this baby ; ;

  • Everyone: Oh, I just got promoted! We're engaged for five months now! I've bought a little apartament in the center of the city! My grades are just superb! What about you?
  • Me: well... one of my OTPs just became canon...

No joke but Allura’s qualified to the point that she could very well form Voltron by herself if we’re being honest here.


Just checkin in!! I’ve been quieter than Johnny Tightlips at the bottom of the ocean in deep space, but I promise it’s for a SUPER SPECIAL FUNFETTI REASON WIT CHERRIES ON TOP! ✨🎉💕🎨✨

Actually, now that I think about, I’ve already been talking about the project on my Patreon– I’ll prolly do a post here soon in clearer detail with fun goodies to marinade your precious little eyeballs in.

Hope all y’all are having a wicked electric weekend! Nice & fun & safe!!