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“Angry, and half in love with her, and tremendously sorry, I turned away.”

I’m just realizing now that I delete all of my sketchbook posts. My sketchbook a very sensitive and personal part of myself and it’s a very hard thing to put it out there and receive lukewarm (or no) feedback. So this time I’m going to keep this post up no matter what, and post as many other pages as I feel I can.

Teaching To Love Again Teacher Bucky AU - Part 6

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OFC (Alice Manning)

Rating: General

Genre: Fluff, Romance, slight angst

Word Count: 849

Plot: When single mother Alice goes to meet her daughter’s first teacher for a parent/teacher conference, but things do not go as planned. She hopes to never have to see Mr. Barnes ever again, but life has other ideas for Alice and Bucky.

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Bucky can feel his nerve begin to take over, standing in front of Alice’s door. What if she slaps him for his behavior yesterday? He would deserve that, but not exactly how he wants to start off an apology. What if she told Katie the things he said and how he acted? It will crush him if Katie begins to hate him for how he treated her mom. Again, not that he wouldn’t deserve it, but it truly would break his heart to have Katie hate him. Making it even more important that he apologizes and makes it up to Alice for his behavior.

Before he can have anymore doubts, Bucky quickly knocks on the door. He stands there waiting for someone to answer, hoping it would be Alice to make this easier. But of course nothing has to be easy for Bucky. The door swings open and there is little Katie standing there staring up at him with her big blue eyes,

“Mr. Barnes!!! You’re here, at my house!!! Yay!” Katie screams with excitement, crashing into Bucky as she tries to wrap herself around his legs.

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allseeingcat  asked:

Wow! You're a great artist! It took me a long time to get where I am now, and I'm not even that good haha

thank u so much!! & dont worry its not a race! ur doing good where u are now. everyone improves at their own pace & we r all working to get better together ^^

anonymous asked:

wow when i was first getting into jojo i spent a lot of time just scrolling mindlessly thru fanart and there were a LOT of pieces that i rly rly loved that u did, but i never realized you were behind so MANY of my favorite pieces of jojo content and now that i'm going back thru ur blog i'm like 'yo shit frogopera did THAT ONE too?' it's so great ur like my favorite jojo artist djfidnf

ahfjhdsjkgfdjkghf wow thank you???? glad i’ve made some enjoyable things! i’ve definitely had a ton of artists like that…….i love scrolling through art blogs and being like “oh shit!!! they drew that? i loved that!” it’s such a good experience


Wow sorry everybody, sound quality’s not too great

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anonymous asked:

Wow you are a great artist and all but honestly what really catches my eye is your AMAZING COLORING! if you dont mind me asking what kind of markers and pencils to you use?

thank you first of all
and i’ve been using copics a lot more recently, i also have two other kinds from the brands artist’s lost and the fine touch
but all are alcohol based markers which i’m a big fan of
also i have a white gel pen for highlights and a glitter brush for that extra lil somethin