this baby is never coming out


Once on Ruben’s heels, she grabbed his arm to turn him around and get his attention.

Elizabeth: “I asked Max to come here because I needed someone to talk to and Elsa wasn’t picking up. It was his baby that I aborted and I had his number because I ran into him two years ago and lent him some money. He was homeless and just out of jail. I had to help him, he’s one of my oldest friends.”

Ruben: “Yet another thing you hid from me. Just be honest with me for once, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth: “But I am being honest.”

Ruben: “Yes, because you got caught. You never would have told me about the abortion, about Max, about any of this if you didn’t have to.”


That’s actually a great question.

Yes. I do not use any of my own photos.

1. If you ever come across profiles on Tinder who are seeking for a sub or dom, they never have their own photos. People aren’t that comfortable with attaching a fetish to their public personality.

2. Fetish crowd hates escorts. For them we sell our souls to devil and we’re willing to do things for money that we’re 100% uncomfortable with doing. So if we go out there as an escort and say we have sub or dom tendencies right of the bat most of the community will tell us they’re seeking something real. So, I mingle. When you enter a community you have to adhere to their codes and behavioural patterns, you’re the guest not them.

3. It gives me a chance to eliminate whiny, stressing and impatient ones because I hate that type. So, if they get aggressive about not being able to see me saying I must be a man (homophobic) or ugly gets unmatched. Of course there’re guys who mention that they’re curious to see me so I kindly tell them that they have to earn it. Which means I have to evaluate and understand basics of their personality, income and willingness to spend money.

4. Your looks is the least important part of equation. Yes, they’re still likely to bail if they don’t find you attractive but they’re not entitled to go through profiles and choose. They should be thankful that a goddess like you went through the trouble to make a profile and put it out there to hunt down a sub. Because as the ultimate domina, you can go out there and wrap any guy around your finger and you’re being gracious and generous for considering to dominate a tinder slob like himself. So, indeed the community is more forgiving when it comes to looks but a pretty face always helps.

5. I have two personas on Tinder and I sure am talking to same people on both, lol. I wouldn’t want someone to connect the dots.



 What’s up baby girl? You didn’t come find me after you woke up this morning, you know how much I love your fucking visits, keeps me sane when I’m working with the fuck ups. I come upstairs and find you sitting in the window, reading. You never even looked up when I slammed the fucking door.

 I’m not angry with you doll, just upset that you’re upset. You know that it bugs the fucking hell out of me. And you also know that I would do anything to make you smile, anything.

 So, get dressed in something more appropriate, not that I don’t like what you’re wearing, just don’t need those assholes eye-fucking you. I’ll wait right here for you, unless you want some help?

 We are taking a ride, your choice. We can go to the ocean, walk along the beach, pick up those fucking shells you like, maybe take a swim.

 We could go towards the mountains, there’s that one that has an old fire lookout. Maybe climb up there, have a picnic, taking in the view. Bring a book along, maybe I could read to you, can’t let that get back to the Sanctuary though.

 There’s also that river, we could walk down by it, it’s always fucking cool along its banks, even when it’s 100 fucking degrees out. We could take our shoes off, do a little wading.

 Dwight was telling me about a field a few miles north. He said it was fucking overflowing with wildflowers, you liked those last ones I brought back. Then we could having a little bit of fucking fun, rolling around in them. Maybe stay around until after dark, watch all the stars come out.

 Or maybe we can just hang out here, just get undressed, climb under the covers, and just fucking cuddle. I know you enjoy that, and yes, I’ll fucking admit it, I do too. But cuddling can lead to more, right?

  You know what, I’m sorry if me implying we needed to have sex to have fun upset you more. It’s just, I don’t know how or what to do to make you smile, to make you happy again. I feel like all I have to give you, is me. And I hope that’s enough.

 But wherever we go, or stay, whatever we do, or don’t do, as long as we’re together and you’re smiling, it’s all good.

 I will do anything for you, Jen. Anything. Just ask, sweetheart, I will always be here for you.

My love,


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Ha? I never even considered something like this. Somehow I find this possibility even more freakish than it simply growing back. Probably because I imagine dark tentacles coming out of either wound, putting the foot and the leg together and merging them in a ring of blue flames.

Besides, I can totally see Rin goofing around like “Hey, Yuuukiooo! Look, look! Baby foot! Haha, this is wild! C’mon, touch it!“ while shoving his foot into his brother’s irritated face.

I was tagged by @mellorad to list ten facts about myself. I’ve done the 11 facts thing before, so it will be hard to come up with ten more things. I am a very uninteresting person. lol

1. I’ve been drawing longer than I’ve been writing, by at least four years, but I think I’m much better at writing.

2. I have never broken any bones.

3. I used to sleepwalk when I was a kid, and one time I drew a backwards C on the wall in pen and we never were able to get it out of the wallpaper.

4. From when I was a baby until I was 12, I lived in a house that had the address 42 Evergreen Drive, like the Simpsons, only it was Drive instead of Terrace.

5. My family had the same van that the family from Malcolm in the Middle drove.

6. I used to build websites for fun in middle school, but I have since forgotten most of the html and css I had taught myself.

7. I never had pets other than goldfish growing up and finally got my first dog when I was 20. My parents didn’t even want him. They were at the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 movie and I was hanging out with some friends at home when my best friend called me to say there were people with puppies in the parking lot where she was working at a Hawaiian ice shack and that I should come look at them. (her exact words were “there’s a lady selling hellhounds” because at that time I was obsessed with Hellsing. I even wanted to name my dog Alucard at first, but ended up not.) I went to check out the puppies and after three hours of deliberation, and also calling my parents and asking their opinion (my dad flat out said no and my mom said she didn’t care but wanted nothing to do with it), I decided to buy him. My mom has since told me that getting him was one of the best things I have ever done and my dad has said he wouldn’t know what to do without him in his life.

8. I have no siblings, but my cousins are all older than me and treated me like/considered me their little sister, and they still do.

9. My husband and i were together for ten years before we got married.

10. I have a great dislike for robots and sci-fi things like space ships and whatever. It’s weird, and I don’t know why I hate those things so much, but I much prefer fantasy things like magic and such.

At 17w1d I’m still in normal clothes with my Bella band. I actually could button my paints this morning but sitting down theyre very tight so I’m rocking the band.

There’s no real reason I haven’t switched over yet to maternity stuff; I guess I’m worried I’ll never go back and then I’ll only have like four pairs of pants? Right now putting together an outfit I just think of what I own and come up with something from those items. I could adapt pretty easy to the maternity stuff I have but …. idk.

I think I’m also being superstitious. Every time I get more baby stuff, or pregnancy stuff, I freak out a little. Six weeks to viability! That’s when I’ll chill, I promise. PROMISE.

a helpful guide to use when u see a cat on the street u want to pet, tried and tested by yours truly

things not to do:

- raise your voice
- run up to it
- lean over it with both hands out
- chase or walk towards it when it runs or backs away
- try and pick it up (this is an animal that doesnt know you and may not like being picked up anyway)

things to do:

- stop where you are or near the cat if it isnt frightened
- crouch down (youre a lot bigger than it, its gonna be nervous of you.)
- talk gently and soothingly (the way you would to a baby when youre trying to get it to sleep)
- stay still and try not to make sudden movements, extend and arm or hand out towards it but dont lean forward (leaning forward has never worked, let it come to you)
- if it decides to come over, let it sniff you before trying to pet.

result: a new friend !!!!


- when petting dont cover the cats eyes or ears or touch its belly, its outside with a stranger so it needs its faculties. if you do this it will leave.

- good places to scratch (gently): back of the head, along the top next to the tail

- if the cat decides not to come up to you or leaves, leave it alone. im serious. dont bug this animal just because you want to pet it, leave it alone.

and thats all folks hope u enjoyed this helpful guide

You can bet that Barbara never let up on teenaged Jason Todd.

“A cigarette? Ooooh, edgy.”

“Outta the way everyone, baby James Dean coming through!”

“A leather jacket? In July? No no I get it, can’t let them think you’re not committed.”

“Whoa! Sorry, I just wasn’t sure if Grease Lightning was going to pop out from behind you.”

By hit count on Ao3, here are the


  1. You’ll Breathe Me In (You Won’t Release) by LoadedGunn
  2. Young & Beautiful by Velvetoscar
  3. Fading by tothemoonmydear
  4. We’ll Play Hide And Seek To Turn This Around (Give Me Love Like Never Before) by Wankerville
  5. Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart by mcpofife
  6. Baby Heaven’s In Your Eyes by theboyfriendstagram
  7. Love Is A Rebellious Bird by 100percentsassy, gloria_andrews
  8. Wear It Like A Crown by zarah5
  9. Have You Coming Back Again by whoknows
  10. Switch Out The Batteries by istajmaal, LoadedGunn
  11. Touch by kotabear24
  12. Just Me, You, And This Box Of Matches by tomlinsunshine
  13. Hoping This Cold Blue Water Scrubs Me Clean And Spits Me Out Again by phantasmagoria (aphrodeity)
  14. You Are The Blood by sarcasticfluentry
  15. It’s My Pleasure To Introduce You by LoadedGunn
  16. Empty Skies by green_feelings
  17. From Eight Until Late, I Think About You by supernope
  18. Let’s Talk About Making Love by istajmaal
  19. The Finish Line (Is A Good Place For Us To Start) by LoadedGunn
  20. Into The Blue by zarah5
  21. Feel The Chemicals Burn In My Bloodstream by togetherwecouldbealright
  22. Cause All That You Are Is All That I’ll Ever Need by Wankerville
  23. Give Me Truths by iwillpaintasongforlou
  24. With Nothing But Your T-Shirt On by crybaby
  25. Some Things Take Root by navigator, quitter
  26. Jump Before We Fall by green_feelings
  27. This House No Longer Feels Like Home by hilourry
  28. Nicotine by KrisStylinson
  29. Put The Stars In Our Eyes by crybaby
  30. My Heart Is Breathing For This Moment In Time by usedtothebeach
  31. Perfect Little Family by smuttythings
  32. But I’ll Still Take You Home by LoadedGunn
  33. Allies In Heaven, Comrades in Hell by rockinaintnowalkinthepark
  34. Reeling Through The Fall by zarah5
  35. Ain’t Had None Like You In A While by istajmaal
  36. All Too Human by Gotthisniallthang
  37. It Ain’t Trickin’ If Ya Got It by sarcasticfluentry
  38. Know You Got That Thing (That I Like) by lightseep
  39. I Need Home (Our Tangled Bones) by togetherwecouldbealright
  40. My English Love Affair by isthatyoularry
  41. Counting The Steps Between Us by zarah5
  42. All You Can Eat by harrysprostate
  43. You Can’t Keep Your Hands Off Me, I Can’t Keep My Hands Off You by harrysprostate
  44. Core ‘ngrato by Velvetoscar
  45. Don’t Make This Easy (I Want You To Mean It) by wildestdreams
  46. Pretty Boy by iwillpaintasongforlou
  47. I Would Name The Stars For You (I Would Take You There) by impetuous
  48. So Keep My Candle Bright by whisperdlullaby
  49. Up To No Good by whoknows
  50. With Love Comes Strange Currencies by mediaville

Part 3/? of the Louis & Harry Fic History series

  • Ruby: I’m sorry.
  • Jaune: Huh?
  • Ruby: This... this is all my fault. I should have never dragged you guys into this.
  • Jaune: You didn't drag us in. We wanted to come.
  • Ruby: B-but you didn't know about Tyrian, or about -
  • Jaune: Ruby. We lost... we lost Pyrrha. But... you lost her, too. And Penny, and your team, and, in a way, your sister. But you're still here, despite everything you've lost, everything you could still lose... you chose to come out here. Because you felt like you could make a difference.
  • Ruby: I...
  • Jaune: You didn't drag us along. You gave us the courage to follow you.
I changed. A lot. I’m not as nice anymore. I don’t shut my mouth when told, I make my voice heard. Now I’m always in control. I decided what comes and goes. What hurts me or doesn’t. I became less vulnerable and more angry. Short tempered,now she’s scared of me. I guess I should have known. Never make homes out of people baby. They throw you out when they are done.

friend: hey u seem a bit out of it, is there something on ur mind?

mind: Ooh ooh I’m just tryna get you in the mood Ooh ooh baby just show me what it do Now blow it like a flute ooh oohOoh ooh ooh ooh ooh Show me what it do ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh I’m just out here with my crew Matter fact the troupe Tryna get the loot Swerving on you fools Never hitting snooze Yea I act fool Got an attitude But I get excused Everywhere I go they yelling Lu I tell em move move Got somewhere to go I’m making moves I been cooking up a stew Tell ur girl come thru Better get a hold or I'mma make that flower bloom ooh Oo yea She wanna ride she wanna fly so I say where Come inside I’ll change your life better prepare Put in work in like the Renaissance Bend that body like a gymnast She ask me what I want Blow it like a flute ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Show me what it do ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Didn’t Y'all get the news This been overdue Left a while ago and set up shop on the moon On the moon Ya the deer be everywhere Everybody scared Run n say ur prayers I'mma make it clear This ain’t for no goons like You ooh Come at me I’ll press u like some juice And I’m fresher than some Kools Smoke u with that ooz Watch how ur girl drool When I pull up in that coupe Oo yea She wanna ride she wanna fly so I say where Come inside I’ll change your life better prepare Put in work in like the Renaissance Bend that body like a gymnast She ask me what I want She wanna ride she wanna fly fly fly fly fly She wanna ride she wanna fly fly fly fly fly She wanna ride she wanna fly fly fly fly fly She wanna ride she wanna fly fly fly Fly fly fly Blow it like a flute ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Blow it like a flute ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh


favorite tv shows moodboard: Doctor Who (2005 – present)

So… So… Come on, then. Take mine. Take my memories. But I hope you’ve got a big appetite because I’ve lived a long life and I’ve seen a few things. I walked away from the Last Great Time War. I marked the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the birth of the universe and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained. No time. No space. Just me. I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a madman. I’ve watched universes freeze and creations burn. I have seen things you wouldn’t believe. I have lost things you will never understand. And I know things, secrets that must never be told and knowledge that must never be spoken. Knowledge that will make parasite gods blaze. So come on then! Take it! Take it all, baby! 

vivian norbury was a foil for john

  • norbury being a receptionist/secretary is drilled into our heads for a reason, just as and john’s blog is referenced repeatedly by sherlock and lestrade this episode - his “minutes” of his and sherlock’s cases
  • sherlock says “anyone up for a trudge” after john is saddled with the baby and told he’s on equal level with the dog –> sherlock says “the same old trudge day in and day out, never get out there where all the excitement was” while he’s talking to norbury
  • john was drinking red wine in the scene before sherlock texted him and mary to come and sherlock mentions norbury’s “red wine stains” on her mouth
  • john is jealous this whole episode of sherlock and mary interacting and norbury’s motive was jealousy, “to prove how good you are, to make up for the inadequacies of your little life,” i.e. john having an affair with E to make up for all the heartbreak he’s experiencing between both sherlock and mary
  • norbury tries to shoot sherlock in the heart –> john does what destroys sherlock most and locks him out emotionally
  • BUT: the foil comes in here, where their paths diverge –> “what are you, widowed or divorced? i favour widowed. a divorcee is more likely to look for a new partner
  • in conclusion mary is not dead and we’re going to get some FANTASTIC foils between her faked death and sherlock’s faked death and quite frankly i am PSYCHED

Y'allllll I’m pretty sure my mom has a sugar daddy I’m literally over here dying of laughter. She calls him her boyfriend but 🤔🤔🤔 he’s def her sugar daddy. So peep this. He’s married I don’t think he wants a divorce which is okay with my mom. I’ve never met him cause she was scared at what I would think since he is married. He comes over and picks her up for days out, she’s let him know she doesn’t do motels. She just got a new car (which he will be doing payments on), and gave me her old car and since I am a new driver the insurance is mad crazy but he’s gonna be paying for that too (he also payed to fixed my car since the bumper was all fucked up). He gives her money for bills and tickets if she has any and if my dental insurance doesn’t cover the work I need done he’s gonna pay for it($4000).

My mom out here hustling. At some point last year she had 3 men from different cities/countries giving her money (one in Boston, another in paris, and I forgot the other one) all three sent her cards directly connected to their bank accounts and deposited money in there regularly. She actually gave me the card for the one in Boston to use for gas and food and going out. It kills me every time that when the guy in Boston lost his job and therefore couldn’t give her anymore money my mom split so fast😂😂😂😂😂. And just adding a little bit more about this situation because it’s just funny but after she left Boston guy he kept calling her and she wouldn’t pick up as much, she flat out told him he needed to get a job so they could talk and that he had no money now, y'all tell me why this nigga went and BORROWED money to put it in her card so she would talk to him.

I asked her what she would do if her current bf broke up with her and she said “he won’t and if he does I’ll just get another one”

One Night Stand AU:

  • Adrien and Marinette accidentally reunite after a drunken night out at a club; too many drinks, too dim lights - you get the picture

  • Cue awkward reunion the next morning, complete with horrible hangovers and awkwardly picking unmentionables off his lamp

  • They agree to never talk about it again; they’re mature twenty-year-somethings with stable lives and healthy sex drives, after all

  • Then a few weeks later, Marinette finds out she’s pregnant. Guess who the baby daddy is?

  • Anyone else and they would have managed, but no; it has to be Marinette Dupain-Cheng, owner of one small, fairly unknown boutique, and Adrien Agreste, heir to Gabriel and retired model.

  • Gee whiz, imagine the scandal; would not be good for Marinette, Adrien, Gabriel, or anyone else

  • So what do they do? Get married overnight and come up with an elaborate scheme to make people think they’ve been secretly married for a while - that way no one can accuse Marinette of being a gold-digger or question Adrien’s ability to run his father’s company

  • Because this will work out great, right?

i was trying to avoid this, but now…im sucked in…. i cant…

  • i will never be over isak calling even “baby” and you can bet your beautiful butt that he has slipped up more than once in school when he sees even and he calls out “baby” in that same tired, but smooth voice that he used in the hotel room and even smirks and does Eyebrow Thing because fuck 
  • magnus, mahdi, and jonas are like myfuckinggodguys keep it in your pants
  • more about the word baby it was like my favourite line from the show bye
  • domestic even and isak, isak coming home to even after school and saying “hey baby” and even has been waiting all day for that so he lifts isak up on the counter and makes out with him in a fever
  • in the background noora and eskild are mimicking isak in the most unflattering voice “baby baby baby baby”
  • even cant sleep again, and hes about to get up, and isak grabs his arm and whispers, with his eyes closed “baby, dont leave me”
  • and even smiles lightly and lays back down and holds isak close and doesnt shut his eyes but is as much at peace as he could be and sighs and breathes isak in
  • isak smiles lightly and drifts off into sleep again
Study Break // Jackson Wang (M)

Originally posted by markjin

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut/Suggestive, Comedy

Summary; Jackson persuades you to take a break from studying, but he begins to regret it soon after~

This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a suggestive, smutty nature ^_^

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Dear future daughter,
1. When you’re at some party, chain smoking on the roof with some strange girl with blue hair and exorbitant large dark eyes, ask her about her day. I promise you, you won’t regret it. Often times you’ll find the strangest of people have the most captivating story to tell.
2. Please, never mistake desire for love. Love will engulf your soul, whist desire will emerge as acid, making its way through your veins, gradually burning you from the inside out.
3. No one is going to fucking save you; anything you’ve read or heard otherwise is bullshit.
4. One day a boy is going to come along whose touch feels like fire and whose words taste like vanilla. When he leaves you, you will want to die. If you know anything at all, know that it is only temporary.
5. Your mental health comes before school baby, always. If it’s midnight, and you have an exam the next day but your hands have been shaking for the past hour and a half and you’re not sure you want to be alive anymore, pull out that carton of Ben and Jerry’s and afterwards, go the fuck to bed. So what if you get a 68% on the exam the next day? You took care of yourself and at the end of the day that will always come before a high test score. To hell with anyone who tells you differently.
—  A.N
Okay, random idea...

A story where humans are really weird for liking other alien species. Not like in a cross-species romance sort of thing (though that too), it’s just that we legitimately find every other race in the universe cute and they have no idea how to deal with it. Like, some aliens are coming in for a delegation, and they are scaley motherf***ers with claws, teeth and everything, and they start to apologize for their appearance (because most other species they encounter are freaked out by them) and then one of the human interns starts squealing because there’s a baby dinosaur hiding behind his mommy (because mommy’s scarier so he feels safer).

Like, we as a species have an incredible fascination with other species’s children and how cute they are. Like these people understand wanting to eat smaller things because they look tasty but they have never encountered nutjobs who want to cradle the little guys with hedgehog spines on them. They have no frame of reference for our obsession with alien children.

They’re like “uh, are you alright?” “Oh my gosh they’re so cute!!!” “I was…unaware that humans had external eggs…” “oh, we don’t, but oh my gosh they’re so cute I can feel their little legs kicking!” “Okay…”

And of course, once earth realizes that some other species have overpopulation problems, almost immediately someone proposes an interspecies adoption program which is approved with near unanimous approval by Earth-gov which kind of freaks out everyone else because literally nobody had even considered it (and despite the fact that humans are one of the most colonization obsessive peoples because they have their own overpopulation problems). Not because they opposed it morally, but because some of these guys breath pure nitrogen, and others exude cyanide from their pores so they don’t think we’ll handle it well. But they figure, why not, and they start it, but earthlings are the only ones who actually receive children because everyone else is a little too wary of adult earthlings to deal with their offspring.

That’s how earth becomes just inundated with tons of species of aliens and every visitor to earth is just astounded by the diversity. Like, a human couple is just walking around with a 6'2 Karalaxian named Bob who they keep refusing to get ice cream because he misbehaved in the store.