this art is so good tho

Okay guys, hear me out.


AU Morganthe where she Isn’t trying to kill us.

at this point I’m starting to not give a fuck anymore
I worry so much about my content being as high quality and effortful as I can, I struggle having fun with it - because I go all anxious over “no this isn’t good. no this isn’t enough, I should do this instead”
and even tho I worry so much about it and work hard, the negative backlash is still here, if not getting higher

So what I should do is just
not giving a fuck

and finally have some fun with my art. it may be lazy and bad looking, but what matters is I have a good time doing it 

anonymous asked:

okay im an absolute digital art beginner, how do you color? not as in "How to shade and choose good colors,etc" but as in "do you color all on the same layer or separate your colors into different layers" you know what i mean?

OH UH,,, man, i use like a layer for everything since discovering layers way too late in my life. so like, the basic color and then new layer -> clipping group, then new color for shadow. you probably know of that already, BUT GOD I WISH ID KNOWN EARLIER dang it! also overlay mode is geniusss~
thats rly all tho. im forever an amateur myself, so thats all i know and do.
i hope youll figure it out! :’’) ♥

are there any of my ocs that y’all want to see more of?

i haven’t had much to draw lately, and i really feel like getting deep into the designs of my ocs. if any of you want to see more of certain characters, i’m up for drawing expression refs, clothing refs, and poses (probably not full ref sheets, but if i get into a good art mood™ i might). i’m not going to draw specific prompts, tho, so keep it to stuff like: “could you draw a ref for (oc)’s clothes?” or “can you get into tha biology/physiology of (magical creature)?” and not: “draw (oc) doing this”.


“Hey, whatchu drawing?” Cups. I’m drawing cups. 

You guys have no idea how much Cuphead arts I’ve been drawing. I love me them cupboys *inhales* Also that last shitpost is because of my sudden realization of how ridiculously big I draw their heckin’ hands. 


Maybe they’ll save it. All the pieces. Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years. Wonder who the hell we were. 

Riverdale, “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show”