this baby is so fashion

I really wish the fandom wouldn’t baby Yuri Plisetsky so much. Yes, he’s young and edgy but his fashion style, which is not even that uncommon, his punk attitude, his sporadic kindness are all important characteristics that define him. He puts dedication into all that. He’s a teenager, not a toddler. And a teenager who accomplished more in those 15 years than others do in a lifetime.

My point is that Yuri Plisetsky is not a package deal. He’s a character who clearly has a complicated past. A character for whom having a friend that understands him is a great deal. His friendship with Otabek is obviously supposed to be important for both of them. Yet all I see is Yuri being some sort of accessory for Otabek and “smol angry son” for Viktuuri. Like Yuri only exists through others and what they think of him. That mentality’s unhealthy for both fictional situations and real ones.

Please appreciate Yuri Plisetsky as the best boy that he is, not by how good you think he looks with other people. Bonds are good and Yuri keeps his individuality as he forms them. He’s not a convenient toy for Viktuuri or Otayuri.