this art is so good tho


I really like the eyes in the first pic. I don’t know how I did that. X

So… I started reading Treading Water last week & I don’t usually like the whole “merpeople AU” but I haven’t been able to get my mind off of this one.

It’s fantastic & super well written & I love it. I can relate to the characters ‘cause, well… “He flexed his arm muscles & then realized he didn’t have any.”

Heh, relatable content.

also I haven’t drawn suits before? Or boots or rain ponchos or dry suits… well, you know what they say, practice makes drawing less painful later so just get it over with now.

oh yeah, uh quality probably sucks ‘cause I don’t actually have a scanner, only my ipod camera. I also have next to no recent experience with editing or what not & I tend to draw hecka small, hence bad quality when not on mobile.

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Hi! I love your art and use Procreate to draw as well! I'm not to good at using it tho lol. There's so much stuff to use! I was wondering what brush you use to do he shading for skin, and if you had any other tips for someone struggling with this app? Thanks so much!


Hey! I’m not sure I can explain everything, but you can find the brushes I use and some other tips in my ask tag! (just search up ask in my blog) 

Here’s a list of things I learned about this app, hope it helps! (I USE THE OLDER VERSION SO IF YOURE USING THE NEW ONE SOME STUFF MIGHT BE DIFFERENT)

1. Get a stylus. It makes thing easier at the beginning. A cheap one from dollarama should be fine. If you have the newer iPad then get the Apple Pencil and save. Your. Life.

2. The blend tool is really helpful for making nice paint like affects (just don’t blend your lineart. embarrassingly enough that was a mistake I made consistently before)

3. Flip your canvas during different stages of your drawing! You’ll see all your mistakes and can fix them (BEFORE ITS TOO LATE)

4. Alpha locking the layers! (That’s when you slide a layer from the drop down layer menu to the right and the corners get lined with white ) this helps when you’ve drawn/ coloured a certain area cleanly and don’t want to “colour outside the lines”

5. Procreate doesn’t give you shapes or straight lines. To do that, fill a layer with the color of the shape you want, then transform it (the lil arrow tool) to make it into a straight line or a rectangle.

6. Expirement with the layer modes! They have some very helpful and neat effects.

Good luck!

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ok so i said i never knew what jjba was, even when i followed you bc A+ art - i kind of always assumed that Kira had some ability to switch bodies or shape shift to that of his victims - i just thought that was one of his powers besides his Killer Queen stand (also that he was somewhat immortal too) and it's how he sort of lived his life, pretending to be someone else but I watch DIU like two weeks ago and i was like 'what?' Still good tho I love it, would watch again

omg i love hearing peoples expectations, that’s a pretty good one! im glad you liked it though, and im super flattered you’d follow me just bc art ahaha

It feels so incomplete and there’s something wrong with his face lol.

aww but it’s good tho! much better than anything i’d be able to do ;;;; i think it’s that the nose is a bit too far out - but then again i know nothing about art so actually maybe my advice shouldn’t be taken lol

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i didn't know your art could get better since it was so good already but everytime you post something new it's even better than the last one and it captivates me more!!

 ;o; i refuse to believe its better each time bc i post less effort art sometimes, im happy you’re enjoying it tho!  

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After reading the article you link about itb, I wondered if Harry auditioned for Sunny since he did cthd2 with master woo-ping. Can't imagine it now though, Daniel Wu is perfect!

It’s possible! There aren’t a lot of openings for Asian actors in general so I’m sure he must have auditioned for a bunch of stuff to see what stuck, tho I think they would have needed someone with far more martial arts experience. Considering Daniel Wu only finally took the role because they couldn’t find anyone they felt was good enough to handle it, I suspect they had some pretty high standards for Sunny (for good reason).

it would be super cool to see Harry on ITB at some point in the future though; I’m pretty much hoping ITB eventually collects all the Asian-American actors out there. that would be awesome.


Triple collab with @mangaken and @chora-art !!♡

ALRIGHT LOL took me a while to post this but yeah heres a ‘switch’ collab we did a few days ago! We somehow made it so that the theme was pairings HAHA



getting some colouring practice in with some hunter husbands (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

so i watched fantastic beasts today and loved queenie so much that my hand slipped

I did some quick sketches of @thatsthat24 bc I thought he looked gorgeous in the pictures he posted. I could have spent longer on this but I’m so impatient with my work lol. also ignore the fact that I gave him no hands bc I CANNOT draw hands.

Anonymous said: For the color palette challenge: Sister, with the pairing Tsukkiyama (because your tsukkiyams are adorable, Yanka!) :D

The name of this palette reminded me of @denimdisaster ‘s fashion designer Tsukki AU, where trans!Yamaguchi is his muse, and of course I took the opportunity to draw it ToT


leaders with magikarp hat

probably actual canon