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Hi there! I’m updating my commission info for November-December 16th! I’m still slowly saving towards a new laptop(it’s finally busted!) aha but right now I’m in dire need of funds for the convention I’m attending next month(boothing fees + travel expenses + hotel) ( -̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥᷄ ω -̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥᷅ ) I’m hoping to raise at least $100 before December. If you can’t commission me, please help by reblogging this post! ;0;/

All payment will me made to my paypal account(, in usd.

Right now there are two types you can choose from!


  • 5usd per chara! Additional characte will be another 5usd
  • Price might also vary due to details
  • Will do simple backgrounds for free(polka dots, gradient, stripes etc)


  • It’s as stated, you decide the price! However, it must be at least 1usd!
  • Will do simple background for free(polka dots, gradient, stripes etc)

Additional info/How to commission me?

  • Payment should me made fully before recieving the final product and after recieving the first sketch
  • I will not draw anything nsfw/mecha but I will accept furries/animal features
  • I have the right to turn down your commission
  • Please message me here if you are interested! I also require a referance of the character you wanted to be drawn.

Twenty Øne Pilots, Truce


“I think it’s as though everyone has a small place inside themselves, maybe, a private bit that they keep to themselves. It’s like a little fortress, where the most private part of you lives–maybe it’s your soul, maybe just that bit that makes you yourself and not anyone else.” [x] [insp.]

Sun and Moon. Finally watched it.

So, it is finally here and after months of harsh criticism, pros, cons, going over the wall, listening to so many opinions and everyone not really giving the show a chance as yet. I finally sat down, got a decent subbed version and watched it entirely.

So- things I love

So, I love Ash, his design, not my favorite, but he still is adorkable. I can live with that. I love him to much to let his design prevent me from watching something I have been apart of for 15 years.

Being from an island, I love the overall look and animation of the trees and that steel pan score they have as background music. I love it. Overall it has nice composition as well.

I love the details of the animation, the hibiscus flowers make me feel all warm and sappy inside. In real life those flowers are incredibly beautiful.

Next, Lillie.

To be honest, I thought I wasn’t going to like her, I really didn’t but man did she steal my heart. She is a precious gumdrop.

Lana is my angel. I love her and Poplio.

Mallow, man this girl is everything. I love the group dynamic. It is sweet. I love how the girls have such different personalities right of the off set.

I love the comedy, no gags, as yet but I do like it. It made me laugh more than it should have.

Okay, who do I ship?

I ship Mallow and Kiawe. I don’t know why, I find they are near each other alot,

I can see it. I like it. She is cool and calm while he is intense. There is a familiarity to them.

Professor Kukui, cant go wrong, I like him. Principal Oak. Apple doesnt roll far from the tree lol.

I think it would be nice to see Ash bonding with an older male figure, other than Professor oak. I think this is good later on and I love the fact Ash is staying with him. The scene with Ash eating and playing with his Pokemon was very sweet.

Then finally Tapu KoKo. I love this Pokemon, I get a rather mischievous feeling from him and I love how he seeks out Ash. I like the subtle facial expressions on his face as well. Like when Ash had an outburst, you see Tapu Koko react, just for a second.

I hope to see alot from this Pokemon just because of how he is.

Overall it was a good start, I find it to be a bit slow as I still have no idea what the school may entail. What Ash might do now.

I hope it is enjoyable.

Let’s go on the new Journey. Together

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One of my favorite quotes Taylor has ever said.
It deserves to be on a watercolor floral background.
This was watercolored and hand lettered by me on my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

@taylorswift, you give your fans so much hope in their darkest of days. I’ve read stories of how you’ve changed so many peoples lives, touched their life in some way and you’ve made so many people happy….me included. For years I’ve loved your music and then I learned about you as a person and I love you even more. I have fallen in love with my life more because of your goodness and my ultimate goal in 2017 is to be extraordinarily helpful to others. So thank you for setting the example. I’m so appreciative of you, your music, and your life message. 💕

this is my complaint about people doing their job badly.
So a bit of background; it’s the thanksgiving holiday. I live in a different state than my family so i went and visited them for a week. Lucky me, my first day in town i lose my license at a gas station. If you’ve ever lost your ID before it’s incredibly inconvenient when you have none of your necessary information for getting a new one, especially when you’re in a different state. Simple mistake, the lady working just forgot to give it to me, i thought.
So later in my night when i realize my loss, i call up the gas station (hint: they do free slurpee days on a certain day of the year that matches their name) and ask them if anyone had found my license. He said no, so i asked if he could look around for me, and to my surprise, he refused. not even a “I will look later, let me get some information to contact you if we find it.”. Straight out no. Super bad attitude and hung up on me. Called again because i’m appalled about unhelpful he was, i asked to speak to the manager. Clearly speaking to the same man, he says everyone looked earlier for it and no one found one. fat lie because i JUST called to inform them of the lost ID. He refuses to help, so even though ive worked in customer service for years and hate rude customers, I ended up telling him to go fuck himself.

Small victory, i later found my ID in my car. Feel only slightly bad for telling him to screw himself, but only bad enough to stop buying slurpee’s at that location. He deserved it for his horrible attitude and horrible customer service.

All in One Page: Kotori by bitter-smile

Hello! I just started to moving on to giving my coding for free. Since I don’t have confidence in releasing theme yet, I’ll release an all-in-one page first. It contains an about page, tag or navigation, and a blogroll



  • The code does not come with images on preview
  • If many people like it I’ll make the theme version of it
  • Give me Loveca Stone pls
  • Please like or reblog if you like or/and planning to use <3
  • Do not touch the credit

Preview & Download

Vegan Food For Budget Folks

I’ve been wanting to make a post like this for a while to talk about how to shop for vegan food if you are on a budget (like me) and you live in an area that has a good amount of produce but doesn’t have a whole lot of specialty vegan options (like me!) I’ve been vegan for about a year and a half now out here in the midwest and I’ve found that contrary to popular belief, going vegan has saved me money and actually helped me develop a decent stockpile of food in my cabinets. Check it out!

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This prison storyline makes me so sad for Charity. She had two babies in prison so traumatic. She has had one of the hardest lives. She character is amazing. Her background gives depth to the wildness of hey character. Wish she was appreciated/protected more by other characters


Honestly there’s so much more™ that the writers could do with Charity and I get frustrated at times that they don’t take advantage of this AMAZING character they’ve created! 

Because. When she’s being written with the depth she deserves she’s easily one of the best/most unique characters on the show. She has such a rich history and yeah. Charity Dingle. She’s a legend and I always need more of the other characters loving on her and remembering how much she’s been through. <3 



Hello! I’m doing some quick cheap last minute end of summer commissions!! Each will feature a small fully coloured and shaded chibi-ish sized character with a transparent background! 

You can either contact me through here or via my email which is Read under the cut for terms of service.

♡ 10 slots available ♡

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I don’t get it when people say “Just use the default Shepard nobody will be interested in your fic otherwise” like no, give me the fancy names, the overly dramatic backstories, the outrageous hair and scars and past relationships and canon divergent backgrounds. I live for all the different OCs and people who try to police you on them are boring anyways


hello ! its been a while since ive properly redone my commissions post ! ive hiked up the prices a bit since i was essentially making peanuts . that said , i dont think these prices are too unreasonable ! if you have any qs , just lmk ! :- )

i am currently employed working few hours to support myself and save enough to fly back to the UK and be with a family who loves and support me ! please help out so i can afford to travel away from my current destructive living space.

please be super specific + provide reference if possible!



  • simple backgrounds: $6
  • NOTE: for palettes , ill give you a selection of ones that ive collected to choose from after getting the general idea for the feel of the piece .

wont do:

  • mechs
  • animals
  • super complex backgrounds

i feel so honored to have been cast in this play

we started our rehearsal tonight like any other

then our director stopped us and we just sat and talked about world events/personal stories

to give some background: this play is female-empowering it’s political but it’s not “in your face” about it (topics of discussion in the play include things like black lives matter, healthcare, social class, racism, etc) it’s very subtle it doesn’t lean one side or the other it teaches us that we need to work together (instead of being divided) and compromise if we want to find a solution to our problems

tonight’s rehearsal reminded me why i do this: to tell stories, to bring people out of their comfort zone, to get people talking, to open people’s minds so that we can better understand one another

It seems like everyone gets everything before me. They get love before me, I even help them. I am the last person to even get any love back. I love myself and that’s all I should need but….love is my life. I need family I need friends I need that constant, “hey annissa thanks for being a good friend” or “ily girl” or “I love you.” I need That bc I never got that. I grew up loved by my two parents but not having a family and the background and area I grew up in really just fucked me up. The house I live in has Three different types of love. Anger, resentment, and compassion. Everyone around me doesn’t know how to love when all I ever do is love. All I wanted was for someone to love me the way I loved them. But instead, I get assholes who fool me as good men/friends but really end up hurting me just as bad as the previous. Nobody gives a fuck about me. But me. I’m all I got but that’s not enough, I need more. I know I do.

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Aaron having to hide who he is in prison and then hide the lie he is living from his husband by covering his hands is one of the most heartbreaking things so far. You can see an inmate in the background hugging his wife/girlfriend as much as he wants

oh my god anon i know 

i’m so curious to see if the fact that aaron kept his hands hidden deliberately/if they make a point of it or not? if he doesn’t want to upset robert or hurt robert in any way and so deliberately keeps it from him? i mean, it’s a good thing rob isn’t going to see him after he’s been beaten up (yet lmao that may come) (i really want that scene tbh) (give it to me)

on a different note, if it cheers you up, a thought i just had - i really really hope rob gets to put the ring back on him when he gets out.

February Soundtrack

Music and singing are constants in my life, and I love cultivating soundtracks to suit my moods. February has been a crazy month for me, getting back into working and exercising after a holiday and then a long period of being unwell. Some of these songs have been the background music to workouts, others to showers, others to cooking and cleaning, others have sent me off to sleep. I hope this gives you some inspiration, and I’d love to hear your current favourites, too!

Below is the full February playlist, but first here are some standout tracks…

“No Bad Vibes” by Nicole Millar - I saw Nicole Millar live when she opened for Troye Sivan in August last year. I immediately fell in love with her dope energy, and this song truly embodies it. I’ve been taking way too long in the shower because I’m too busy dancing to her new EP Communication. I’m calling Nicole as the next Australian pop sensation (I’m surprised she hasn’t blown up already). Her music is fun and original, and I’m sure it won’t be long before her hypnotic tunes are saturating mainstream radio.

Favourite LineYour symptoms are contagious // I’d rather be all by myself

Feels like – I’m untouchable.

“Golden Fleece” by Amy Shark - We’ve all teared up over Amy Shark’s surprise hit Adore, which has been stuck in my head for about a week straight at the time I write this. Golden Fleece isn’t as popular, but it’s just as devastating, hitting that little bit too close to home. It’s slow and eerie, and painfully honest. I’m absolutely itching for more music from Amy; she’s onto something really special.

Favourite line– I wanna make you mad // I wanna make you scream // I want you to shake the person next to you and scream “where is she?!”

Feels like – I’m seventeen again.

“Every Lie” by Meg Mac - Another badass Australian chick who’s killing the game with original content, I’m holding my breath for Meg Mac’s debut album set for release this year. I started playing this song on repeat while I was finishing writing my novel last year and haven’t quite managed to give it a rest.

Favourite lineRelease my soul beneath my naked bones

Feels like – I’m healing

“Private” by Vera Blue - Still in Australia; Vera Blue dropped this single a few days ago and I’m loving it. It’s a fresh style, and quite a step away from her previous stuff. It took me a hot minute to wrap my head around it, but it quickly grew on me. It’s a banger with raw, honest lyrics.

Favourite lineYou don’t even have a clue // of all the things I’m doing to you

Feels like – A recurring dream

“Meteorite” by Years & Years - I’ve been on a Years & Years kick for months. Something about the dark lyrics combined with the classic electro-pop sound hits me hard, not to mention Olly’s voice is like (vegan) butter on hot bread. Meteorite is such a fuckin bop it got me up out of bed and dancing after days of stewing in my pre-menstrual fatigue. I have a real soft spot for music that’s equal parts dance and feels.

Favourite lineI don’t know how it led to this // I felt a tremor in your kiss // Earth shakes, and I answer it // My body realigns

Feels like – Dancing under a glittering disco ball, dripping with sweat.

“Keep Ya Head Up” by 2Pac - Sadly this anthem penned by Tupac in 1993 never fails to stay relevant. Amongst all the political bullshit, with women’s rights essentially up in the air, this song gives me some much needed empowerment and comfort. It also reminds me of the specific challenges faced by women of colour, and how important it is that our feminism is always intersectional.

Favourite lineI wonder why we take from our women // Why we rape our women // Do we hate our women? // I think it’s time to kill for our women // Time to heal our women, be real to our women // And if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies that’ll hate the ladies, that make the babies // And since a man can’t make one // He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one

Feels like – There’s a long road ahead of us.

“Keep Running” by Tei Shi - Tei Shi is another alt-pop goddess who deserves way more credit. I adore everything about her sound, and this new single is absolutely stunning with touching lyrics. One to blast when you’re feeling out of touch with the concept of time.

Favourite lineEvery time I look over my shoulder // I’m getting older // I’m getting older

Feels like – We’re running out of time.

“Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” by The Smiths - Usually a playlist put together by yours truly would contain a hell of a lot more masochistic old-school rock, but this is about it for Feb. I’ve been digging heaps of new music lately, but sometimes you just gotta wallow in your Smiths-eque sadness.

Favourite lineI was happy in the haze of a drunken hour // But heaven knows I’m miserable now // I was looking for a job and then I found a job // And heaven knows I’m miserable now

Feels like – Long nights alone, looking for meaning.

“Love” by Lana Del Rey

Last but not fucking least, my queen dropped a new single out of nowhere today like a sneaky ninja angel. It’s a simple but stunning track. To me it’s about the fragility of youth, where everything is so intense, but everything is that much more beautiful for it. It’s about being in love with yourself, with the world, with life. It’s about how easy it is to get caught up in the moment because you’re afraid of the future.

Favourite lineIt doesn’t matter if I’m not enough // For the future or the things to come // ‘Cause I’m young and in love

Feels like – A walk along the Canal Saint-Martin with a film camera and a journal, recording the things worth remembering.