they got my number,” you said. 

“The media have their ways,” he mumbled. 

“I never did that,” you sighed. 

“Well, you’re different,” he smiled putting the flowers in some water and then pouring you both some wine. 

After dinner, you both clean up the kitchen and the dishes before changing into something more comfortable. Harry changed into sweats and a t-shirt, while you put on just a hoodie and shorts. You then go into the living room and sit down on the couch. 

Harry grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around the two of you, while you grabbed the remote. 

“Movie night?” You asked. 

“Yeah, that sounds good,” he smiled kissing your head. 

“I’m choosing the movie,” you said going to Netflix and scrolling through. 

“Oh god,” he joked. 

“OOH! I know what we can watch,” you said. “Titanic, that way you’ll know what scene is where. I can’t believe both you and James got the “drawing” scene wrong.” 

“At least I didn’t say it was when they were dying out in the fucking ocean,” he said. 

“True, but I can’t believe you thought it was them in the car,” you rolled your eyes. “The drawing scene is like what leads up to the car scene. It’s like their foreplay in a sense.” 

“How many times have you seen this movie?” He laughed. 

“How many times have you seen The Notebook?” You smirked. 

“Touche,” he laughed. 

You clicked on the movie and put the remote back on the table before cuddling up with Harry. 

“This movie is like four hours long by the way,” he mumbled. 

“It’s long, but it’s not that long,” you said. “Now, shush.” 


Harry had some meetings the next day, so he woken up before you. You groaned when you heard the shower turning off and Harry walked out into the bedroom. 

“Do you have to go?” you mumbled turning on your side and using the sheets to cover yourself up. 

“I’d rather not, but I have too,” he said. “It’s about Dunkirk and figuring out our promo schedules.” 

You nodded. “It’s just so early.” 

“I know,” he laughed. “Especially when someone’s keeping you up late at night.” 

“Hey, it’s not my fault! I wanted to watch a movie, you’re the one who had other plans,” you joked. 

“You didn’t exactly seem to object to those plans,” he smirked. “In fact, you seemed to really, really enjoy those plans.” 

You rolled your eyes laughing. “Shut up.” 

He laughed pulling his jeans up and buttoning his shirt. He walked over to the bed and sat down next to you. 

“Trust me, I’d much rather use my morning in bed with my beautiful girlfriend than being sat in a room with ten people,” he laughed. 

“Well, hopefully soon we’ll be able to have a lazy day together. It’s been awhile,” you smiled. 

“That it has,” he smiled giving you a quick kiss. “I’ll call you when I’m done and maybe bring us some lunch?” 

“Sounds good,” you smiled. “I’ll be waiting.” 

“Like this?” He smirked looking down at the fallen bed sheet revealing your chest. 

“Hm. If you’re lucky,” you smirked. 

“Well, I already have you has my girlfriend, so I’d say I’m pretty fucking lucky,” he smiled. 

You giggled leaning into kiss him. After a bit, you pulled away. 

“You better get going before you’re late,” you said. 

“I know, I know,” he laughed giving you a quick kiss again and heading to leave. 


A few minutes after Harry left, you decided to get semi-dressed and throw your hair up. You went into the kitchen to make yourself some coffee and as you were waiting, your phone rang. 

You looked at it and saw that it was Jess. 

“Hey, what are you doing up so early?” You laughed. 

“I uh.. Are you at you’re flat?” She asked. 

“Yeah, why?” You asked.

“Is Harry there?” She asked. 

“No, he just left for some meetings, but he’ll be back this afternoon, why?” you asked. “What’s up?” 

“Do you mind if I come over? I think this would be better explained in person,” she said. 

“Sure, are you okay?” You asked. 

“I-I don’t know,” she said. “I’ll be there in five.” 

She hung the phone and you looked at it confused. Jess was usually so energetic and over the top, but she seemed really worried about something. You poured the coffee into two mugs when the doorbell rang. 

You placed the mugs on the bar before going to open it. Jess was standing there with a bag from the pharmacy in her hand. Her hair was a bit of a mess and she was in what looked like something she slept in the night before. 

“Hey, are you sick?” You asked her as she walked in. 

“Yes… and no.. I don’t know,” she sighed. 

“Hey, what’s wrong?” You asked following her over to the bar. 

“Ew, is that coffee?” She said holding her mouth. 

“Yeah, you love coffee,” you said. 

“Not today,” she said. “Can you take it over there somewhere?” 

“Uh, sure,” you said putting them back in the kitchen. “So, what’s going on? What’s in the bag?” 

“I-Uh.. I think I’m pregnant,” she sighed. 

“What?” you said. “Did you take a test?” 

“Not yet, that’s what this is,” she said. “I’ve been trying to deny the possibility for a few weeks now, but I finally decided I need to know for sure.” 

“Oh, Jess,” you sighed giving her hug. “You can use my bathroom and we can look at the results together.” 

“Thank you,” she whispered. 

“I’ll be right here,” you said. 

She nodded grabbing the bag and going into your bedroom to the bathroom. You waited out in the living room for her to come back. A few minutes later, she did and you both sat together as you waited the short, yet long few minutes it took for the results to come back. 

When it was finally time to look, she had you do the honors. You looked down at the little stick and saw the two very pink lines. Your heart sank a little because you didn’t know how she would react. 

You looked up at her. “It’s positive.” 

“Oh my god,” she cried. 

You sighed sadly wrapping her in your arms as you hugged her. 

“What am I gonna do?” She cried. 

“We’ll figure it out,” you whispered. “I’m here for you.” 

“Thank you,” she sniffled. 


A few hours later, Jess finally went home. She needed to gather her thoughts and just wanted to be alone. You were sitting out on your balcony when Harry came back. 

He had brought some big ass salads from a cafe nearby and you were getting everything ready. Harry needed to use the bathroom really quick, so you got the drinks and brought them outside. 

When Harry was washing his hands after using the bathroom, he happened to look down into the trash bin and saw an opened pregnancy test box. His heart immediately started to beat faster and he was freaking out a little bit. He started looking through the drawers and cabinets of the bathroom trying to find the test, but it wasn’t anywhere to be seen. 

“Shit, oh shit, fuck,” he mumbled to himself. “It’s okay. Just calm down. It might not even be anything. She’ll tell you if it’s anything.” 

Harry spent five minutes trying to calm himself down before finally going back out to meet you for lunch. He tried his best to forget about what he had found in the bathroom, but all he could think about was the possibility of you being pregnant with his kid and he wasn’t sure how he felt about that. 

The Klutz Curse

Summary: You and the Winchesters tackle a witch case

Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, You

Word Count: 2.8k

Warnings: none

A/N: So here it is, almost two weeks late. But Here. It. Is. @seenashwrite‘s 200th Follower Challenge. Archer Meets Supernatural. I had fun with this one, partially because Archer is fun but also because this fic is just a mess of any humor I could stick in at any chance. So there’s that. Also thanks to my best bestie @impala-dreamer for looking it over me and restoring some confidence in my personal humor bank. Hope you guys enjoy!!

Butter fingers! The insult rolled off your tongue like a loose gobstopper, hitting the sweet spot on the tip before gracing Dean’s ears.

“Lay off!” He wasn’t having it. None of it. But he had dropped the remote, his cup of motel coffee, and Sam’s computer–all in the span of a couple hours.

You didn’t lay off. Instead, you snickered and winked at Sam, who huffed and shoved his protected computer into his bag before smiling to himself when he thought no one else could see.

“Shut up you two! Focus on the case!” Dean threw his arms out in frustration. The keys to the Impala flew out of his hand like a rogue frisbee and smacked the wall. There was now a key sized dent where a wallpaper flower had been.

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Why didn't you said before?

You wake up and run silent to the bathroom,feeling you cramps getting worse. Just then you realize that your period just started.

But that was only the beginning. When you open your little bag,you realize that you had no tampons.
“Really? Come on.” You have only one option,find one place open,so you can buy all you need. Very carefully,you go back to the room,take you phone by one side of the bed,and go to the other side,looking for your wallet or Shawn’s wallet,but didn’t find them. You take deep breaths and go back to bed.

“Shawn,babe?” You call him,making small circles on his back,but he continuos to snore.“Come babe,I need you! Wake up Shawn!” Still,nothing. “Shawn!” I call just a little louder.


“Babe,wake up! I need your help!”

“What happened?”

“Where did you put our wallets when we got back from dinner?”

“Why do you want money now?“He get up,sitting next to me and seeing what’s time is it.“At 3A.M?”

“Its emergency Shawn,where did you put them?”

“I think I left on the car. But what happened? What emergency?”

“My monthly emergency Shawn!” I emphasized the monthly emergency,but
he still look at me confused.

“What monthly emergency Y/N?”

“My period Shawn,I have blood coming out of there and I don’t have tampons or pills for cramps. So my uterus is killing me and my panties are getting bloody.”

“Oh,just that?“He looks at me and get up from bed"Why didn’t you told me earlier?” He goes to his bag,open and take a supermarket bag from there.“Here!” He gives me a box of the right tampons and other of advill.

“But I thought I didn’t have it!” I was confused,but gladly take from his hand and run to the bathroom.

“You probably didn’t,I just got this few morning ago. I knew your period was getting closer.” After leaving the bathroom more comfortable,Shawn gives you one advill and a bottle of water.

“Ok,but how did you knew that it was getting closer?” I ask before taking the advill.

“We are together for almost one year now and you are on tour with me for 3 months. It’s easy to know when it’s you period,I just have them noted,because then I know how I can help.”

“Ok,that’s cute! You just win the award for best cute boyfriend in the world.” You say putting you arms around his neck while his were on your hips.

“Do I deserve I kiss?” His smile light up the night.

“Lots of kisses!” You gently kiss him,before smiling back.

“Let’s cuddle ,then you can give me all the kisses I deserve and I can take care of you. Because I think you uterus is trying to kill you,it’s that right?” He grins and you laugh.

“I would love to cuddle,you are absolutely right!”

He cuddles,you kissed him a few times,but half an hour latter,you both fall sleep.

Replay Era!

And so here is the beginning of the masterposts! Sorry for the delay in getting this one posted!

Mnet School Of Rock

Jonghyun: When we eat breakfast or go to the practice room and I forget my training outfit, when I say I forgot it, he takes it out of his bag and says, “It’s right here~”

Mnet School of Rock BTS

-Kibum’s horror story-

fastforward to 2:19

J: Among the members, Key is the most frightened one. 


here’s a compilation because there were just too many to list off here

Jonghyun’s hand on Key’s waist and Keys hand on his shoulder

On Keys bday part fanmeet

key mentioned that the previous year on his birthday.jonghyun smacked/beat him in the park (its some practice in korea to do this on brithdays)but the moment key said that.jonghyun adamantly refused to let him continue on.

on telling Kibum their bday wishes for him

then it was jonghyun. he was really shy about it and kept swaying around while holding onto key’s hand. little taemin got jealous of that and ran in between the two of them and forcefully pried their hands apart before giving key a hug. jonghyun then continued saying some stuff to key and the fans requested them to bobo(kiss)!!!jonghyun said that was not possible so he kissed his thumb and then pressed his thumb on key’s forehead. the two of them are really close.oh and when jonghyun was saying that he loves key. the noonas reacted really crazily to it which prompted onew to complain why no one reacted to him when he said that he loves key. cr  小智MAX@baidu and atlantis-x for translation

Mnet mini drama

watch here

I’ll probably post the rest of 2008 era which includes Love Like Oxygen and their award ceremonies