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i got to see NU’EST live tonight!! aaahh, i feel kinda undeserving bc i hardly knew the band ow o;;

the show was amazing tho!! admission was free and i couldnt pass up the chance to see a kpop group live!! i went in completely blind, i had never heard their music before. i rly liked their songs tho and i plan to look them up in the next few days!!

starter pack || "goddess" edition
  • “I’m usually better than this.”
  • “Convince me that I am not a monster.”
  • “You should’ve crowned her.”
  • “She gave it all, you gave her shit.”
  • “She’s a goddess.”
  • “What if the way we started made it something cursed from the start?”
  • “Your love is a waiting game.”
  • “I can see you struggling.”
  • “Don’t hurt your brain.”
  • “Everything is a game.”
  • “I hang on everything you say.”
  • “What if I said I would break your heart?”
  • “You ought to know where I’m coming from.”
  • “Your soul outweighs my own.”
  • “I’ve got to take you home.”
  • “I can make you feel better.”
  • “You belong with me.”
  • “I want to know how you taste.”
“Tell her you love her.”
  • “I don’t care if they can’t understand the way that you and I just want to be next to each other every day.”
  • “Even addicted to your grumpy face.”
  • “I’ll run away with you.”
  • “This is special, baby.”
“Fuck ‘em, only we know.”
  • “You’re all that matters to me anyway.”
  • “You don’t need me.”
  • “I’m the one who had to learn to built a heart made of armor.”
  • “You are not deserving.”
  • “I’m so tired of eating all of my misspoken words.”
  • “You should have known.”
  • “Baby, don’t go.”
  • “I’ll change, I swear.”
  • “I promise I’ll be better.”
  • “Everything I do, I’m gonna think of you.”
  • “Please don’t fall in love with someone new.”
  • “I think I may love you, if you give me some time.”
  • “You are something I should do without, but I won’t.”
  • “I didn’t think of the risks.”
Just Stay This Little

Selena POV;

“She looks just like you,” Justin whispered, his thumb sweeping over the newborns cheek softly, “look at her. She’s perfect.”

“Do you want to hold her?”

“What if I drop her?” He fidgeted nervously, looking down. Everything was still so new.

“You won’t. Come here,” I urged, handing him our baby girl swaddled in pink. Hesitantly he took her from me, adjusting her in his arms and holding her close.

“Hi baby,” he breathed, fighting back tears, “I’m your daddy.” As hard as I tried to get her back from him, Justin refused to set her down once, his eyes never leaving hers; only a few hours old and she already had him wrapped around her little finger.


“Sleep tight baby,” Justin and I whispered, tucking our two year old into her big girl bed for the first time. She looked up at us, her eyes so full of wonder.

“Monster?” Her voice wavered innocently.

“No monsters,” Justin promised, kissing her forehead.

“Daddy momma sweep wif me?” she requested. Justin turned to look at me. He knew we shouldn’t give in but that wasn’t stopping him.

“What if you sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed?” I suggested, caving as well. She could sleep in her own bed tomorrow. Just one night with us won’t hurt her.


“Daddy why is the sky so blue?” Emory questioned, her four year old mind filled with so many questions. Before Justin had a chance to answer she’d already asked another question. Just three feet tall and curly blonde hair, she looked up at Justin as if he had all the answers. She was definitely a daddy’s girl.

“You’re just full of questions today aren’t you beautiful?” Justin teased, tickling her belly. She squealed, running into my arms.

“Momma save me!” She sat on my leg as Justin approached us both. I rubbed her back, a laugh escaping my lips when Justin wrestled us both to the ground.



“Daddy!” Emory hiccupped between sobs, kicking up snow with her tiny skis as she desperately tried to stand herself upright. Her goggles had slid down her face and one of her mittens was nowhere in sight as a result of her stumble; her exposed hand covered in crystallized water turning her skin a bright red from the cold.

“It’s okay princess,” Justin soothed our six year old, clicking her boots out of her skis before easily picking her up and setting her on his hip. She cried into his shoulder as he reached to grab her stuff with his free hand, gliding his snowboard the rest of the way down the bunny hill. Anxiously I trailed behind him, praying to God we wouldn’t have to make a trip to the ER on our little weekend getaway.

“What hurts baby?” I probed Emory as we stood out of the way of any other skiers and snowboarders. Both Justin and I were checking her over from head to toe for any injuries. She’d fallen a few times today already but not once had it caused her to cry like this so naturally I worried she’d really hurt herself.

“My hand,” she sniffled.

“Can you a squeeze my finger?” Justin questioned her, gently holding her little hand in his. She nodded, wrapping her fingers around Justin’s. After performing a few more movements any breakage was ruled out. Falling that hard probably scared her more than anything else. I know it scared me.

“All better,” I declared after peppering her hand with kisses, instigating giggles. I was so glad to see that beautiful smile back on her face.

After a few more runs down the mountain the temperatures steadily began to drop, the evening hours approaching rapidly.

“Ready to call it a day?” Justin nodded his head in silent agreement, holding Emory close as she began to shiver. We returned our equipment to the rental lodge then made a dash for the car. While Justin started it, I helped Emory out of her wet clothes, throwing them all in the trunk. By the time she was strapped into her seat it was nice and warm and she was basking in the heat, her fluffy blanket wrapped around her.

“She’s so perfect,” Justin whispered a few minutes into the car ride, glancing in his rearview mirror. I smiled at him, resting my head against his shoulder as he drove.

“I wish she’d never grow up. I want her to stay little like this forever.”


“How was school today babe?” I asked twelve year old Emory as she threw her backpack into the corner, slumping into the couch.

“It was fine,” She shrugged.

“What did you do?”


“Just like yesterday huh?” I joked, sitting beside her. She nodded.

“What time is daddy coming home tonight?”

“He’s not. It’s just the two of us.”

“Are you two still fighting?” She cautiously inquired.

“I’m sorry Em.”

“It’s not your fault,” she bit down on her lower lip, “I just miss him. That’s all.”

“I know baby. I miss him too.”


“Go Em!” Justin and I cheered as she dribbled the basketball down the court. As she scored in her first high school basketball game she looked to Justin and me with a huge grin on her face. She was sporting the number 6 on her red jersey, the number bringing her luck.

“That’s our baby,” I whispered proudly, intertwining my fingers with Justin’s.

“Look at her go.”


“Buckle up.”

“Yes mom,” Emory groaned, snatching the car keys from Justin.

“And don’t speed,” he reminded.

“I won’t.”

“Leave the radio off and no texting.”

“I know, I know. I’m going to be late if I sit here any longer.”

“Text me when you get there okay?”

“I will. I love you.”

“Love you more.” She rushed out the door and Justin and I stood by the window, watching her drive away for the first time.

“Please God keep her safe,” I prayed.


“Knock knock,” Justin poked his head into Emory’s bedroom. She refused to look up at him, still wrapped up in my arms. He frowned, shuffling into the room. As he sat on the bed besides us Emory instantly broke back out in tears.

“He’s not worth your tears baby,” Justin murmured.

“How do you know that?” she cried, “I love him.” We looked helplessly at each other as our daughter experienced her first heartbreak. It hurt to know there wasn’t anything we could do to make it better. We couldn’t kiss away her booboo this time.

“Was I not good enough?”

“Don’t say that princess, you’re perfect. Boys are stupid. I can’t even list all the times your dad upset me when we were younger.”

“It hurts.”

“I know baby,” Justin held his arms out for her as she finally looked up, “time will heal everything.”


“Pinky promise.”


“Getting cold feet?” Justin asked Emory as we stood behind closed doors. In just 20 minutes he’d be walking her down the aisle, handing her over forever.

“Not really. Just butterflies. I’m nervous. Is that normal?”

“Yeah.” He chuckled, “I was a nervous wreck the day I married your mom.”

“As soon as you see him it’ll all go away,” I assured, squeezing her hand, “I better go take my seat. See you out there. J you good?” He nodded, taking a deep breath. I chuckled, kissing him quickly. This was a huge step for not only Emory, but for us, Justin especially. When she walked away to get a drink Justin nearly broke down in tears

“I wish she could’ve stayed little forever. It feels like just yesterday I was too nervous to hold her for the first time. I just feel like I’m losing my baby girl.”

 “She’ll always be your little girl Jay. She’ll always be our baby.”

*Note; So writing this was a little different. I hope everything made sense. Feedback would be lovely :) Love you guys! <3

minicoops-girlwanted  asked:

When sousuke and makoto starting living together and makoto starts adopting stray cats around their neighbourhood and they so many of them that sousuke say no more and makoto gives him the sad puppy look every time and it always works so now they have like 20 cats/kittens

“Makoto, no.” It takes all his strength, but Sousuke manages to say it. He’d never before known how difficult it could be to say two little letters, but with Makoto, saying no physically pains him.

It’s a dusty brown tabby kitten this time, one with soft white paws and stunningly green eyes.

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