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Sweet Dreams My Loves

You were sitting on the cot in the trapper shack reading. It was really late but you couldn’t sleep at all. Any time you tried to sleep the baby was wide awake. pushed on your belly “hi my strong baby girl..mommy loves you so much.” You take a deep breath and smile to yourself as you pick up your book again.

The door opens as Bam comes in from watch. There had been a lot of bears around lately so the boys had been taking turns keeping watch. “Oh! hey babe…I thought you were asleep. You didn’t have to stay up.” He gives you a little frown. “You should be getting all the rest you can.”

“Yes, love” you smile down at your stomach. “Someone has a mind of her own when it comes to bed time..that’s gonna be fun in a few years” you laugh. He smiles as he walks over to you and gives you a kiss. “A mind of her own-just like her momma” he teases and you smile.

He lays down and puts his head on your lap so he can talk to the baby. “Hi my sweet angel. Daddy loves you so much. I will always be here to protect you and cherish you.”

You run your fingers through Bam’s hair and smile. How did you get so lucky? “She loves your voice. It always calms her down. Keep talking to her please” you sigh as you relax and begin to close your eyes.

Bam rubs his hand over your belly and begins to recite “When most I wink, then do mine eyes best see, For all the day they view things unrespected; But when I sleep, in dreams they look on thee, And darkly bright are bright in dark directed. Then thou, whose shadow doth make bright, How would thy shadow’s form happy show To the clear day with thy much clearer light, When to unseeing eyes thy shade shines so! How would, I say, mine eyes be blessed made By looking on thee in the living day, When in dead night thy fair imperfect shade Through heavy sleep on sightless eyes doth stay! All days are nights to see till I see thee, And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me.”

As he finishes the passage he looks up to see you sleeping soundly. He gently lays you down next to him and kisses your forehead. “All days are nights to see till I see thee, And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me.”

“Sweet dreams my loves”

  • Me: I just hate when couples use little nick names for each other. They are my biggest pet peeve. I mean omg she is not your boo, stop calling her baby too! Ugh I swear it is so exhausting hearing couples being all sappy and gross and-
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Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt:  UGH BABE I LOVE YOUR IMAGINES SOOOOO MUCH THEY ARE MY LIFEEEE!!! Ok so when you can could you make a PietroXReader imagine where the reader is Tony’s adopted niece that only Natasha knew about and the reader also has the ability to make force fields? And they’ve met before but never really got to know each and while they’re on a long mission she protects Pietro with her force fields? ahhh im sorry if that’s a lot!!!! love youuuuu

((^^^^^ILY TOO XD….I hope you don’t mind but I changed it up a bit from the original prompt, when I started writing it the story just began to flow easier with the way I put it. Sorry about that, but I still hope you like it!))


“Hidden Talent”

“And you are…?”

You cocked an eyebrow up at the white haired, young Avengers and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Y/N Stark. You?”

You, of course, already knew who he was. You had watched the TV intently during the Avenger’s battle with Ultron, and you remember Pietro Maximoff (the man standing in front of you) being shot and almost dying, but being able to pull through soon after the fight was over.

“You are a Stark?” His icy eyes widened as he looked between you and your uncle. “How are you related? You don’t look alike.”

“He’s my uncle.” You explained. “And we don’t look like because I am adopted, we aren’t blood relatives.”

The only person from Tony’s team that has ever met you (or even knew that you existed) was Natasha, but even she didn’t know about your abilities. You didn’t know either of your real parents, so it was plausible that you had inherited your mutant genes from one of them. Only Tony knew about them, and that is why he invited you to go on a mission with Pietro. Apparently, no one else was able to go because they had their own work to do and Tony figured that you were strong enough to handle it.

Pietro, on the other hand, seemed to think other wise.

“She is so unexperienced!” Pietro whined. “I bet that she hasn’t even been on a mission before.”

“She hasn’t.” Tony replied, bored. “But, I can assure you, she’ll be fine.”

The rest of the team seemed to be doubting Tony, but seeing as he was determined to put you on this mission, they weren’t going to try to convince him other wise.


You weren’t excited about this mission, not in the least bit.

Tony had mentioned every once and a while when you were talking on the phone with him about perhaps introducing you to the Avengers team, and after some training making you a part of it. But, you weren’t interested. You didn’t really like your powers, you wanted to be normal like the rest of your family. You didn’t want to use them at all, and much less for something as big as the Avengers.

Still, Tony managed to convince you (after a lot of begging) to come in and accompany Quicksilver on his mission, due to the fact that no one else could go and he wasn’t allowed to go by himself.

Tony had a black suit made for you, one that matched the uniform for SHIELD, and sent you on your way with the foreign speedster. You could tell that Pietro was a little peeved about having to go with someone who has never been on a mission before, and you didn’t really blame him. He probably felt like he was dragging a child with him.

There was a rather lengthy car ride to where they needed to go, and the entire time Pietro kept bouncing his legs and tapping his foot impatiently. You resisted the rather strong urge to backhand him.

The mission was simple: apprehend a man whom SHIELD had evidence proving that he does experiments for HYDRA. Well, it sounded simple anyway.

Just looking at the small shed in the middle of the woods gave you goose bumps. There wasn’t any other houses for miles out, the only thing other than the trees was the pile of wood and metal that apparently served as a small HYRDA lab.

Pietro gave you a nod before stepping inside, only to find it completely empty. The wooden floor had nothing on it, and there was nothing on the walls. It looked as though it hadn’t been touched in years.

“They must have gotten the wrong location.” Pietro mumbled.

Something about this place seemed off, it looked almost too vacant. It looked like someone had gone out of their way to make it seem empty. You kneeled on the ground and poked and examined different wooden panels, only to come across one that lifted up, revealing the handle to a trap door.

Pietro’s eyes widened at you. “Huh, maybe you will have some use during this mission.”

You snickered to yourself as Pietro lowered himself down the ladder and into the dark tunnel below. You followed quickly, not liking being alone.

Just by chance, you looked down at him, and you caught his eyes shamelessly watching your butt as you descended. Blushing, you dropped down to the ground and brushed the dust off the thighs of your pants.

The two of you started to walk down the pitch black tunnel, and with every step you took, your heart hammered louder and louder in your chest. You weren’t sure about him, but you were not used to this sort of scary situation.

Sensing your worry, Pietro reached his hand out to you. “Here, hold my hand. We’ll stick together better this way.”

You smiled at him tightly, your hands still shaking slightly as the two of you walked farther into the darkness. You threw a look over your shoulder and noticed that you could no longer see the ladder that you used to get to the tunnel. Your breathing got shallow and your body tensed.

Pietro’s thumb lightly traced circles on your hand, then began to run lightly over your knuckles. “It will be okay, dragul meu.”

“What does that mean?” You asked, trying to distract your mind from the walls that seemed to be closing in on you.

“Nothing important.” Pietro responded, and you could see the outline of his free hand point in front of him. Whispering now, he said, “See that? See that light?”

You nodded and scooted closer to him. “Is that where we’re heading?”

“Yes.” As the two of you approached the doorway, you both flattened your backs against the tunnel wall so the person inside could not see you.

Pietro’s lips pressed against you ear as he softly whispered instructions to you, you shivered again but this time it wasn’t due to fear. “I want you to stay right at the doorway, okay? It looks like there is only one guy in there, it should be easy for me to get him. Alright?”

You shook your head at him and was about to protest, but he cut you off. “Please? Please, just stay here.”

You quietly sighed and nodded. You didn’t like it, but you saw no point in arguing with him.

Pietro squeezed your hand once more, then zoomed into the lab. You peeked your head in to see what it was like. The lab itself was just a little larger than the shed that they had originally walked into, but it was also full of modern looking technologies. You saw a blue and silver blur stream all around the man’s lab, toppling computers and test tubes, effectively making a giant mess.

The man swore, almost instantly realizing that it was the famous Quicksilver who has come to ruin his work.

Pietro came to a stop and stood in front of the man with his hands on his hips. “You are to be taken into SHIELD custody for illegally aiding HYRDA.”

The man grinned a little, and out of Pietro’s vision, slid a hand up his other sleeve and pressed a button that was on a bracelet he was wearing. Instantly, guns emerged from the walls and pointed to Pietro.

“No, Pietro!” You jumped out in front of him and shot your hands out, creating a rather large and slightly translucent force field around the two of you. The HYDRA scientist ducked for cover under a lab table when the bullets began to bounce of the field and around the lab.

For once, you were glad that you were a mutant.

You looked over your shoulder at him while still maintaining the force field. “Were you hit?”

His eyes were wider than the moon as he numbly shook his head back and forth. “Wait, you…you aren’t human?”

You let out a shaky laugh and turned your head to face forward again, trying to keep the shield from cracking. “Nope.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that before we went on this mission?” You couldn’t tell if Pietro was mad or amused, or maybe some of both.

“You never asked.”

The guns continued their heavy attack and you could feel yourself slipping. You had never had to hold onto a shield for this long, and especially not under such fire power.

Your breathing got heavier and your hands began to shake, a steady pain was growing in them.

“Just put down the force field, I can get to him and get out before a bullet hits me.”

“No, they are shooting too randomly, there isn’t anyone fast enough who could avoid all the bullets.” You said, gritting your teeth together. “I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this shield up, Pietro.”

The shield cracked right in front of you, but still managed to keep together. You hissed under your breath in pain.

“I believe in you, dragul meu.” He said when he saw that you were beginning to loose your on loose your grasp on it.

Your eyes flicker around the room and looked at the guns, and then an idea crossed your brain.

You carefully angled the force field so that the bullets being sent to it were shot back at the gun that fired them. One by one, each gun was blasted to bits.

Just as the last gun was eliminated, you finally let go of the force field and sank to your knees, completely drained of all energy.

As soon as he could, Pietro ran around you and grabbed the collar of the man, dragging him out from where he hid under the table. He handcuffed him and threw him on the floor, then contacted SHIELD to ask them for a transport for the prisoner.

You could feel a fuzzy sleep begin to take over your senses as you laid on the floor. Pietro came over and scooped you up in his arms. “You’re tired, sleep. You did well.”

(( I hope you liked it! It occurred to me that this entire imagine is a lot like Violet and Dash from the Incredibles XD))


Dragul Meu ~ My love