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To all artists of The Artbook

Dear artists,

Can i just say that everyday we are beyond grateful to have this project going, to have this opportunity to chat with so many wonderful artists, to cheer them up with good words, to see how their artworks blossomed from simple sketches to the gorgeous artpieces and how painful for us is to see that many artists are seriously underrated (usually by themselves) and they feel like they don’t belong in the big guys league.

Let us tell you: you absolutely do belong here, you deserve to be the Artists, with the big A. You are so powerful, because you have an amazing gift, being an artist and you can share your talent with people. You ALL are wonderful, you ALL are talented in different ways, you ALL deserve to hear nice words everyday.

We love and cherish each and everyone of you, thank you for being with us on this ride, thank you for making The Artbook real for us, we would be nothing without your help. We are proud to be a part of this because of ALL OF YOU.

Love letter to ALL supernatural artbook artists.

S3 (Sasha, Sarah & Sasha)


My copy of the Overwatch Fanbook: Recall, finally arrived!! It got stuck in the post office for a while but it’s finally here! ♡ ;;u;; The artworks are all so gorgeous!! Thank you again to the organizers and artists for the opportunity and for all your hardwork! and thank you so much to everyone who supported!//


They say that his birth was foretold by the Great Seer of this Age, an omega child born unto the House of Xavier and most beloved of the gods. Powerful amongst the Gifted Ones the child will grow to rule a kingdom mighty and vast, a legacy of dominion over land and sea. That he will be beautiful beyond mortal countenance and desired by all who see his face. Empires will fall by his command and kings by his design; the world torn asunder by war and then made new from its ashes.

These are the words that herald the arrival of Charles Francis Xavier, 124th of the line of Xavier and heir to the throne of Westchester.

This is his story.

This absolutely STUNNING piece of artwork was a gift from my darling dwaroxxx (now @varrix), who has kindly - and masterfully - brought the characters from my fic to life! Intended to be a cover for the finished work, it shows a scene from the as yet unwritten Part 2; King Charles of Westchester going to war, with King Erik of Genosha and Logan Howlett at his side…

“Desire can be a powerful but capricious mistress. Despite your willful disobedience, I shall grant you what you seek. But know this…” Snoke’s hand waved, and Kylo felt the tendrils of Dark Magic settle uncomfortably around him like an ill-fitting cloak.
“The girl sees you as a monster. So a monster, you shall be.”

-All That’s Best of Dark and Bright (Eallach Monstrosus)

Gorgeous artwork by @panda-capuccino for a Beauty and the Beast retelling, based on the incredible prompts of @cobwebbing.  This fic and 55 others can be found on the Ring in the New Year with Reylo collection on AO3. 

I needed more immortal Viktor and Reincarnated Yuuri, but this time Yuuri gives back :3 This was initially supposed to be for @victuuri-week for Day 6 - Reincarnation, but since they don’t allow continuations… continuation here. Writing to accompany @drawverylittle‘s heartwrenchingly gorgeous artwork here  <3


How cruel, Viktor laments as makes one final, dejected lap around the rink. His imagination is finally starting to rear it’s ugly head, ready to supply him with images and a voice that makes his heart feel like it’s shredding in his chest.


Again, he thinks as he slows, circling to center ice. He closes his eyes. He can almost picture him, running down the steps of the seating aisle, screaming Viktor’s name, smiling, waving. Maybe even blowing a kiss.

He can hear the footsteps now too. As if his mind wasn’t being cruel enough.

Yuuri would come down to the edge of the ice, maybe even dare to take a step on the slippery surface to meet Viktor halfway. At least, that’s what he had always done. That’s what Viktor craves more than anything else in the world.

Katsuki Yuuri. Yuuri’s smile. Yuuri’s laughter. Yuuri’s warmth, his love.

“Viktor, please. Look at me!”

Viktor finally gives in, as he does every time his mind tries to play tricks on him, tries to convince him Yuuri’s life has started again. He wants to believe it. It’s been far too long since Yuuri passed and he knows it’s nearing the time for him to search again. Because he will always search for Yuuri in this world. Yuuri is his world.

His eyes flutter open, expecting an empty rink. But he’s not alone. 

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Search Between the Angles - Attila - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
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“You’re going to play my music for me?” Keyleth says. “You realize I usually practice for hours, right?”

“I’m a musician, I get practicing,” Kash says. He raises an eyebrow. “Are you coming, or what?”

20k, Kash/Keyleth, modern AU. No warnings apply.

Written and drawn for the 2016 Critical Role Reverse Bang!

Fic by @attilarrific​, art by @atleastthreesketchbooks​.